Kelly: A Tramp Awakened

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Note to my readers: This story is fiction, but is based on the experiences of a personal acquaintance of mine. It is my belief that every woman has a slut buried deep inside her. Some of us simply allow that slut it’s voice. ‘Kelly’ has allowed me to let you experience her voice.

Also, I hope the shift in point-of-view from Kelly’s to 3rd person narrative doesn’t cause my readers problems. I think anyone can write an erotic story in one POV; I’m having some fun here. Bear with me…

“Hey. Kelly, is it? Wait a minute.”

He reached across my desk and laid his hand against my cheek, his calloused fingers resting softly against my skin. His eyes held mine as he brushed against my upper lip lightly, once, twice; the third time a little more firmly.

“It’s a mole,” I said, annoyed and yet surprised at how difficult it was to form the words at that moment. His proximity had me spooked, but more than that; I was strangely aroused. I became aware of the thudding of my heart, and at the same time, of the fact that his eyes weren’t just green. There were flecks of gold in there, too. I thought they were amazing eyes.

He said, so softly I almost didn’t hear, “Ah. Beauty mark.” It was a statement, and all I could do was react, nodding dumbly. Then his hand left my face, and I was like a diver bobbing to the surface after a leap off a really high cliff into deep, cold water. I blinked, literally, and drew a breath. He leaned back and grinned, his eyes never leaving mine. “It’s a genuine beauty mark, then,” he said, and winked. Oh my god, he winked! I think it was the only time I ever had a man wink at me. It flustered me momentarily, and then it made me angry.

“I think ‘mole’ is actually the correct description, Mr. …” I scanned the application form, looking for his name, but my eyes weren’t focusing properly and my thoughts were still disjointed, like a synapse in my brain had shorted out. I could still feel the sensation of his fingers against my cheek. I felt something else, as well. I was damp. My panties clung to my labia like a second skin, and I was certain he could smell me in the tiny office. I stood, and though I’m only slightly over five feet to his six, it was my feeble attempt to assume a position of power.

“Joiner,” I said, finally remembering his last name. “And it’s Mrs. Randolph,” I said, my heart pounding in my chest. “Not Kelly.” I waited for him to leave before taking a deep breath.

That was Kelly Randolph’s first meeting with Danny Joiner. She hired him that day because she needed an experienced fry cook, and Danny was willing to work for the ridiculous wages that McDonald’s insisted on starting new employees at, even with his extensive referrals. Their second meeting was orientation four days later, and she made sure they weren’t alone. There were four new hires there that day. All the same, she sensed what felt like a current of electricity in the room, teasing her in places she couldn’t help but think about. She hadn’t felt that in a couple of years, and she fought back the memories it spawned.

Just twenty years old, Kelly Randolph was a genuinely attractive Southern girl, though she seemed unaware of her own beauty. An attractive face and stylishly short blonde hair highlighted clear blue eyes, and she stayed toned through regular exercise. Her looks certainly commanded the attention of the majority of the male customers and salesmen that came in, though they were respectful for the most part. Kelly had worked in and around her father’s McDonald’s stores since she was fourteen. He owned seven stores in the Atlanta area, and gave his daughter her own store to manage the day she turned twenty. Meanwhile, she went to night school, working toward her business degree.

Kelly had met her husband at one of her father’s stores, and they got married after a brief courtship. Troy Randolph was now in training to become a manager, too, at a store across town. Due to their conflicting schedules, they saw each other only a few nights a week. Sometimes Kelly didn’t even feel married.

I was ‘almost’ a virgin when I met Troy. I always considered myself that way, though it probably sounds weird. See, I was a rebellious teenager, flirty and teasing, but my only real sexual experience up to that point was when I gave up my virginity on the seat of a boyfriend’s truck, when I was just fifteen. He was much older, and he broke my heart just as recklessly as he had broken my hymen. I should have known better. Our relationship was messy and humiliating from the start, fueled by my need to appeal to the older boys. Not long after that I found the church, and then Troy, and I knew he was the man I wanted to devote my life to. He’s a caring, gentle and respectful Christian man, who never made an improper advance toward me in the whole time we dated. Now we’ve been married almost fourteen months. Troy was even less experienced than I in the ways of marital pleasure, but he’s learning how to görükle escort please me. I’m amazed at how tender sex can be with a man who truly loves me.

Okay, did I mention that I’m frustrated? Troy and I work different shifts, and most times we fall into bed next to each other, too tired for anything but a goodnight kiss. Sometimes I masturbate while he sleeps next to me, and I’ve discovered something. I woke up one night to a movement of the bed, and I watched him from the cover of my pillow with my eyes half-closed. He was stroking himself, breathing hard. I didn’t want him to know I was watching him, but it was unbelievably arousing! He finished quickly, and all his juice went into a tissue. This just worked me up even more, and it was difficult to wait until his breathing had settled into a normal rhythm. Then I got myself off, as discreetly as I could. I wanted to think he might be watching me, but he wasn’t. He was fast asleep.

Danny Joiner could read his manager’s inner conflict. One day, as she walked by him, he asked, “You okay, boss?” Kelly just nodded in response, then she stopped. She wanted to know what made him ask that. He just said, “You look like you’re getting too much sleep,” and then he laughed.

This struck her as an odd thing to say. Against her instincts, she followed him into the freezer and asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Danny dropped a box of frozen fries on a cart and turned to her, taking in those innocent blue eyes. After a long pause he said, “Too much sleep means not enough time awake, and that makes for frustration.” He turned and walked out, leaving her standing in the frosty air, wondering what he was trying to say. By the time the door thumped shut, her face was warm with embarrassment.

It took her five full minutes to come out of that freezer. When she did, he was just outside the door, cutting cardboard boxes apart with a box knife and watching her closely. He glanced down at her chest and grinned. “Cold in there, ain’t it?”

Kelly put her hands across her chest and blushed again. She was chilled to the bone, but she doubted he could really see anying through her blouse. He was obviously trying to shake her up. What bothered her most was the way he seemed to see the girl she once was, beneath the exterior she presented. She headed for the office in a hurry.

Last week we were to do our annual cleaning of the fryers, broilers and hoods, prior to our upcoming inspection. It involved physically removing the equipment and cleaning behind, under, and above everything. It has to be done at night, after hours, of course. We had five hours, from closing to re-open, to get it done, and Daddy wanted me overseeing. I tapped five people to stay over: myself; Tommy, my assistant manager; Jesse, one of our maintenance guys; Juan, my grill master; and Jodie, from the counter crew, just because I wanted another woman involved. Jodie wasn’t thrilled about having to work overnight, but she’s also one of my best friends, so she agreed. I promised her she wouldn’t have to get too dirty.

That night Daddy came in just before closing, and informed me that he was pulling Jesse outside to pressure clean the parking lot, so I needed to find another person to work inside. “Dad,” I complained, “how am I going to find someone now?”

Of course, as luck would have it, Danny overheard. He told my father that he would be happy to get the overtime. Daddy asked if that was okay with me. I couldn’t tell him how self-conscious Danny made me with him standing there, so I agreed.

We all worked hard that night. By the end of the four hours, we had all the equipment thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled. I asked Juan and Tommy to fire up the broilers and fryers for the morning crew as Danny finished wiping down the last of the hoods, and told Jodie to check the restrooms and clock out. My openers would begin arriving in half an hour. I went to get the coffee started.

I didn’t hear Danny come up behind me. The others were in the back, and I was enjoying the solitude of an early morning ritual. I had just glanced out the storefront windows. Jesse had finished washing down the lot and had gone.

I felt Danny’s hands on my waist, and stiffened. I knew it was him, without even looking, and it made my skin crawl. He pulled me backward against him as I started to protest and he whispered, “Shhhhh. I think there’s something you should know.”


I was angry and wanted to attract attention, but I was unprepared when his right hand went over my mouth and nose, cutting off my air. His grip was vice-like. Again, he shushed me. His left hand slid around to my belly and up under my shirt, and I felt the chill of his fingers on my bare flesh. It sent a shiver through me.

I’m still not sure why I couldn’t wriggle out of his grasp. I guess he was too strong. I felt his erection against the small of my back, then. He said, “I know what you eskort bayan need, Kelly; that’s all. A pretty little girl like you…”

He held me tightly, his fingers exploring the skin beneath my navel, and I felt his manhood against the base of my spine. He was hard. Then I realized I was responding. My breathing had been frantic, trying to grab air through his fingers, but then I relaxed slightly, giving in to him. I felt that old familiar rush of desire, like when I was fifteen, and it scared and repulsed me. I was a married woman! I couldn’t allow myself to be seduced by those feelings all over again.

With a sudden twist, I escaped his grasp and turned to glare at him. “You’re fired, Danny,” I told him.

He just laughed.

“I’m serious. Clock out now and don’t ever come back. I’ll mail your last check.” I turned to walk away, trembling and hyperventilating, and his hand shot out and grabbed my ponytail. He jerked me backwards, and pulled me against his chest again. This time his hand was on my neck, squeezing really tight, cutting my air off.

“Good.” His voice was low and mean. “That’ll give me a chance to tell your Daddy about you and me.”

“what???…” I coughed the words, incredulous that he thought he could blackmail me that way. I would have laughed, but his hand was too tight on my throat.

He said in a soft voice, “The other night, when we were making out in your office,” he whispered. “You remember. We got caught by your retarded custodian? Fire me, and I’ll get him to tell your Daddy everything he saw and heard.” He hesitated for effect. “Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. He’ll say what I tell him to say, or he’ll get a beating he won’t live to talk about.”

Danny’s voice was calm, and that scared me more than anything. I think he actually believed his own fantasies. In any case, he was threatening Buddy, my sweet, dysfunctional little maintenance man. Buddy’s not the brightest bulb on the string, but I’ve known him since I was little, and he always works really hard, despite his disability. I shuddered to think of what Danny might do to someone like him, but I didn’t doubt that the threat was real. I nodded slowly.

When Danny released me, I turned and stared at him, trying to condense my fear and my hatred of him into something I could deal with on my own terms. “Fine,” I said at last, and the words tasted ugly on my tongue. “You quit. Just get out. Stay away from me, and stay away from Buddy. I won’t be bullied, and I won’t stand for any threat to him. If you touch one hair on his head, I swear I’ll call the police.”

When she was sure Danny was gone, Kelly turned on unsteady legs and headed for her office. She needed a quiet place to compose herself, but her starters were coming in, so she told her crew to clock out, then barrelled out the back door, seeking the solitude of her car. Once there, she wrapped her arms around her chest and sobbed. She was terrified.

To her relief, Danny didn’t try to show up for work again, and Kelly hoped she’d seen the last of him. She debated going to her father and telling him what had happened, but she was plagued by what she considered her failings as a manager, so she filled in as cook that day, and she hardly gave Danny a thought. By the end of a long shift at the grill, in fact, the threat of Danny Joiner seemed to be over.

On the following Monday, though, during the usual morning rush, one of her counter workers came back to tell her that a man in the dining room had asked to speak to the manager. She walked out to see Danny and a dark-haired man sitting at a booth in the back, near the restrooms. The man nodded her over. Taking a deep breath, she approached the two, staring hard at Danny. He hardly looked at her. “What is it?” she asked, trying to keep her voice steady. Danny looked up at her briefly, but avoided her eyes. The other man spoke. In a soft voice, he asked Kelly to sit. He then calmly informed her that he knew about the merchandise she’d stolen.

I was absolutely incredulous. “This is my store. I’m the manager here. Just what do you think I’d be taking?” I was fuming, and seeing Danny’s nonchalant expression made me even madder. The guy didn’t raise his voice, though. He just told me to check my stock of gratis coupons, and to figure out how I was going to get them back before my Daddy figured out they were gone. I knew what he was referring to. These are the coupons we give out for free food and coffees during promotions. We had a big one coming up later in the month.

“Those are worth a lot of money,” he said.

He was right. They easily added up to thousands of dollars, so I kept them in the safe. He said, “I’ve seen your ad on the internet. Not too smart, when it’s your Daddy’s own store.” He and Danny looked at each other, then, and giggled like a couple of schoolboys.

“Better check that internet address, too,” he cautioned, once they’d had their altıparmak escort laugh. “I could be wrong, but the ad was taken out by a Kelly Randolph, according to the listing, and it offers a whole lot of free food for a very nominal sum. Now,” he said, looking at me with a smirk on his face, “isn’t that you?”

I just glared at the two of them, wondering what they thought they could accomplish with their empty threats and their cheap con job. Neither reacted. Finally I stood up, and told Danny he’d better leave. “And take your slimy friend with you,” I told him, and I headed for my office. I could hear them laughing as I walked back behind the counter.

I went directly to the office and closed the door behind me. Then I opened the safe, sure that I would find the gratis coupons stacked neatly on the top shelf. I was wrong. There were only half a dozen of them, scattered around the floor of the safe. That was all. I felt like an anvil had dropped into my stomach. My mind reeled with possibilities. How could Danny manage to get into my safe? If he didn’t, who could be helping him? Maybe I should ask Tommy, I thought. Daddy might have changed his mind, and asked him to get them back to him until the promotion started. No. Daddy would have come to me. Saying anything now would alert Tommy, and then my father. If those two out there were serious…

I figured if they’d taken out an ad in my name, they had to pay for it somehow. I quickly checked my purse. Dammit! My credit cards were missing, as well. I could guess when they’d been stolen, and where they were now. My stomach lurched again. I could feel tears tracing the line of my cheeks, and I slumped into my chair, wracked with fear. How stupid could I be?

Ten minutes later Kelly had herself under control, and returned to the dining room, dreading what she had to do. Danny and his friend were still there, as she knew they would be. Danny was grinning when he saw her this time.

“I thought you’d see things our way,” the other man said, standing and offering her his place in the booth. Reluctantly, she slid into the booth between he and Danny, determined not to say anything yet. She wanted to find out what they were planning, and try to find a way to foil it.

Danny leaned in to her, then, and spoke gruffly. “This is Ray,” he said, indicating the man on her left. “I owe him a lot of money. You’re gonna help me repay a debt, Kelly. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll have some fun, too.” She felt his hand slide onto her thigh beneath the table, and angrily brushed it away. She’d reached her limit with these two.

“Now, listen,” she began. Her voice was tremulous and a bit too high, and she felt tears begin in the corners of her eyes again.

“No, YOU listen.” It was Ray, and this time his hand went to her thigh. It locked onto her, clutching her tender flesh tightly just inches from her crotch. His voice was tense, but low and controlled. “That listing of yours has already had over two hundred hits,” he explained, then he chuckled. “Hey, we might even make a little money if you want to go that way, but you’ll go to prison if it comes out that you stole those coupons yourself, and then set up a deal with us. Both Danny and I will swear to that.” He paused, letting this sink in.

“What do you want?” Kelly heard herself saying the words, but they seemed to come from somewhere else.

“Well, unless you want that to happen, you need to meet with me later, Kelly. At this address.” He handed her a torn piece of napkin with a handwritten address. At the bottom he had written, ‘SIX O’CLOCK – PARTY TIME!’ His thumb stroked her tense thigh muscle as he hissed, “Don’t wear these company slacks, by the way. I want to see you in something sexy.” His words left no doubt as to what he wanted from her.

Just hearing the tone in his voice made my stomach clench, and the words he said were even more revolting to me. I kept thinking, ‘How did I let this happen? What would Troy say? And my father?’ I tried to form the words to tell these two that they weren’t going to get away with this, but I knew in my heart that things had somehow gotten beyond my ability to control. I’d been framed; foolishly beaten by a pair of thugs. Even if I went to Daddy and told him what had happened, I’d lose his trust forever. At that moment, I knew what I had to do. I could still salvage my career, even if it meant surrendering my dignity.

I tried to keep my hands steady as I stared at that address. Ray’s hand moved up my leg, and I could feel his little finger moving against my sex, stroking me there. I tried not to move, but I squirmed a little, in spite of myself. Finally I took a deep breath and turned to Ray. “Okay,” I said. I was defeated, but determined not to show it. “This is how it’ll be. I’ll meet you tonight. One time. And I want every one of those vouchers in my hand when I leave. I need your word on that.” I stared hard at him, watching his eyes. His hand slowly left my leg and he held it out to me. I shook it, not enjoying his touch at all, but telling myself I’d better get used to it.

“One time,” he said, holding my gaze. “You and me. And you just might enjoy it, Kelly. I know I will.” He grinned at me, and my heart froze.

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