Kristin 4

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Kristin 4
Over the next few days I was consumed with Kristin and confused about my feelings toward him. We texted and spoke several times over the next few days and kind of evolved into a more emotional relationship. Up until then it was mostly just sex. We were able to talk about life in general and just like most people on a relationship about each other’s feelings. It seemed we became closer by talking at length sometimes on the phone. It got so I was very comfortable calling and talking at any time.

We talked about every topic under the sun and then one time Kristin said he wanted me to take him out on a date dressed as a girl. I said “hold up a minute, don’t think I want to be seen in public with you like that”. We ultimately decided it might be fun do have a date but in another town away from where we might run into someone we know. We made plans to meet and drive south to a different county and have our date.

We met at the parking lot like normal and he gets out of his car. I see him and he looks hot to me. He’s wearing a short pleated skirt with tan thigh high stockings. He has a light blue blouse unbuttoned down to where I could see the top of his stuffed bra. It looked like he was a c cup. It looked like a professional had done his makeup because you had to look real close to see if he was really a guy. When I saw him a felt that twinge in my cock.

He gets in and we head out to our destination. Our plan is to go to a matinee movie then get something to eat. illegal bahis siteleri After about an hour drive and lots of teasing by him we arrive at our theater. Thank god for GPS.

I buy tickets for a show I never heard of and we go in. I start to walk down the isle and Kristin says lets sit back here. I think I know why and turn and follow him in to a row towards the back of the theater. We’re just sitting there talking and holding hands just like a boy/girl relationship should. The lights go dark and the previews start playing and then shortly the movie starts. It’s dark and doesn’t appear that many people where in there with us. We are sitting there about ten minutes when I see Kristin reach under his skirt and start to play with his cock. After a few minutes I start rubbing my crotch and Kristin lifts up his skirt to reveal that he’s not wearing any panties. I’m looking at him stroke his hard cock sitting right next to me in the theater. He reaches over and takes my hand and places it on his cock. I take his cock and start stroking him up and down. Now we have had sex before in public places before but this seemed more exciting because there were other people within seeing distance.

He starts to moan and move his hips and I tell him he needs to be quiet so we don’t draw attention. I take my other hand and feel his tits thru his blouse. They feel pretty real to me and I’m getting hard in my pants. Kristin notices my hard cock and before I could canlı bahis siteleri say don’t, he got up and let his seat fold up. He immediately got onto the floor and started to undo my pants. Within seconds my cock was free and half way down his throat with my hands on his head pushing him down further. Within a couple of minutes I was cumming into his mouth. Don’t know why but this time his blowjob seemed hotter than the others. Probably because of where we were. I was also scanning the place looking for anyone to come our way. He finished me off and got back into his seat with his hard cock still in plain view.

I wanted to get him off but I didn’t want to risk getting caught, we got lucky once why take chances. He keeps pulling my hand over to jerk him off and I do, but its not enough and he wants more. He gets up and starts to leave saying he has to use the bathroom. I follow him and when we reach the common area I gasp, I see Kristin walking toward the bathroom with his hard cock stick straight out under his skirt and was bouncing around has he walked. The site turned me on a little and I had to rub my crotch.

We go into the bathroom and straight to the last toilet booth, which is handicapped. He leans against the wall pulls his skirt off and just stands there with his cock at full attention. I take my place in front of him and engulf his hard cock and suck him like it’s my last meal. Making my cheeks go way in while sucking, using my hand bahis firmaları on his balls ant then I put my finger on his ass. I push and rub his hole gently and now he’s moaning and moving with me. I spit on my finger and work it into his ass as he starts to fuck my face. With my free hand I undo my pants and pull them down to get at my cock. I’m so hard and horny; my finger is all the way in his ass and his cock his hitting the back of my throat.

He reaches down and pulls me up and we start to make out. My cock grinding into his cocks my hands feeling up his tits. Then he pushes me away and turns around so his ass is facing me and my cock is rubbing up his crack. He reaches back and guides my cock to his hole and I push the head of my cock against him. I spit on my cock and managed to get the head into his ass and was working slowly to get more in. I’m having trouble getting in and all the while he’s stroking his cock.

He finally says that he was going to cum and for me to get down and take his cum. I get down on my knees and he turns and rubs out a shot that hits me in the face. I open my mouth but the next one also misses. I take his cock put it in my mouth and drain the rest of his jiz and swallow. I wipe cum off my face and lick it up.

We get up and straightened out. We go to the sinks to clean up a bit when another dude walks into the room. He nods at us and we walk out and leave the theater. In the parking lot of the theater we were really worked up about what just happened and just held each other and made out for what seemed like an hour.

We had a quick bite and headed for home. But on the way home I kept thinking about how hot it would be to be able to spend the whole night together. But, that’s another story, I hope.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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