Just Another Weekday Morning

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Early one midweek morning, Paul was beginning to wake up. The night before, he had been having wild sex with his new lady, Jennifer. He had done it with her every which way, and a few ways he had never tried before. She had such a soft, cool mouth, and a hot, wet pussy, both of which he had enjoyed around his hard, throbbing cock. He had had the pleasure of tasting her delicious pink nipples and her sweet, juicy pussy. She was such a horny lady, so exciting and so full of imagination, and last night’s session had been incredible. Now it was back to routine, and he had gone to bed alone, as was now usual, with nothing better to anticipate than another working day.

The alarm had not yet gone off, but Paul began to stir, in the middle of a beautiful dream in which he was reliving the pleasures of the night before. But even as he was awake, the dream felt so real – it was as if he was feeling Jennifer’s cool, moist lips enveloping the head of his cock, sucking and pulling slightly, and causing his pre-cum to flow, and she was lapping it up with her tongue, playfully inserting the tip into his hole.

Paul closed his eyes tight, and tried to hold on to the dream, as it seemed like Jennifer began to run the flat of her tongue underneath his balls, then around each ball, and then the full length of his cock, lingering on the sensitive place underneath the head. Her velvet mouth then swallowed him again, and began slowly to move up and down on his shaft, gripping him hard on the upstrokes so that his cum began to rise.

Paul began to push up into Jennifer, thrusting his hips, as he felt his balls tighten and his cock get ready to shoot its load. He thrust faster and harder, as the heat rose in his loins, and finally, with a loud cry of ecstasy, he spent himself into her. He thrust two or three times more, filling her mouth with his white cum juice, enjoying the fire and the tingling sensations. Finally, he withdrew his cock and relaxed. Wow, that was quite some dream!

Paul opened his eyes and woke up properly, to see that his beloved Jennifer was actually kneeling on the bed beside him, his pyjamas were open and his cock was still hugely erect, wet and shiny. Jennifer sat up and smiled at him. She was wearing a full set of the sexiest underwear he had ever seen. It was all white and virginal, from the lacy, see-through bra, past the pretty Tekirdağ Escort suspender belt and skimpy panties, to the sexy stockings with lace tops. Her face was flushed and moist from her exertions, and she was obviously still aroused, as she pinched one nipple with her left hand, and with her right hand was gently rubbing her crotch through her panties, while giving him smouldering looks.

Paul did not know how Jennifer had returned so soon; all he cared about was that she was there, she was sexy and she was ready for it. His cock began to harden again straightaway, and as he looked slowly around her gorgeous body, embellished in just the right way, he wanted her again.

Paul reached out with one hand and traced his fingertips around Jennifer’s lips, and she responded by kissing them playfully. His fingers strayed across her cheek and down the side of her neck, to her favourite place at the base of her neck where it met her shoulder. As he caressed her there, she closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure. He then ran his fingers down the lacy strap of her bra, on to her bare flesh, and he ran one finger down her cleavage and nestled it between her breasts. He sat up, the better to reach her, and leaned forward and took her nipple in his mouth through the lacy material of her bra. He then paid similar homage to her other nipple before running his tongue once again down her bare cleavage.

Moving on, Paul gently ran his fingers down Jennifer’s sides and at the same time planted gentle kisses down the centre of her stomach and lapped at her belly button. Jennifer was now beginning to moan with pleasure, closing her eyes and moving her body towards him for attention. He felt his cock getting harder, but wanted to linger in enjoying Jennifer’s body first, and wanted to arouse her thoroughly before they again consummated their pleasure.

Paul began to journey further downwards on Jennifer’s body, kissing between the straps of her suspender belt and playfully catching the elastic of her panties between his teeth. She had done his favourite thing, and worn her panties outside the suspenders, so that he could remove her panties and leave her stockings on if he wanted. As yet he did not want to remove her panties, but just displaced them a little at the side, and kissed her hipbones, putting the material back. He also Tekirdağ Escort Bayan moved back the leg of her panties, revealing the crease of her groin and the beginning of her dark curls, and he licked the whole area until her curls were wet.

Paul then made Jennifer kneel up a little so that he could spread her legs slightly and nuzzle close to her mound. There he enjoyed her womanly scent, pressing his face to her panties as he gently clasped her bottom to hold her close. He could see the dark curls of her bush through the lace, and below that the pinkness of her clit and labia. He moved in on her clit, licking and sucking it firmly through the material, as Jennifer pushed her groin towards him and began to moan louder. His cock was ready to burst, but still he was going to wait a little longer.

Paul gently took her panties at each side, and began to ease them down, still sucking her clit, just pausing to move the material past his lips before starting to suck the bare, pink flesh. This sent Jennifer into a frenzy of pleasure, and she opened her legs wide so that his mouth could have full access into her. At that point Paul slowly and gently removed her panties and positioned her again for further attention.

At that point Jennifer was sitting up, still wearing the bra, the suspenders and stockings, with her legs spread so that Paul had a beautiful view of her private places. He knelt between her legs and, leaning close to her, gently lifted her bra so that her bare breasts were at last exposed, her nipples hard and pointed, such was her level of arousal. He reached around, unfastened her bra, and put it aside. He now took her entire breast in his mouth, sucking firmly, his arms around her in an embrace.

Jennifer was now so aroused that she wanted Paul’s cock inside her now, but still he was not going to have her. Having pleasured her breasts, he began to plant kisses lower and lower down her body, until he came to her mound. He gently took her dark curls between his fingers and raked them upwards, causing Jennifer to gasp with pleasure and exposing her swollen clitoris. He laid her backwards, and positioned himself to pleasure her sex.

Still holding back her curls, with his two thumbs he gently peeled back her moist pink labia, and exposing her erect clitoris and her love tunnel beyond. He could Escort Tekirdağ see her milky white cream oozing from inside, and he leaned down and ran his tongue the length of her opening, so that he could drink her juice, and let his tongue run gently over her clit. He ran his tongue back inside her, feeling for the rough area in the midst of the smoothness, where he could bring her to heightened pleasure. Having found it he pressed firmly on her raised G-spot, dragging the flat of his tongue up and over her clit again.

Jennifer was now crying with pleasure, approaching her climax, thrusting her hips and pushing her groin into Paul’s face, as she begged him to press harder, and he continued to rub her firmly with his tongue, right from her G-spot out to her clit until, with a great cry of ecstasy, Jennifer climaxed, and sent a jet of clear hot liquid out of her pussy on to Paul’s face.

Paul loved it when she came like this, and he licked her sweet juice from his face and, bending down, opened her again to lick the sweet liquid from all her folds and crevices. Jennifer was gasping at the intensity of her orgasm, and after a few moments began to relax again. Paul looked at her, took in the sight of her half naked, but still wearing the stockings and suspenders, her groin and thighs wet and shiny, her clit still erect and unsatisfied, her labia still swollen, and his cock wanted her.

He now squeezed his cock a little, bringing it back to full hardness, and positioned himself between Jennifer’s opened legs, and slipped his cock into her. She felt hot, tight and very wet to him as she gripped him firmly with her pussy. His cock was in heaven as he slid in and out of her. As he penetrated her fully, he moved around inside her so that they could both feel the wet friction of each other’s surfaces. Paul did not need long this time, and he pumped into her, fast, hard and urgently. Jennifer gripped Paul’s buttocks and dug her nails in as she pulled him into her. They climaxed together, crying inarticulate things of love, their union finally consummated, ultimate pleasure achieved, satisfaction gained. Paul held Jennifer tightly in his arms until they were both still.

Paul suddenly came to, looked at the time and called the office to claim a “duvet day”. Meanwhile Jennifer had gone through to the bathroom, turned on the shower and re-appeared wearing his bathrobe, beckoning him to follow. This was definitely not going to be the mundane working day he had envisaged. He ran after Jennifer and pulled off the bathrobe and, both naked, they went through to the bathroom to refresh themselves for the rest of the day ahead…

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