It’s Not an Affair If It’s Anal Ch. 01

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“Have you done anal?”

My heart stopped.

This was my sister-in-law, asking me an intimate question in such a nonchalant way.

We were killing time. We were meeting for a double date. Her husband and I were coming from our jobs directly. Heather and my wife were dropping off kids at the baby sitters. I had arrived first, always looking for an excuse to leave work early and was sitting at the bar. I was halfway through my second beer when she sat down.

“John’s stuck in traffic,” she announced.

I let her know my wife had texted me, saying she would be a little late because our littlest one was throwing a fit.

We were exchanging pleasantries for about 10 minutes before she asked the anal question.

“Well?” she asked.

“Well … ” I delayed. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m curious. John isn’t interested in trying and I was wondering if you guys had.”

My wife’s ass was perfect for anal. I’m obsessed with it; easily my favorite part of her body. I practically beg for it. I lick and kiss her ass during foreplay, hoping that she would say yes. She loves my tongue and she even loves my finger penetrating her while giving her oral or while she masturbates. But sticking my penis in? She says it’s too big.

I say it’s just perfect. I can imagine the feeling of my head penetrating and popping through as her muscles bahis firmaları contract on my shaft; the sensation as I slowly push deeper; the look of amazement and discomfort on her face. And then pulling out and doing it all over again. God, I want to fuck her ass. Slow, fast. In, out. I’m desperate for it. I want to feel her flesh engulfing me. I want to explode my pleasure deep inside her bowels.

“Why isn’t he interested?” I ask, much more calmly than I feel. My heart is beating fast now. My face must be flush with discomfort. Or is it excitement? I have fleeting images of Heather coming into my mind, bending her over right here, right now. I see myself lifting her skirt to discover no panties. Kneeling behind her to give a long lick up her crack and then circle her ass with my tongue. Hearing her moan as she anticipates what’s to come.

“He thinks it’s dirty,” she responds, as if this is the most normal conversation ever. “Our sex life is pretty vanilla. Sometimes I think I would be happy with a different position. But lately I can’t stop thinking about anal.” She looks around conspiratorially. “As I was in the shower getting ready for our date, I used my brush handle.” She perks up proudly, “I got almost 3 inches in this time.”

I surreptitiously looked at the front of my pants, expecting to see a wet spot. My erection was raging; painfully try to escape kaçak iddaa its confines. I married the wrong sister.

People have exclaimed about how obvious it was that they were related, but in my mind, they looked nothing alike. My wife was shorter with a perfectly rounded ass and curves in all the right places. Birth giving hips, as proven by our plethora of children. Large breasts that hung with a statement they were real. She had luscious lips and curly auburn hair.

Heather, on the other hand, was a bean pole. She had a flat chest and flat ass. Her hair was long, straight and jet black. Her lips were thin and cold. And she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

I leaned in and kissed her. Our lips mashed together, tentatively at first, our tongues slowly starting to explore each other. I reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands. Scrunching up her skirt and reaching for her skin. Still no panties …

“Cat got your tongue?”

Her words jarred me out of my fantasy.

“Yeah, sorry. It’s just an unusual conversation.” I stuttered.

She smiled big at me. “So …?” She encouraged.

“Um, no.” I finally said, resolving to be honest and see where this conversation ended up. “We’ve never had anal. I keep asking, but she’d rather not. I’ve licked and fingered her bottom, though …, ” electing to use a tamer version of ass.

Heather’s kaçak bahis eyes perked up, “You’ve licked her ass?” So much for tamer.

“Yeah. I love it. She loves it.” I said as if it was no big deal. “I could spend the rest my life with my face buried there.” I continued wistfully.

“God, I want my ass licked,” she bemoaned. She looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Heather … ” I began, trying to choose my words carefully.

“Listen.” She cut me off. “I want this. I know you are sexually adventurous and I know this excites you. I can see it from here.”

“Heather … ” I had no control in this conversation. I wanted what she wanted. I didn’t want what she wanted. My mind was conflicted, contrary to how my body was responding.

“It’s not an affair if it’s anal. Is it? Besides, I don’t want to do this with someone I don’t know. You’re safe for me and I’m safe for you.” Now that it was out there, she was gaining momentum with her speech. “I want to have this experience. Let’s try it one time and see what happens. I might hate it. But I want it really bad and I’m not getting it. You want it really bad and you’re not getting it. It makes perfect sense.” She concluded her argument and had a satisfied look on her face. Like she already was getting what she wanted.

It did make perfect sense.

“Hey Guys!!” my wife called out, “Sorry, I’m late.” My wife! My eyes got big, as if she caught my hand in the cookie jar.

She leaned in for a kiss, her hand brushing my hard-on. “What’s this?” She whispered, “excited for our date?”

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