Kelli Gets Even Ch. 2

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Kelli awoke the next morning flush with pleasure at her revenge on Bonnie. She thought to herself, “that couldn’t have gone any better!” She rolled out of bed, gave Mike a pat on his bare ass (well, she had to celebrate her victory, right?) and headed into the dorm bathroom to get ready for the day.

As she stood in the shower, she reviewed what she had decided to call “The Cindy Situation.” Cindy was a friend of Bonnie’s who delighted in making Kelli’s life difficult, although Kelli didn’t know about that at the time. The incident in question happened during Kelli’s sophomore year, when she and Cindy had a class together. Kelli was interested in a guy named Steve who was also in the class… he was tall and gorgeous, and she got woozy just thinking about him during long lectures. Cindy noticed Kelli’s attraction, and set out to screw it up for her. The whole class went to a party at Steve’s frathouse, and Kelli got way too drunk in order to get up enough nerve to try to seduce Steve. Cindy came over and told Kelli that she’d noticed Kelli’s attraction to Steve, and that she wanted to help.

She took Kelli up to a bedroom and sat her on the bed, and told Kelli that she would trick Steve into coming up into the bedroom. She was gone for what seemed like a long time, and Kelli was beginning to wonder what was up, when three girls burst into the room, giggling, obviously drunk as well. Kelli sat there speechless as the girls quickly stripped off their clothes, kissed each other deeply, and then stumbled to the bed and fell on top of her. She tried to protest, tried to break free, but one held her down while the other two acted, and before she knew it, her jeans were off, one girl was straddling her face, one was positioned between her legs, and the other was holding her wrists. Just then the door opened, and Steve walked in with Cindy behind him.

“Oh, geez” Steve said, and backed away from the bed. Kelli’s retorts were muffled by the hand over her mouth, which was hidden from Steve’s view by the girl on top of her; her writhing around to get free was misinterpreted as pleasure. She caught a glimpse of Cindy and Steve as they left the room. Cindy’s hand was on his crotch as she said, loud enough for Kelli to hear “Wow, who knew she was a lesbian? It sure would be a shame to waste this big hard tool, though… maybe we can find somewhere to put it…” The girls rolled off of Kelli as the door closed, laughing at her. Kelli retrieved her clothes and ran from the room, and from the party, with that laughter echoing in her head… she wasn’t able to get a date with a man buca escort bayan for months that didn’t involve suggestions of her bringing along some “girlfriends.”

Back in her room, Mike nowhere to be seen, Kelli allowed a small smile to cross her lips. Sometimes you got what you deserved… It was time for Cindy to learn that lesson. And she was definitely going to learn it tonight.

Kelli had asked around, and found out that Cindy was studying for a final tonight in her dorm room, which was perfect. Kelli had previously dated someone in the college’s computer center, and she had agreed to go on a few more dates with the guy in return for a little illegal access. She logged into the email system under Cindy’s name, and sent a few emails to a few people, setting up tonight’s entertainment. Then, while Cindy was in the shower, Kelli snuck into her room and set up a small lipstick camera that fed a tape machine and monitor in Kelli’s room.

The lipstick camera was on loan from a local television station… it was good to have contacts. She also rigged Cindy’s door not to lock, and headed back to her own room. Kelli looked at her watch… the first emails should be reaching their destinations in about 5 hours. She headed off to class, enjoying thoughts of what was to be.

Night finally came, with agonizing slowness. 9 o’clock was the “zero hour.” At 8:50, she sat down in front of the monitor and turned on the feed from the lipstick camera, hitting record on the videotape machine. The view was from an upper corner of the room, and looked great. It showed Cindy sitting at her desk, studying. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, her long black hair in a ponytail. Cindy was about 5-4, fair skinned, about 105lbs, most of that in her chest. She had some of the largest breasts Kelli had ever seen on a girl that size, probably DD cup, maybe larger; Cindy claimed they were natural, but Kelli thought she’d had them done. There was a microphone on the camera, so Kelli was able to hear the CD playing in the background as Cindy studied.

Right at 9 o’clock there was a knock on the door. Cindy looked pissed, and stormed over to the door, flinging it open. Her boyfriend of the moment, Chad, stood in the hallway. “What the fuck are you doing here? You KNOW I have to study!” Cindy said to him, hands on hips.

Unknown to Cindy, Kelli had set up this meeting. She had sent an email from Cindy’s account addressed to a girl friend of Cindy’s that “accidentally” got sent to Chad instead. In that email, “Cindy” (really Kelli) had escort buca whined about what a wimp Chad was, and how she should dump him. What she really wanted was a man who knew what he wanted and took it, without any caring about anything else, without any questions, any conversation… a real man. How, when she finished studying that night at 9pm, she was going to go find herself a real man and get the fucking of her life… maybe even let him tie her up and try her backdoor, her last virgin territory. How Chad could never be man enough to do that. That email was a work of art, Kelli chuckled as she saw Cindy yelling at Chad. A damn fine work of art. She should have brought popcorn for this performance. The thing that made it work was the Cindy was just enough of a tramp to have said all of those things.

Without a word, Chad strode in and closed the door. Grabbing the stunned Cindy, he swung her around and pushed her hard against the wall, hard enough that the breath blew out of her body with a gasp. “You wanted a real man… now you’re going to get it.” Chad said, grabbing her t-shirt and pulling it up over her head, covering her face with it. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out some nylon rope, which he used to bind her arms above her at the wrists. Cindy was trying to speak at this point, so he pushed some of the t-shirt into her mouth as well, and wrapped a piece of rope around to hold it in. Cindy writhed around, trying to get away, as he held her hands above her head. Then, bending his knees, he threw her up over his shoulder, grabbed her sweatpants and panties, and yanked them off of her, leaving her clad only in bra and the t-shirt over her head. Cindy’s muffled voice yelled curses as he tossed her onto the bed. He simply turned up the music.

Deciding to take his time, Chad slowly stripped off his clothes, watching as Cindy tried to get up off the bed, watching those gorgeous breasts bouncing around, then gently knocking her off balance each time she was close to success. Finally, He effortlessly flipped her over on her back, knelt between her legs, and began licking. Her protests trailed away as he ate her, becoming gasps of pleasure. His hands undid her bra, freeing her breasts, which he kneaded roughly enough to mix some pain with the pleasure she was feeling. As she shuddered in orgasm, he undid her hands and removed the t-shirt, tying one hand to each bedpost and stuffing her panties into her mouth, tying them in place again to muffle her protests. He climbed up and straddled her, looking her in the eyes. “There are 3 things I’ve buca escort wanted to do to you that you’ve never let me, because you always want to be in control. Tonight you’re not.”

Having said that, he shifted down a little, squeezed her breasts together, and began to tit-fuck her. He knew that she was holding this back to tantalize… it was as good as he thought it would be. As he felt himself build towards orgasm, he stopped, and stepped off of her. Kelli could see the relief in Cindy’s eyes. That relief turned to denial as he lifted her up and turned her over, placing her on all fours on the bed. Her muffled cries intensified as he dropped a finger to her sopping pussy and used it to lubricate her tight asshole. Positioning his cock at the entrance, he slid it inside slowly, ever so slowly, accompanied by Cindy’s moans. It only took a few strokes before he was ready to cum; he pulled out, moved up, and shot his load onto Cindy’s face, into her hair. Cindy collapsed on the bed.

Chad dressed and turned to face her. “I guess you must have figured if I got all that from you I wouldn’t want you anymore. You were right. Goodbye.” He strode out the door and out of Cindy’s life. He knew she wouldn’t do anything about tonight’s episode; he was fairly sure she would look back and realize she wanted to be treated that way.

Kelli laughed to herself as she checked her watch. 10:15. Well, she thought, I mistimed it a little bit, the next act doesn’t begin for another 15 minutes. Getting a great idea, she ran down the hall to Cindy’s room and slipped inside unnoticed. Cindy had righted herself on the bed, and watched Kelli as she came in. “I won’t bother you… I can see that you’re all tied up!” Kelli taunted as she stood by Cindy’s bed. “I just had to know…” with that, she reached down and grabbed Cindy’s breasts. “Wow. They are real. That’s great.” Kelli ran back to her room, and waited for the next development. She laughed yet again, remembering the email that she had sent to those 4 computer geeks that Cindy gave such a hard time to in the class they shared. “Hi boys,” the email read “I really feel bad about being so mean to you. I’ll leave a present wrapped up in my dorm room for you. Come by at 10:30 and get it; don’t bother unwrapping it at all, just use it right there, however you like. Oh, you might want to bring a camera. See you then. Cindy.”

Kelli watched through the camera’s lens as the 4 boys walked into Cindy’s room, looked at each other, and closed the door, setting the chair in front of it to block it from opening. She had a feeling that Cindy wasn’t going to get much studying done tonight. Kelli leaned back and watched, enjoying the voyeurism, thinking already about her plans for her next victim. Once again, she reflected: revenge is sweet.

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