Just the Three of Us

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While still married to my now-estranged wife, Sarah, I was going out with the first man with whom I’d ever intimate. Michael and I had double dated almost six months ago with Sarah and a doctor she knew from work named Kevin. (It was actually Sarah’s idea but it wasn’t because seeing me dressed up as a woman turned her on.) She was just finally coming to grips with the fact she needed to sleep with other men. My crossdressing was just an excuse. Looking back, I think the fact that she told me I looked better than her when dressed up made the whole “affair” that much easier for her. It provided a convenient (if unexpected) excuse to see if I had any interest in dating men, something she’d wanted to do for some time.

That first date with Michael was a fantasy-come-true experience! Dinner, dancing, and the best sex I’d ever had with any man. Of course, it was the first and only sex I’d ever had with a man, but still, it was amazing and as fresh in mind as the day it happened at the Hilton Hotel in Springfield, Virginia. We’d been dating fairly regularly since then and I’d met two of his friends who, according to Michael, had no idea I was really a man.

Fortunately, my ability to pass was very good to begin with and I spent each of the next six months perfecting both my look as well as my wardrobe. As summertime rolled around, it began to get warm and humid as northern Virginia is wont to do. That gave me the perfect excuse to buy several bathing suits to include a very cute black bikini. It wasn’t the stereotypical string bikini but one with a fuller top to allow me to wear my breast forms without a bra by gluing them to my chest. The bottom was a full-cut brief but still very pretty and the right amount of tucking and taping allowed me to wear it rather convincingly. By then, I’d acquired several CAD-designed undergarments which gave shape to my otherwise flat butt. One of them was small enough to fit perfectly underneath without showing. It, like the bikini bottom, was black so even up close, it didn’t look unusual in any way.

The first time I wore it, I decided to get some sun out on the large deck my back yard. I was excited about the tan lines I’d get from it. I wasn’t concerned about work or anyone else for that matter since no one but Michael would see me naked afterward. I’d been outside for about 30 minutes and it was already getting quite warm. I was reaching for a towel when I notice my neighbor walk out onto her own deck and sit down in a lawn chair. Like me, she was wearing sunglasses and a bikini. I had no way of knowing but it looked like she might be staring at me. I gently dabbed my face with the towel to make sure it didn’t smear my carefully-applied makeup. As I set it down, my neighbor called out, “Hi! It’s really warm out here, isn’t it?” I knew my voice was very passable but I’d never called out like this using it so I was a bit concerned as I answered.

“It is! Typical Virginia summer, right?”

“I love the heat,” she told me. “I’m originally from the Middle East and the hotter the better for me.”

That explained her darker skin. She was gorgeous! She reminded me of the woman who plays Kalinda on The Good Wife. Petite with a perfect body, jet black hair, and from the other time I’d seen her I recalled she had beautiful, wide, brown eyes. Nice tits, too. I could feel Mr. Happy starting to stir so even with the padded undergarment I decided to excuse myself.

“It’s too warm for me! I’m gonna run inside before I melt. Bye!”

“Hey, why don’t you come over for some iced tea?” she said.

Shit! I’d like nothing more but not now. I wasn’t prepared to actually meet a woman let alone deal with the heat and the sweat. “Maybe another time?” I offered apologetically. “I really gotta run.”

“I understand. Sounds good. I’ll hold you to that!”

I made my way inside, cleaned off my excess “glistening” and thought about “Kalinda.” I didn’t know her at all; Pendik Fetiş Escort not even her name. But I did know she was an attractive woman as was her very American-looking husband who was almost certainly an airline pilot. I assumed he flew out of Dulles but he could possibly be based out of Reagan National. Both of them were very “yummy” looking. Oh, the possibilities….

I was so intrigued by “Kalinda” that I decided to see if I could take her up on her offer the following Saturday afternoon without having to go knock on her door. I made sure my makeup and nails were perfect as I got into a new, white, one-piece bathing suit. I threw on a white, see-through gauzy kind of top, a white floppy hat which I simply adored, and some flat, white sandals. I hung out in the kitchen watching for her when by chance her sliding glass door opened and “Kalinda” stepped out onto the deck to water the plants. I waited about a minute, then walked outside myself.

She saw me immediately and waved. “Hi, neighbor! How about that iced tea?”

“I’d love some! Be right over, okay?”

I went back inside, closed the door, exited through the front, and drove around the block to get to the front of her house. We didn’t have a gate or any other way to get through the two fences which separated our yards, and I didn’t think climbing over them in a bathing suit would be the best possible choice! On the way out, I grabbed a bag I had ready and a white cardigan sweater in case it was chilly in her house. I slipped it on before going inside to cover my arms which were a bit too lean to be a woman’s. Well, if she worked out all the time it’s possible they could look mine but I didn’t want to risk it.

Just before getting out of the car I checked my makeup and felt satisfied it was as good as it could be. I pushed open the car door, swung my legs around, grabbed my bag, and headed toward the door. I was both excited and a little nervous as this was outside of even my newly-defined comfort zone as Callie. Just as I was thinking about how this could go either way, “Kalinda” opened the front door and said, “Hi! I’m so glad you stoped by. I’ve been wanting to get acquainted for some time now. Please come in.”

As I walked through her door, I was immediately impressed. Her home was both spacious with an open floor plan and was exquisitely decorated. Sarah and I had done well financially and had a beautiful home, but this was simply amazing!

“I’m Shada,” my new friend told me. “It’s Lebanese.” She pronounced it “Shay-duh” which I’d never heard before but thought sounded beautiful, especially considering her own beauty. Seeing her up close reinforced my belief that she was a good looking woman. She was absolutely stunning even in casual clothes with very little makeup.

I made sure my feminine voice was ready as I smiled and said, “Hi, Shada. I’m Callie. It’s so nice to meet you!”

“You, too, Callie. What a beautiful name! And you look so nice today! I wish I looked that good just lounging around the house.”

“Oh, you do, Shada,” I assured her. “Trust me. You’re absolutely gorgeous as is your name!”

“Thank you, Callie. Let me show you around, okay?”

Shada gave me a tour of the house which included the master suite. It was as beautiful as the rest of her house which I estimated to be about 3,800sqft. It had five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The floors were a rich maple hardwood and there was wainscoting and crown molding in nearly every room. Expensive furnishings were the norm with high-end furniture and beautiful mirrors in every room of the house.

“It’s amazing, Shada. Wow! I love your home. When did you move in?”

“My husband, Eric, and I moved here just over a year ago. He flies for United out of Dulles and is gone 10-15 days each month so I’m here alone quite a bit. How about you?”

“I’ve lived there almost two years now. I really love Pendik Gecelik Escort the neighborhood.”

“You’ll have to show me your home one of these days, Callie. I’d love to see it!”

“Oh, most definitely. I’d love to have you over.” I was getting in deep here and then it hit me she’d had to have seen Sarah out back before she moved out—AND me! Shit! What was I thinking??? I calmed myself down by reminding myself I’d thought all that through several times before deciding to try and meet with this woman I now knew was named Shada. I took a deep breath and pulled myself together and remembered to smile often as we chatted.

“So do you live alone, Callie? It’s really none of my business but I’ve seen a man who looks like he could be your twin brother a few times. I’ve just never seen the two of you together.”

“Uh, oh,” I thought to myself. Here goes. “Oh. Him,” I mused. “Uh, yes, you’re exactly right. That’s David and he is my twin brother. I house sit for him every now and then. He’s an engineer and he works a lot of hours. Someone has to feed the cat and the dog, right?”

“Sure. Pets need to eat! So do you guys share the house? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m being nosey. I have a problem with that or so I’m told. Never mind. That really is none of my business.”

Before I could spin yet another lie (that was beginning to be what much of my life as Callie was based on and I didn’t like that much) to cover my tracks Shada suggested we go have that iced tea. Relieved to be off the hook (for now, at least), I was all too happy to agree.

Shada dropped several cubes into tall glasses and poured our tea into them. As she handed me one, she smiled and suggested we sit down in the barstools which sat under the large granite island in her kitchen. Everything was top of the line and all of the appliances to include the professional oven were stainless steel.

“I love your kitchen, Shada. Do you like to cook?” I asked taking a sip of the delicious, slightly sweetened tea.

“Of course! I’m Lebanese. I love to cook! Maybe you and your brother—or boyfriend (she said that word with a rising inflection to indicate she didn’t know if I had one or not) would like to join us sometime?”

“Uh, David’s a great guy and all but he’s not crazy about hanging out socially with his sister. I’ve been dating someone but I’m not sure how serious that is so….”

“Well listen. We’d love to have just you join us. I mean, if you’d care to, that is.”

“Well, I think I’d like that. I’m just not sure how comfortable I’d feel with you and your husband and just me by myself, but I’ll….”

Before I could finish Shada politely cut me off again saying, “No! Don’t be silly. We’d love to have you for dinner.” She hesitated, then laughed, and said, “Sorry. That didn’t sound right. What I meant is we’d like to have you over for dinner one night.”

I understood the faux pas immediately and pretended to be embarrassed. I decided to play along and smile back saying, “Well….I’ve seen your husband who, like you, is also gorgeous by the way. And I actually wouldn’t mind being had for dinner.” I then paused and in an exaggerated way added, “I mean being had over for dinner.”

Shada covered her mouth as she burst out laughing. “I like you so much, Callie! You’re smart, pretty, and funny. I hope you’re as raunchy as I am! Are you?” she asked almost rhetorically? “I can’t believe you’re still single!”

We made small talk for about twenty minutes when I said, “Well. I should probably get going. I don’t want to take up your entire afternoon. I’m guessing you’ll be starting dinner soon so I should probably scoot.”

“Guilty as charged,” Shada said. “Callie. Before you go, may I ask you a personal question? I’m not only a little raunchy at times but as I said, I’m also a little nosey and well, a whole lot curious which sometimes gets me into trouble.”

The look her eye Pendik Genç Escort was playful and yet serious. “Of course not. Ask away!” I told her honestly.

Shada looked directly at me and smiled before saying, “Well, let’s just say I’m very curious and very open minded, Callie. Actually, my husband and I are both curious and very open-minded people.”

Shada paused and looked away and then brought her eyes back to meet mine before adding, “We enjoy meeting new people and especially very attractive people for well, let’s say ‘new friendships and um, new experiences.'”

Her voice rose as she emphasized the second syllable in the word “experiences” as if to emphasis its importance and her smile broadened at the same time. Her eyes had an almost wicked look to them and yet I could sense she was being completely honest with me.

“We particularly like oh, how should I put this? Maybe—’trying new things’ with uniquely attractive people like yourself.”

I was a little flustered at this point because of her candor and beauty as well as the way she stressed the word “uniquely” in this sentence. Her dark hair, her wide eyes, and her beautiful facial features were impossible to ignore and I felt for a moment like she might be some sort of shaman with the power to cast a spell and hold me under it. I also thought I might not mind that at all. On the other hand, I guess I felt a bit like I was being propositioned and yet I was sure—well pretty sure—she hadn’t actually “read” me. Or had she? Women noticed everything. No detail escaped their watchful eye. I’d passed brilliantly in the presence of quite a few women before, but maybe Shada somehow just knew. And if she knew and if she really was propositioning me then what exactly did that mean?

“Do the ‘new things’ you enjoy trying include more than dinner and conversation, Shada?” I asked pensively.

Her eyes were positively sparkling. She reached out her hands and took mine into hers. “They include anything a beautiful and fascinating woman like yourself would like them to include, Callie.”

The fingers on Shada’s soft hands were gently making their way along my own. She stared directly at me as our fingers curled around each others’.

“So when you said you two like women who are uniquely attractive, did you have something particular in mind or did you just mean….”

“Callie. Just know that Eric and I have wanted to meet a woman exactly like you for a very long time. It’s just that finding someone who’s so pretty and well, so unique is a very, very difficult thing to do. We would love nothing more than to share our evening—and our love with a pretty girl like yourself who has a certain something special to offer,” she said coyly. “So without saying anything more, does that address your concerns?”

“It does, Shada. Wow. I’m truly flattered and well, I’m also very interested.”

“That’s wonderful!” Shada exclaimed as she stepped in and threw her arms around my neck. “I’m so happy to hear that, Callie! Eric will be thrilled. His 35th birthday is next Saturday and I was hoping you could join us after dinner for champagne at around 8 o’clock that evening. Yes? No? Maybe?”

“That sounds perfect, Shada. Two questions for you. Should I bring anything and what should I wear? Is it casual or….”

“It’s whatever you want it to be, Callie. Anything from a formal gown to jeans and a tee-shirt will be just fine and no, you don’t need to bring anything. We’ll have everything you could possibly need or want right here, sweetheart, okay?”

“Okay,” I told whispered my voice almost cracking with excitement and possibly a little anxiety. “I’ll see you both at 8pm then.”

“I can hardly wait, Callie. See you then.”

Shada moved toward me indicating she wanted to kiss me and for a moment I couldn’t remember if I was David or Callie as her lips briefly pressed against mine.

“Bye, Callie. I’m so glad we got to meet.”

“Me, too. Shada. Thank you for the tea and for the invitation.”

Shada walked me to the door and ran her hand along the back of my arm as I stepped outside. “Take care, Callie. See you Saturday.”

As I started my car, it hit me. Holy cow! They want to fuck me.

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