It’s Time Ch. 06

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My hand slips under my skirt, trying to move without letting anyone in on what I’m doing. You know how the idea of being in public, the simple thought at any time someone could catch me, turns me on. My hands hit the soft lace of the pink panties I picked out with you in mind. I lift up and slowly slide them down, eyes looking into yours as though you know exactly what I’m up to. Soon the lace that was just covering my warm and wet pussy is in my hand. I reach for your hand and drop them in there.

Instantly your eyes take in the lace, soft and so very feminine. Something you always expect from me. I can see your hands, fingers running over them, taking them in. Then slowly, as if it were slow motion you bring them to your nose. You can smell the sweet scent that is me, the perfume I wear, the soft subtle smell that is mine alone. Then the panties are in your pocket and your eyes back on me.

My hand is between my legs rubbing ever so lightly my clit, just small circles. Already my body is so turned on. I know that the time it takes to find my release won’t be long. Just then the waiter makes his way to the table. I look at you and you just shake your head no, letting me know you want me to continue my self torment.

“I’ll be ordering for the two of us,” you say.

“Very good Sir,” the young man nods but can’t keep from looking at me and the small movement of my hand.

“I would like the steak, medium well with a baked potato. She would like the lobster and shrimp dinner. We’d also like some more wine if you would,” you say with a grin, knowing the young man is watching me.

“Excellent choices Sir,” he says clearing his throat and turns to leave, his eyes running over me.

“I think he likes you lover. I think that young man wants his hand to slip between your long thighs, parting them then slipping past those soft folds to stroke your pussy. One finger first, then a second. Do that for me lover. Imagine they are my fingers,” you whisper across the table.

Those fingers move, separating my thighs even more, my skirt riding up just a little. I’m greeted by my own wetness. My pussy wants to feel something, anything filling it. Just as you had said one finger enters first, stretching, then a second filling me. My mouth makes a silent gasp and you simply watch. My thumb rubs against my clit as my fingers move in and out. My whole body centered on the movement, I’m totally oblivious to anything but the pleasure. My eyes close half way; everything becomes hazy with each thrust of my fingers. The fact that it’s so public, that you are watching is Sinop Escort too much and my orgasm washes over me.

I bite my bottom lip to keep from crying out and alerting everyone in the restaurant. My other hand, the one that remained above the table, grips the cloth. I can’t help but let a whimper or two escapes past my lips and some look, glaring. I could really care less as I feel the remaining spasms rolling through me. My hand leaves the warm and wetness of my pussy, making its way to my lips as I taste myself off my fingers. Now more so I do it to tease you, wanting you to want me just as much as I want you.

“Yummy,” I whisper and nothing more.

I slip my foot out of my shoe and toy with the bottom of your leg, moving up to your thigh. Then it slips between them and over your bulging cock. It’s straining against your pants already, begging to be freed and touched. I simply move my foot over you, rubbing against you.

“You are so hard baby. Is it all for me?” I ask, trying to play coy because I already know the answer.

Just before your about to speak our food arrives. I move to take away my foot and your hand holds onto it, leaving it there and I smile in agreement. We begin to eat. Not really saying to much as our mind is elsewhere. It is simple idle chit chat. You ask what I’ve told my friends and I relate the story. The time passes, just not quickly enough. I have this feeling you wanted to leave just as we got our food. As we finish we are asked about dessert, I only listen as you tell the waiter no and that you’d like the check. I wonder what you have in mind next. I can still hear the jazz music playing and would love to take a spin with you on the floor but I’d also like to be in your arms, feeling you moving inside me. Life is full of tough choices I think to myself.

All the while my foot never leaves your cock. It’s still hard, thick and wanting more. It’s almost like we’ve become addicted to each other and just by being close we cause this. My foot moves lightly over you, my eyes watching, gauging your reaction. I can hear your intake of breath as I push a little harder with each rub. The check comes and the young mans eyes once again look me over; he knows there’s something going on. He smiles as if trying to flirt, trying to steal my attention from you.

“You know she’s an amazing fuck,” I hear you say. My jaw falls open as I didn’t expect this from you.

“Um, yeah I’m sure she is,” the boy stumbles around with words.

My eyes look at you, my foot stops and falls to the floor. I’m in just a mild shock, Sinop Escort Bayan a light pink blush moving up my neck to my cheeks. It’s just the response you wanted I tell myself. Time seems to stop for a moment as you look at me and the boy try’s to think of something to say.

“She tastes as good as she looks, perhaps even better. I think I’ll have her for dessert. Here you are and keep the change,” you say as you move from your seat and grab my hand.

I can’t believe you just did that yet I’m not embarrassed by it. It’s turned me on even more and I still see your thick cock has enjoyed it. You left the poor boy with a generous tip for all the trouble he had with us. We move to the dance floor and I smile. You look at me and wrap me in your arms.

“I thought you’d like a little dance before we begin one of our own,” you whisper in my ear, your hot breath burning into my skin.

I only nod as my hands rest on your shoulders. My fingers run lightly through the hair on the back of your head. My head rests lightly on your shoulder as we are pressing against each other. The sound of a saxophone fills the air and we sway against one another. Words aren’t needed; the heat from our bodies speaks volumes. My hand moves from your neck resting on your chest, running over it as though memorizing the feel.

“You feel incredible in my arms. I knew you would,” you tell me.

I look up at you, smiling and watch as your lips lower to mine. It’s one of our kisses. It goes on, endless it seems. Your tongue moves in, devouring my mouth, making love with it. My hand gripping your shirt as it continues, nothing rushed just the slow, torture of a kiss. My tongue moves, invading your mouth, tasting you. The richness, the pure male taste is like a drug. I could easily become addicted.

“We need to go or I’ll fuck you right here,” you say looking directly at me.

“Yes,” it’s all I can manage. I wouldn’t care if it happened right here or not. My body is burning for yours.

There’s a tug on my hand and I feel you pull me towards the exit sign. We step into the cool night air and look to hail a cab. You look at me and smile; you can’t wait and begin to walk. There’s an alley just ahead. You pull me down it. We are far enough back that one can’t see what’s really going on yet we could still be caught.

“You like this, the idea of being caught. The idea that someone could be watching, it excites you,” you whisper harshly in ear as your finger, your thick unrelenting fingers move between my legs. “I’ve wanted this all night. I’ve Escort Sinop wanted to feel your wet pussy surrounding me, tightening as I fuck you.”

“Yes, please,” I whisper.

“What lover? Do you want my cock in your pretty pussy? You are so wet, so eager for me; you have to tell me first?” Your fingers have been rubbing, torturing my clit. Such a tease, you know the answer but want to hear it from my lips.

“Fuck me now, please,” I practically beg.

I can feel one finger slipping inside and my legs nearly give out when a second joins in. Just your fingers and my pussy can’t help but respond. The walls gripping onto you, each movement intensified. I can feel one of your hands moving and then I hear that glorious sound, your zipper going down. Your fingers leave me and I cry out at the loss but then I feel your cock.

“Yes, please,” I almost yell.

“Lover wants this cock. It’s so thick and hard for you,” I hear you tell me as I lift my hips, wanting to pull you inside.

Slowly, inch by inch I can feel you enter me. Even though it wasn’t too long ago we were doing this I can feel you stretching me. My nails digging into your shoulders as the moments tick by. Finally your cock is there, fully inside my body. The fit is so deliciously tight, so utterly perfect.

Then the fucking begins. I feel your hand gripping my bare ass as you move your cock out. My head leans against the brick wall behind me. Words aren’t really formed, just grunts and other muffled noises as it’s become instinct between us. It’s a taking, a claiming in the dark alley. Over and over, each thrust hitting deeper, moving against that secret spot that has my body begging.

I’m amazed at how quickly you bring me to the edge. Yet you hold me there, your cock stopping. You look at me, your eyes watching. It’s only then I hear you,” Cum for me lover. I want to feel you coming on my cock.”

Then you move even harder if it’s possible. Your hand moves between us and flicking my clit. That’s just enough and I cry into the darkness. You don’t stop either. Your cock continues driving into me and my orgasm just rolls through me. I’m holding onto you, my body shaking, gripping your cock. One orgasm rolls into another as I feel your release. My head falls to your shoulder; my cry’s muffled by it. I can only hold onto you, my legs weak. Your hands holding me close, keeping us together.

“We need a bed, now,” you tell me and I agree. We leave the shadows of the alley and flag down a cab. The drive to the hotel is quiet as is the elevator ride. We enter the room and I walk back to that window, just like last night.

“You amaze me,” I hear you say. “Do you know how much I want you?”

I turn from the window and smile. I walk to you, hands against your chest and begin to unbutton your shirt. “I’m sure it’s as much as I want you.”

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