Just One More Fantasy

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Chad hated his job. He really wanted to write computer code for video games. Instead, he sat at the help desk of a large corporation mindlessly telling clueless people how to change their desktop background. He was twenty two and had a college degree, damn it. He should be working towards ownership of a startup software design company.

Unfortunately, there was nothing extraordinary about Chad. He had dark hair and eyes and a face that, while not repelling women, didn’t exactly draw them in, either. He had an average body of average height.

But he did have a sharp mind and a growing cynicism, a lethal combination when used correctly.

Recently, Chad was involved in a new project that was taking up much of his time. The company was switching to a new document management system and everybody’s e-mail had to be moved to new servers. This was a fairly routine task that was, at least, different than Chad’s normal task. One user at a time, he and his help desk mates were working their way through the list.

Chad noticed that the next batch of e-mail to move was that of Emily Smith, VP of Sales. This would be the same Emily Smith that everyone in the know recognized as a rising star in the company, certainly a potential CEO candidate in the future. She was thirty eight, brunette, and gorgeous. The only time Chad helped Emily at her desk, he came away with a significant start to an erection.

He knew only two things about Emily: One, she was the only ‘older’ woman he ever wanted to fuck; and Two, she knew virtually nothing about the computer network.

Therefore, the entire time her e-mails were magically floating from one server to another, he was picturing her in her blouse, too many buttons open, a flesh color bra coming into view as she leaned over her desk. Just as he was about to move the hardening cock inside his pants, he noticed a message on the screen.

‘Folder could not be moved.’

He entered a few administrator passwords and prepared to move the individual folder manually after seeing that the privacy setting had been set to the maximum. He saw the name on the folder, EWS Personal. Being an otherwise slow day and with nobody in sight, Chad decided to have a peek.

The first thing he detected was that every message was to or from James Jones, who he quickly found out by looking at the address and reading a couple messages was a VP at his company’s fiercest competitor.

He read approximately half of the e-mails.

He discerned the following, among other things: Emily had benefited greatly from some information James passed along; Emily and James were having a sexual relationship; and both had a dreadful fear of their spouses and bosses finding out.

Chad threw a thumb drive into the USB port and directed the folder to that location. A moment later, the contents were in his pocket.

Chad leaned back in his chair, put his hands behind his head, and stared up at the ceiling with a wry smile on his face.


Emily threw her pen onto the desk, not watching as it ricocheted off a Starbucks cup and stack of papers before settling down.

“God damned, fucking computer,” she murmured. “Why doesn’t anything ever work in this hellhole.”

There was a rap on the door.


Chad opened it a crack and said, “Do you have a problem, Mrs. Smith?”

“No. You do,” Emily snapped back. “Make this damn thing print right.”

Chad closed the door behind him as he walked in. In the half dozen steps it took to get to her desk, Chad had completed a visual inspection of the impeccably dressed VP. Her knit top was generously low cut and tight. Her skirt was mid-thigh and tight. A typical Emily Smith outfit.

She rolled away from the desk and allowed the so-called expert access to her keyboard. A few clicks later, involving dialog boxes Emily wouldn’t have recognized in a million years, the printer began spitting out paper.

If Chad had waited for a thank you, he would have been there all day. He began to leave.

Almost at the door, he stopped and turned. “Oh, I meant to mention something to you.”

“What?” Emily asked in the most annoying voice she could muster.

“Your e-mails have been moved. But what did you want us to do with your private folder?” he said.

Emily’s eyebrows narrowed in a questioning look. “What folder?”

“EWS Personal.”

It took a second or two, but ultimately Emily’s face couldn’t hide the alarms that went off in her head. Quickly assuming that nothing untold had happened, she said, “Oh. That one. Just put it with the others.”

“I’m not sure I can do that,” Chad said calmly.

“Why not?”

Chad wished he had more experience yanking people’s chains. He only had one shot at this with Emily and he needed it to work.

“Well, there was a problem with some of the e-mails. Like the ones from James Jones,” he said.

“You looked at them?! You opened my private e-mails?” she practically screamed.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to put something in an e-mail Tokat Escort that you don’t want the whole world to know?”

Emily stood up and moved from behind her desk. “You little prick. I can get you fired for this.”

“I can get you indicted, Mrs. Smith. How much profit did you make from the stocks you bought in Triad right before the merger, thanks to James’ insider information?” Chad stated.

Emily was fuming, with a distinct touch of terror mixed in. She took a moment to collect her thoughts, unsure of exactly what the kid knew but presuming the worst. She put one hand on the corner of her desk, supporting herself while she stared at Chad, who was now only a few feet away.

“What do you want?” she asked tersely.

“Want?” Chad asked. “It’s not really what I want, Emily. You don’t mind if I call you Emily, do you? It’s what YOU want.”

“What do you mean?”

Chad moved a couple steps closer to her until he was within an arm’s length of the beautiful woman.

“I learned lots of things in those e-mails. I learned about you and James, I learned about the stock deal…,” he paused. “And I learned about your little fantasies, Emily.”

He thought she would faint. The normal glowing complexion in her face turned ashen.

“I mean, who would have known you wanted to be watched while having sex with Mr. Jones,” Chad said.

“That’s enough, you fucking pervert,” Emily cried out. “You aren’t going to bribe me like this. I DEMAND that you destroy those e-mails or I’ll have you fired so fast you won’t know what hit you.”

Chad pulled the thumb drive out of his pocket and held it up for Emily to see. “Please do. This place sucks,” he said. “But I’ll always have this, and the other copies I have hidden away in case you do anything stupid.”

Emily was seething once more, unfamiliar with being trapped, especially by a brat of Chad’s age.

“Let’s think of all the people who would like to see these,” Chad continued. “Your husband. James’ wife. The Securities and Exchange Commission. This entire company.”

Finally, he saw a hint of resignation on her face.

“One last time. What do you want?” she said in a distraught voice.

Chad was a few inches taller than Emily and now seemed to hover over her.

“I’m intrigued by this fantasy of you being watched having sex, Emily. So I’m going to make an offer that should please all three of us. You, me, and James. According to the e-mails, you and he meet quite often at your house when your husband is traveling. How convenient. I want you to arrange to meet James again, only I’m going to be there. James won’t know it, but I’ll be there. Watching. I want you to fuck him like you’ve never fucked him before, Emily. Just for me. Oh, and for the camcorder that will be recording the whole thing for posterity.”

She stared at him as if she were a statue. Then she said, “And then you’ll destroy the e-mails?”

“And then we’ll talk again,” he answered.

“You are a sick, perverted little asshole.”

“Emily,” Chad whined. “I’ve read the e-mails. Don’t talk to me about who’s sick here.”

He stepped forward. His hand slid up her body until touching the side of her tit. Chad cupped it in his hand.

“VP of Sales on track to take over this whole company. Don’t blow this, Emily. You’ll be sorry.”

He massaged her tit roughly and she whimpered quietly in obvious displeasure.

Chad said, “Make the arrangements with James. Let me know when it is. Then I’ll tell you the plan. Got it?”

He squeezed the tit one last time and let go.

She nodded, but couldn’t refrain from hissing, “Fuck you.”

As Chad turned to leave, he said, “Is that a fantasy of yours, Emily?”


Emily dutifully arranged a time for James to come to her house. She gave Chad the information and he explained how he would arrive an hour early, set up the camera in a location James would never suspect, and then find an appropriate hiding place with a clear view of the action.

Emily told him the ‘action’ would take place in the family room, not the bedroom, as was their habit when James came over. She suggested the loft as his hideout and Chad approved. Her compliance so far meant one of two things: he either had her truly scared; or, she was as excited about the fantasy as he was. Chad suspected the former was more true.

He arrived on the designated evening to find Emily in a stunning jogging outfit, including a very tight bra-like top and shorts that hugged her ass with perfection.

“Wow,” Chad exclaimed once inside the house with the door closed. “You really DO want to fuck this guy, don’t you?”

He circled her body, fearlessly gazing at every curve.

“It’s what he likes,” Emily replied. “I’m sure you wouldn’t know anything about a woman doing what you like.”

He grinned. “Oh, but I do. You’re going to do what I like in about an hour.”

Emily tried to ignore him. “You can put the camera over here.”

She showed him an ideal location in the middle of Tokat Escort Bayan a bookcase and Chad gave her directions on how to turn it on, which she would do as soon as she heard James at the door. Then they went into the loft and scoped out the plentiful spots Chad could use to watch.

“Perfect,” he said with delight. “Aren’t you psyched about this, Emily?”

She scowled. “It wasn’t what I had in mind when I wrote that.”

“OK. So you wanted a big crowd,” Chad said. “But think of all the people that might benefit from the video.”

He walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her body. She momentarily squirmed, but gave in once Chad’s hands were firmly on her tits.

“Put on a good show, Emily. I want to see everything…every inch of this luscious body.”

Chad was sliding a hand down her stomach and inside the waistband of her short.

“Do you have panties on?”

She didn’t answer.

He lowered his hand and realized quickly she did not.

“Naughty girl,” he whispered in her ear. “Naughty, naughty girl.”

He slapped her on the ass.

“Now go get ready for James and I’ll be waiting.”

She was glad to get away from the creep’s hard-on against her ass, and his probing hands. She didn’t need any foreplay with James already on the way over.

Soon, they heard the doorbell and Chad watched Emily turn on the camera. He was still semi-erect when her lover came inside and eagerly began kissing and groping her.

Even from the loft, Chad drooled over her long, brown hair, her perfect skin, perfect curves, and long legs. He found it hard to believe that a woman nearly forty years old could look that good.

James was not exactly ugly, either. Once the pair were separated and Chad got a better look at him, he saw that Mr. Jones was tall, around the same age as Emily—perhaps a year or two older—and very well built. They would make a lovely couple, especially naked.

Emily led James over to a couch and Chad heard her offer to get him a drink. As she walked to and from the kitchen, James scrutinized every step she took. His eyes never left her delicious body from the moment he arrived until she was sitting next to him, practically on top of him, on the couch.

They chatted about their jobs for a few moments, exchanging news that affected them, but nothing that Chad would consider earth shattering. James was attentive for those short minutes, but then his hands began to wander…again.

One hand was on the inside of Emily’s thigh, working its way up to the bottom of her shorts. She had been talking, but now she grinned and let him play. The fingers vanished and Emily leaned into her lover. They kissed and Chad knew that James’ hand had to be at her pussy. Emily fidgeted and swung one leg over James’, giving Chad a more direct view of James’ hand at work.

Then Emily’s hand was on his crotch, massaging it through James’ pants. Their kiss increased in intensity and noise, both of them moaning louder and louder with lust as the seconds passed.

James pulled away just enough to end the kiss and move his lips to Emily’s neck. He worked his way across and down until his face was in the top’s ample opening just above her tits. With one hand still rubbing her clit and pussy, James kissed and licked Emily’s soft flesh.

Nothing was said between them. This was a scene they were both very familiar and comfortable with. Oh, there might have been a little bit of love involved. But this was mainly sex. Pure lust.

James had both hands free again, rising up the smooth skin of Emily’s belly and onto her top while he sought out her tits with his lips. Soon, the black bra was being lifted clear of Emily’s large breasts.

Chad couldn’t stand it any longer. He made sure he had room and then reached between his legs and slowly rubbed his ever-growing erection. James had tossed the top aside and was now impatiently sucking away. Chad stared as if he’d never seen tits before. But, indeed, he had never seen anything like Emily’s tits before. At least not in person.

Emily managed to open James’ pants and Chad saw the white shorts inside. Emily’s fingers were inside them, grappling with the cock she obviously wanted so badly. Then Emily broke free of James’ mouth and tongue and frantically pulled off his pants and shoes, simultaneously. She was on her knees. James was on his back, yanking his shirt over his head until all he wore were his shorts.

Chad watched Emily lean down, rubbing her palm leisurely up and down the hard cock that was clearly evident, even from the loft. She kissed it through the shorts and then pulled down the waistband only enough to view the bright pink tip. She kissed that, also, and finally pulled off the shorts entirely.

Emily never took her eyes off the rigid shaft. She wrapped both hands around it for a moment before bending over and licking the cock from the base to the tip.

Chad began to pull down his zipper in slow motion, making sure not to make a sound. After an agonizing wait, Escort Tokat he clutched at his own cock and stroked it, imagining it was Emily’s hand and not his.

He saw Emily’s mouth open and, in an unbelievable display of sensuality, engulfed it little by little until her lips met his balls.

“You are incredible,” James said just loud enough for Chad to hear.

Emily’s only reply was a bobbing of her head, up and down the long, thick cock with a pressure that Chad could only dream of. He fumbled with his cock and freed it of his shorts, masturbating in silence above the scene below.

Chad had seen far more erect cocks on websites than in person, but he was totally impressed by what James was providing his mistress. No wonder Emily was willing to risk almost anything for this dude, Chad thought to himself.

But Emily didn’t invite him over for a blowjob. She backed away and stood in front of the couch, just inches from James. She quickly removed her shorts and presented to James, Chad, and the camera, the first look at her nude body. Luckily for Chad, she was facing away from him and he got the perfect view of her full, round ass. Again, for a woman her age, he couldn’t believe the excellence of it.

Apparently James had seen it enough not to warrant a special examination. Emily climbed right back onto the couch and straddled his body. Chad seriously questioned how James’ massive cock would ever fit inside her…or ANY woman. Emily, it seemed, had no such concern.

She put the cock in her hand and guided it to the entrance, which was already soaking wet. Chad stopped masturbating, partly to watch and partly because he was about to cum.

“Fuck me, James. Hard. Like you did last time,” Emily told him.

With a smile of approval, James put his hands on Emily’s waist. His cock barely touched her cunt.


“Do it,” Emily demanded.

Chad nearly blew his cover, and load, when he saw James hold Emily in place and drive his cock upward into her like a piston.

“Ohhhhhh my God!” Emily shrieked. “Yesssssss!”

James pulled out and repeated his violent thrust, so that even Chad could hear their skin smacking together at the end. Emily put her hands on her tits and squeezed her nipples as James began a more constant, rhythmic fucking. Now, only their combined moans and groans interrupted the sex.

Chad pulled on his cock a couple times. Precum dripped onto his fingers and he stopped once more, ready to explode.

On the couch, Emily and James fucked each other as hard and fast as they could. Emily’s long, brown hair swayed back and forth. She played with James’ nipples and occasionally rubbed her clit amid sighs of pleasure. For five minutes they went on, rarely changing positions any more than a simple adjustment to heighten the friction.

“Yes, James. Harder. I’m almost…there,” Emily murmured.

“C’mon, babe. I want to hear you cum.”

Chad grinned, hoping beyond hope that Emily was a loud one. He loved to hear women cum and would pay to hear Emily scream out an orgasm. His aching cock begged for attention, but he would wait…for JUST the right instant.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me…hardddder!” Emily cried out.

Less than ten seconds later, she screamed, “Now!”

James held onto her and he and Chad watched and listened to another epic orgasm from the beautiful brunette. Her squeals echoed off the walls as her body gave in to her sexual needs. James felt the well-known contraction of her cunt muscles around his cock and he, too, cried out as his orgasm began.

All the noise and distraction was good news for Chad. He shoved his cock under his shorts and rubbed it furiously as his own orgasm poured out load after load of cum. Emily screeched. James grunted and pounded her harder. Chad came without a sound.

Emily eventually collapsed on top of James’ body, his cock still inside her. She playfully squeezed it and James moaned until she put a tit on his lips for him to suck on. He was more than glad to lick and bite the nipple while Emily played with her clit. To Chad’s disbelief, she came again in a couple minutes—just as long and just as loud.


“Well, that was quite a show you put on, Emily,” Chad said the next time he could get into her office.

“So give me the e-mails,” she said, her palm stretched out towards him.

“Whoa. Not so fast,” he responded quickly. “You’re asking to get off with a slap on the wrist for a very serious crime. This judge isn’t going to be so lenient.”

“Listen to me, you little twerp,” Emily demanded. “You got the video you wanted. That should keep you and your hand busy for quite a while. Now give me the fucking e-mails!”

“You’re forgetting that it was the fantasies in those e-mails that really got my attention. We just fulfilled one of them, didn’t we?” he asked. “And by all accounts you enjoyed it as much as anybody. Well, there was another fantasy mentioned in there. You told James you would love to have sex with another woman. Remember that one?”

Emily’s face was flushed, either from anger or embarrassment, or both.

“Don’t you even…,” she began to say.

“Uh uh,” Chad interrupted. “You talked about how ‘awesome’ it would feel to be with a really good looking chick. Touching her. Tasting her.”

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