Jake Loves Kate

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Big Tits

I love Kate Simons.

I love her ridiculously cute bum when she walks down between the seats. I want to taste the soft dark hair that covers her face as she speaks to her friends. I want to touch the smooth cream of legs that flash under her skirt as she hops back into her seat. I want to kiss the hand that brushed against me as we got on the bus.

These are the things I realise during the four hour trip from school to our year twelve camp. Four hours spent pretending not to watch the back of her head. Four hours looking for a glimpse of her legs when Mr Ellis yells at her to stop roaming the bus and sit back down. Four hours of wishing that I had picked a seat up near her friends instead of sitting back here with my own. It is so much harder to have fun up the back of the bus when Kate Simons is 6 rows forward, spending the trip talking to Luke Chambers.

Beside me, Sam has already fallen asleep and I spend the time awkwardly craning over the seat fantasizing about the one ear that peeks through her hair, the only bit of flesh I can see. Oh god I am the worst sucker in the world! I find myself writing ‘Jacob loves Kate’ in the condensation on the glass window next to me. Less because I am actually the kind of person who writes things like that, but more for the thrill of actually making it public, even for the few seconds it exists before I wipe it out, just in case Sam wakes up. And lucky too, as across the aisle, Dani suddenly looks over and smiles at me.

Maybe I should ask her out. Dani is probably the only girl I am slightly interested in who I know well, but still she moves with friends that seem to lack all interest in me. Oh well, I can at least have a normal conversation with her. Having a conversation with Kate is fine until afterwards I think about the dumb things I said and want to scream. But Dani is sexy as well, and she is sitting across from me in a white blouse with one too many buttons undone. Through the fold of the blouse the swell of pale cream that is visible above her little bra keeps me occupied for a while, and her smile when she catches me looking over makes me a bit warm inside.

The camp we are going to is the type that has outdoor activities, high ropes courses, archery, bushwalking etc. There is a beach that we get to go to on the third and final day and I am simultaneously looking forward to seeing girls in swimmers and dreading it for the risk that my excitement might become too obvious. Still, three days with friends is great, and three days hopefully to get closer to the girls that seem so unreachable back at school.

We finally arrive at the camp and take our bags to the cabins we had chosen a few weeks earlier. You would not believe some of the bitch fights that came out of choosing cabin groups, but I am really happy with mine. I am with Sam and Michael and Luke Chambers who are cool friends and lots of fun to mess around with. I am friends with Luke, but sometimes I get pretty annoyed at how easy he seems to find it to hang with the girls I long to grow closer to. Dani and Kate are sharing with Rose and Melinda who are their closer friends and of course that cabin would be like heaven to be in. We arrive at around lunch so we ate some terrible burgers and assembled on the big lawn with volleyball nets to be split into groups.

It was always going to be a long shot to be put into a group with Kate, and sure enough I was placed in group 3 while she was whisked away in group 1 as they went towards the archery range. However it was hard to be sad with this when Dani and Melinda also came along with group 3 to the high ropes course. Unfortunately Michael and Luke went in group 2 and Sam was in 4 so it looked like I was going to have to make some new friends or spend three days alone.

High ropes are scary. Massive wooden poles with cables between and various activities done high off the ground are not just a walk in the park. There are those who can throw themselves wildly off a platform knowing that they are attached to a cable and totally safe, but I am not one of them. Neither was Melinda. While I could do all the tasks with time, discovering I still had all my limbs and getting a bit of a thrill in the end too, Melinda was petrified the whole time.

Dani was skinny and athletic, she went lithely up the ladders and carefully balanced on the ropes. The harness that seemed so terribly snug downstairs on me was tight round her small hips, and on Melinda it showed off her nice bottom, and twisted her shirt into tightness against her pretty large boobs.

Melinda was heaps fit, but scared shitless of heights it seemed. She would get up the ladders and oh so slowly venture onto the ropes, shaking the whole way. Climbing across the two high wires was the hardest and it was only with Dani in front and me behind her, coaxing her along, that she managed to finish. Because Dani was a friend of mine and friends with Mel, the three of us became buddies within the group. Comforting Mel after the ropes was nice, and by the time we switched to archery in the afternoon, we were heaps friendly.

Dinner was reasonable for camp food and I spent Anadolu Yakası Escort it sitting with guys, daring each other to come to the pyjama disco that night in just our boxers. It was a dance and then a ‘supper’ of milo and cookies before bed and we’d convinced ourselves to forgo shirts and just go in our boxers as it was a reasonably warm night and frankly, we wanted to get some attention from the girls. Back in the cabin I decided to put on briefs under the boxers thinking that if we were in fairly exposing pj’s, then the girls might be too, and there was only so much attention my boxers wanted in public when there was a chance of nature making a fool of me. I confessed this jokingly to Sam and he said he’d done the same.

We got about three meters from our door when Mr Ellis told us to go back and get shirts. We did so dejectedly, but took them off as soon as we got to the hall and the lights went on and the music started. We made quite a show, it was pretty terrible, about 8 boys all taking off their shirts and the girls either thinking we were idiots or just laughing. The music was terrible, some camp dj thinking we were in our fourties and not year twelve. We laughed when he played Nelly and we all pretended to the lyrics ‘it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes’. Rose was the one pretending most, she lifted her tank top up to just under her boobs and made it slightly obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. She didn’t show anything really, not in front of the teachers, but I was fairly glad I hadn’t gone for boxers alone.

Actually, the only guy who it seemed hadn’t put on undies underneath was Luke, but he seemed to keep it under control. However, Dani swept me into the girl’s speculation about it, and I went along with the minor scandal in order to talk with Kate.

“He obviously doesn’t.” said Rose, and her eyes seemed to like this fact and kept darting over to where he was talking to Sam.

“Are you wearing anything under yours?” Kate asked me and I told her I was in order to hint that the bulge in the boxers would not be as small otherwise. I was a bit envious of the looks Luke was getting.

Kate had on a pair of satin pyjamas. A short sleeve, button up shirt and some tiny shorts that only just made it over her little panties. Dani was wearing a cotton tank top and long pants, and her boobs seemed petite in comparison to Mel’s which looked huge in her bra under a tank top. Rose’s nipples were obvious under her top with no bra, and she wore boxers. I was subtly admiring the points in her top made when Kate asked me to dance.

I was pretty stunned. The song was a slow one and I had no real idea what to do but I put my hands on her waist and she put hers on my shoulders. I was pretty damn happy just swaying along. I looked over to where Luke and Rose were dancing, and saw his hand on her bum. I didn’t have the guts, but I made Kate laugh by attempting some over dramatic dance moves. I was astounded when I let my hand slide up her back and realized she had no bra on either. The smooth satin of her back was faultlessly smooth, and her breasts must have been shaped perfectly to let her shirt front be so perky.

“Did you know that Dani likes you?” Kate asked me.

I was pretty surprised, mostly at being told this way.

“No, I didn’t have a clue.”

“Well she does. She talks about it non stop.”

“Would she like you telling me?” I asked.

“Probably not too much,” she grinned, “but I wanted to know if you were into her.”

“So am I?”

I tried to play it cool and quite obviously failed. She would go and love Luke for sure now.

But she smiled, “I hope not.”

My stomach did a leap as at the same moment Luke came over and tapped my shoulder. Kate broke away to go to where Dani and Mel were sitting and I turned to Luke annoyed. But he beamed at me.

“I’ve got a plan.”

He steered us into a corner of the room.

“Let’s go over to the girl’s cabin tonight after teachers are asleep. Their cabin is just a few meters down the hill and no one would see.”

“But are they cool with it?”

“Yeah, Rose said to come and play cards”

So we did. The disco ended and we went back to our cabins after milo. We waited until lights out and all four boys snuck into the girl’s cabin. I was half afraid that Luke would make a move on Kate but that was blown aside as soon as we got inside and him and Rose started kissing all over the hallway. I suppose it shows just how jealous of Kate I’d been not to notice that something was happening elsewhere.

Luke and Rose went outside soon enough. I think Luke had smuggled in some cigarettes somehow and they were off to act hardcore in some dark corner. I was quite happy to stay in the girl’s cabin. We did play cards, but mostly I was checking out Kate and Dani’s leg’s as they sat cross legged in their pj shorts. I only started paying attention to the game when Mel went bankrupt and Michael, who obviously had more on his mind, started offering suggestions for how to keep on playing.

It was pretty obvious that he wanted a game of Pendik Escort strip poker and Dani and Kate both looked pretty nervously at me, and I must have looked pretty scared to them. We are all over 18, only a few months away from the end of school, but I haven’t ever kissed a girl properly, let alone had a girlfriend, so i was near shaking. But Mel seemed to be ok with it, and everyone seemed to be pretty nervously excited and so we started playing again, saying you could bet items of clothing, or bet on other’s clothes. Michael’s plan backfired when Mel started winning and he lost his shirt. But Mel lost hers soon and I sat transfixed as she revealed her smooth belly and then her big boobs under a lacy black bra. She looked rather pleased with herself and suddenly everyone turned quiet and got excited looking.

Sam and I both lost our shirts before Dani lost and decided to take off her pants. She looked at me quite frankly before turning around and pulling off her pants showing a tiny cute ass in some sweet, pale blue cotton panties and her long skinny legs. When she sat back down I could hardly keep my eyes from the front of her undies where I imagined I could make out the little ridges of her vagina.

Hilariously Michael lost the next two hands and having ditched his boxers, he got up to make a show of taking off his briefs. We all laughed as he placed his thumbs under the waist and pulled down in a rush. His dick was already half stiff as it fell out to one side, and the girls were staring openly and giggling. Michael looked fairly pleased when suddenly there was a bang outside and Michael shot back into his underwear and we all looked out the window to see Mr Andrews yelling at Luke.

Me, Michael and Sam swore, grabbed everything and quietly went for the back door of the girl’s cabin. The cabins had a bedroom with fours beds, a bathroom and then a sitting room with lounge. Thank god there were two doors, and we managed to sneak back to our cabin and into our beds and pretend we hadn’t left them all night. Luke didn’t come back until morning.


We woke up to see him packing his gear into a bag.

“They caught me smoking with Rose and called my parents. They’re coming to take me home.”

“You’re kidding? That’s fucking ridiculous!” I was amazed that they’d be so worked up about it.

“It wasn’t because of being out at night or being with Rose, it’s because I smuggled the cigarettes in. You know their craziness on drugs.”

And that seemed to be that. Luke went and kissed Rose goodbye and his parents took him home. The girls sat with us over breakfast and we all got angry over the stupidity of it. Rose was a bit sad but she figured it wouldn’t matter too much as Luke’s parents weren’t the type to punish him severely. The teachers made an announcement to tell everyone the rules and say they were going to be watching for other bad behaviour and I was wondering whether I’d be able to get out to the girl’s cabin again that night if there were teachers on patrol.

Group 3 went on a bushwalk first thing in the morning, and I talked to Dani and Mel the whole time. Apparently Rose and Luke had spent yesterday afternoon bushwalking together and that’s how they got to be so into each other. Dani spent most of the trip trying to convince me to risk coming over that night. I didn’t know whether to risk it or not, but the shy look in Dani’s eyes was probably having a bad affect on my judgment.

We got back late and had lunch after the other groups before going off the Dunes that were the afternoon’s activities. The sand hills were huge! All of them were at least 10 meters high and after half an hour of listening to the guide tell us about their ancient history we were let go to throw ourselves from the tops and roll down. People ripped up some cardboard boxes from the bus and slid down the sides, and one teacher tried to organise a sort of ‘sand long jump’ competition from the top of the highest dune.

I had jumped and rolled to a stop at the bottom, and I got up unsteadily just as Dani put a full handful of sand down the back of my shorts. God damn that is uncomfortable! And a bus ride back to the camp with sand in my underwear! I chased her halfway back up the dune before getting an arm round her belly, grabbing my own handful of sand, pulling out the front of her jeans and dumping the sand inside. She was struggling way too much for me to see anything, and I just tickled her sides while she tried to get away.

She was rescued by Mel who dumped all the sand she could carry on my head and for a few seconds it was a chaotic brawl of trying to put sand in peoples clothing before Mr Ellis caught on and yelled us to a stop. Still, I had felt Mel’s big boobs press against my hand and as I tried to put sand down her bra. It even looked like I had succeeded, with her turning away and leaning over to empty the contents back onto the dune. We had a short but chafing bus trip back to the camp where we went to the showers.

It seemed like we had caught up with the other groups because the showers were packed. Group 3 waited, me, Mel and Dani Kurtköy Escort trying to shake the sand from our hair. Eventually the boys showers cleared and I went in. I went into a cubicle and had just turned on the water when Dani and Mel called out my name. They had decided to screw waiting and just use the boy’s showers. The other guys still washing were laughing, and Mel and Dani chose free cubicles, Dani next to me, and Mel next to her. I was pretty amazed at their daring, but I assumed they would keep their underwear on.

Having come in last, it was soon only us three left. I had gone for broke and gone nude in the shower, and by the sounds of it Dani and Mel had too.

“Screw you Jake! This sand is everywhere!” Dani yelled to my left, “And I mean everywhere!”

I had a quick image of that flash up in my mind and was oh so glad for the cubicle wall separating us when my penis responded to my thoughts. I couldn’t help but picture the same hot water that was caressing me running down the slender bodies only meters away. I gathered up all my courage and replied.

“Just so that you could have the fun of cleaning it out.”

Mel surprised me by making a little groaning noise.

“Unless you need my help?” I called, nearly shaking. With huge effort I didn’t take a peek over the cubicle wall.

Dani’s voice was shaky when she said “I bet you’d just love to.”

That’s just about when Mr Matthews walked in and banged on the cubicle doors telling us to hurry up and come to dinner. Frightened me half to death. He must have not heard the girl’s voices or we’d be in a lot more trouble than that and I thanked goodness that he hadn’t come in a second or so earlier. I dried myself off, put on a pair of briefs and shorts and decided to walk the way back to the cabins shirtless just for the stupidity of it.

I waited for Dani and Mel, and they came out looking flushed and fresh. Dani’s hair still wet and hanging down her back, wetting her t shirt, Mel had hers up in a towel. We walked to the cabins and I changed into some pretty skinny jeans and a shirt for dinner. Walking back to the main hall, I saw Kate immediately from a distance. She was standing talking to Rose, and she’d obviously had a shower too. Her face was glowing under the outside lights, her perfect pink skin looked like silk against her shining dark hair. She was wearing a summery skirt that appeared to float on her hips and let her knees go bare, her legs seemed not to realize it was nearly night and still basked in the warm sun. She was golden, and she smiled as soon she saw me and I couldn’t help but smile in return, wider than I ever thought possible.

Dinner was quiet and careful. I felt like I was on the edge of something amazing and wanted to relish the time I had in the moment before I tipped over the other side. They were going to show a movie after dinner and we all fetched doonas from our cabins and lay down around the hall in front of the screen. I hurried back and then stalled, waiting, so that I could make sure of lying next to Kate, or at least sit close enough to see her. In the end this wasn’t difficult. Dani pulled me with the girls to a place over near the left wall, and we arranged our doonas so that we’d be able to lie on some, and also have them covering us. I got a few envious looks from Michael and Sam on the other side of the hall as I settled down with Kate on one side of me and Dani fairly obviously snuggling close on the other.

I was in heaven. Dani’s hair, still damp, was cold on my shoulder through my shirt, but it seemed like the whole world was focused on my right arm which I moved subtly until it met Kate’s. We left them there, just touching. Her skin’s warmth felt like electricity through me, I thought every hair on my body must be standing on end. How could everyone in the hall be so unaware of everything I was feeling?

We were watching ‘Love Actually’. I hardly even noticed it for the first half hour, but then we all fell into watching, and I forgot where I was until about three quarters through when I felt Kate’s hand slip into mine. I looked over at her and in the dark I could only make out the gleam of her eyes and a quick smile before she looked back to the screen. At the end when the little boy got kissed on the cheek I felt myself smiling just as wide and I knew exactly how he felt.

At the very end when the lights were coming back on Kate looked over to me and said nervously,

“You have to come to our cabin tonight.”

Her eyes were bright.


And that was that. I had to go.


I waited until lights were out and went to the back door of our cabin to avoid taking the main path out in the open. Sam and Michael were both trying to convince me that I’d be caught but I figured it would be worth it as I didn’t think I’d survive knowing that I missed this opportunity. I opened the door and crept down the hill like some kind of action movie. Mr Matthews and Miss Borgman were talking over in front of the teacher’s cabins and I felt stealthy, keeping to the shadows. I froze occasionally when I thought they looked in my direction, standing shivering as it was a colder night that night. I was only wearing my pyjamas and had bare feet so I was freezing my ass off walking on the cold grass, but really the girl’s cabin was not far and I made it in minutes and went round to the back to knock quietly.

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