It’s not Personal, It’s Business

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*Dedicated to the ladies that live this life. I commend you.

Tom knew he had a week-long business trip coming up, and he made sure to tell his wife Barbara he would be gone. He would fly out Sunday night, and fly back on Friday evening. This wasn’t his first trip, but it was the longest. Normally, he would be gone 2-3 days. So he had to help her with his extended absence. He made sure to speak with his kids about helping mom around the house, and being mindful. He also decided to talk to his neighbors.

Tom had a habit of looking for business women while he was out on his travels. A common practice of his was to visit the hotel bar, where, more often than not, 2-3 women were also traveling for business. Sometimes he could score some sex, and other times they had already been ‘caught’ by another business man. Of course, some of these women were not business women, they were escorts who were fishing for a date. He could tell the difference because business women tended to wear their pencil skirts to the bar. They would have a silk or satin blouse with a tiny jacket to make the outfit professional. The escorts dressed in more revealing attire, and had a hotter look.

With that in mind, he spoke to Kevin, his neighbor to the right of his house. Kevin, like Tom, was a middle American male in every sense of the word. Tom wandered into his garage on Saturday before his departure. Kevin was working on his ’66 Chevy pick up, his favorite hobby.

“How’s it going Kevin?”

“Same ‘ol, same ‘ol. This rust bucket gives me a new problem to solve as soon as I’ve fixed the previous problem.” He gave Tom a glance.

“Isn’t that what makes it fun?” Tom smiled.

“Fun and frustration actually, but yeah, when she’s done it’ll all be worth it.”

“I’m going to be gone for longer than usual. I was hoping to ask you a favor.” Tom threw out there.

“Sure thing neighbor, whatcha need?” he spoke without looking up.

“Uh…this is a bit of an odd request.” Tom stammered.

Kevin looked over, stumped, “Well spit it out already!”

“I want you to hit on my wife while I’m gone.” Tom said boldly.

Kevin stopped working on his car. He stood up and looked at Tom.


“Think of it as ‘testing’ her. Will she flirt back? Will she shoot you down?” Tom said, straight faced.

“Hmph. That’s kinda risky don’t you think?”

“How so?”

“What if she goes for it? What if she calls my bluff? Kevin looked into Tom’s eyes.

“I see what you mean.” He shrugged. “You decide if or when you get to that bridge.” Tom replied.

Kevin gave him a look, shrugged and said, “I’ll think about it. Don’t forget I got a wife too.”

“I can’t ask for anything more. Thanks for your consideration.”

Tom then walked over to the neighbor on the other side, to Bill’s house which was to the left of his house. In this case, he had to knock on the door. Bill opened the door after several minutes. “Hey Tom, how can I help you?”

“Hi Bill, are you home alone? I thought Mary would answer.” Tom asked.

“Yeah, she has a hair appointment, and I sent the kids to their grandma’s so I could get some peace and quiet.” Bill said.

“Say, are you tying fly fishing lures?” Tom asked. He could see various items on the kitchen table.

“Oh yeah, I take for granted people know about my hobby. I love fly fishing, and luckily my dad taught me how to make my own lures when I was growing up. I tell you, it has saved me a ton of money!” Bill explained as he walked Tom over to the table.

“Really? Not from what I’ve seen at Walmart. You can get lots of them for about $20.”

“No, no, no Tom. No self respecting fly fisherman would use those cheap knockoffs from China. The real fly lures go for about $50-$100 for two or three of them. Besides, if you really get into fly fishing, you gotta do your research. Do you think a wasp in Montana looks like a wasp in Texas? No sirree, I research what they look like and tie up some new lures for where I plan to fish.”

“Ok, understood. Say, I got an odd request for you.” Tom finally managed.

He proceeded to tell Bill what he had told Kevin. Bill was floored.

“I don’t know about that Tom, that sounds risky in so many ways. I don’t know if I could, to be honest.”

“Okay, no worries. I thought I would ask you since I have faith in you. It’s my wife I wanted to test.”

“Well, I’ll flirt with her, but that’s all. I’ll let you know if she flirts back, how about that?”

“Sure, I’ll take what I can get. Thanks Bill! And this is between you and me and no one else.”

“Well of course!” Bill said as he walked him to the door.


It was Sunday morning and Tom made a special breakfast. Normally he left mid-week and took his family to dinner, close to the airport if possible. Before he hit the kitchen though, he woke up his wife with a sensual massage. She stirred and looked at him.

“Are you getting funny ideas, Mr. Man?” She asked.

“I’m not going to see you for a week, so why not?” he smiled devilishly.

“What about Ataşehir Escort the kids? She said with a whisper.

“I locked the door, we can make it a quickie.”

“Oh alright, but only because you’re gone for longer this time.”

Tom and Barbara quickly got to it, and they both climaxed in short order. Quickies can be under appreciated by some, but if you’re married, they can be love life savers.

While Barbara showered, Tom started on his 5 piece breakfast. Pancake batter was quickly whipped up alongside eggs for omelets. As he poured the pancakes in he fixed up several omelets; mushroom, bell pepper, cheese and sausage omelets for them to choose from. As the pancakes and omelets cooked, he slow cooked bacon in the oven, a trick he had learned from his sister. He fresh squeezed orange juice and had toast going on his 4 slice toaster. By the time Barbara and the kids came out, he had a full spread on the table.

They dug in as he quickly jumped in the shower himself, and when he returned they were still eating. He served himself and joined in. They smiled and ate their fill as small talk about the coming week flowed. Once everyone was satisfied, he had the kids help him clean up so ‘mom can relax for once’, he told his kids.

Later that day he packed his suitcase and hugged his kids and wife. The Lyft arrived on time, and he left for the airport. The kids ran on the sidewalk waving bye as he rounded the corner. Tom waved a final goodbye through the rear windshield.


After a full day of business meetings and massaging fragile business ego’s, Tom was ready to relax. One day down, three and a half to go. He stopped at his room first, before hitting the bar downstairs. He changed his boring white button down shirt for a black button down shirt that he had pressed in the morning. He put his favorite cufflinks on, and put a dash of his special cologne on his neck and wrists. Walking to the elevator, he quickly texted his wife and asked how her day was. And with that he stepped in the elevator and hit the button for the lobby.

As he rode down, he wondered if his neighbors would have any luck. Part of him thought Kevin might get lucky, but had his doubts about Bill. Of the two, Kevin was more manly in his estimation. Bill was more of an academic as far as he was concerned.

Entering the bar, he looked around and saw only a few people. Two of them were a pair of men, and clearly a team from the company they worked with. One was a woman at a table eating dinner as she worked on her laptop. She looked on the older side and he thought less likely to be looking for fun. Another lady was at the end of the bar and more of his type. She had red wavy hair, and what he referred to as an ‘office hottie’. She glanced at him, then returned to her phone. The bartender came over, and nodded to him.

“I’ll have a Manhattan, and if you could refill the ladies drink at the end of the bar on me, I would appreciate it.” Tom left a notable tip on the counter and gave him his business credit card.

In a few short moments, his drink arrived, then the bartender refilled the ladies drink. He couldn’t make out what they said, but she looked over to him and mouthed “thank you but no.”

He tipped his drink towards her and shrugged as if to say ‘I tried’.

Well, it looked like not tonight, or at least not yet. He ordered an appetizer and checked his phone. His wife had replied and he texted her back. After several texts back and forth his appetizer had arrived. He ate it, savoring the flavors. As he finished, he looked at his phone again, half an hour had passed. He asked for another drink and looked around.

Same people except now there was a married couple at one of the tables. The girl at the end of the bar was still on her phone while the older lady had closed her laptop. He mused about his options, maybe he should hit a bar downtown, he thought when he saw a lady take a seat one stool away from him.

He glanced at her and she was wearing a fetching outfit. She was wearing a cocktail dress, with a tiny sweater over it. Her long elegant arms were barely hidden, and she had matching earrings and bracelets. The lipstick? Fire engine red.

He smiled as she saw him appraising her, and she smiled back.

“Buy a lady a drink?” she said.

“Of course,” he replied.

The bartender got her a cocktail and refilled Tom’s Manhattan.

“Let me guess, businessman on travel?” she quipped.

“Guilty! And you?” He returned her volley.

“Oh, I’m just out for the night, getting some air if you know what I mean.” she smiled.

“Everybody needs to get some air from time to time. Tom, by the way,” he said, offering his hand.

She shook it, “Julie, I’m charmed.”

“Not yet you’re not,” Tom smiled wolfishly.

She smiled wickedly at his presumption, then giggled.

“Okay, so what are you doing the rest of this evening,” asked Tom.

“That depends on where you are, and what we decide to do about it.” she shot back

Tom signaled the bartender Acıbadem Escort to close his tab. When he paid up, he pounded the rest of his drink. He stepped back from the bar and put his arm out, inviting her to take it. She left the drink half finished, and took his arm, placing her hand inside his elbow. They walked out of the bar together and to the elevator.

When they got in, Tom hit the floor and turned to face her. She was a sight to see. Good sleek body, well dressed and voluptuous where it counted. She smiled back at him.

“I hate to break it to you, but I charge $300-$500 for my services.” She ran a finger down her dress, giving him a better look at her cleavage.

“I came prepared. This isn’t my first rodeo.” He countered.

“I like men that know what they want, and know how to treat a lady right.” She pulled her dress aside showing him one full breast.

The elevator chimed as they got to his floor. Tom put out his arm again. “Shall we?”

She fixed her dress, then rather than take his arm, she nestled into him, and he wrapped his arm around her. To any stranger, they would appear to be a long time couple. Tom tapped the key card to the reader on the room’s door. She followed him in as he held the door open.


“Undress in the front of the window,” Tom said. He pulled several bills from his pocket and put them on top of the dresser. She placed her purse on top of the money and walked seductively towards the window.

She did a slow strip tease as she removed several articles of clothing. As he watched, he started getting undressed as well. She was almost nude, and looked at him, “Do you want me in my lingerie, or fully nude?”

“You decide,” he smiled ravishingly.

Dropping her bra, he walked towards him, he was standing in his boxers before the bed. Giving him a mild nudge, he fell back on the bed. She kicked off her panties, she placed her knee on the bed, she clambered over him and let her long hair slide over his chest. When her face was above his, she smiled.

“Ready for some fun?”

He nodded. She reached over and picked up his tie, and brought his hands up above his head. Then she proceeded to tie his wrists together. Her sexual smile stayed there all the while.

“Be right back,” she said sultrily.

She got the belt from the bathrobe which was hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Doing a burlesque strut as she walked back to the bed, she used the belt like a stripper’s boa. When she got to him she tied the belt around the tie and then tied it to the bed frame. Tom was lying diagonally across the bed.

“Time for fun!”

Tom shimmied as she removed his boxers, leaving him nude. He didn’t feel the condom she slipped over his stiff member; he just felt her mouth envelope his cod. A long sigh escaped his lips. This was far more soothing than a hot shower or a jacuzzi. He closed his eyes as she worked her magic on his shaft.

“Mmm, that’s what daddy needs. You are really good!”

She giggled and gave his shaft an extra couple of squeezes with her lips. He arched his back, her method driving him crazy with lust. He was afraid he might cum soon, and he didn’t want that. What he didn’t know is that Julie knew exactly what she was doing. She continued teasing him with a blow job, but she was very good at gauging when men were close to cumming. She worked his knob, but didn’t put too much pressure, she wanted to string him on.

“Mmmm,” Tom moaned.

He was loving her attention on his pole. She crawled her way up to his face and lowered her pussy on his face. He sniffed her pussy, and he could smell her musk. Her pussy was very wet. She might be a professional, but she still felt aroused. That was a big ego boost for her clients.

“I’m clean, I have my results in my purse if you want it,” as she lowered herself onto him.

Tom just accepted it, and licked away. He could check when they were done…or not.

Her hips swayed over his face, using him to pleasure herself as much as he was enjoying it. From time to time her taint got his lips and tongue, whether he knew didn’t matter to her.

Tom was enjoying her fleshy salad, her flowing juices all the dressing he needed. Her hands reached back and rested on his hairy chest as her hips kept cresting on his kisser. Tom was intoxicated by her musk and it was making him harder.

“Give me a ride baby, sit on my johnson,” he begged.

She rose up, moved down his body and her hand took his cock. Placing it on her opening, she slid down onto it. She moaned a little, then started rocking her hips back and forth. Just like she had on his mouth, her hips explored his branch, making sure it touched all of her insides.

Tom was relishing it, being tied up was new and he was enjoying it. Her rocking became forward and backward movements, her hands on his chest. Her face would turn to the ceiling, then look down on him. Her long hair hiding his face, creating a private little space for them.

“I like this,” he said.

His hips moved counter to İstanbul Escort her hips gyrations. Working together to please and satisfy each other. Their bodies moving to an internal rhythm, grinding against each other. They continued on and on. Tom tried to pull his head towards her breasts but couldn’t reach them since he was tied. She teased him, dropping them close then pulling away as he tried again. Finally, she dropped her breasts on his face. He tried his best to lick her nipples, the game making him more excited.

Once he had his nursing, she started riding him to completion. Her hips trusting back on to him with a savage lust, pounding her cunny down onto his hardened shaft. His breathing increased as she clapped her body against his.

“Gah! Oh oh y e a h…” he sighed.

His body deflated as his phallus shot its wad. She tightened her vulva, and milked him. Crawling off, she grabbed a tissue and removed the filled condom, tossing it in the trash. She crawled over and half straddled him. Her long leg over his waist, while she ran her hands through his chest hairs.


“Oh gawd yes!” Tom smiled. “You’re fantastic, I might have to book you for this whole week.”

“Hmm, wish I could but I only work certain nights.”

She got up, and shoved her panties and bra into her purse. Then she started wiggling into her dress. She smiled at him, “Thanks for the great fuck, baby, but I gotta go.”

She leaned over him and kissed him deeply, and twisted one of his nipples.

“Bye!” as she crossed to the door.

“Wait, you gotta untie me!” Tom said, as she reached the door.

“You’ll figure it out,” she smiled mischievously.

Tom did eventually get out, but it took a while. He chuckled to himself, what a great lay he thought to himself.


Kevin was working on his car and spied Barbara getting groceries out of the car. He quickly got up and walked over.

“Can I help you with those?” as he picked up several bags.

“Oh, well that’s very kind of you Kevin.” Barbara said, slightly surprised.

“No problem, Tom asked if I could help you out if you needed it while he’s away.”

“I’m not helpless, but thank you,” she said as he followed her into the house.

They walked into the kitchen and started setting down the first round of bags. As they both walked back towards the car, Kevin asked,

“It must be hard having Tom away. You’re left with everything.”

“Oh, I’m used to it by now. But you’re right, some things just aren’t the same.”

“Like what?”

She grabbed two bags as Kevin grabbed the last three.

“Little things around the house. Or the way he helps with stuff.”

They set the remaining bags on the counter.

“What kinda stuff?” he asked.

She blushed. Kevin cottoned on.

“Oh! Well…I don’t know about that.” he said with a mischievous grin.

“No, no…Tom massages my shoulders if I’ve had a long day. Not ‘that’…” she said blushing even deeper.

“I can give you a shoulder massage, that’s no big deal.”

“Oh, I couldn’t…I shouldn’t…”

Kevin saw his opportunity. “Okay, I totally understand.” He was about to turn and head out, when she said…

“Well, it’s just a shoulder massage…”

“Yeah, harmless,” he shrugged.

She went to the hallway bathroom and returned with a bottle of baby oil. She sat on a stool by the counter and undid the first few buttons on her blouse, turned away from him. Lifting her shirt, she exposed the top of her shoulders and neck. Kevin squeezed some oil into his palm, he rubbed his hands together to warm up the oil. He then rubbed her neck down to the top of her shoulders. Back and forth his strong hands gently kneaded the stress out of her nape.

“Oh, that feels incredible,” her body relaxing.

Kevin blew cold air onto her oiled neck, then continued his ministrations. As he worked on a knot, he heard her say,

“Oooh, don’t give me ideas!”

“What?” Kevin blew on her neck again. “You mean this?” He blew more cold air on her neck.

He felt her melting under his hands. She let out a purr.

“Yes, you shouldn’t do that,” she said weakly.

He blew on her neck again, but closer. His hand went forward and got under her bra in one swift move. She leaned back into him, making it easier for him to grope her.

“We can’t tell Tom,” her voice was weak but seductive.

After an hour, Kevin walked home. He had just fucked the daylights out of Barbara. He couldn’t believe it. Either Tom wasn’t taking care of business or she was quite the vixen.

He had groped her more when she had leaned back, then his other hand lifted her skirt. She hadn’t resisted at all. In fact, she moved to make it easier for him. In short order, he had her leaning onto the stool. Her skirt was lifted and he had pulled down her panties to her thighs. Pulling his pants down to below his bottom, his shaft had penetrated her wet pussy with ease. He rammed into her, she pushed back and was slightly bent over the stool. His body slammed into her again and again. If he didn’t know any better, he would suspect she was in heat.

Her hands undid her blouse and let her tits pop out. Kevin grabbed them from behind as he continued to rail her cunt. The sheer size of her mammaries gave Kevin plenty to play with.

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