James , Mrs. Evans Ch. 04

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James & Mrs. Evans 04

“Listen, James, you know that I don’t literally mean some of things that I say when we’re engaged with sex, right? I mean, I don’t literally mean that I think you suck dick when I scream out that you’re a big mother fucking cock sucker. I mean, before you, my sex life was pretty subdued and I just mean that you’re made a real woman out of me lately, so.”

“No, Mrs. Evans, I mean, Cari, I get that and I actually like the way you are so vocal about things, so.”

“Ooh, listen, listen, maybe we should keep things at “Mrs. Evans” when my sister Katherine arrives, alright? I mean, well, shoot, I don’t know what I mean, James, but just to keep things above the table, right? And it’s only for a few days, so.”

“Yep, I get that too. I mean, your sister Katherine was closer to my mom in school anyways, right?”

“Oh, they were BFFs for a while before she moved to Utah, so she will most certainly want to engage in conversation with you, so.”

Alright then folks, while many of you may be planning your Thanksgiving holiday, LOL, I’ll be giving thanks that there is a small possibility that I just may fulfil my need to seed all of the women from the same family!

Well, except for Mindi, who is Mrs. Evans’ daughter and the sister of my friend, Danny and my friend too, but I mean, I over look some of the family tree, right?

“Hmmm, mwah, James, James, James, LOL, Cindi and I enjoyed living it up on your dime last weekend and I hope that you appreciated that I dropped off Cindi at your place upon our return home. I mean, you two do crush on each other and all, right?”

“Yeah, I did appreciate it and maybe someday we will both get over being stupid about things, so.”

“Maybe, but listen, I know it’s cheating, but I’ve been following your “need to seed” blog and all, yet I can’t lay down with you, so is Cindi close enough that you can count her as “seeding the whole damn family of women” or not?”

“Oh, I mean if the truth ever got out, I mean, bloggers are pretty intense and getting caught in a lie would end things quick, so.”

“And I understand that, but, but and hear me out, I mean, what if you were to bed Cindi again tonight, use a condom and then let her bring the condom to my house where we coat a dildo with your highly sought-after man juice and you know, she does me with the dildo like she did with the dildo while we were living it up on your credit card? Mm-mmm? I mean, I’m just trying to keep your “seed them all” track record in place and all, so?”

Wait, what? I mean, wait, um, three plus one, carry the two, um, sure! I mean, that math is almost legit, right?

[Mindi has amazing lips and those lips get a smooch]


“Yeah, well, just remember when you and Cindi get married that I’m living with the two you. LOL and maybe with some of babies that you’re risking, LOL. Wait, um, two plus six, carry the one, ooh, we might be second cousins by the time you’re finished with your need to seed all of the women in the Evans family, LOL!”

[Tongue mwah]

“Fine, but no more of that, LOL second cousin James!”

[Tongue mwah]

“Oops, sorry, I mean, James, I know how you like things as a tie, so.

I mean, nobody is related, yet.

But back to the approaching holiday spirit and my first secret lover, Mrs. Evans.

“Oh, you’re emptying your balls right now, James! I mean, Wendy is just picking Katherine from the airport and her airplane selfie says “hide your husbands, hide your boyfriends” so long dick me and long dick me good, James, before the cat arrives.”

I mean, who was I to argue with what time my balls should be emptied, right? almanbahis adresi Or what day? Or what week? Or what holiday?

“Whew, you haven’t failed me yet, James, whew, um, wow, listen stud master, I mean, you know that he is coming home from college for the holidays too, right?”

Oh, um, folks, you might remember from the first chapter that we agreed to refer to Danny as “him” or “he” to keep from ruining the moment. Or as you shouldn’t remember, to keep me from deflating from the express meaning that I’m banging my friend’s mom. And aunt. And his sister in a twisted sort of way. And maybe his other aunt too! Soon.

“Well, this sucks that you have to leave now, James. I mean, we just met and now you’re saying that I might not see much of you over the next few days? I mean, what a way to spoil the moment.”

“Well, um, Katherine, if I may, I mean, Danny hasn’t seen his family since what, late August and all, so.”

“Well, I mean, he probably hasn’t seen much of you either than, so???”

“Oh, well, we’ll see what happens, but Danny will have the lead on all that for now, so, um, Katherine, may I carry your luggage to Mindi’s old bedroom where you will be sleeping?”

“Oh, and a gentleman too! I mean, lead the way, Tiger.”

It those moments where you don’t look back to see who is burning holes in the back of your head, right? You just grab the two pieces of luggage and move. And hope that the other gal pals who stopped around to celebrate Katherine’s return keep everyone else occupied and all.

“Well, you seemed to know exactly how to get to my niece’s bedroom without asking for directions, James.”

“We’ve always been friends since before you moved a way, Katherine, that’s all. Also, um, well, do you always fly commando then?”

“LOL, it’s just that type of clingy dress, silly man, but everything underneath it is quite petite, so.”

“Oh, well, viva la petite and all then. I mean, I’ll just set your luggage down on the bed then, I guess.”

“Or on the floor and you know, lay me down on the bed. I mean, can you blow a nut of your seed in under 3 minutes, James?”

OK folks, listen, no one ever, ever, ever, ever told me that I need to be prepared for a woman to ask me that question, so, yep, I was stunned and shocked, but I recovered.

“Um, Katherine, that wouldn’t be my normal, I’m proud to say, but what if you keep a clock in your head and I’ll just saw you in half regardless of a seed release or not, hm-mmm?”

“Oh, oh my, I didn’t think that was possible for a man, especially for a young man of your age, but time is short. Wait, will you promise me a double fuck later then James? Like before I go back home to Utah then? Hm-mmm?”

Wait, um, two plus two, divide by two and double it and sure!

“OMG, James, James, I mean, James, no one ever just pushed my tiny undies to side and went to work on me, oh, oh, James, double me now, James, OMG, James, oh, oh, seed me James, you can do it, James, OMG, OMG, OMG, oh, oh, oh you mother fucking pussy fucker then, OMG, OMG, oh, oh, oh.”

[Whoof, whoof, oh, whoof, whoof, ug, ug, ooh, whoof, whoof, ugh, ugh, hg, hg, hg, whoof, whoof.]

“Oh, I got you, James, I got you, honey.”

[Whoof, whoof, oh, whoof, whoof, ug, ug, ooh, whoof, whoof, ugh, ugh, hg, hg, hg, whoof, whoof.]

“Oh James, James, James, you seeded me, James. I mean, I know that wet feeling on my thighs, James, ooh (mwah), James, hmm, hmm, hmm, but I still want my double fuck later too!”

[Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, ooh, ooh, wheeze, wheeze.]

“It’s OK, James, soft is soft and our time is short, so (mwah), thanks babe.”

[Wheeze, almanbahis adres wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, ooh, ooh, wheeze, wheeze, oh snap, I’m dying.]

“Go babe and play crowd control and you know, toss me a wash cloth from the bathroom, Mr. Seed Master!”

“Wow, Katherine, I mean, I double up on my doubles and all, so.”

“Then I look forward to that, now go get me that wash cloth and tickle my sister for a distraction, stud.”

Well, she didn’t say which sister, but when you’re dealing with sister wives or LOL, all of the women in a single family and all, right?


“Oops, sorry Cari, oops, I mean, Mrs. Evans, um, the latches on your sister’s luggage were stuck and all, so.”

“So, the bedroom door had to be closed for all that then?”

“Well, I mean, if anyone here knows how shy your sister is and all, well, that’s you, right Cari, damn it, I mean, Mrs. Evans?”


Oh, so do all sisters everywhere go “hmmm” and cross their arms exactly the same? When you get caught doing the other sister? Or most other times too?

“Fine, but you owe me a double fuck now, James!”

Well, I mean, silly me, right? I thought a “double fuck” meant that we were right back to all of us in bed at the same time, but huh, I mean, Chang had a different definition for all that, so, LOL, I needed a case of energy drinks for the long holiday weekend.

“What the?”

“Hush, I know how to get in and out of the Evans house, so.”

“Hmmm, you need something from me above the chin line, James?”

“I won’t be able to sleep after seeing how that dress you wore seemed to cling to every crevice on your amazing body, Katherine.”

[Bed blankets whip back]

“Kind of the way my sleeping nightie clings to me baby?”

“Hah, hah, hah, hah, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“Step forward then, James.”

I mean, when the designed beds, they took that sitting to standing ratio into consideration, right? I mean, it was like it was designed for it.

[Suck, slurp, gulp, lick, suck, suck, suck, hm, hm, hm, lick, lap, hm, suck, suck, suck, slurp, lick, gulp.]

“Hmmm, I mean, LOL, you just put your seed everywhere, don’t you, James? Anyways, that was just a simple blow job, so I still get my double fuck soon, right?”

“(Mwah) Guaranteed Katherine, good night honey.”

[Sneaks back out]

“What the?”

“Hush Mrs. Evans, I’ve known how to get in and out our house for years, so scoot over?”

“Oh, um sure baby, but pop out of here by the morning light, OK James?”

“(Mwah) Guaranteed, Cari, um, spoon me then?”

“OMG, men and their need to spoon style fuck and all! I swear, I’m going to get pregnant from all this, but I know you’re running short on sex since you promised that you stopped sneaking around with my sister, Wendy and I know it’s not helping that my other shapely sister Katherine is in town with her stuck luggage latches and all, so.”

I mean, I have no idea who invented spooning, but the alignment is perfect! I mean, with the proper fetal position leg and hip bends and all, but everything falls right into place, so.

[Whoof, whoof, oh, whoof, whoof, ug, ug, ooh, whoof, whoof, ugh, ugh, hg, hg, hg, whoof, whoof.]

“Oh, alright James, I mean, whew, so, so, so, OK, we have a new favorite position now and all, so!”

[Whoof, whoof, oh, whoof, whoof, ug, ug, ooh, whoof, whoof, ugh, ugh, hg, hg, hg, whoof, whoof.]

“Oh, oh, so, oh, so, oh, James, you’re poking my belly button from the inside, stud, ooh, damn, damn, how did I get along before you, ooh, ooh, James?”

[Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, almanbahis adresi ooh, ooh, wheeze, wheeze, oh snap, I’m dying.]

“It’s OK, James, whew, you’re always amazing with me, whew, wow, but babe, I mean, who knows what time “he” may be home, so, um, soft pump me a couple of times and you know, we’ll see other soon, ooh, even soft then, babe? (Mwah), marry me, James.”

[Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, ooh, ooh, wheeze.]

“OK possible hubby, if my sister Katherine’s bedroom light is on, you can say good night, but then get out of here and I’m sorry that we have to keep things low for the weekend babe. Oh, and babe, that was great as always, but you still owe a double fuck for taking so long with my sisters stuck luggage latches and all, so.”

“Mrs. Evans, I promised and I promised to double up my double, so [air kiss], I’ll see you soon.”

“Well, I know what we talked about, but in my bedroom when you fuck me sideways, well, Cari is much more appropriate, now (mwah), go.”

[Soft door knocks]

“Well, if someone would have told me long ago what it feels like to “own” a man and all.”

“I mean, Katherine, your silky nightie seems to be some much clingy now than an hour ago.”

“Well, I thought you might be back, so I may or may not have lightly sprayed my mostly naked body with a water spray bottle, just for you, James.”

“I mean, are you going to invite me inside of the bedroom then?”

“Are you willing to take me doggie this time then, James?”

“Absolutely, Katherine!”

“With the bedroom door open?”

“Ah, sure.”

“With me facing the door? With my tongue wagging from your pounding of me and my boobs swinging back and forth from the same pounding that you are moments away from giving me?”

“I mean, you own me, Katherine, so.”

“And is that “pushing the undies to side” our thing now, James?”

“I mean, we need a thing and every couple has a thing, so.”

“Please, come inside, James.”

[Whoof, whoof, oh, whoof, whoof, ug, ug, ooh, whoof, whoof, ugh, ugh, hg, hg, hg, whoof, whoof.]

“Oh, James, I mean, whew, I never knew that my boobs could swing so wildly, I mean, James, James, OMG, James, do me doggie baby, make me howl.”

[Whoof, whoof, oh, whoof, whoof, ug, ug, ooh, whoof, whoof, ugh, ugh, hg, hg, hg, whoof, whoof.]

“Oh, you stud! How is my sister Cari not laying a firm claim on you, ooh, ooh, whoa, whoa, James, did you grow a little babe? OMG, OMG, I’m drooling James, my tongue is wagging for you, James.”

“I mean, ahh, I mean, ooh, have someone call me tomorrow if your luggage, ooh, ug, ug, ug, OMG, this is tight, OMG, Katherine, have someone call me if your luggage latch gets stuck or something.”

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, I mean, uh, uh, hm, hm, ow, ow, I mean, OMG, whew, I’ll ride over to house with my nephew Danny and all, so, ooh, oh, oh, woo, woo, woo, babe, woo, whoa, whoa, whoa, James, will you marry me please?”

“I mean, I mean, I mean, for now, I mean, for now, all I can say is that I’m seeding you, Katherine.”

“Well, then do that, Tiger, I mean, ooh, I mean, I mean, I know how few opportunities you have to seed a woman, ooh, ooh and all, so you have the need to seed me, then oh, oh, oh, seed me deep, baby!”

[Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, ooh, ooh, wheeze, wheeze, oh snap, ahh, ahh.]

“Oh wow, James (mwah), um, take my undies with you, if you want honey (mwah). I mean, as a trophy if nothing else, James, ooh, ooh, momma is going to sleep good tonight!”

“Katherine, I mean, I mean, I don’t know much about sex and all, but.”

“Oh, I’m sorry James, I mean, of course I’ll lick you clean baby, I mean, it’s just our juice and all, so. I mean, I just lost my thoughts from the doggie pounding that you just gave me and all, so.”

You see, folks, sometimes the best things about sex are the unspoken things, right? And trophies.

End James & Mrs. Evans 04

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