It’s a Start: Josie’s Version

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Some of you may have read the first part of this story before. If you had, start reading at the double row of asterisks near the bottom of page 2.

Tony’s Version

It was a Saturday night. We had been to a show, got home about 11 PM, and were channel surfing, looking for another hour’s entertainment before going to bed.

“I hadn’t seen that,” Josie – she’d rather be called that than Josephine — said as we through the list of offerings. Zebra Lounge was just starting.

“Neither have I.” I clicked on the remote’s Info button, and learned the movie was about a suburban couple who took a walk on the wild side.

“Maybe not that movie,” my wife said. “I don’t like that theme.”

“It’s the only thing that looks interesting,” I reminded her. “Let’s watch for a little while.”

The movie started slowly with the couple confessing to each other about how each had an almost transgression, then deciding their sex life needed improvement. It moved on to them thinking about swinging. They placed an ad in a swinger’s magazine, went through the replies, and then finally met an experienced couple.

The first swinging/seduction scene stirred a huge response in me. The other guy – being acted by one of the Baldwin brothers — began seducing the wife and it was the sexiest thing I had seen in years.

My own wife was looking more at me than the TV. “You like that?”

I told her I did, and saw she wasn’t happy. “I’m going to bed,” she said. I watched until the end of the scene and went to bed too, hard and horny.

Josie wasn’t responsive at all. “I hated that movie,” she told me, “it completely turned me off.”

“Why? I thought it was really sexy.”

“I saw the way you were looking at that seduction, Tony. The thought of you enjoying that, seeing a guy having sex like that with a woman who was not his wife drives me crazy, it makes me feel insecure, it makes me feel bad, and inadequate, all kinds of negative things. It makes me think maybe you need more than I can give you. I saw you looking at what was going on, and I could imagine you were thinking what it would be like if you were that guy about to have sex with the other man’s wife. Maybe it’s a man thing, but if ever you did that I don’t know what I would do. I couldn’t take it.” I heard a sob.

“Honey, you can’t be more wrong,” I told her.

“Wrong? It’s dead wrong, there’s no question about it. I saw how intensely you were watching,” she said, “we’ve been married long enough for me to know you pretty well, you were really turned on. You came to bed wanting to have sex. It’s obvious, you were projecting yourself into that scene, having sex with another woman and that’s what you’d be thinking about when you were fucking me.” I thought she was going to cry!

“You’re right and you’re wrong,” I said.

She made a “huh?” sound in the middle of a sniffle.

“I did come to bed wanting sex, but you’re wrong about the reason.”

Enough light was spilling into the bedroom from the night light in the hall so I could see her sit up to look at me. “What other reason could there be?”

“Josie, honey, when I was watching that seduction scene, I wasn’t thinking about me being the guy. What really turned me on was thinking about you being the woman. I didn’t think about me being the guy doing the seduction, I thought about how it would be if you were in that scene, if you were willingly seduced while I was watching. That’s the idea that really got to me. And what I would be thinking about, if we had sex, was how it would feel to be a man making love to you for the first time, and how you would feel, feeling a different man in you like that.”

The room went silent for a few breaths. “The thought of you having sex with another woman really upsets me,” Josie finally said, “and you’re telling me the idea of me having intercourse with another man excites you?”

“I thought of how sexy you can be, and when I was watching the movie I was seeing you being seduced and it really touched something in me.”

“Oh.” She settled back onto the bed. “I’m not sure that’s any better than you having another woman,” she said. “I need to think about that.” In a little while her breathing went smooth, she was asleep.

I was horny and erect but after a while I went to sleep too.

We woke up together the next morning. Sunday mornings for us often started with sex: I wondered if last night’s discussion would stop that tradition. Josie rolled toward me, her leg moved over mine. Well, that was promising, that’s the way she often started foreplay. I held her close, and she put her hand on my chest. Oh yes, this was going to happen. I stayed still, concentrating on every sensation and was pretty sure there was more than the usual warmth where her groin was pressing against my hip.

Then her hand migrated lowed, onto my belly.

“YES!” I thought, all had to have been forgiven about last night. Her fingers moved under my pajamas, and then — she does this so well, she has a magic touch — they caressed my erection. “You feel good,” she said as Sinop Escort she stoked me.

“And that feels good, too,” I told her as her fingers moved along my very erect penis.

Her touching me led to me undressing her, kissing her. I was fondling her breasts, teasing her very willing vagina.

She stopped me for a moment. “Tony, I want to congratulate you on thinking fast last night. I don’t believe your story for a minute, but I admire your fast thinking.”

“You’re wrong if you’re thinking I was lying,” I told her, “but we can talk about that later. For now, though. . .”

It was great sex! I may be forty five (she’s forty three), we may have been married for nine years, but sex was always fresh and new with her.

So she didn’t believe me when I told her it was her being seduced that excited me? I thought about how to bring that topic up again. I thought about it when we had sex the next Tuesday night and when we had sex on Thursday. I didn’t talk about it, but thought about it, thought about what another man would be thinking and experiencing if it was his penis in her, if he was looking down at her slender and fit body, and at that face, those lips, and what he’d feel if he looked down between the two of them and saw his cock moving in her. And I thought about how I might feel if I knew that was happening, or watching that happen.

I recognized it was an experience I wanted to have.

Sunday morning came — today, I decided, was the day I was going to tell her. I took the sexual initiative that morning. When we were both awake I rolled toward her, kissed her. She kissed back with a comfortable pre-sex kiss, fully expecting the transition to foreplay.

It would be a different kind of foreplay today.

“I want to take you on a sexual trip this morning. I want to work on your mind and your body.” I told her. “Ready to take off?”

“Sounds like fun,” she said. “You’re the pilot: fly me.”

A kiss or two later I mentally crossed my fingers, swallowed hard — not that she knew that, of course — and whispered “Do you remember last weekend, when I told you what excited me was the thought of you being seduced?”

She stiffened a bit: “It was a clever lie. It really wasn’t all that original, but it was clever, and you’re forgiven. Now do what you said, fly me.”

I kissed her and reached under the sheets, pushing at her pajamas bottoms — she helped and kicked them off — then unbuttoned her top until she could pull it over her head.

I pulled the sheet back over her.

“I’m naked under this sheet, and you’re not,” she said when her hand drifted down until it found my erection. “Mmm, judging from that thing, it won’t be for long, will it? Was that Freudian, saying it won’t be long? It feels long enough.”

I was caressing her arm and shoulder. A second later she said “I’m ready for you to take advantage of me,” while she fondled that part of me that would do the taking.

She was on her back, mostly covered with the sheet, her legs were slightly opened, eyes closed. I had a turned on wife.

“Honey?” I said it softer than a whisper.

“Mmm?” She made a noise in reply.

“You don’t have to touch me now,” I told her. “But I like too,” she objected. “I like it too, but right now I want to give you pleasure, this is going to be all about you.” I took a deep breath, then whispered into her ear “Put your arms over your head, stretch out really tall. It’s the start of the trip I promised. Ready to go?”

“You don’t have to do anything special, but you make it sound nice,” she said. She moved around a little, got comfortable, then extended her arms and asked “like this?”

I didn’t answer in words but spent a moment or two caressing her, feeling her respond.

“Keep your eyes closed, OK? Remember that guided imagery relaxation course we took? Do that. Empty your mind, just concentrate on what my fingers feel like when they touch you. Then I want to talk about something while I touch you, I want to guide you to some sexy images. You have no idea how excited I’d be if you let me do that,” I whispered. “Would that be OK?”

She nodded her head.

I know my wife pretty well, and thought, or hoped, that she’d be receptive to what I wanted to do. It was time to find out.

“Remember that I told you thinking about you being seduced excited me? Let’s imagine together that you were being seduced right now. I’ll do the seducing. Would you mind?”

There was a pause: did I go too far? She moistened her lips again, and then said “No, if it pleases you you can imagine that.”

I spent the next moment or two just stroking her body, near her breasts, on her belly, but teasing, just brushing pubic hair, making glancing contacts to those places that I knew excited her: her ears, her neck, the side of her knee.

I had to ask: “Will you imagine it too?”

“You’re a tease,” she whispered, moving a little as my fingers did their work, not answering my question..

I waited another minute, then made my next request: “I need you to help.”

“Help Sinop Escort Bayan how? What do you want me to do?”

“Will you imagine you are being seduced by someone else, that it’s not me next to you, but someone else?”

She was silent.

I added “that would really turn me on.”

There was what seemed to me an uncomfortable pause, but it had to be only a second or two long, and she, eyes closed, nodded her agreement.

“And imagine I know what you’re being seduced, OK?”

Another pause, then another nod.

“Would you mind if I imagined myself watching?”

She licked her lips.

I teased her a little more, watching my wife respond, stretched out tall on the bed, as turned on as I had seen her in a long time.

“Would you mind?”

Her face was a little red, but she shook her head no and whispered “If that’s what you want to do, I wouldn’t mind.”

I played with her body a little more, then said “If I was watching, I’d want to see something.”

She didn’t respond but I could see her entire body was tense – almost rigid: it was like she was afraid of something.

That didn’t stop me, I was too much into it now. “I would want you to show the man next to you that you wanted him. He’d want that too.”

She was still very tense.

“It wouldn’t be hard to do.”

Her whisper was a little raspy. “What do you want me to do?”

“You’re all covered by the sheet. He’d know there’s a beautiful and sexy body next to him, and I’d know it too. But he doesn’t want to force you to do anything, and I wouldn’t allow him to force you, either.”

There was another pause, then she asked again: “What do you want me to do?”

“Show him you’re willing. He’d want to see your entire body naked on the bed next to him, wanting him. Think about that. Then, when you’re ready, when you have that in your mind, when it’s real enough, do what he wants, and what I want. Take the sheet off so he can see you and touch you.”

Could she? Would she? It was so different from anything we had ever done before. “I’d want you to be exposed, ready to be touched, ready to be loved, ready to be fucked.”

I could see her face flush a little more.

“So, when you’re ready, would you take the sheet off for us?”

Seconds went by. Her eyes were still closed. I could see her biting her lip, but she moved and brought a hand down from over her head and pushed the sheet down a little, almost exposing her breasts.

She wet her lips again, and whispered “If you want him to see the rest of me, you do it. You take it the rest of the way off.”

Oh my God!

I had a hard time recovering my own voice. “Is that what you want me to do?”

Would she agree? An eternity went by, then she nodded, whispered a quiet “yes,” and stretched under the sheet, nude under the sheet, spread out, available.

I, deep in the fantasy, drew the sheet across her belly, her groin, then over her legs and off, imagining I was a different man, seeing this woman, this offering, beside me. I couldn’t help myself. I made a sound that was part groan, part sigh “aaahhhhh. . .”

“Is this what you wanted, am I doing what you want, is my body what you want him to see?” she whispered.

I couldn’t resist. I sat up, pulled at one leg, pushed at the other, opening her wide, then leaned down over her groin. I put my arms around her legs, reached up between them, spread her center wide, smelled the heat, felt the warmth, let my tongue just barely touch her clit.

It was like she exploded: she rolled her hips up, thrust them against my face, and my tongue went deep into her.

I felt her hands on my head, pushing me into her.

“No, no — keep your hands over your head!” I told her, speaking into her vagina but loud enough so she could hear me.

She stretched out again, legs and arms, her hips were moving under my lips. I couldn’t have been more erect, more excited.

For the first time in years I was able to take my wife to an orally induced orgasm!

It didn’t take me long to kick off my pajamas, or long to fill her vagina with my penis. And for the first time in years, I lost control early. It didn’t matter, so did she. Orgasms, two to one. Not that I cared.

It might have been morning, but we fell asleep again in each other’s arms.

“Lover,” she said when we awoke again, “lover, you’re a naughty man. That was quite a trip you flew me on. Any chance for an encore?”

“Now, or later?” I asked.

“Tonight?” she replied. We shook hands on that deal, and started the rest of our day.

We don’t often have double headers, but somehow by mutual consent we somehow agreed to go to bed early.

“Take off those pajamas, but stay under the sheet,” I commanded.

“Sounds interesting,” she said. “Same trip, Mr. Tour guide?”

“Not quite, I don’t want to be boring — at least in the figurative sense,” I told her.

She struggled with her clothing, then was still, and quiet, arms at her sides, covered by the sheets. She was already Escort Sinop excited; her nipples were poking at the sheet. Well, I wasn’t going to be that easy on her.


“Ready,” she agreed.

“Are you going to help?”

“Sure, just like this morning,” she said.

“Not quite. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths,” I said.

She did.

“You know I got turned on by thinking of you being seduced?”

She nodded.

“Do you believe me now? That it wasn’t just something I said to make you feel better?”

She didn’t do anything for a moment and then said “I guess so.”

“Want me to try to prove it again?” I asked.

“You did a pretty good job at that this morning,” she said, with her eyes still closed.

“That’s not an answer.”

“OK, try to prove it again,” she said. “Want me to stretch out again? I liked that.”

“Not yet.” I was going to take a big chance here. Long ago we promised each other that asking what either of us might have done before we became lovers was out of bounds. We could tell the other one something if we wanted to, but asking was over the line.

That was a line I was going to cross. “OK. I’m going to start. You have to trust me on this, OK?”

She nodded.

“Keep your eyes closed.”


“Now, I want you to let your mind go to when you were feeling really sexy.”

“That’s easy, that was only few hours ago.”

“No, honey, not then. I want you to think about a time before you met me, sometime after your divorce when you were feeling really sexy.”

“I don’t like to do that.”

“Please? Do it for me,” I almost pleaded.

She hesitated.

“I want you to think about a real flesh and blood man, a man you, you know, ah, went to bed with, had sex with. It’s important to me. Will you do that?”

She took a few seconds and then nodded yes.

I wanted a few breaths’ worth of time, then asked “Do you have that time and place and person in mind now?”

She nodded.

“Good. It’s turning me on more than watching that movie, knowing you’re thinking of a real time in your life when you were feeling sexy. I like that you’re thinking of another man when I’m right here. I want you to think about the man you were with who helped make you feel so sexy. Think about him for a little while, how hot you were, and how much he wanted you and how much you wanted him. Just nod your head when you’ve done that.”

A moment or two later she nodded.

“OK, now pull off the sheet, show me what he saw.”

It took a moment or two. I noticed her body was making little movements. Then she did it — she pulled the sheet off her body –her slightly flushed body.

“Beautiful,” I said. “He must have thought you were beautiful, too.”

Her body was almost quivering.

“Did he look good to you? Think about that, did he look good, did he look excited? Was he hard?”

Did I go too far? Was she upset?

Then she said “He did look good, and he said I looked good enough to eat. And. . . . . . and yes, he had a hard on, an erection.”

“Do you remember what it was like touching him? Touching it?”

She nodded her head — she was into it!

“I’ll bet he went down on you.” She nodded just a little bit. “I’ll go down on you too. I know you don’t like to talk about those times, and that’s OK, you don’t have to tell me about it.”

Then I did what I said, I went down on her, just like I did in the morning.

I was enjoying exciting her, enjoying tasting her. I lifted up just a little bit, and said “You don’t have to tell me what you did, but you could show me,” then I went down on her again.

She moved. I was beside her and she rolled toward me, she held my cock.

I heard her say “I did this,” and my penis was captured in her mouth, she was stoking me, one hand reached around me, down the crack between my buttocks, caressing my anus, the other was pumping me, I could feel her mouth, then her tongue, moving down my shaft, touching my scrotum, teasing me.

I ejaculated only a few hours ago, but I was ready to again, all too soon. I pulled away, turned, moved between her legs, entered her.

“He was a lucky man,” I said, now a little more in control, moving in that warm space in my wife, enjoying every stroke.

Josie was quiet, so I went to the next level. “Think about what it was like when he was fucking you, and I’ll think about that too.”

She was moving so nicely, nodding yes, and I said “Call me his name, tell him you want him!”

She was holding my hips, biting at her lips, then she whispered something she never ever said to me: “Come in me, Frank, give me everything you have. Come in me now!”

And she orgasmed.

I didn’t, not yet.

When she came down from her high, sighing as she sank into the bed, she felt me still moving in her.

“Are you OK? Did I leave you behind?”

“I’m fine,” I told her. “I loved watching you then, when you were saying what you were saying, and doing what you were doing. It was beautiful.”

“But you’re still hard.”

I was feeling less inhibited than I ever had with her. “Honey, sometimes I masturbate thinking about you.”

“That’s OK. Maybe even, that’s good. It makes me feel good, knowing you think about me when you masturbate.

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