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This story took place a few years back when I was with my first wife. I came home from work after working the 3pm-11pm shift, and did what I normally did every work night, headed downstairs to my den, turning on the computer as I grabbed a cold beer out of my beer fridge.

I surfed the web for a little bit, checking out the news and sports, finding nothing interesting at all on there, I went into a chat room.

The chat room I picked was one that was going to be close to the city I had to go to for business in a few weeks. I scanned the profiles looking for a woman that was close, but was not having very much luck other than the few hundred pop up robots that thought I was sexy. I was about to say to hell with it and go to sleep, when I noticed someone entered the chat room with a name that I thought was female but had to look at the profile to make sure.

As the profile opened, there was no doubt what so ever that she was female. The picture was very hot. A woman with sandy blonde shoulder length hair, a white buttoned up blouse that revealed a whole lot of cleavage. Instantly I was attracted to this woman. I sent the normal message, “Hi, I think you are very pretty would you like to chat?”

I did not get a reply right away but as I was about to give up for the second time a message popped up on my screen saying, “Thank you, sure I would love to chat.” We chatted for hours, exchanging names, (Sue is her’s), and finding out that we both were in unhappy marriages and also she lived within an hour of where I was going for my business trip. We made no plans that night but added each other saying that we would chat again the next night.

The next night I came home from work doing the same as any other night, except instantly I logged onto to my messenger service seeing if Sue was online. Which to my excitement she was. I sent her a message which was quickly returned and we were off chatting again.

We decided not to bother our time with how sucky our spouses were, and our topic naturally turned to sex. Sue informed me how frustrated she was sexually; all that she received was a wham bam thank you ma’am.

Sue said she liked sex with a lot of passion, hugging, kissing, sucking, licking, and tenderness. I was happy to reply that I would be very willing to be a happy participant in her wants and desires.

Surprisingly, Sue responded in the next message with, “When are you going to be in town?” Being caught off guard, I fumbled with the keyboard as I typed, “Next Weekend.” “You say you know how to please a woman, are you all talk on the computer or are you going to show me?” was the next message that popped up onto my screen. “OH, I will show you just how much I can please you, if you show up,” was what I typed next. “Since I have a week to come up with a lie on what friend asked me to go out of town with her, I think I can manage that.” Sue replied.

My mind was racing with wild ideas of having fun with Sue; I did not notice until my elbow brushed against it, that my cock was as hard as a rock. “You’re serious?” Was the next response I typed. “All you have to do is tell me the name of the hotel and I will be there.” Sue typed.

As the week wore on oh so slowly, Sue and I continued to chat for hours every night exchanging different things we were going to do to each other and then we started talking about fantasies. Sue told me her biggest fantasy was to be handcuffed to the bed where she was not able to move and be under total control of the man that was with her.

Sue telling me this put my mind in motion. “You know that I am a corrections officer fake cop porno so I have a set of my own handcuffs,” was my next reply. “Are you bringing them with you this weekend?” was her response. “Sure if you want me to and I probably could do better to.” I typed. “Oh yeah? how?” she typed. “That will be a surprise for you my dear.” I typed as we both said our good byes for the night.

The next day, while I was at work I ran into my friend Hector who happened to work as a parole agent, I asked him if he would let me borrow 2 sets of leg cuffs for the weekend. Naturally he asked what for, after I told him, he happily agreed to let me borrow them as long as I brought him the details about their use.

After what seemed like a month the weekend finally arrived. I called Sue when I was on the road and told her what hotel I was staying at. Sue told me that she would be a little late because of having to talk her friend into driving her and dropping her off to make it look more believable to her husband.

After checking into the hotel from the room I called Sue’s cellphone. I was excited to hear that she was only a 1/2 hour away from the motel. While waiting for her, I decided to take a shower to freshen up.

I was thinking about Sue and all the fun things we were going to be doing and naturally my dick got hard. I lathered my cock up, stroking it a few times as the water beat down upon it. I did not want to cum yet so I stopped stroking it, rinsed off, quickly got dressed and waited for Sue. I was excited by the thoughts of her soon being there as I flipped through the television channels not even concentrating on what was on.

I was in a zone thinking about her when I was suddenly startled by a knock on the door. I jumped out of the bed, almost running to the door. As I opened the door up, there stood a gorgous woman that I knew was Sue from the pictures she had sent me. We stood there gazing at each other for a minute until I said, “Why don’t you come in?”

Sue smiled and said, “I thought you would never ask.” I lead her by the hand into the room, I sat down on the bed and pulled her down beside me. Looking into her beautiful blue eyes I said, “I really thought you were not going to show up.”

Sue looking at me said, “I can’t say I am not a bit nervous but I like how we connected on chat, and I am also excited to see if you are just good at typing what you are going to do to me, or would you really be able to show me.”

As soon as she said that I leaned over and kissed her, pulling her back onto the bed, as our tongues dove into each others mouths. Our hands were wrapped around each other feeling each others bodies as our kiss continued.

I ran my hands down Sue’s back and pulled her blouse out of her pants. My hands pulled her blouse higher until my fingertips were touching her bra. I quickly unhooked her bra, then I continued pulling her shirt up and over her head. We were still kissing as I rolled Sue onto her back, I stopped kissing her, grabbed her bra and pulled it off.

Her tits looked perfect as I took a good look at them. I layed on top of her and started kissing her again. Her tongue was diving into my mouth as I rubbed her tits. My cock was as hard as a rock and pressing into her groin. I kissed my way down Sue’s chin, to her neck where I kissed up to her ear and nibbled on her earlobe causing her to moan.

I kissed back down her neck, shifting my body lower as I kissed down her chest. I licked around her left nipple just barely touching it with my tongue. Instantly both nipples got as hard as rocks. fake hospital porno I sucked it into my mouth and bit down lightly on it, causing Sue to really moan. After spending alot of time licking and sucking her tits, I started kissing my way down her stomach, stopping to dive my tongue into her belly button.

Sue was moaning and bucking her hips when I did this. Kissing my way down further until I met her pants, I stopped unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down her zipper, grabbing her waist band I slowly pulled her pants off of her.

As I pulled her pants off her feet, I looked at Sue laying on the bed in only her panties. Her legs were spread and I could see that her panties were soaked. I moved between her legs and kissed her pussy through her panties. I could taste her through them, making me want her even more.

I licked her pussy through her panties making her moan loudly. Grabbing her waistband, caused Sue to raise her ass off of the bed, as I quickly pulled them off of her. I started kissing my way up her legs and inner thighs. As I approached her pussy, I deliberately avoided it by kissing around closely but not touching it.

Sue was moving her hips back and forth trying to push her pussy onto my mouth. I teased her a little more, then my tongue hit her clit, causing her to orgasm. I sucked her clit into my mouth, running my tongue in circluar motions around it.

Sue was lifting her ass up and down off of the bed as I sucked harder. I then dove my tongue deep into her pussy causing another orgasm for her. I ran my tongue deep into her licking all over her pussy. I licked her faster and faster running my face up her pussy to her clit, sucking on her lips occassionally as I did.

I could tell by her breathing she was getting ready for another orgasm so I started licking her faster. Sue flooded my face with her juices as she screamed “OH MY GOD!”

Sue told me to stop she could not take it anymore so I kissed my way back up her stomach, sucking her very hard nipple into my mouth, then laying beside her on the bed.

Sue suprised me by pushing me over and climbing on top of me as she kissed me passionately. My cock was hurting as it pressed against her pussy through my jeans.

Sue’s tongue was diving into my mouth as she grabbed my shirt and started pulling it up my body. She stopped kissing long enough to take my shirt off and then dove her tongue back into me.

She was grinding her pussy against my cock as our tongues intertwined with one another. She ran her hands down my chest and grabbed my cock through my jeans. MMMMMMMM she moaned as her fingers touched it.

Sue kissed her way down my chest and stomach until she reached my jeans were she quickly unbuttoned, unzipped and quickly pulled them off of me. My cock was causing a tent in my boxers as she grabbed the waistband pulling them out and over my cock and sliding them off of me.

Sue grabbed my cock and lowered her mouth onto it. I was in heaven as she slowly slid her mouth down my cock until all 7 inches was in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

My hands were running through her hair as I enjoyed the attention that she was paying to me. As she picked up the pace, Sue must have sensed by my breathing that I was about to cum, she slowly pulled her mouth off of my cock.

Looking at me, Sue said, “Don’t worry I will give you a full blow job later, but I want your cum in my pussy our first time.” I was not going to argue as she lowered her soaked pussy onto my cock.

Once I was all the way fake taxi porno inside her, Sue leaned forward and kissed me. She slide almost all the way off of my cock then slammed it back into her. I was thrusting my hips to meet her pussy, as Sue sat straight up, causing my cock to go even deeper into her.

I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock into her wet cunt. Sue was moaning loudly and flooding my balls with her juices as I reached up with my finger and started rubbing her clit. I could tell by her breathing that she was about to cum, I also knew how very close that I was to cumming as well.

I really concentrated on not cumming until I knew that she did again. Sue was riding me faster and faster the more I rubbed her clit. “Yes, Yes, Yes” she screamed as my cock pounded her pussy.

Grabbing her hips, I thrused my cock deep into her as it exploded loads of cum into her pussy. I continued to pump into her as my cock finished spurting.

Sue collapsed on top of me and kissed me. She looked at me and said, “I loved what you typed to me, but my goodness you are 1,000 times better in person, that is the best fuck I have ever had,” as she squeezed my cock with her pussy. “You are alot better in person too.”

I said. “That was definately the best fuck I have ever had, and you know what? The weekend is only just begininng we have a lot more in store for us.”

Sue once again squeezing my deflating cock with her pussy said, “Oh yeah? like what?”

“Remember you told me what your all time favorite fantasy was?” I asked her. “You mean being cuffed to the bed and not being able to move?” Sue replied.

“Yes, that is the one, and guess what? I have everything I need to make your fantasy come true.” I informed her.

“This is going to be an eventful weekend I can tell already.” Sue laughed saying.

“Lets get dressed, go to dinner and come back here for desert ok?” I asked her.

“Let me shower and its a deal.” Sue replied. Sue climbed off of me, was heading for the shower when she stopped turned around and said, “I need someone to wash my back, why are you lying there?”

Instantly I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Sue had the water started and was in the shower as I climbed in behind her. I pushed my body against her as I kissed her neck, running my hands up her body and squeezing her tits as I did.

Sue was rubbing her ass against my cock as I continued kissing her neck. Her tits felt wonderful in my hands as my cock started coming back to life. My cock was pressing against her ass as she rubbed it faster and faster with her ass cheeks.

Bending forward, Sue reached behind herself grabbing my cock and pushed it into her pussy. Water was spraying down on us as I started sliding my cock in and out of her.

Pressing her hands against the wall of the shower, Sue screamed, “Thats it Scott fuck me hard with your cock.” Causing me to thrust harder and faster into her.

“Your cock feels so fucking good, fuck my pussy hard, fill me again with your cum.” Sue cried. I was slamming into her so hard her ass cheeks jiggled.

Faster and faster I thrused causing her to moan louder, “Please fill me with your cum!” Sue demanded. Grabbing her hips I pushed into her as far as I could releasing another load of cum into her.

My body was shivering as I pulled my cock from her pussy. A glob of cum fell out of her pussy hitting the floor of the tub. Sue turned looked at me and said, “Wow, two fucks in less than 10 minutes, I am amazed.”

Laughing I said, “Me too, I usually go 2 months in between.” “Me too, but for some reason I don’t think it will be that way from now on.” she said winking at me.

“I don’t think so either,” I said, “Now lets shower and go eat.” “I agree, besides I am looking forward to the desert you promised me,” Sue replied as she pressed her body against mine and kissed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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