June – The Party

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Donald Dentley © 2017


When we lived in Canada, my wife was at art school. She was very busy because she took her courses seriously. I thought this was great but my big problem was that I could not relate to her art school friends. In general I found them shallow and egotistical. They were also younger than us by half a decade or more. That’s a lot in your mid-twenties! But she loved the gossip, about the teachers, about who was bedding whom and who was brilliant, who was making crappy work, and so on. A lot of back biting and, I think, wild suppositions. It bored me!

So when the party to celebrate the end of the second year came along and she wanted me to go with her I was not too keen. I did go, despite my misgivings, and I’ve certainly never regretted it. It wasn’t long before I’d lost her to her buddies, but there was plenty of booze and some really top class snacks so I couldn’t complain too much. The disco was already going and a few couples were dancing. My wife doesn’t like dancing. Also I can’t really dance. I just move to the music. As was common in those days there were also a few girls dancing with each other. So I moved towards them. I was more or less ignored and I guess that happens to most of us blokes most of the time.

I know that it’s sometimes just a front to make you try a bit harder, so I’m never easily put off. Despite the apparent indifference of the girls, I’m quite good a picking out when there’s a possible interest. I doubt the odds are much better than 50/50 but hey! That’s not so bad! There was a possible and I thought I recognised her. That can make things difficult ‘cos you’re meant to remember the name. Still I thought I’d play it by ear. If you’re prancing around to loud pop music you can pretend (though sometimes it’s not pretend) that you’re not hearing too well. After doing some pretty stupid moves around her

I thought she said: “Hi Marc!”

That made me concentrate and something came back. She lived some houses down from us but more details, and certainly not a name, popped up.

I said: “Hi lovely lady.”

She replied: “The name’s June.”

Then stuff started to come back. She was married but had no kids. Her husband was a businessman who was often travelling.

I said: “Sorry. You’re right that I couldn’t remember your name. I’m much better with faces. How’s life treating you? Is your husband here? I don’t remember his name either.”

She said: “Barry. But that’s not so important. Where’s your ladylove?”

The expression made me smile. I replied: “She’s with her art school chums. She won’t mind me dancing with you. In fact she probably won’t even notice.”

It was only then that I really took her appearance in. June was about my height. She had a close-cropped, natural, mousey coloured hair. She had very blue eyes and a small, slightly upturned nose. BUT she was dressed to kill! It was summer. It was, even in the evening, warm. She wore a summery dress that dropped to halfway between her knees and waist. It flowed as she danced. It invited you to speculate what might be hidden underneath. I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra because I could she the outline of her nipples under the dress. I got interested.

So we danced a bit more together. The missus was nowhere in sight and so I felt uninhibited in my dance moves which I started to make more sexual. Bumping and grinding! If you know what I mean! She responded in kind and I began to think I was on to a good thing. I had had a few drinks though and the bladder was beginning to demand some relief.

I hated having to do this but I had to whisper in her ear: “I need to have a pee. Really. But I’ll be back!”

She just winked. I didn’t know the Art School, but apparently it had been set up in an old boys grammar school. It took me a while to find the toilets at least in part because they were unisex. I felt a little uncomfortable using the urinal while girls were using the stalls behind me. I shouldn’t have bothered!

As soon as I had my prick out and was enjoying the first moments of release I nearly hit the roof when a hand from behind me grabbed my penis and June’s voice said: “Go ahead. I like feeling the cock of a man who is pissing.”

I’m surprised I didn’t get an immediate erection but one thing I do know about myself is that I can’t piss when I have a stiffy. Once, long ago, a girlfriend Antalya Escort asked me to piss in her when we were fucking. I couldn’t! I don’t know if that’s normal but I think it would be very messy if I put the contents of my bladder into some girl’s vagina.

I was a bit speechless but June just said: “When you’re finished get back to the dance floor!”

I replied: “Yes Ma’am.”

When I got back to the main party venue the disco had changed from pop to smooch. I didn’t see the wife but I couldn’t miss June. She headed straight over to me and before long we were dancing very closely. I could feel almost all of her body and I’m sure she could feel my increasingly big erection. She started grinding her crutch against my legs and I could feel the cotton of her panties. I could also feel that they were damp. Perhaps I forgot to add that I was wearing shorts because if I’d been wearing slacks I’m sure they would have been visibly wet. I don’t know how long we ground against each other. I do know that we got a few winks. The wife was nowhere in sight.

So when June whispered in my ear: “Shall we go find somewhere more private?”

I could only agree. So we started trying to find another open room in the former school. We had tried five and were about to give up.

Not quite because June whispered in my ear: “There’s always outside.”

But number six opened and I think we were both completely gobsmaked. It was probably a former classroom but my eyes couldn’t register anything except a naked guy arse up on a sort of table. My second take was a naked girl, legs spread at just the right height that the guy could and was stimulating her clit with his mouth and tongue. Then I noticed another girl under the table- apparently busy with something.

The girl that was being tonged said: “Hi Jon. You’re a bit early.”

I tried to explain that I wasn’t Jon and that my name was Marc but she said that it was OK because they could always fit someone else in. I was lost but June was a bit more with it.

She asked if they were plaster casting and the girl under the table said: “Sure. We’re doing a collection of penises for our finals project.”

She added with a smile: “Only one of the blokes turned down the proposal. I’m Anne by the way and that’s Jilly under there.”

Long ago I’d read in a book by Richard Neville about the Chicago Plaster Casters but the idea had long since disappeared from my consciousness.

Jilly said: “We’re all set Anne.”

Anne nodded acknowledgement and got up from the reclining stool she’d been lying on. At more or less the same time the guy on the table let out a yelp of surprise and pain.

From under the table Jilly said: “Sorry Ben but I needed you to shrink in order to get you out of the mold.”

Ben just muttered: “You might have warned me!”

Wearing only an apron, Jilly emerged from under the table with what looked like a lump of plastic in a jar. She took off the apron and gave it to Anne who put it on.

She gave the jar to Anne as well and said: “Now it’s reward time Ben.”

Then she knelt in front of him and started to lick and kiss his cock, which not surprisingly became hard almost immediately. Whilst Jilly was giving Ben what looked like a real good blowjob, Anne was preparing the Plaster of Paris and pouring it into the mold. When she’d done that and it was put aside in order for it to set, she took off the apron and turned to Ben and started caressing his chest from behind whilst Jilly continued working on his rod. Now both Anne and Jilly were beautiful girls, if in slightly different ways. Anne was quite tall, perhaps, 1.75, with dark hair shortly cropped and big brown eyes. She had a bit of a whip nose, which gave her an impish look. Her breasts were perky and very firm. She had a Brazilian so when standing with her legs slightly apart her pussy lips were clearly visible.

Jilly on the other hand was a bit shorter. She was blond with long, plaited hair that reached halfway down her back. Her breasts were full, perhaps even a little pendulous and her nipples were hard. She had a well-trimmed bush of mousey colored hair. Well I don’t need to go on. Not only was Ben enjoying the attention but I was getting a stiffy as well. It wasn’t long before he showed signs of reaching orgasm. Jilly noticed but obviously didn’t want his load in her Antalya Escort Bayan mouth. Instead she continued to pump his shaft whilst Anne fondled his balls. I gasped as he ejaculated. It was an impressive shot and it kept coming for some time. When he started to slacken Jilly got some tissues and cleared up, finally licking the end of his cock.

She said: “Good boy! It’s time for you to get dressed and get back to the party. If you see Nick tell him we’ll be ready for him in twenty minutes.”

When he’d dressed and left the room Anne locked the door and said: “Right Marc, now it’s your turn!”

She came over to me and unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, then she unfastened my belt and pulled down my zip. I kicked my loafers off so that she could pull down and take off my shorts and jocks. As soon as it was freed my cock jumped to attention.

Jilly said: “Wow! That’s a nice specimen! Lucky you Anne! You get to use the alginate this time!”

Turning to me she said: “OK, big boy, on the table with you. We want your erection through that hole in the middle.”

So I scrambled onto the table and inserted my dick into the hole. Anne disappeared under the table and the first thing I felt was a cord around my balls. Anne explained that she’d just put on a cockstrap to help keep up the erection and keep the balls prominent.

As she came out from under the table she said: “I’m just going to make up and warm the mix. Jilly into position with you!”

Jilly was about to climb onto the reclining chair when June said: “Would you mind if I did this part?”

The two girls said in unison: “Hell no. Do your stuff!”

So June moved round in front of me and started to strip, first her dress, then her bra and finally her string. June is also a beautiful woman and I was as hard as a rock. She got onto the reclining chair and spread her legs. Remember until now, I’d not seen her naked and she had trimmed her pubes to be like an arrow pointing at her clit. When she slipped forward to that I could tongue her. I really didn’t need to be told where to go.

Her clit responded almost immediately to my efforts. Then as Anne slid under the table again I felt something warm and gooey surrounding my cock and balls. I was a bit surprised but actually it felt rather pleasant and June’s appreciative moans meant there was no danger I’d loose my hard on. After a minute or so the warm feeling changed to a cold sensation but I was so involved with June’s pussy that it had no effect on my boner.

About fifteen seconds later my cock was back in the warmth. Warmer than a pussy and I began to feel my arousal approaching a peak.

Jilly must have noticed because she warned: “Hold off a while yet Marc. Just another minute.”

I thought of my mother-in-law — an ugly old bag — and that gave me some respite. June wasn’t helping though, because her moans were becoming louder. I was about to cum when a sharp pain behind my scrotum made me wince and deflate at the same time. I understood Ben’s reaction.

However Anne was delighted and said: “Withdraw now!”

Which I was able to do! The two girls went over to prepare the Plaster of Paris and June climbed off the reclining chair. As I was getting off the table there was a knock at the door.

Jilly went to see who it was. She said: “Oh hi Nick, you’re a bit early. We still have a little job to do. But come in. Strip off if you like – it will save time.”

June said: “I think it’s up to me to give Marc his reward. Don’t you girls?”

Jilly said: “I was looking forward to that cock, but OK- go ahead.”

I’d expected June to give me a blowjob like Jilly had given Ben. Instead she picked up a chair and sat me on it and standing in front of me she worked my dick with her hands until it was hard again. Until the first drops of precum glistened on the head. Then she carefully sat down on me guiding my shaft into her as she did. She started sliding gently up and down on it.

I could see Nick over June’s shoulder. He was already naked and probably because he was watching us he already had a boner. The girls didn’t need to do anything except to guide him onto the table. When both girls were under the table and were adjusting the cock strap and getting the erection into the alginate, June got off me, turned round and guided me into her so that she was facing Escort Antalya the table.

Obviously Nick could see my shaft going in and out of her and after a few minutes June started to cum. Her breathing quickened and she started to moan. After a few more thrusts her torso began to spasm and I could feel her vagina contracting on my dick. I couldn’t hold it any longer and we came together noisily and rather messily. Unfortunately this was too much for Nick. Despite the warnings and efforts of Jilly and Anne he came as well. They grumbled that the mold would probably be spoiled, but decided they’d see what they could rescue.

June told me it was time to get dressed and the two girls were too busy to disagree. So we both got dressed and went back to the party. I was very conscious that my wife was there somewhere, so we entered the disco separately. The missus wasn’t there. I talked to a few people and one of her classmates told me that she’d been looking for me, thought I must have gone home and so had gone home herself.

That made it easy for me to go back to June, who was dancing by herself in a lazy sort of way. I said that I should probably get back home and she said she’d come with me so we walked back towards our neighbourhood. When we got to her house it was in darkness, as were the houses of the neighbours. This was quite a upmarket district mostly older folk or juppies so that was not so surprising even though it was only half past eleven.

I was going to kiss June goodnight when she grabbed my hand and dragged me towards her neighbour’s house. The gate was on one side next to the drive and the rest of the front garden had quite high hedges.

June said: “I need you again, but more slowly this time!”

She started to undress me and when I looked with some apprehension at the dark house she said: “Don’t fret! They’re away for a few days.”

Although I hadn’t needed much encouragement to get aroused in the room of the palstercasters, I could now appreciate that June was really good with her lips and tongue. I wasn’t long before I was standing to attention again. She stood up and started to undress.

As she took of her strings she said: “Christ, you shot a load into me! I don’t think I’ll use these again!”

She chucked it into the hedge. Then she lay down on the grass, opened her legs and signalled me to enter her. She was quite tight, seemed more so than in the plastercasters den, but she didn’t need any lubrication. Soon I was thrusting into her again and she was moaning and whispering encouragement.

I was able to roll her over so that she was on top, but she surprised me by just jumping off and saying: “Catch me if you can.”

She ran round to the back yard with me in pursuit. At this stage I couldn’t care who was looking or listening. I grabbed her from behind and fondled her breasts. She lent forward a bit, which allowed me to enter her cunt from behind. With one hand I continued massaging her tits whilst I used the other to stimulate her clit. Her moaning became more urgent and she came with a gentle, extended groan. I continued pumping but she pulled away and said:” It’s not your time yet.” There was a garden table on the patio and she climbed onto this, spread her legs again and signalled me to come on. I needed no encouragement. I needed a happy end. Soon I was thrusting and grunting.

The closer I got to orgasm the closer she seemed to get to her next one. I came. I may not have had too much to shoot into her anymore, but we came together and it was fantastic. We must have been audible for half a block! We flopped down on the lawn together.

I needed a good five minutes to recover, and she needed a little longer, partly because she was still having orgasms when I withdrew from her pussy. After lying there together for a quarter of an hour she said: “That was great Marc, but it’s time to go home.”

With that we went back to the front yard to recover and put on our clothes. I don’t think she bothered to retrieve her string. When we parted she just said:”Bye Marc — until the next time. Don’t call me I’ll call you! I mean that!”

About a month later I went with my wife to the exhibition of the final year students work. I couldn’t help smile at one exhibit. A collection of plaster penises mounted on a wooden board, woven round and about with ceramic vines. I recognised my dick, more by the size than by the shape (no I’m not bragging because it wasn’t the longest). I also recognised Nick’s by the funny extension from the meatus. My wife giggled but I’m sure she didn’t recognise me. Maybe she’d never paid attention!

But anyway, that’s how I got to know June!

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