Kim and James

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Kim could feel that last glass of bourbon relaxing her. She was so anxious. She didn’t know what James was thinking. Hell, she didn’t know what she was thinking. Did she have a couple drinks and go home or would she wake up in bed with him tomorrow. Thoughts raced through her mind.

“You look stressed. Have another drink. You worrying about work or what?” James southern draw was so unique to her ears. She loved to hear it.

Kim spoke in a tired voice, “James, I’m a little stressed. Let me get another drink in me and I’ll be fine”.

Kim ordered a shot of tequila and an old fashioned. James shook his head, “Damn, that’ll get rid of your stress and your morals!”

She did her shot and turned to face him. He had manly features. Wide, square lines framed his face and head. He was strong built and thick. Some extra pounds, but he carried it well. Scares on his hands. Blue suit fit him just right. His face showed his age and his hair was getting gray. But his eyes. His eyes were ageless. Bright and shiny. Greens and blues and browns all shown through.

“What are ya starring at? Counting my gray hairs?”

“No ass. Your eyes look different. Your left eye..”

“I know. It’s half blue. Split right down the middle I guess. The blue suit, alcohol, and CBD I took all make them do that. Lil strange, but it gets you girls to look in my eyes!” He winked.

James sucked down one whiskey after another. He checked out every curve on Kim’s body when she wasn’t looking. Her tight jeans hugged her athletic legs and ass perfectly. Her thin, athletic build fit her frame. She looked a decade younger than her age and he felt she was out of his league. But, he had craved being with her for years. Staring at her while she took a call from work, he wondered what the night would bring. He imagined what she felt like. Then had to stop and adjust himself because he was getting hard. “What’s wring with you!”‘ He chastised himself.

Kim had tried to keep up with his pace, but after 5 drinks she needed a beer to sip on. She ordered a beer and the young, buff bartender told her it was on him and gave her a wink.

James was jealous. Fuck that lil punk he thought. Then he took a breath and shook it off.

“I’m gonna smoke a cigar out on the patio, you want one?” James snapped.

“No, but I could use a cigarette. Let’s go”.

They sat on the block wall that lines the outdoor patio. Only person there was a busboy cleaning tables and putting chairs up. They both lit up just as a strong wind blew.

“Come here. Get close. My big ass will keep the wind off ya”.

Kim scooted up against James’ left side. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. “There kiddo, that’ll keep your skinny ass warm!”

They sat there quiet for a while. Kim finished her smoke and lit another. James puffed his cigar then waved over a waitress to order another round.

By now, Kim was relaxed. Part from the buzz, part from the comfort of being close to him. She felt safe and loved. He was so warm. She kept snuggling closer into him.

James sipped his drink. Sat it down and took a deep breath. His chest expanded so much that it moved Kim’s whole body and made her realize she was leaning against him with her hand on his chest.

“So, you still stressed?”

“No, James. Not at all. This is nice”.

He breathed and half sighed through his nose. He felt more rigid, like he was tense.

He stroked her arm then bent over and kissed her forehead the way a father would his child. This seemed odd. Is he drunk, Kim thought. Just as she began to speak, he turned toward her.

“OK. You gotta tell me what we are doing. I mean, I love ya like family. But seriously. I don’t want to insult you or let you down.”

“You could never let me down or insult me!”

“Dang it. Let me. Damn. See, I don’t know what tonight is. I’m so happy to see you and talk. Just be here with you. But, you know I’m a man and no matter how hard I try, I still see you as a gorgeous woman. So, I’m attracted to you. It’s like this. I. I. I’m setting here wondering if I should kiss you. I want to, but I’m not going to be hurt if you didn’t want me to. But, if you want me too kiss you and I don’t, then I might hurt your feelings and make you feel bad. I’m not a damn mind reader. So… before I ask this understand I am happy either way. I just don’t want to disappoint you or make you uncomfortable. So, do you want me to kiss you or not.”

“James, tell ya what. I don’t know if we should or not. I want to, but scared of losing you if we are intimate. It’s probably the tequila talking, but I say we flip a coin. Heads, we go to your room and Antalya Escort make out. Tails, we stay here and drink”.

James pulled a quarter from his pocket. He flipped it high in the air. It bounced and rolled on its edge for 10 feet then fell over. He bent down to look.

“It’s tails. So that’s that.”

James sighed and slid the quarter in his pocket. His heart ached a little, but he shrugged it off and snapped back to the tough guy. As he turned, Kim pressed against him. Standing with her arms around his waist she whispered, “How about the best 2 out of 3?”

James pulled her in close with his left hand. Pushed her hair to the side and held her chin between his thumb and index finger. Bent down and kissed her. Kim melted in his arms. He held her head with both hands and kissed her.

James pulled back slightly. Ran his hands down her sides and grabbed an ass cheek with each hand. He lifted her up then carried her to the wall they’d sat on. He plopped her down on the wall. Pressed himself between her legs and bent down to kiss here.

He pulled her hips to him. through her tight jeans she could feel his hard dick pushing against her crotch. He adjusted and moved until his penis was sliding up and down the center of her jeans. She hadn’t worn panties and he was pushing the zipper of her jeans between her wet swollen lips and right into her erect clit. She leaned back and he let her go. Bent backwards over the wall exposing her crotch and pulling those jeans even tighter. Grabbing her hips he pressed his hard penis against the fly of her jeans and stroked against it. She was trying not to moan. He just kept pushing harder and faster.

All Kim could think was… Good God. He’s getting me hotter with my pants on than most men had during sex.

He popped the button loose on her jeans and unzipped them. Sat beside her and looked around. No one was watching. He ran his hand palm side down inside her pants. He put his Index and middle finger deep in her and curled them up. Then flicked them putting pressure on her g spot. He tucked his thumb under his hand and placed a knuckle right in the middle of her hot clit. In only seconds the three fingers rubbing her g spot and clit at once made her feel a climax building. She was still bent backward over the wall. Spread eagle with his hands in her pants in public. And she didn’t care. Alll she wanted was to cum. And it built. She was tightening. Racing for her orgasm. He Moved his thumb away and pushed down on her jeans. Giving him a little space to work. Then he slid a third finger inside her and started finger her as fast. She half screamed in pleasure and tensed up her entire body preparing for her release. Squeezed his fingers hard as she came. Shaking, trembling. He pulled his hand out. She’d never felt so wet. Ever!! James helped her set up. Gave her a kiss. She glanced at the glass doors to see 2 young boys watching.

“Their future girlfriends should thank me for showing them that” , James jokes. ” By the way. You need to change.”

Kim looked at her crotch and her jeans were soaked. She had cum so hard she squirted her jeans until they were soaked.

“Put my suit coat on. It’ll hang to your thighs and we can get you upstairs.”

Kim slips on the coat and they slipped out to the back entrance and into the elevators.

The elevator ride was quiet. Tense. Each wondering what the other thought.

They walked into the room and James got a robe from the closet. Here. Put this on and I’ll hang your jeans up.

Kim stripped facing him. Stood buck naked facing him and handed him her clothes. James tossed them on the dresser and pushed her to the bed.

In no time his pants were off and his hard dick was rubbing her clit.

“Lord you are so wet. Are sure I can do this?”

Kim nodded. She wanted him in her so bad. He pulled back and thrust in. All of his shaft went in hard. His wide hips spreading her legs pulling her pussy tight around him. He shifted his hips in a circular motion trying to push deeper inside. Moving in and out it felt like her insides were melting around him. All she could do was lay her head back, close her eyes, and let the pleasure take her away.

James pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, dropped to his knees. Lifting her legs high and pushing them back to her chest, her smooth shaved pussy exposed. Her lips were swollen and laying to each side. Her clit erect and open. So wet fluid ran out of her. Both her ass cheeks and anus were soaked.

Taking a deep breath, James pushes her knees to her chest with each hand. Then spread her legs wide apart and lowered himself down to her. He took Antalya Escort Bayan her clit in his mouth. Sucked it in. His tongue pressed in the center of it moving just the right way. Her lips were spread with his beard pushed firmly into her slit. As he sucked and licked the movement of his chin rubbed the beard against that hot pink flesh stimulating her even more.

He raised his head to look at her. His face and beard were soaked with her.

“Are you ready to cum?”

“Yes. Please.”

Sliding to the side he held her legs up with his right forearm. He laid his head against her legs so his tongue was right over her clit. He open his mouth and placed it over her. He searched with his tongue until he spread her clit wide. Then he flicked his tongue back and forth so fast. Right in the center of her clit. So fast. Then His left index finger went deep inside her. His palm facing up, he began curling and uncurling his finger the way one would to motion someone to come here. Each time the tip of his finger rubbed the against her she pulsed. Then he added his middle finger. Moving them together. Then he curled it tight against her. Pulled against her firmly like a fishhook inside her. That was the spot. The spot a dick couldn’t reach. He put pressure and moved his finger. Still licking her frantically. Her legs and ass quivered. She had to cum. But she wanted it to last. Almost there. Almost there.

He pulls his finger out quickly. Then jabs back in. His index finger in her pussy and middle finger in her ass. And he pounded her like a jackhammer. Still licking her. Still holding her bent in half.

Oooooobhbhhhh. She shook and pulsed. Tightened her stomach so hard. Squeezed tight on both fingers. He pulled out and her fluid gushed out of her. She laid there. Legs hanging off the bed. Limp. Eyes closed. Almost in a trance.

The weight of his body shifted the bed. His hot hand touched her stomach and he snuggled up close. Hard dick touching her thy. Nuzzling his face against her chest he relaxed.

After a minute she pushed him over. She kissed him. He was still soaked with her juices on his face.

“Now, your turn.”

“Ok, Kim. But I’m here all night. No need to rush. I’m going to get a hat trick tonight!!”

“What’s that?”

“Hockey term for scoring three goals in a Game. In this case it means I’m going to get off three times. In your mouth. In your pussy. And in your ass! So get down there and suck my dick. And no pulling out of your mouth when I cum. It has to go in your mouth!”

She hated cum in her mouth. But, for him she would do anything…

She took him in her mouth. Grabbed his forearms with each hand and bobbed her head up and down his shaft. No hands she thought. I can do this. She applied pressure with her lips and kept Bobbing up and down. He wasn’t huge, but big enough. He hit the back of her throat each time she went down.

James’ breathing changed. His ass muscles started tensing and releasing. A low moan cane out.

“Please don’t stop. Just a little more.”

Kim put half his dick in her mouth and started stroking the rest with her right index finger and thumb circling it. Stroking it hard and fast as she sucked on him like a straw.

Uhhhhh. Uuuu. Uuuu. Uuuuhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaa. He squirted 4 thick loads in her mouth. Kim started sucking him again with no hands and let his cum all run out of her mouth and onto him. She expected to suck him soft, but he stayed hard. After a minute he tapped her head and told her to come up here.

Kim laid in top of him. They kissed. Suddenly she thought, my mouth was just full of his cum and now he was kissing me? As she thought about it he positioned her a little lower and thrust his dick in her.

“Do you like to ride a dick?”

“Yeah, I guess.”, Kim said with little confidence.

“Well, that one that’s inside you will be hard for a while. Ride it anyway you want. Just not slow. I like to fuck fast and hard!”

Kim turned around and mounted him backwards. She loved being fucked from behind or riding a guy with her back to him.

“Just lay there. Let me enjoy this!” Kim couldn’t believe she said that. She was never that forceful.

She thought about porn she watched and how those girls moved fast and did long strokes on a dick. Bracing herself on his legs, she started stroking him with her pussy. She found a rhythm down into his lap, slide toward him a couple inches, up she rose, roll her hips forward and repeat. She was so focused on her technique and pace that she didn’t hear James moaning. He quivered. His hand grabbed her hips. Faster he said. Harder.

Kim Escort Antalya was pounding her ass against him so hard and fast. Smack smack smack went the sound of her ass slapping against his shaved crotch.

In a single motion, James pulled her back against him and rolled her over. Now he was on top of her, grabbing her shoulder and slamming his body into her ass so hard it thudded. But his dick never came out of her. He squeezed her shoulders like he was holding on for dear life. He pumped her as hard and fast as his body would go. Then he plunged deep inside, shook, moaned loudly, and filled her Pusey with hot cum. Kim loved to feel his hot cum inside her. He laid on her and slowly rocked in and out. She squeezed his dick with her pussy and it was getting soft. Two more slow thrusts and he fell off to the side.

Sweat dripping from his head. His hair was wet with sweat. His right leg lay across her ass. His wet, soft dick against her butt cheek.

“I need 10 minutes to recover. Just lay here with me.”, James whispered.

That thick chest expanded with a deep long breath. James moved a little. Snuggled up and ran his fingers between her legs.

“I didn’t break her did I?”

“No. She’s actually doing amazing. I’ve never been fucked that hard. It was a lil scary because I didn’t expect it. Next time I’ll enjoy it more!”

“Well, I need some help getting him hard again. Rollover for me.”

Kim rolled over. James looped her right leg with his abs spread her legs. He laid his head on her chest and took her right nipple in his mouth. Just relax he whispered. Sucking hard on her nipple he slid 2 fingers in her. He slowly moved in and out. Amazingly she was getting excited and aroused again. Then he rolled on his back.

“Ok, he’s rested. Let’s wake him up.”

Kim took his dick in her hand and fondled it. She kissed him and sucked on his nipples. Slowly his dick swale. It was 2/3s hard when she slid down and put it in her Mouth. The hot touch of her mouth made him grown fully erect in seconds. She enjoyed sucking him more than anyone before. She was surprised she actually liked doing it. She started moving fast on his dick when he pulled away.

“Lay on your stomach with your legs hanging off the bed”.

She obeyed his command. He stood behind her. She hadn’t done anal in years. She didn’t know what to expect. Then James shoved his dick in her pussy. Stroking her with a fast rhythm. Grabbing her sides to hold and pulling straigy in and out.

” Put your hand between your legs and play with yourself.”

Again, she obeyed. Her right hand was under her rubbing her pussy how she did when all alone.

She relaxed. Rubbing her clit while he stroked in and out of her.

“One more. You need to get off once more.”

Kim raised her ass slightly. It gave her room to play with herself and the angle of his penis entered her made more friction.

“That’s it James! Right there. Don’t stop.”

She rubbed her clit so hard it was part pain and part pleasure. He stayed steady and quick. Then he rammed himself into hard. Again and again. Rocking her body.

Aaaahhhhh God. Please. Please. Uh. Uuuhhhh. Hhhhh. Hhhhh. HhhhhhMmmmm.

She pulled her hand out. Stretched forward. Tingling all over from her orgasm.

James pulled out. Pressed his dick against her asshole and forced it in. Balls deep all at once. Kim wanted to scream.

“Oh, Janes. It hurts.” She tried pushing him back some. He stayed deep in her. She relaxed.

“This won’t take long. Your so tight there. Just let me fuck you for a couple minutes.”

“Ok. Just not too hard.”

He pulled her ass cheeks apart and started stroking. It hurt. A lot. Kim buried her face in a pillow. James just fucked her for his pleasure. This was his selfish pleasure. He release her ass and grabbed her shoulders.

“Almost done!”

His dick was plunging as deep as he could make it go with every thrust. Her asshole was squeezing so tight. She begged him to cum.

His eyes rolled back. He quickened his pace and grunted loudly as he came in her. He kept stroking in her. Milking every drop out of him. He pulled out and sat on the floor.

Kim lie on the bed. His cum leaking out of her ass. He glared at the sight. Proud of his accomplishment.

“Come on baby. Let’s go shower off. Then we can go to bed.”

“I can’t believe I let you fuck me in the ass! Hope you enjoyed it. That’s the last time! And I let you cum in my mouth! But that wasn’t so bad. But don’t expect it all the time!”

“All the time? So we are going to do this again?”

“James, after tonight I don’t care if I ever fuck another man besides you. I’ve never had sex like this.”

“Oh. I’m not always THIS good. But I will always eat your pussy until you cum first and be able to keep it up. I’m tired baby. Come on let’s shower.”

“Be right there. Just putting my jeans over the heater to dry!”

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