Just Another Innocent Day

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Linda rang at 9.00 “Richard how do I get this computer to do” I cut her off in mid sentence as I new my fate was that I would be explaining something to Linda for at least the next 2 or 3 hours so it was easier if I went to her house as it would be far easier in person, I never minded this as I do like helping others if I can, and I always have been fond of her so it was a double pleasure.

When I got there you answer the door dressed in plain white dressing gowned tightly raped around your body. The coffee was on and we sat down and you tried to explain the problem with your computer oblivious to the effect you where having on me, but I then said. “Let me drink my coffee and then you can show me.”

Some 10 minutes went by and we just chatted about our week the way any one would normally do. “The strange things kids come out with.” You said finishing a statement; I just nodded in agreement not fully listening to what you had said.

I finished my coffee and we went to your bedroom while following you up the stairs, my eyes wouldn’t leave the sight of your bum. The movement was really getting to me. We got into your bedroom and sat on the edge of your bed in front of a blank computer screen. “So what seems to be the problem?” I ask.

“Well I don’t know if there is a problem but when I try to start my computer this happens.” You turn on your computer then I immediately see what the problem is, I just laugh then eject the disk that is in the floppy drive and the pressed the enter key and the computer booted as normal.

“There problem solved that deserves another drink.” I say giving you a push backwards onto your bed, as you fall back you hair flies in all directions and you’re dressing gown rises up showing of your shapely thigh, you realise this and quickly grab hold Antalya Escort of the hem before it shows off more than is correct.

“Well I am going to have a shower so you will have to make it yourself I will be down in a minute, you could scrub my back if you like?” You asked with a coy smile on your lips. I didn’t know if you were joking but I didn’t take you up on the offer much to my regret. While I was making the coffee I pondered what you had said and decided to try to see what would happen if I tried to deliver your drink to you in the shower.

I got to the bottom of the stairs and I could see the bathroom door was slightly a jar, but you shouted down. “Put it on the table.” As the stairs creaked as I stepped on them much to my disappointment.

We were always flirting but it had never gone any further that. I just dreamed of one day kissing you, or caressing your breasts, or of the day you would grant me the honour of making love to you. I don’t know if it would be better in reality or if my fantasies about you would spoil the whole situation we will never know I thought. Some moments later I herd the bathroom door open and a creek as you made your way to the bedroom where we had just been sitting, I shouted up. “Your coffee is getting cold.” But you didn’t reply.

Some moments later you came down the stairs in full nurse’s kit. I was staring and there was nothing I could do about it; my jaw felt like it had hit the floor.

You looked every bit the nurse and the site of you had an effect on me that I think you knew it would. “What’s the matter haven’t you ever seen a nurse before?” You ask twirling one of your son’s toy stethoscopes around in the air. I couldn’t reply I was mesmerised by the sexy outfit.

Finally when I was able to speak Antalya Escort Bayan I said “well I think you will give some heart attacks if you go on a ward dressed like that.”

Do you think so I guess the fishnets and stilettos are a bit much?” I just nodded and we laughed and drank our coffee, you not knowing what effect you had on me or did you?

With you sat beside me in your nurse’s outfit you had me mesmerised I could not help but just stare as we were sat I asked you “What was the occasion and why are you in your uniform?

You smile and kiss me on the cheek then say, “It’s a Thank you now get those clothes off you are in for a treat.” You help me out of my shirt and then as I kick off my shoes as you undo my belt and ease my jeans down over my hips I was about to remove my boxers but you stop me and say, “lets not get to hasty and do something we both will regret.” I agree but am somewhat disappointed.

You take the cushions of the settee and place them on the floor in a straight line then you place a sheet over them and told me to lie down I go to lie on my back so I can enjoy the view but you quickly instruct me to turn over and face the floor and relax you say, “let your mind clear and go blank.” This is difficult as my mind is racing with erotic images of you and I but I duly comply with your instruction.

I close my eyes for a moment while you fritted around the room you light a scented oil burner or something, as my nose is filled with the smell of almonds or something then I you sit down on the top of my legs.

I can feel the fish nets that covered your legs either side of my thighs I try to move but from your position atop of me you have complete control over me, you push down putting more wait on my legs preventing Escort Antalya me from turning over.

I was totally under your power and was unable to do anything to resist you. It was then that I felt a few drips on my back, I wasn’t sure what it was but it had a cool feel. As soon as it hits my exposed back you move you skilful hands over my back the effect of this had my dick busting out of my boxer shorts I had to fuck you there and then.

Without any warning I spin over on to my back grabbing your hair and pulling you face down to mine we kissed hard and long not coming up for air I moved my hands down your back pulling up your uniform exposing your naked sex you pull at my prick like you have lost something. I was frightened you were going to pull it off

It’s now time you place your legs either side of me and slowly lower yourself onto my cock, it slides easily inside of you as if it belonged there and had done so many times before. I groan with pleasure, and so you move slowly up again, and then come down hard and fast onto me.

You do all of the work, rubbing your clit against me and pressing your pussy into me. Grinding and bucking against my body, onto my cock, up and down, hard and fast, slow and gentle. Your breasts press against my chest and you kiss and lick my skin.

It was becoming more urgent, I start playing with your clit with one hand, this tips you over the edge and you hold tightly to my body. I feel your juices smearing our thighs, making us sticky. This new found wetness does it for me and just before I am about to come you jump off of me and take my cock between your breasts. I come all over your chest.

I smile, looking up at you. Now that we finish our first sexual encounter I live in the hope it is the first of many, you kiss me, telling me I’m the greatest fuck in the world. But after only 15 minutes of thrusting and grunting I had not got a clue how you could think that so I turned you on to you knees and pushed my still stiff cock back into you oozing pussy were it belonged and started to fuck you hard and long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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