Junior Enlightens Senior

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There was some thing irritating in the way he talked about her… as if he was a super stud and she was dyeing to get with him. Ghungru Khanna had caught the fancy of my friends the moment she first walked in to the college. She was 2 years junior to us. The fear of intense engineering college ragging (seniors welcome the newcomers by pushing them around) kept her and most other girls far away from the seniors. One of my friends had developed a major crush on her and talked about her all the time, while I was still oblivious to her. Being a popular guy in college I hadn’t had the time to seriously check out the juniors.

I however had noticed that the new batch was extremely rich in babe factor compared to previous ones. There was this Kashmir girl (mountain state of India), extremely fair, with deep red almost orange lips that any guy would love to have around his cock. Then there was this tall dusky girl with great legs and a perfect heart shaped butt. Another one was this booby girl always wearing tight suits (a type of upper body dress) that gave the impression that the fabric was ready to pop under the pressure and if one looked closely one could see her nipples making bumps in the fabric.

And then there was Ghungru around 5feet 7inches tall, dusky with a peaches complexion and a super knocker figure. Her boobs are perfect hemispheres. And when she walked there was a slight jiggle in the tits enclosed in her stretched T-shirts. When my pals first showed me the girl they were so raving about I kind of felt pissed off with them, none of them was in the same league as her.

She always wore low waist jeans and tight short tops and it was a blessing for any one who cared to look. She had the most beautiful navel I have ever seen in my life.

Once I was hanging out sitting at the stairs with my friends when she approached from the front

And stood at the base of the stairs talking among her friends. Her navel right at my eye level and I just had to check her out; I traced her body all the way to her great bust with my eyes. That was the first time I accepted that she was some hot stuff. She got really baffled by my obvious attention and walked off, I am not the kinds who would ogle at girls but this was exquisite display…

At the fresher party (a night to celebrate and welcome newcomers) a girl I had dated in the past approached me for a dance and wrapped herself around me on the dance floor .I was obviously enjoying it all and we were getting a lot of stares, but she being a little hung on vodka wasn’t bothered. And I later got to know that Ghungru took notice of me because of that.

After around a month and a half when the batch was nicely settled a few teachers went for a workshop leaving us some free time.

We were playing football when I got a rough tackle Tekirdağ Escort and went down, I excused my self from the game and went to the third floor to get my bag from the locker,

As I walked past a room I saw Ghungru sitting there with a friend, a little while ago she was at the corridor watching the game from there.

As I got my stuff and passed the room again I herd my name called, on turning I saw it was her calling for me.

After the usual introduction and talks and pleasantries that 3 of us shared, her friend excused herself on the pretext of some work.

She looked at me with a smooth gaze and I tell u friends my balls were tightening.

She kept her hand on mine and told me that what I did on the dance floor with that girl was really hot, I needed no second thoughts as I took her in my arms and made her sit in my lap. We kissed passionately with our tongues playing with each other’s. She sucked my tongue in her mouth and rubbed my cock with her hands. Her lips tasted sweet and I sucked her lower lip in my mouth. She broke the kiss and quickly moved down and putting her hand through the elastic band of my lowers held my cock over the undies. We kissed again this time with my hand holding her thru her ass; even thru the tight jeans she was wearing my fingers dug into the flesh of her butts.

She pulled out my ever-growing cock and went down on the floor. Now she was sitting between my legs on her knees with my cock held with both hands. She slowly brought her mouth to the head of my cock and it jumped at her kiss, then she slowly engulfed my cock in her mouth and stayed like that flicking her tongue on it… slowly the cock swell in her mouth to the fullest and I told her to start pumping on it, she soon got the hang of it and sucked my cock really slowly with her lips tightly wrapped to it .her hair were falling over, so she left her hands of me and raised her hair and tied them, it was a sight to see her fixing her hair with her arms raised and sucking my cock.

Seeing me glance at the door she told me that her friend is actually standing guard out side. She continued sucking while lightly tickling and scratching my balls in my undies with her nails…

She was making muffling sounds as she sucked and I could sense she was pushing her self

To take the whole length inside her mouth, ending up getting deep throated by me.

I held on to the arm of the desk as her speed increased and with a moan of my own I came in her mouth, she tried to leave but I held her head tightly leaving her with no choice but to swallow my cum.

There were beads of sweat on her forehead and she looked a little uneasy, I picked her up and sat her on my lap turning her face towards me I kissed her lips. I moved my hands to her boobs, I could feel the immense heat Tekirdağ Escort Bayan emitted between her legs. She was wearing a tight short tee shirt made of stretchable fabric. When I first grabbed her boobs over her clothes she resisted playfully. I pulled her and made her sit with her back resting on my chest and I crossed my arms around her, squeezing her left tit with my rite hand and her rite tit with my left hand. Let me tell u that she has perfect hemispherical tits, which are very firm and gooey. Her boobs didn’t need much pushing up and so she was wearing a thin sheer bra as I got to know by feeling her up.

Within moments her nipples stiffened under the layers of clothing. I have always had a taste for boobs and I just had to have her. I was massaging her boobs in circular manner with my palms and occasionally giving them tight squeezes. I moved my hands down wards and fingered her exposed navel and she went into shivers as I first traced her navel and milky waist with my fingers and then licked it. She was breathing heavy, turned her head and started sucking my ears and neck. I kept moving downstairs and reached her valley, which was oozing heat. I tried to undo the fly of her jeans but she got up and straddled me. We were now facing each other; I pulled her close and raised her tees such that the cups of her bra were now exposed for me. I played with them and then slipped my fingers into the band peeled the cups off her orbs, exposing her inch long nipples, as I sucked them the pink buds started glistening.

All this sucking made me hard again and I told her that I wanted to fuck her but her friend who heard some one approaching interrupted us.

We tidied up, shared a quick kiss and walked down the stairs all three of us. She nudged me and expressed her desires to be with me again to which I affirmed and we moved on. Well that wasn’t the end of it all, and I did fuck her sum while later. But mean while my friend got friendly with Ghungru and asked her out, to which she declined.

Later on she told me how my class mate made fun of himself in front of her n her friends.

She also introduced me to 2 more stunner friends of her. Richa was the one with great legs and a great butt. Second was Ana, the one who played the watchman.

I remained possessed in thoughts of love making for 3-2 days but our session test week took it all off my mind. I can’t meet any of them as we had different exam timings.

On the last day however I got a call from Richa asking me to meet her, I made a lame excuse to my friends and left for the decided destination.

When I got there the Richa stood there in a very serious mood, she asked me about my encounter with Ghungru and weather it was true…. After that she took me to a nearby house. It was the 3rd friends house. Her Escort Tekirdağ name was Ana; both her parents were working so there was no one at home.

Richa wanted to do the stuff with me and soon we were in Ana’s bedroom while she was out in the drawing room.

Richa was wearing a white sleeveless top made of fabric, which was very smooth. Her jeans clung to her legs, as it was her skin.

She closed the door and jumped on me and we got kissing, at that moment I was a bit startled as I had never been with a girl who’s aggressive and takes the lead.

She soon had me in just my undies and was kissing me all over, it was a different experience all together .I tried to disrobe her but she said that she wants the first hour for herself.

She spent the time kissing and licking me all over .she made wet circles with her tongue on my chest and neck…and striped for me. As she stood in front of me naked my eyes were fixed on her smooth valley. She wanted to be loved they way she did too me. The Idea was too exotic. I made her lie down and went for her love tunnel. Sucking on her cunt and kissing her supple swollen lips, I tongue fucked her to 3 orgasms. Before that day I haven’t been too found of eating a girl but she tasted good…

I put a pillow under her hips and inserted my cock in slowly. Some part of it was left out side when she yelled telling me to stop, I was going to stretch her I thought………

I moved that much of my cock in and out and then after she caught the rhythm I thrust the whole of it inside, she screamed and I muffled her mouth with my hand.

I kept still, rubbing her labia with my hands, and when she got used to it, I started ramming her again. Her soft ass was hitting me on my thighs and making

“Phat path” noise .Her boobs though smaller then Ghungru’s were shaking enticingly as her whole body shook with each stroke… I withdraw my dick and put it in her mouth. She made me cum in her mouth with sum amazing sucking. Now I lied down and her on top of me I started sucking her tits, soon I was hard again. I made her go on all four and licked and kissed her hot butts. They were perfect creamy globes. I moved my dick all over them as she kept asking me to fuck her.

I rode her for twenty minutes, holding her boobs and also pulling her by her hair as she suggested. She pushed back at me all the time. This time I came inside her.

The bed sheet was ruined and I felt very tired…

As I was about to leave she told me that tomorrow it was Ghungrus turn and the next day was even great.

We men are so greedy that after several fucking sessions with these two bitches at there friends place, in the car etc I still wanted more and I developed a desire for their cute baby faced petite friend Ana who her self has a knocker figure…and yes I did complete my trilogy by nailing her to but that next time, as I would tell about that in my next submission.

I think lit erotica is a great site. Any girls/females interested in me can freely mail me.

Eagerly waiting to be with you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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