Jay Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Clark Hanson

Eventually, we did get together again in a hotel near home. I was beginning to have less guilt trips. Hell, the sex was awesome! This woman was insatiable and would try anything I suggested. Eventually, her own marriage ended in divorce, but not before she let me into their house late one night and I had her in the marital bed while hubby was asleep in the back bedroom.

She eventually got a small cottage for herself and soon I was a regular visitor. We also started car-pooling which made for some interesting journeys. I had a large saloon with a bench seat in front. Many were the dark night she had my cock deep in her throat as I drove the lanes home.

She developed a yen for anal play, not full sex but we both liked it when I would kiss her all over and I started spending a lot of time on her ass, tonguing and fingering her hole. She admitted to fantasising about being ass fucked, but lacked the courage to allow it. My trips abroad allowed me to buy her presents, especially toys. I suggested she try her small vibrator there to see if she liked it.

When we could not get together we would have ‘phone sex. A particular session went like this:

Jay She gave her number then “hello?”

Me “Hi there Jay, can you talk?”

Jay “I’m sat in front of my roaring fire a glass of wine in one hand, the phone in the other. I was hoping you’d call.”

Me “Oh, why?”

Jay “Because I am feeling particularly horny tonight and your away off somewhere instead of beating down my door.”

This particular time I had been working in Leeds and driven back and was ringing her from a call box just down the road from her door.

Me “What are you wearing?”

Jay “Just my light robe, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I’ve not long had a bath.”

Me “Just how horny are you?”

Jay “Very, I’ve been looking at a porn mag’ and it’s got my motor running. My cunt is wet through and my ass hole is twitching because the mag was an anal sex one.”

Me “Are your toys handy?”

Jay “No they’re by the bed as usual.”

Me “Right, get up there, doff the robe and pick up your bedside ‘phone.”

Jay “Any port in a storm I suppose, OK, hang on.”

A moment passed as she complied.

Jay “Right, robe off, toys to hand, now what?”

Me “What in particular got you going?”

Jay “The situation, they where at some sort of pop concert, you know where they all stand. The man was behind her and when he lifted her skirt, she did not have any panties on.”

Me “You see yourself as this woman?”

Jay “You know I do, we’ve discussed such scenarios umpteen times.”

Me “What did he do first?”

Jay “He got down on his knees and kissed her ass, just like you do.”

Me “Are you playing with your cunt as you tell me this, Jay?

Jay “Oh yes and it’s lovely.”

Me “Get you little toy and slide it in.”

After a moment

Jay “Done!”

Me “Get it all lubed up then push it into your ass.”

Again a moments pause

Jay “Oh yeeesss! That’s devine.

Me “You like that, don’t you?”

Jay “I’m in heaven, the feeling is like nothing else I’ve felt before. I love the feel of it going in and out.”

There was only the sound of her heavy breathing interspersed with groans

and mewing noises.

Jay “Why the hell aren’t you here Clark. You could have taken my ass hole güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tonight. I want you so badly. I need to feel your body as your cock slides into me.”

Me “If I was there, what would you have me do Angela?”

Jay “Clark, if you can come. Please come and fuck my ass, please.

Me “I’ll be at your front door in five minutes.”

Jay “Clark Hanson, you fucking lousy tease.”

I put the phone down.

Within the promised time, I was knocking on her front door. It was opened immediately by a naked Jay. She pulled me in and we kissed, but she was soon working at my clothes. Together we managed to get my clothes off and she sank to her knees to take my rapidly expanding tool into her mouth and down her throat. There is still nothing as erotic as the feel and sight of your lover’s forehead tight against your stomach as she takes it to the hilt.

The fire was still roaring in the hearth. I pulled her of me and told her to get some baby oil and I would get a towel (We’d had a few oily sessions before this). We were soon back and we got down in front of the fire on the towel. I started to bathe her body with my tongue as I’d done so many times before. When I got to it, I spent a lot of time on her ass making her moan appreciatively. We then spent some time oiling our bodies and I told her to be liberal with it on my cock as I was in and around her anus.

At last, she put down the oil and we kissed. “Now Mr. Hanson, it’s time you did your duty.”

“And what duty pray, will that be?” I teased.

“Fuck me Clark, shove that cock up my ass.”

“Kneel in front of the couch and rest your arms on it” I instructed.

When she was finally in position, I moved behind güvenilir bahis şirketleri her and first slipped my tool into her pussy. “I thought …” she whined.

“Just a taster my love” I said, “I just love the feel of your cunt around me.”

“Oh please Clark, I’m psyched up for it. Take it out and shove it in my ass.”

I did as she asked, slowly pushing the head of my cock passed her sphincter.

“Ooohhh YEESSS!” she almost grunted, “It feels even better that the toy because your not plastic, you’re flesh and blood. Come lover, it’s not hurting much, but it’s a nice hurt. Fuck my ass!”

I buried my cock till my pubes rested against her ass cheeks. “Oh God, my toy hasn’t been that far up. Oh I love the feel of your cock up there, it’s totally different.”

I started to slowly work myself in and out, short strokes at first gradually increasing them until my crown was just inside as I withdrew and then thrust forward to bury it again. Each bottoming drawing a grunt from deep in her throat. I lent over her back and wrapped my arms around her torso, my left cupping her tit, my right in her cunt rubbing her clit.

“Well, I take it you like the Greek way?” I asked her.

“I love it” she panted, “come on man get to it, rape me!” I took her at her word and grabbing hold of her hips, began to vigorously fuck her. “YES, YES,YES” she shouted with each stroke. “Oh Clark, why haven’t we done this before, it’s fabulous.”

“I’ll be fucking your pretty little anus again then I take it?”

“Lets finish this one first shall we” she panted, “come on lover, I’m almost there.”

“Me too” I told her, “come for me you fucking bitch. Come in buckets.” I could feel my impending orgasm building. “Come Jay, let it go!”

“I’m there, Oooooohhhhhhh, aaaahhhh, I’m commmmmmminnnng!” she screamed.

I pushed my tool as deep as I could into her ass. I felt my gism hurtle up my staff and into her bowel. One two three four five six ejaculations before I let my body relax and release my held breath.

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