Juicy Asian Spa Pt. 01

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I entered the spa feeling a little skeptical. I never really liked these kind of places, to be honest.

But my latest client really insisted, you see.

I’m a lawyer and I got him off the hook. Again. So he offered me this all-included weekend at the J.A. Spa, in addition to my usual fee.

When he handed me my reservation, he winked and chuckled as if he was offering me the greatest thing ever, God knows why.

Don’t get me wrong, spas are fine. People who work in them are real nice, I’m sure. But they’re just not my thing.

Anyway, I entered the lobby carrying my suitcase.

At the reception, there was a middle-aged, Asian woman. She would have probably been around 45. She was a rather attractive woman, with few wrinkles, dark hair and quite a figure. She was dressed in a simple, green suit.

She smiled at me, as she looked at the reservation I had placed in her hand.

“Room 45.” She said aloud.

Seemingly materializing out of thin air, a friendly, efficient bellboy immediately approached me and took my suitcase.

“Enjoy your stay, Mr. White.” Said the receptionist. She had the slightest of accents, it was subtle but pretty attractive.

“Thank you very much.” I replied, taken aback by how nice and competent everyone was.

Last time I was on vacation, the receptionist had gotten pissed at me because he kept typing my first name wrong in his computer. This was a nice change of pace.

The elevator gently carried us to the second floor.

The bellboy opened my room’s door for me and led the way.

It was a truly magnificent room. It was simple, but soothing. Wood and paper dominated the scene, except for the occasional, tasteful painting.

The bellboy showed me around. The living room had a couch and an armchair, set in front of a large TV. My bedroom was as simple as the rest of the place, with a beautiful, large bed that could have welcomed four people and a smaller TV. The bathroom was simple and clean, with a nice shower and tasteful porcelain.

I gave the bellboy a big tip before he left. He had been real nice. He smiled and bowed a little, before leaving the room.

I stretched and started putting away my things. The place looked rather relaxing, perhaps that idiot of a client had done good, for once.

It was 7PM, Friday night. I though I’d settle in and rest a bit in my room, that evening. I’d visit the place more thoroughly the next day. I had plenty of time.

I ordered room service and watched some TV. The food was delicious and they had pretty much any channel I could want, on TV. So far, I really was enjoying myself.

After the movie was over, I decided to go to bed early. I washed up and got in my luxurious bed.

It was more comfortable then it looked, it was heavenly.

I Tekirdağ Escort closed my eyes and turned the light off.

So far, so good.

It was around 1AM when I realized I couldn’t sleep. I was horny.

My divorce had been last year, and since then I hadn’t really had sex with anyone new.

I rolled around for a bit, then I decided I’d try and see whether the hotel room came with X rated channels.

Sure, there was wi-fi and I had a laptop, but I was curious to see what the room had to offer.

I turned on the TV and searched through the channels.

Nothing, it seemed.

I looked at the remote. Besides the usual buttons, it had some weird extra ones.

One was red and said “pleasure” on it.

I shrugged and pressed it. The TV did not seem affected by it.

I scratched my beard and decided I’d give up and get my laptop, which I had left in the living room.

I turned on the light and walked towards the living room’s coffee table. At that moment, someone knocked at my door.

I felt a little nervous, but I headed towards the door. I was wearing my pajamas and looked pretty presentable.

When I opened, I came face to face with the nice receptionist. She was holding a dressing gown, swim shorts and a pair of flip-flops.

“Here you go, sir.” She smiled at me, handing me the stuff.

Bewildered, I took them.

“Er– thanks you?”

The woman smiled, as if she had witnesses this reaction a thousand times.

“Didn’t you press the button, sir?”


“The red one, on your remote.”

I blushed, utterly confused.

“Er, yes, but I…”

She smiled again.

“Put those on. I will wait outside, then I shall take you to the pool.”

She gently closed the door and left me standing there.

I felt dumb. The button was about spa activities.

Then again, how could I have known? It was a weird system they had.

I almost refused. It was late. But then I though that I was on holiday and I had made her come up to my room.

Might as well.

So I put the things on and I followed her. To my surprise, the pool was not downstairs, but on the 7th floor. This place was huge.

We were now in front of a door with a giant, golden “1” on it.

She bowed and told me to enter.

“Someone will be with you shortly, she said.”

“Excuse me, but what am I in for, exactly? I’m not a huge fan of beauty masks or stuff like that, I just want to relax…”

“Do not worry, sir. I promise you will go to bed more relaxed than you have ever been.”

I opened the door.

Inside, there was a beautiful, inside pool. It was rather large and the water was covered in bubbles. There were jet streams like in a jacuzzi. Hot steam filled the room, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan making it hard to see. Giant glass windows showed the amazing landscape and the city in the distance.

The sound of bubbling water filled the room.

This WAS nice.

I smiled and she smiled back.

“Enjoy yourself, sir. This is only the first session.”

I turned around, wanting to ask her what she meant, but she was heading off already.

I shrugged to myself and entered.

The pool was amazing. I took off my dressing gown and flip-flops and entered the water.

I couldn’t help but grunt with pleasure. The water was warm and welcoming, the bubbles were soothing and the steam made me feel sleepy.

I was afraid I’d fall asleep in here, if I wasn’t careful.

I wondered when someone would arrive, and what this “session” was about.

The water was pretty deep. I kept my head out of the water and leaned on the edge of the pool.

I smiled and closed my eyes. This place was great.

At one point, I thought I could hear the door close, but when I called out no one answered.

Then I thought I heard another sound, hard to make out. Like something falling in water, maybe.

I tried looking around, but the steam made it hard to see and the bubbles didn’t even allow me to see my body.

I closed my eyes again and kept relaxing.

After a few seconds, I felt something gently pull down my swim shorts.

I was about to shout or attack or who knows what, when she emerged in front of me.

I never found out her name. None of them introduced themselves or spoke to me.

In front of me stood the most beautiful, sensual and voluptuous Asian woman I had ever seen.

She was covered in soap and water. Her eyes were dark and wide. Her skin was the color of milk and flawless. She had beautiful, natural breasts which were large and firm like you wouldn’t believe.

Her nipples were light pink. She was petite and curvaceous and had meat in all the right places. Her belly was flat but not too muscular.

Her dark hair was tied behind her back. She smiled at me with soft, gentle lips.

She was stunning.

I couldn’t find anything to say to her, but she didn’t seem concerned.

She gently pulled my shorts, all the way down to my ankles. I lifted my feet to help her get them off and she threw the swim shorts behind her. They floated there, abandoned.

She kept smiling, as she gently caressed my penis underwater. It was quickly becoming hard at her touch.

I didn’t know what to do or say. So THIS is why the spa was so popular. And wealthy.

My client would get a discount next time, that’s for damn sure.

The beautiful, curvy woman started stroking my cock with energy, now. Escort Tekirdağ I grunted and leaned my head back, it felt wonderful.

She giggled softly and kept stroking. All of this without a word, we never spoke.

I felt about to cum, when she stopped.

I opened my eyes and looked at her.

She gently pushed towards the edge of the pool, pulling me up.

I understood and sat on the edge. Now, my cock stood in the perfect position for her to put between her breasts. Or in her mouth.

She gently caressed with with her nipples, at first. Then she started licking it and I had to use all my determination to not cum immediately.

She smiled and kept looking at me. She looked at me the whole time, with those beautiful eyes and porcelain face.

She licked my shaft and balls with tenderness, as her small, petite hands gently scratched my stomach. Then she gently sucked on the head of my penis.

It was bliss, it was heaven. She was amazingly beautiful and she definitely knew her way around a cock.

After a while, she got serious. She started really sucking on it, her head bobbing up and down. She deep-throated me as she held on my buttocks. She stroked it with her beautiful hand as she sucked on the head.

I was about to cum again, when she stopped and laughed heartily. She seemed to be able to guess with amazing precision when it was time to stop.

She was wetting her breasts with the soapy pool water, smiling that seductive yet innocent smile of hers.

She pointed at her breasts and nodded questioningly, looking at me. The implicit question was clear.

“Do you want to finish here?”

I nodded enthusiastically.

She put my cock between them (they were s soft) and got to work.

She worked my cock with passion, tenderness and expertise.

She moved her breasts in a thousand different ways. She squeezed my cock between them, moved her breasts up and down, slapped my dick with them. She sucked on the head of my cock and looked at me, as I thrust between her breasts and inside her mouth.

Five minutes of this were more than enough.

Admiring her beautiful face, her large breasts and my throbbing penis between them, I came.

I squirted a huge load of cum and covered her completely.

I swear, her breasts, neck, face and hands were completely covered in my cum by the end of it.

She kept moving her breasts until she was absolutely certain my orgasm was over, sticking out her tongue. Then, she gently released my cock and looked at me.

Cum trickled down her cheeks, breasts and tongue.

She seemed unfazed by it. She gave the head of my penis a small kiss, bowed her head to me, smiled and went underwater again.

After a short while, I heard the faint noise of the door close again. She was gone.

It was as if a siren had come to service me, as if she lived in the pool and waited for men to satisfy.

I fell on my back, exhausted and satisfied.

Yes, I’d definitely sleep tonight.

And I would have needed to, if all sessions were like this.


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