Kristina Plugged by Tire Repairman

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An original story 2011.

Story contains reluctance theme.


“No I’m sorry senora, just like the sign says we only accept cash,” Miguel Luis Estrada told the attractive, well dressed woman as he pointed to the sign prominently hanging at the front of his business that stated in bold lettering CASH ONLY – NO CREDIT.

“I assure you that you’ll be paid in full,” Kristina Thorson replied, “and if you don’t accept credit cards then just repair my tire now and I’ll return tomorrow at the latest with your money. My husband is very well known in this city’s business community and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Miguel shrugged his shoulders helplessly before again pointing to the sign.

“I can’t help you senora. Maybe your husband can get someone he knows to come and pay me and then I will fix your tire. My hands are tied. That is the rule here and I can’t go against it every time a beautiful woman asks, though I wish I could help.”

Though she was becoming frustrated with the man’s intransigence Kristina couldn’t help but smile shyly when he called her beautiful. How long had it been since she’d been called that by a man she wondered to herself? Sure the ladies from the spa she’d just left had oohed and aahed over her appearance but they were women who made their living catering to spoiled, trophy wives like her. This man must be sincere however she reasoned, for under the circumstances what could he possibly gain with a lie. Almost unconsciously Kristina ran a slim, delicate hand through her flame colored locks.

“Maybe you can get money from an ATM senora,” Miguel suggested to her as his dark eyes drank in her fair beauty.

Kristina now regretted taking this way home from the day spa. If she’d driven the longer, more conventional route from the city to the suburbs this wouldn’t be happening. In trying to save time she’d cut thru a gritty section of the city that had once been home to factories and the like. The manufacturing jobs were long gone. Now there were just some machine shops, auto repair facilities, and a few other businesses barely hanging on. She couldn’t imagine there was an ATM closer than the convenience store she’d passed a little more than a mile back.

Looking up at the threatening gray sky and down at her four inch Steve Madden heels Kristina knew she wasn’t about to try and walk that, especially in this rough section of town. She wished she hadn’t given such a generous tip from the small amount of cash she’d been carrying to the woman who’d given her the seaweed wrap, but she’d been so sweet and besides she had her cards with her. Most of the time Kristina carried very little cash as her husband Carl preferred her to use the charge cards. In that way he could track how she spent money as part of his controlling personality. Well, time to bite the bullet and deal with the unpleasantness she thought. Removing her cellphone from her Coach bag she hit the buttons rapidly.

“Yes this is Mrs. Thorson, would you please put Mr. Thorson on the line,” she asked in a quiet voice when the phone was answered. She paced in front of the shop as she waited and in a minute his cold voice came over the phone.

“Yes Kristina what is it now?” he said, his tone showing his annoyance at being disturbed.

“I’m sorry Carl, I know you don’t like being called at work but I have a problem with the car.”

“You didn’t get in another accident did you? Because if you did I swear you’ll regret it.”

“No I didn’t and you know that accident wasn’t my fault but the other driver’s.”

“Yes but if you were a better driver maybe you could have avoided it. Well I’m waiting.”

“I just have a flat tire. I’m at a tire repair shop but they only accept cash and I don’t have enough with me.”

“Kristina what do you expect, for me to fly there? I’m busy right now. Check the glove compartment for the roadside assistance number for God’s sake and leave me alone.”

With that the phone went dead as Kristina fought the urge to cry. She realized that she’d forgotten all about the service but Carl could be so cruel sometimes and she wondered not for the first time how much longer she could take things the way they were.

After hanging up Carl looked down at his secretary Angie who was kneeling between his legs. She still had one hand wrapped around his erection. Grabbing her by the hair he pushed her head back towards where he wanted it.

“I don’t remember telling you to stop what you were doing; now get back to work,” he said while leaning back into his leather chair. He moaned with pleasure as she resumed the task at hand, his preferred method of dictation.

While Kristina paced and talked on the phone Miguel had stared at her with lust. The gringa was not only beautiful but also very sexy he thought. With her heels on she was taller than he was and her burnished red hair inflamed his desire especially in conjunction with her snow white complexion. He licked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his lips hungrily as his eyes traveled the length of her, starting at her shapely legs and moving upwards. His eyes paused as he took in her lush hips and round derriere before climbing higher. Her expensive blouse did nothing to conceal the swell of her firm bosom. It was neither large or small but somewhere in between, but the most impressive detail was how high on her chest it sat with no sign of sagging even though Kristina was now well into her thirties.

He watched her put the phone away then wipe beneath her eyes after which she walked to her Lexus. Miguel worried he’d overplayed his hand as she opened the front passenger door and leaned inside with her ample posterior protruding out the door. He limped toward the car and stood behind her all the while staring at her shapely backside. Kristina meanwhile searched through the glove compartment but was unable to locate the folder that contained the car papers including the roadside assistance card along with the vehicle registration.

In a panic she slammed the glove compartment shut and backed out of the car. Hypnotized by her curves Miguel was slow to react and her butt collided with him before he could move out of her way. Kristina felt his hard body and even harder bulge when their bodies met and she almost fell as she tried to pull away. Miguel’s muscular, brown arm steadied her while also bringing their pelvises back in contact again.

“Be careful senora, you might get hurt,” he growled as he rubbed his jean covered hardness against her ass.

She managed to escape his clutches at which time she turned and faced him. He continued to ogle her while also unapologetically rubbing his groin with his hand. Almost against her will Kristina’s gaze was drawn there where she could clearly see the outline of his erection that he fondled. With an effort she tore her eyes away and looked up.

“Well senora what is it going to be, do you want me to fix your tire for you?”

“I want you to…Miguel,” she said reading the name off his blue work shirt, “but I still don’t have the money. Can’t you please be a gentleman and fix it for me and I’ll pay you tomorrow, I promise.”

Her blue eyes met his black ones when she said this while her hand lightly touched his arm. She’d hoped to appeal to his honor while also utilizing her feminine charms. However by this time his lust had overruled any chivalrous intention he might feel and the touch of her hand on his skin only reinforced his mindset.

“I will help you senora, but only if you help me as well.”

As he said this Miguel took her hand and brought it to his groin and held it against him. Kristina felt the heat radiating through his pants and for a moment she caressed his cock which became even harder. Suddenly realizing what she was doing she pulled her hand away in horror.

“I can’t do that Miguel, please don’t ask me. I’m a married woman.”

“I’m married too senora, but so what. Your beauty has overwhelmed my reason and I must have you. Besides, where is your husband? What kind of man allows his woman to be in such a situation as you are in?”

Kristina’s mind was in a whirl and she couldn’t think straight. What Miguel was proposing was wrong yet he was right about her husband. And the feel of his hardness she couldn’t forget, both as her hand felt it and when it pressed against her body. Taking her by the hand he led her inside the shop where he pushed her against the wall before roughly kissing her.

At first she tried to push him away but her strength was no match for his burning kisses on her hungry mouth. Before she realized it her arms were twined around his neck as her lips parted eagerly. He pushed his pelvis into hers and started to grind it making Kristina shudder. It had been too long since a man touched her with such desire, desire for her as a woman above and beyond the need in himself.

Miguel was surprised when her tongue slipped in his mouth and explored but he sucked hard on it as his hand seized her breast hard making her whimper. His thick fingers pulled at her blouse trying to gain access to her bosom and as he did a button went flying. That seemed to sober up Kristina as she pulled her mouth away from his.

“No Miguel, we can’t, I can’t do this. It isn’t right what we’re doing.”

For an answer he broke the cinch they were in and limped to the door. Her relief turned to alarm when Miguel took a BE RIGHT BACK sign and hung it on the door before locking it. He again approached her and took her arm before leading her deeper into the confines of the dirty, dark shop. Though Kristina shook her head no she didn’t speak or resist him at all. By the back wall there was a narrow cot with a thin, stained blanket on top. He pushed her down so that she was sitting on it as he stood in front of her. Next his hand fumbled with some switches on the wall. One turned on a fluorescent güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bulb above which bathed them in its cold, white glow though the other switch seemed to have no immediate effect. Seizing her hand he brought it to his waist.

“Undo my belt and pants,” he practically growled at her.

With trembling fingers she unfastened his large rhinestone buckle and the button on his jeans before sliding down the zipper. Impatient and eager for more Miguel pushed down his pants freeing his rampant maleness. Kristina gasped as it sprang upwards, finally free of its cotton confinement. It was of a brown, tannish color while surrounded by a nest of thick, black, wiry hair but it was its girth that startled her.

It wasn’t much longer than Carl’s, if at all, but she had never seen one with the thickness it possessed. Tentatively her hand touched it as she observed the head was red and swollen and leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. There were crisscrossed veins running its length and it felt burning to her touch and as hard as steel even though the skin was surprisingly soft.

“Suck it senora,” he almost begged her and he cried out with joy when Kristina opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed the head.

She tasted the saltiness of his fluid on her tongue while the musky odor of his groin filled her nostrils. Her lips stretched to accommodate his member as he thrust deeper into her willing mouth. Her tongue licked and swirled the underside of his head and shaft at their most sensitive spots fueling the flame of his lust even brighter. One of Miguel’s hands grabbed her fiery hair and clenched it tightly at which point he began to use it to pull her head forward.

His head pushed back to her throat entrance but Kristina thought he was too thick to swallow and tried to pull back. Reluctantly Miguel allowed her to remove her mouth from him but Kristina immediately gripped the wide shaft at its base as she began to trace the length of it with her agile tongue. She worked her way to the top where she circled the head like an ice cream cone before going back down.

When Kristina reached the bottom she managed to take a large, hairy ball into her mouth while stroking him with her hand. As she sucked on it Kristina tilted her head up so she could watch his reaction. Miguel was greatly enjoying the attention she was delivering to him as his wife Juana would never do such things even though he’d tried to convince her. She was a deeply religious woman who believed sex was for procreation with only sex in the missionary position acceptable to her. As the mother of his children she was to be honored but sometimes a man wanted more.

Kristina was certainly delivering more as she resumed sliding her lips back and forth over the length of his thickness, again taking him to the wet depths of her mouth. He began to meet her mouth with mini thrusts almost causing her to gag but she persevered. Suddenly he withdrew from her and placed her right hand on his hardness before turning his back to her. Miguel reached back and spread his hairy ass cheeks with one hand.

“Come on gringa, I want you to lick my ass,” he told her.

His musky scent was even more overpowering there as the pink tip of her tongue extended and started to lap away at his tangy orifice. His hand pushed her face closer to him as Kristina’s hand continued to slide across his full length.

“That’s it puta, lick my ass good,” he groaned out loud.

She knew what he’d called her but at that moment she didn’t care. She hadn’t given a rim job since her college days for Carl had no interest in receiving one. Though he did prefer blowjobs to intercourse he was too repressed to want that area stimulated. Kristina had always been very oral and the fact that she had stayed a virgin longer than most of her friends had helped her to become very adept at performing oral sex for that was the method she’d satisfied her beaus when younger. Add to that she became turned on while performing oral and at that moment her panties were beyond damp.

Her tongue licked and probed Miguel until with a sigh he pulled her head back and also removed her hand from his erection. He shuffled a few steps over to a shelf where he removed an absorbent pad used for catching vehicle fluids and placed it on the floor next to the cot.

“Kneel there,” he simply said and as soon as Kristina complied he sat on the cot in front of her and gestured to his feet.

“Take off my boots,” Miguel ordered her.

She unlaced and removed one boot then the other. While she did Miguel pushed his pants to his knees where Kristina took over sliding them to his feet where she could remove them. When she looked up Kristina couldn’t help but gasp when she saw his legs. Miguel’s right leg was normal but his left one was scarred hideously and twisted somewhat to the side while also appearing somewhat withered.

“Oh my goodness Miguel; what happened güvenilir bahis şirketleri to your leg?”

He shrugged before answering for it wasn’t a favorite topic of conversation with him.

“When younger I was underneath a car I was working on when the jack collapsed making the car fall on me. That leg took most of the blow. So now it don’t work so good and I have a limp,” he replied stoically. “But don’t worry about that, just worry about sucking my cock.”

Kristina felt pity for his injury but his hard on was waiting so she again began to suck on it, pleasuring Miguel with her lips and tongue. As she did he moved his right foot between her legs and began to rub it back and forth against her mound. That forced a moan of pleasure from her though it was muffled by her full mouth. He leaned forward and his dirty hands again began working at her blouse buttons. Once he had enough room a hand slid inside and cupped a firm breast encased in an Agent Provocateur brassiere.

Kristina finished unbuttoning her blouse and when finished she slid it off her white shoulders before unclasping and removing her bra which was already soiled with oil and grease from Miguel’s strong hand. She then resumed sucking him deep as his foot rubbed her pussy arousing Kristina further and almost pushing her past her limits. Breathing through her nose she managed to work his swollen head into her throat and once she did Miguel thrust forward until his wiry patch of pubic hair rubbed against her nose, tickling it.

Kristina kept him buried for a minute until she had to pull up as breathing was becoming difficult with his thick slab filling her throat. She gasped while spitting up some saliva but she gamely went back to work teasing Miguel by running her tongue on his head like it was a popsicle. His strong hands in turn firmly pinched her erect nipples and fondled the firm flesh of her shapely breasts causing her to moan in response.

She was now grinding her mound against his foot and ankle until he took her by the shoulders and pulled her up so that she was standing while he remained seated. Miguel’s brown hands ran down her body stopping only long enough to unzip her skirt and push it and her soaked panties down. For the first time in his life he saw a close up vision of a fiery, red triangle of pubic hair framing a delicate appearing yet aroused pink pussy.

Unable to wait he buried his face in her mound, kissing her soft, downy hair before his lips connected with her clit which defiantly protruded from beneath its hood. When that happened she trembled and grabbed his short black hair with her hand and when his lips parted and he sucked on her nub hard Kristina almost collapsed as her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Her juices ran down her leg as she swayed unsteadily on her feet but Miguel’s strong arms wrapped around her hips kept her upright.

He half dragged her back towards him as he pulled her onto the cot on top of him making sure to position her flaming pussy right over his straining erection while she sprawled on him. Kristina pushed her pelvis down until she felt his hardness brush against her swollen lips at which time Miguel grasped his cock and worked it until his head forced its way to her wet opening. He then firmly grabbed her soft hips with both hands and pulled her down while also thrusting upward, impaling her with his thick weapon.

Kristina cried out loudly from the mixture of pleasure and pain as her tight, wet pussy was filled with his full length battering its way into her welcoming depths. He held her there a minute as she stretched to accommodate him before Kristina placed her hands to his hairy chest for support. With her blue eyes almost closed she slowly began to slide up the length of his cock and when just his head remained inside Miguel pulled her all the way down again.

“That’s it gringa, ride my fat cock with your tight pussy,” he told her.

For the next few minutes she slowly increased the speed of her movements until Miguel knew he couldn’t last much longer before exploding. Swiftly he rolled them over so he was on top of her, his stocky body pressing her to the cot. His ass rose four or five times as he would almost pull out before burying himself back in her pinkness.

On the last thrust he cried out, “Madre de Dios,” as his body stiffened.

Kristina felt him swell even larger inside her and then experienced the feeling of his throbbing cock shoot rope after rope of thick cum toward her womb. For a moment Kristina panicked when she felt his discharge. She didn’t use birth control as Carl had gotten a vasectomy before they were married. He claimed it was due to world overpopulation but Kristina always suspected it was because he was too selfish and spoiled to be a father. When Miguel’s twitching cock caused her own pussy to spasm from orgasm however Kristina stopped worrying about it.

Miguel remained deeply buried until all his seed had left before pulling out from her at which time he crawled up so his cock brushed Kristina’s full, red lips. She didn’t need to be told what to do but opened her mouth and sucked their combined juices from him bringing him great pleasure. Her small hand gently felt his now empty balls as she continued to suck him helping keep his erection hard.

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