Kelsey’s World Ch. 14

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“Richie, Honey, how do you want me?”

Richie smiled. He wanted her doggie-style. Kelsey could see it in his eyes.

“Hey, you dirty boy!” she smiled. “Focus!”

“Lean back a little,” Richie said, still grinning. “Try putting your arm out on the fender.”

“That looks great,” Koop said.

Richie put the camera to his face, snapped off a few shutter clicks, moved for a slightly different angle and clicked a few more.

“Let’s do this one again,” Koop said, pointing at a restored Dodge Power Wagon. “I lowered the price and I wanna make sure it gets some attention.”

“I’ve got just the outfit for that one,” Kelsey said. She scurried away into Koop’s office. He and Richie watched through the front window as Kelsey stripped off the white bikini and pulled on a satiny peach-colored girdle she bought online at a vintage clothing website. She noticed the boys watching as she wiggled into it, so she left the bra off while she pulled on some shear stockings and attached them to the girdle’s straps. The matching bra was the finishing touch.

“Nothin’ like givin’ a girl some privacy,” she said sarcastically when she walked back outside.

“Yeah, like you don’t love being watched,” Koop said. “That looks pretty great.”

“I though it might be fun to have some older stuff for the older trucks.”

“I’m gonna write you a check when we’re done,” Koop said. “You can use it for a wardrobe allowance, okay?”

“Oh! Okay!” Kelsey said. “I’ll buy some cool stuff!”

Richie posed her against the dark-green Power Wagon and started clicking away with his camera.

“So, did you like Barbara?” Kelsey asked. The question took Koop by surprise.

“Oh, yeah, she’s great,” he said, remembering how wild Barbara had been on the sex swing at the party.

“You guys should get together,” Kelsey said. “She’s just gettin’ started after being a mom for so long. I think she’d love it.”

“Really?” Koop said. “Happy and Sharron said I should call her. I’m not really good at that kind of thing.”

“Shit, you fucked her eighteen times! You can’t pick up the phone?”

Richie giggled.

“All right, young man,” Koop said. “Stick to your work. Do we really need to talk about this in public, Kelsey?”

“Richie’s not public,” Kelsey said. “He’s been there, done that. Right, Richie?”

“Yup,” Richie said proudly.

“Kelsey, you didn’t!” Koop said.

“What! He’s eighteen!”

“If I have hell to pay with his mother you’re gonna be sorry.”

“Am I? Am I gonna be sorry? You can spank me if you want. Pull down my pants and put me over your knee.”

“All right, can we try to keep this civilized for a few minutes more?” Koop asked. “Can you climb in on that seat and sorta sprawl out? Think you can get that, Richie?”

“Yup,” he said. He switched lenses to a wide angle zoom. “Roll on your stomach,” he said to Kelsey. “Up on your elbows.”

“Ooo, a tit man!” she teased.

“Damn!” Koop said when he saw how the pose accentuated her massive cleavage.

“See? He’s got a real feel for this stuff,” Kelsey said. “Let me get my ass up a little. How’s that?”

“The old truck’ll get some attention now,” Koop said.

“So, I didn’t tell you guys yet, me and Brie and Charity are gettin’ our own place. It’s out Barclay Road a ways.”

“Nice,” Koop said. “An apartment?”

“Nope. A whole house. Four bedrooms, a wicked porch. It’s all really private. Don’t stop by unless you wanna see naked girls.”

“Roll over,” Richie directed. “Lean back on the other door. Put your knee up, and your other leg down on the floor.”

“Richie, wanna help us move?” Kelsey asked as she adjusted her pose. “The girls’d love to see you again.”

“Yeah! When are you doin’ it?”

“Oh, Christ,” Koop said. “His mother’s gonna have my head.”

“We wanna get in next week, before school starts. Brie and Charity are new teachers, at Hillydale Elementary.”

“No shit?” Koop said. “They’re elementary school teachers?”

“Yup,” Kelsey said. “Pretty hot, huh?”

“I guess so!” he said, thinking back to the staid schoolmarms that taught him. “Jesus! It almost makes me wish I had a kid!”

“I know, right? How fun would it be to be a parent and fuck one of them?”

“Or both of them!” Koop said. Richie giggled. “Sorry, kid,” Koop said. “I forgot about you for a minute there.”

“Don’t worry about him,” Kelsey said. “Like I said, he’s been there, done that.”

Richie giggled, embarrassed but proud that Koop knew his wonderful secret.

“Oh, God,” Koop said, shaking his head. “What have I done…”

“We’ll take my car tomorrow,” Brie said proudly. “You need to be at the airport at 6AM?”

“Sorry, Sweetheart,” Brian said. “It’s awfully early.”

“I feel like we should have gone out to dinner tonight or something,” Brie said. “You’ll be gone for months.”

“Some quiet time with you two is what I’d like to remember.”

“Mix us a drink?” Charity said.

“Are you guys going to decimate my Bourbon supply when I’m gone?”

“We won’t be here anymore, Daddy, Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort remember?”

“Yeah, I’m not sure what that has to do with it. Just don’t give any to underage kids, and don’t drive when you’re drinking, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“So, Charity, what can I pour you?”

“Booker’s. Up,” she said.

“Holy shhhit!” Brian said. “I’m gonna go broke!

The little bon voyage party was well lubricated, with three bottles of Brian’s best bourbon in play. By the end of the first hour the conversation was loose and freewheeling. Two hours in, the girls were getting thoroughly drunk and Brian was close behind.

“So, how much alcohol did it take at your party, before everyone’s clothes came off?” Brian asked.

“None,” Charity giggled. “We just love being naked.”

“Really! People my age, it seems like we need to get sloshed before that kind of thing happens.”

Brie’s eyes opened wide with surprise. “Has it happened, Daddy?”

“Honestly, only once. It was a college party me and your mom were at. It got pretty wild, but, it was a one time thing.”

“Mom was there? Was there sex? Did other guys…get with her?”

“Yeah, a couple guys we hadn’t met before. As far as I know it’s the only time she let herself go like that. I kind of wish we’d pursued something after that, because I could tell it really excited her. This might sound awful, but I loved watching her.”

“Whoa!” Brie said. “That’s…blowin’ my mind a little. Was she sexy? I never thought about whether Mom was sexy or not.”

“Oh, yeah! Really sexy. I mean…like you. I shouldn’t say that probably, being your dad and all, but…”

As the alcohol flowed, Charity’s inhibitions broke down, and Brian’s did too. By the time the conversation had turned sexy she was leaning against him and his arm was around her. She got up for a trip to the bathroom, stripped off her clothes in her room and returned stark naked, her nipples in full turned-on mode.

“Okay, here we go!” Brie said loudly, her voice slurring a little. “What took you so long!”

Charity giggled. She resumed her position nestled under Brian’s arm. “We don’t like clothes around here,” she said, sounding a bit slury herself. “We only started wearin’ ’em ’cause you were here.”

“Hey, far be it from me to tell grown women how to behave,” Brian said. “You mean I missed out on a whole week of that beautiful body of yours?”

“You been fuckin’ her for the last four nights, Daddy,” Brie said. “You didn’t miss out on much.”

“Ha! That’s right!” Charity said happily, before her face and voice turned pouty. “You missed our party though. Why’d ya kick everybody out? We coulda had fun.”

“Live and learn, I guess,” Brian said.

“Damn right!” Charity said. She tipped her head and kissed Brian, deep and soulful, with lots of tongue.

“I should be mad at you, Daddy,” Brie said. “You fuck all my best friends.”

“Who!” Charity asked.

“You and Kelsey. They were hot and heavy like four years ago.”

Brian looked surprised. “You know about that?”

“Of course! Do you really think I wouldn’t have figured that one out?”

“Wow, I had know idea you knew. Did Kelsey know you knew?”

“Nope. Never told her. She means too much to me. I didn’t wanna fuck it all up.”

“And now, with Charity?” he asked. “Does this bother you?”

“Nope. I’m over that. I just want everybody to be happy, the way Kelsey does.”

“Yay! Happy!” Charity said, bubbling like a glass of frothy champagne. “I’m horny. Let’s play.”

Brie smiled. “You wanna play with my dad in front of me?”

“Yeah! We do it at Kelsey’s. She thinks it’s hot…”

Brie’s eyes showed the enormity of Charity’s blunder. “Char! What the fuck!”

“Wait a minute,” Brian said. “Am I hearing this right? You guys have been with Bobby? Is it true about them? Kay and Bobby?”

“See Char?” Brie said. “You just told a big fuckin’ secret!”

“Oops!” Charity said. “Sorry!”

“So, the rumors I’ve heard are true, huh?” Brian said. “Care to fill me in?”

“Fuck no! I don’t like telling about other people,” Brie said.

“I know, Sweetheart. That’s good, but…the cat’s sorta outta of the bag.”

“I guess. So, yeah, what you told me you used to hear is true. They swing. There’s parties. And they don’t wear clothes.”

“Yay! No clothes!” Charity said. “Bobby’s wicked hot, too.”

“Not to mention Kay,” Brian said. Her long red hair and big tits flashed into his mind. “Jesus, Brie. How long have you…I’m assuming you’ve…”

“Not long. They didn’t let us until…college was almost over.”

“Good. Well, I guess I don’t feel so bad then, about getting involved with your friends. I mean, it seems to be happening all over town.”

“Yeah, it’s cool, Daddy. I mean…I guess that’s maybe why I’m okay with it. Don’t tell about Bobby and Kay though, okay? Crap, I just lost half my buzz. You guys want more?” she asked, already pouring herself a stiff one.

“One more, Sweetheart. For the road.”

“Oh, fuck, Daddy! Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort I almost forgot you’re leaving!”

“No! Don’t leave! You need to fuck me some more!” Charity said, straddling Brian and kissing him. Brie filled their glasses. She took hers and retreated to an upholstered chair, curling her legs under her, to watch the show.

Charity was moaning as she kissed him. Brian’s hands got involved, playing with her round ass and her pointy tits. She unbuttoned his shirt and fondled his chest. The alcohol had thoroughly swept Brie away. Normally she would have run for cover, but she sat there with an open mouthed grin on her face, watching her friend go to town on her father.

“You’re super hard,” Charity said, grinding her bare pussy on the lump in his pants. “Fuck, that feels good!”

She arched her back so Brian could mouth her tits. He went a little wild on them and she had an orgasm, grinding her pussy hard on his lump.

“Fuck!” Brie said softly, smiling at the unexpected orgasm and Charity’s chirpy, stuttering moans. She was amazed at how far her friend had come from her virginal beginnings.

“Oh, lookit!” Charity said. “You made me so wet I got your pants all messy. You’re gonna have to take ’em off.”

She was already busy unfastening them, somehow functioning through the intoxicated, orgasmic cloud in her brain. Brian was pretty cloudy too. He wouldn’t have let things progress in front of Brie if he hadn’t been.

“Oh shiitt!” he said when Charity swallowed his boner. His head went back on the couch cushion and Charity went at it with all the oral skill she could muster. Brie was mesmerized. She’d never seen her father’s hard cock before. It was smaller than she’d imagined, but still nice, circumcised and slightly chunky, with an upward curl that made it perky looking.

Charity didn’t wait for the pants to come off to fuck it. She mounted Brian again, letting her tightness envelope him slowly, savoring every second.

“Fffuuckk!” she said when the bottoming happened and the fucking commenced.

“Night, Daddy,” Brie said, “You two have fun. I’ll see you bright and early.”

She was standing behind the couch, giving Brian a daughterly kiss on the top of his head.

“Night, Sweetheart,” he said. His words, and everything else, felt like a dream.

Brie gave Charity a wet kiss on the mouth, lingering for more than a moment. No one said a word when she walked away.

When Brie returned in her bra and panties fifteen minutes later, Brian was naked. Charity was on her back on the couch, one leg up on his shoulder. He had one knee on the couch and one leg on the floor, fucking her with quick thrusts that made her tits gyrate wildly.

“I’m too horny,” Brie said. “Just me and Charity, okay?”

“I was gonna say the same thing,” Brian said.

Brie wasn’t comfortable stripping just yet, so she climbed onto the couch facing away from her father, straddling Charity’s face. The gusset of her panties was quickly pushed aside. Brie’s heavenly moan signaled contact — Charity’s mouth had let loose her horny fever.

They stayed that way for quite a while, letting things normalize. Brian fucked Charity slowly. Brie could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck. Charity’s tongue danced across her clit. As Brie floated closer and closer an orgasmic state, she reached behind herself, unhooked her bra and tossed it off. It landed on the cocktail table, its clasp in a glass of amber-colored bourbon. Brie’s hands went to her tits as the orgasm rose to a crescendo.

“Fffuuck!” Brie sighed. It was a searing orgasm that made her even drunker than she already was.

Brian needed a change, lest his knee lock permanently in that position. Brie took the opportunity to shed her panties. Charity took the lead, knowing just what she wanted. She guided Brie to the top of the back of the couch and dove in for some more serious pussy eating. Brie felt wicked sitting up there, on full spread-legged display in front of her father. He did the gentlemanly thing and didn’t stare — Charity’s sexy ass had most of his attention. She was on her knees on the edge of the cushion. Brian pressed his hardness into her insanely tight pussy again, almost losing his mind in the process. As he fucked the wild young girl he was face-to-face with Brie. Her intoxicated eyelids drifted from open to closed.

“Fffuuck!” she gasped when Charity’s wonderful tongue made her fly again. Brian was astonished by the similarities to her mother — her tits and nipples, the look of ecstasy on her face, the wordless music floating from her mouth. Brie’s hands took charge of her own heaving tits again, much to Brian’s delight.

The threeway reached an epic climax a few minutes later — bodies glistening with sweat, moans echoing off walls, orgasms ripping through bourbon soaked brains. Brian pulled out at the last second, his cock gushing in his squeezing hand. The first blast hit Brie before peppering Charity’s hair and her back. Six lungs gasped for oxygen. Charity spoke for all, in a breathless Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort whisper…

“Fuckin’ awesome!”

The Friday ‘Happy Hour’ session at the gym was always better attended than other weekday evenings. The owners put out healthy snacks, water and juice for everyone, and there always seemed to be more of a mingling vibe. It was Barbara’s first time experiencing it, and her third time working out with Bobby and Albert. Wednesday she’d reverted to her usual loose shorts and t-shirt, but Friday she had the sexy sports bra on again, and knee-length leggings that hugged her lovely gams. She and the boys were five minutes into their workout when their old friend Rick walked in.

Bobby slapped a firm handshake with him. “Rick! Long time no see, Buddy!”

“Hey you dogs!” he said, shaking Albert’s hand too.

“Do you know our friend Barbara?” Bobby asked.

“Oh my gosh! Sure, our kids went to school together,” Rick said. “Barbara! Good to see you!”

He kissed her on the cheek, glancing down into the chasm of her cleavage as he pulled away. Barbara noticed.

“Hi, Rick,” she said. “You look good.”

“That should be my line!” he said. “Jesus, Barbara! Were you always…this…?”

“I believe hot is the word you’re looking for,” Bobby said.

Barbara blushed. All three men were ogling her, and she loved it.

“So how do you know each other?” Rick asked no one in particular.

Barbara jumped in. “Austin’s dating Kelsey, so I got to know Bobby and Kay. They were nice enough to invite me to a party last weekend.”

“Oh, nice,” Rick said, wondering if it was a party party. Could Barbara Lowe be into that?

“We sort of lost touch with you guys,” Bobby said to Rick. “We’d love to have you and Donna come to the next one.”

“Oh!” Rick said, smiling knowingly at Barbara. “Sure, Bobby. That sounds great!”

“Don’t be surprised if Kelsey and some of her friends are there,” Bobby said. “She’s all about obliterating the generation gap these days.”

“Nice! Yeah,” Rick said, “That sounds great. Kelsey, huh?”

“And friends,” Albert said. “Trinny’s enjoying getting to know some of her male friends.”

“It all came together pretty quickly recently,” Bobby said. “We were planning on getting a hold of you guys.”

“You know…” Barbara said, smiling slyly, “…I always thought you guys were talking sports when you chatted here at the gym. Guess I know better now.”

Bobby and Albert left right after their workout, but Barbara hit the shower. She was well prepared, with bath shoes, all her toiletries, and two small microfiber towels. When she was done she used the locker room’s communal blow dryer on her hair, packed up her things and headed for home. Out in the parking lot, Rick’s voice surprised her.

“Barbara! Hi!” he said as he jogged over. “It was so nice running into you today. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“It has,” she said. “Graduation, maybe? How’s Ashley? Did she go off somewhere?”

“She went to business school. She just started a job in Manhattan.”

“Wow! How exciting for her!”

“Yeah, she’s thrilled,” Rick said. “So, Donna and I are empty-nesters now. I was wondering, would you be interested in coming over sometime? For a little get-together?”

“Just…the three of us?”

“Yeah, that’s sort of what I was thinking. I’ll have to run it by Donna of course, but I know she’d enjoy seeing you. Unless, you…are you seeing any one? We could make it a foursome.”

“Oh,” Barbara said. “I, uh…maybe. Yes. I mean, I’d have to ask him.”

“Great!” Rick said. “Here’s my card. Shoot me a text or call me, whatever you’re comfortable with. We’ll work something out. Really great seeing you Barbara. Drive safe!”

With that, he walked away. Barbara stood next to her car for a moment before loading her gym bag into the back seat. She was pretty sure she had been well and truly hit on, for a quiet swinger party no less!

Barbara had a morning shift on Saturday at the dentist office where she worked. As she scraped horrible smelling plaque off tobacco stained teeth she thought about Rick’s invitation. She’d been attracted to him since the first time she met him, back when Austin was in middle school. He and Donna weren’t beautiful, the way Bobbie and Kay were. Rick had more of a high testosterone, I’d be right at home in a boxing ring kind of aura about him, especially since he’d gotten older and shaved off what little hair he had remaining. Barbara wondered what it would be like to be with Rick and Koop at the same time — Rick with his manly vibe and Koop with his rough, mechanic’s hands and tattoos. It was enough to make her swoon.

“Sorry,” she said, drawing blood from the dental patient’s gums.

It was Koop that came to mind in the parking lot when Rick had mentioned “a foursome.”

“Rinse, please,” she said to the man in the dental chair, wondering if Koop would be interested in such a crazy idea. For some reason she thought maybe he would be, but making the phone call and asking him would be the hard part. Barbara was sure she’d never be able to do it.

What would Kelsey do, she wondered? It was a question Barbara often asked herself. The sprightly redhead had become a powerful influence in her life, for better or worse. She was pretty sure Kelsey would call up Rick and say, “Hi, Honey. When do you and Donna want to fuck me? Can I come over after work?”

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