Lady Aphrodite Ch. 04

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Ianthe woke up with the first rays of sunshine shining over the horizon.

She was laying on her side of the bed.

Jack’s arm was wrapped around her waist as he was spooning her from behind. On her lower back, she also felt Amalthea’s hand wrapped around Jack.

She opened her eyes feeling rested. For the first time since she became mum, she slept with a deep sleep through the night.

Ianthe was watching as more and more daylight is trying to find its way into her bedroom and listened to the soothing sound of Jack’s and Amalthea’s steady breaths.

She slowly unwrapped herself from her lover’s embrace and slowly stood up. She turned around to look at them.

They were perfect.

She put on her robe and left the room to make some coffee and breakfast.

Jack woke up as Ianthe left the bed, but was too close to the dreamland to be able to react. He turned to lay on his back and let Amalthea rest her head on his chest.

His return to the world was slow but inevitable. Jack opened his eyes and stretched. Amalthea held his thigh afraid his going somewhere. He laid still until her breath was steady again indicating she was asleep.

Very gently he snuck out of the bed and went to the bathroom.

He put on his shorts and headed downstairs to see Ianthe.

He entered the kitchen and stopped midstep. He was in an awe of the amazing scene – Ianthe stood with her back to him, facing the window over the sink. She was washing the berries for the breakfast. The Sun has created the halo around her making her posture look even more out-of-this-world than it normally does.

The weirdest thing was that when she turned around to face him, he was under the impression she is doing it in slow motion. Moreover, the blindingly bright aura seemed to be moving along with her body as if the light came from her, not the Sun.

This whole scene lasted maybe three seconds, but for Jack felt like a couple of minutes.

Jack started squinting his eyes and covered them with his hand.

– Good morning honey! – Ianthe asked as she put the berries on the counter. – Are you alright?

– Yes. – He said looking back at her. – I need to remember not to stare at the Sun.

– I was hoping that it was me, who made that reaction. – Ianthe purred to him as she pressed her body against his.

– I didn’t say that it wasn’t you. – He smiled and kissed her on the lips.

He pressed Ianthe against the cupboard kissing her deeply. He untied her robe and moved his hands to explore the bare skin of her back.

Ianthe moved her hands to push down his shorts, which resulted in his already hard pole springing and slapping against her thigh. She continued the kiss with her arms around his neck, fingers deep in his hair.

Ianthe felt Jack’s hands move lower to her butt and grab her to lift her from her feet.

He was strong.

She liked to be tossed and turned like that by a strong man.

By this man.

He sat her on the counter, and she responded instinctively by lifting her legs up and apart.

She wanted him again.

She wanted to feel his desire again.

She wanted him to stay in the safe haven of her legs and arms for as long as possible.

Jack was kissing her with amazing passion, but Ianthe was impatient. She took hold of his magnificent, big, stiff pole and guided it where it belonged.

This time, Jack wasn’t trying to be gentle. He knew these waters already. He knew she can handle him. Thus, as soon as the tip of his cock touched the hot and wet labia he pushed himself in.

He was responding to her. The more self-confident his actions were, the more Ianthe seemed to be melting away in pleasure.

He was unapologetic.

He was taking what’s his birthright.

– Ah! Mmmhhhmh! – Ianthe moaned into his mouth as he entered her.

He was now moving in and out with a steady rhythm making her moan even louder.

Ianthe felt so good and so powerless.

Her lover was in full control of her body. He was now pounding her with his tongue deep in her mouth.

His strong hands held down her hips in place.

She decided to try to break the kiss for a brief moment.

With both hands she pulled his face away from hers, pressing it to her neck.

She was breathing heavily.

Her whole body was jumping in the tremors of Jack’s hips slapping against her pubic bone.

– Oh, Jack. – She moaned. – I need. To go. Aah! To work. Today. Everyone. Will see. I fucked. Everyone. Will see. I am. In love.

She wanted to pull his head away from her neck, so his kiss could silence her incoming orgasm, but instead, Jack did what she didn’t know she needed.

He grabbed her wrists and held her hands behind her back.

She was unable to move now.

Her uterus started vibrating and dancing to the melody of orgasmic pleasure. She was drowning in the feeling.

It was overwhelming.

Unable to move her hands, spontaneously bursa escort taken by Jack in the kitchen, with no warning, she did the only thing she could.

She came.

She came very hard.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Her toes curled.

Her muscles tensed and started shaking.

Her pussy squeezed Jack’s cock inside her.

Jack slowed down to let her recover. He watched her smile.

– I want you to be proud of the fact that you’ve got laid. – Jack whispered to her ear.

Still holding her hands behind her back, and still moving in and out of her pussy he leaned down to kiss her neck.

Ianthe felt his mouth on her skin.

He started pounding her again and she felt his mouth sucking on her neck, just below her ear.

– No hickeys! – Ianthe squealed. – Everyone will know I had sex…

His suction intensified for a moment and was gone. Jack moved his face to look her in the eye.

– You are going to wear it with pride. – He said. – Of a woman who had magnificent orgasms.

– Yes. Oh, yes, Jack. – She was cumming to his words felt like an order. – I will Jack. I am cumming!

– I am so close, honey. – Jack said letting go of her.

Ianthe dropped to her knees and let him shove his massive cock into her mouth. She started circling the head with her mouth and sucking it.

– Aaaaargh! – He grunted.

The throbbing cock in her mouth filled it with the hot, salty jizz.

She liked the taste.

The feeling of it being shot into her mouth made her moan.

She was swallowing it, but he filled her quicker than she could manage to swallow making a slow stream of Jack’s cum run down her chin and to her tits.

Jack dropped to his knees beside Ianthe and held her tightly in his arms. He kissed her with the passion of a thousand lovers.

– Jack, you are an amazing lover. – Ianthe told him. – You read my desires flawlessly.

– You seem to enjoy the lack of control. – He said with a smile.

– You need to remember this about me. OK? – She asked. – I enjoy your strength. I enjoy feeling subdued to it. If you ever overstep, I will let you know, but I need you to control me.

– I am sorry about the hickey. – Jack said. – I was drunk on power.

– Oh, honey. Don’t be. – Ianthe smiled at him. – I am a submissive type. I am ready to face the judgment of other people as a consequence of what you did to me.

She stroked Jack’s cheek with her hand.

– Now. Do you think this one, a tiny hickey will be enough? – She asked, turning her head and showing it to him. – It wouldn’t be appropriate if I had any at all.

She teased him to encourage his reaction.

– I want you to wear them with pride. – Jack smiled. – The badges of a great sex life.

– I will, Jack. – She kissed him slowly. – Sit down and eat something. I’ll get to wake up our girlfriend.

Jack sat down at the table and ate his Greek yoghurt with granola and berries.

Soon he heard that waking up is going great upstairs.

Ianthe entered her bedroom and lay down next to Amalthea.

She opened her eyes for a moment and looked at her mum.

– I love you. – Amalthea smiled.

– Show me then. – Ianthe teased leaning for a kiss and moving her hands to Amalthea’s legs.

Amalthea smiled and pushed Ianthe to her back.

– I see that you had fun already. – She purred as she kissed Ianthe’s neck.

– He wants me to wear it today. – Ianthe said feeling the flame of the desire reigning in her once more.

Amalthea started giving Ianthe another hickey.

– You can mark me as well. – She smiled.

– I will. – Ianthe said holding a fist full of Amalthea’s hair and pulling her to her pussy.

Amalthea gave in very easily.

The girl felt the rush in her veins as she kissed the labia.

Ianthe melted under her warm breaths washing over her pussy.

Encouraged by Ianthe’s moans and heavy breathing, Amalthea locked her mouth around the sweet pussy and sucked the pussylips into her mouth. Ianthe set off to her orgasm as soon as Amalthea’s tongue draw circles between the labia, brushing over the clit with more and more confidence.

After a while, she latched to the clit and circled around it with her tongue, while her middle finger found the way inside pressing gently on its front wall.

In under a minute Amalthea made Ianthe scream her name.

– Ah! AMI! – She screamed at the top of her lungs. – You make me cum! YEEEEES!

Under her finger, Amalthea felt the gentle pulsing as her lover was going through a consecutive wave of pleasure. Additionally, the vagina got squelchingly wet adding the sound effect to the cacophony of moans and screams.

Ianthe realised that she wants to take care of Amalthea now.

She wants to show her what it’s like to be out of control.

She wanted to take over her body.

She pulled her daughter to kiss her.

– Your mouth is amazing. – Ianthe whispered as she kissed Amalthea and rolled over to be on top.

She grabbed her wrists and pressed them down with her left hand.

The bursa escort bayan right was stimulating her daughter’s pussy for a moment muffling her moans with the kiss.

– I want you to wear it with pride. – She whispered and sucked hard on her neck to give Amalthea a hickey.

Then, without pulling out her fingers she lowered herself to lick and suck on Amalthea’s clit.

– Ah! Yes! – Amalthea was squealing as she was almost there.

– Shout my name! – Ianthe requested.

– Ah, Ianthe! Yes, Iani. Make me cum! Just like that!

Amalthea was flushed with a mixture of sensations. The love for Jack, love for Ianthe, desire for both of them, the excitement that she receives so much pleasure from her nourishing mother.

She felt whole.

She felt in a right place.

She cried tears of joy as her mother draw fingers from her pussy and put them in her mouth to clean them.

– Oh, wow… – Ianthe said smiling as she spread her body on the bed. – I wouldn’t ever imagine that sex with a woman can be soooooo satisfying.

– Me neither. – Amalthea said as she was slowly getting up from bed. – I love you in every possible way.

– I love you too. – Ianthe smiled when her daughter’s hand carest delicately her breast. – What time is it? I need to start getting ready to work.

– It’s still early. – Amalthea said checking the time on her phone. – It’s 7:45. We have plenty of time.

– But I need to be in the office by 9:30. – Ianthe covered her face with a pillow.

– Ok, go and wash your sweet pussy. – Amalthea said leaving the room. – And I will meet you by car in 30 minutes.

Jack finished breakfast and a cup of coffee when his sister entered the kitchen.

She was completely naked with parts of her pubic area still glistening with her pussy juices. Her big breasts were swinging as she walked. Her big smile brightened the room immediately.

– Here you are. – Amalthea said as she pushed Jack’s chair back and sat on his lap facing him.

– Good morning honey. – Jack said surprised. – What are you doing?

– Making love to my boyfriend. – She grabbed his big cock. – After I satisfied my girlfriend.

Amalthea raised herself and guided Jack’s cock to her pussy. She was dripping wet, so she sat on Jack taking him all in in one go.

– She gave me a hickey already. – She pointed at her neck. – Now is your turn.

Amalthea pressed Jack’s face against her neck. He sucked in the skin and marked her right under her right ear. If she was careful, she might be able to cover it with her hair.

– I want you to slap my ass. – Amalthea requested as she was jumping up and down on his cock.

Her breasts were hitting him in the face as they were flapping around.

– I want to do that! – He smiled.


Jack slapped her.

– Harder! – She screamed.

– My girl! – He said.


– Oh, Yes! – She was cumming.

– Ah, Ami! – Jack was panting like a dog – You are amazing!


– Oh yes JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!! – She screamed his name.

Jack, for the last 12 hours came more than in the last week. And yet, because the feelings he got for the girl he made love to were so complex and deep, he knew that he is almost there. The tension in his scrotum started rising. The affirmation of her love for him was what got him.

He grabbed her hands and held them behind her back.

She felt all of a sudden powerless.

– Oh, Jack. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes! – She came.

– Don’t slow down. – He mumbled. – I am almost there.

Amalthea’s hips started rocking back and front at an amazing speed.

– Like that? – Amalthea asked. She was focused on Jack’s face, watching closely his orgasm building up to the grand finale.

– Yes. Shiiiiiiit! – He felt that two more thrusts will finish him off. – Aaaaaaaaa!

Amalthea saw Jack’s face change.

He held her down.

He showed her that he is in control.

And yet…

She felt powerful.

Her pussy made this amazing, strong and handsome man crumble and twitch in the orgasmic waves.

He was like a rug doll now – she could do anything to him.

All she had to do was to let him have her, and she’ll see him so vulnerable.

– Aaaaaaaaaamiiiiiii! – He shouted her name.

Just as he held his breath she felt the warm jizz spilling in her.

She was victorious.

Amalthea couldn’t stop smiling.

He let her feel like she is at the top of the world.

Amalthea felt her eyes filling up with tears.

– What is it? – Jack asked his sister as soon as he saw the tears in her eyes. – Did I hurt you?

– No, Jack. – She tried to sooth his fear. – It’s nothing. I just feel very special when I am doing it with you, and it’s a lot to take in at once.

– Oh, Ami. I love you. – He held her in his arms and stood up.

With his cock still in her he took her to her room and told her to wash up and dress up.

He did the same and after 5 minutes he went downstairs withing for his ladies to start the escort bursa day.

Jack wore his black chinos and blue shirt with short sleeves.

Amalthea was first downstairs. She wore a plain white t-shirt and a black, scattered midi skirt. She topped that with this old-fashioned cardigan, which Jack called an “old lady cardigan” because of its light brown colour.

But Amalthea loved it – it hid her figure and made all of the boys look away.

– Oh, I almost forgot. – Amalthea said to Jack.

She kissed his neck leaving a big hickey on his skin.

– Thank you, honey! – He smiled at her.

Amaltea rested her cheek on Jack’s chest and cuddled him.

Ianthe was with them after 7 heartbeats of Jack’s heart.

I know, because Amalthea counted them.

It was one of the rare days when Ianthe had to go to the office and act like a grownup.

And like any good actress, she wore the appropriate costume – the navy blue long pencil skirt and white top with buttons and very moderate cleavage. She also had the long blazer that should be worn with short shorts, but she just wanted to cover her ass that was so tightly wrapped in this skirt.

– Remember what I told you… – Ianthe said looking at them hugging. – …your friends will know you two had sex. And better if they never did.

– Boys will not notice. – Amalthea said. – And all of the girls who potentially could are aware of the soft spot I have for Jack.

– Lisa and the rest of the girls are your BFFs. – Jack said. – But please don’t bring it up unless they have like the information, they are ready to trade for. You know, to show us we can trust them.

– Ok, that sounds reasonable. – Ianthe said.

They went to the car.

Ianthe parked on street at a safe distance from their school.

She opened her window and Jack leaned in for a kiss.

His hand landed on her breast for a moment.

Amalthea did just the same.

– Have a nice day at work. – Jack smiled at his mum.

– An you two at school. – She looked at them. – Don’t fuck at school, ok?

She drove off.

Jack held Amalthea’s hand as they walked to the school.

– I wonder if anyone really will notice. – Amalthea smiled at Jack.

– Only those who know us really well. – Jack answered. – I will try my best not to stare at you though.

– Ah, good idea. – Amalthea said as they had to let go of their hands.

They spent the morning trying their best to hide their real feelings towards each other.

During the lunch break, Lucy sat next to Amalthea.

Lucy was Amalthea’s best friend.

She was a slim and petite girl. Lucy was a 160cm tall blonde with a wonderful smile and almond-shaped green eyes. Lucy was often complaining about the shape of her nose. Amalthea, however, was always pointing out that its shape perfectly balances her face and makes her look very pretty.

Lucy’s body dimensions were 81/61/71 cm. With the A-cup breasts, her strongest attribute was her legs and nicely rounded ass. Thus, she’d often show off one or the other by wearing short dresses or tight shorts.

Amalthea liked watching Lucy change for PE. She liked how fragile her friend’s body looks. She was fantasizing about playing with her nipples and feeling Lucy’s warm skin on hers.

– So, what’s his name? – Lucy asked.

– What? – Amalthea pretend she doesn’t know what her friend meant by that.

– Oh, come on! – Lucy lowered her voice. – Dreamy eyes, doodling hearts during the lessons and that hickey… Or is it she? You can tell me everything. I will not judge.

– I know you won’t. – Amalthea rested her head on Lucy’s shoulder. – But it is bigger than you think and I have promised not to tell anyone.

– Not even ME!? – Lucy frowned. – It is one of the teachers?

– Nooooo! – Amalthea laughed. – Not teachers.

– That leaves… – Lucy covered her mouth with her hand. – No way!

– I promised, Lucy. – Amalthea sat up to look Lucy in the eye. – So, if you want me to confirm or deny any of your guesses, you need to tell me the secret, which is dangerous if inappropriate people know it.

– Ok, the name for a name then. – Lucy looked around to make sure no one will overhear them. – I will tell you the name of my first guy and you will tell me the name of the person, who left that hickey.

– Ok, you first. – Amalthea said.

Lucy leaned into Amalthea’s ear and whispered.

– The guy who took my virginity is… – Lucy looked around once again. – …my cousin Mark. I was 16. He had no condoms, so he bought the day-after pill for me.

Amalthea gasped. She saw him once. That guy is a weird-looking 30-something years old, overweight guy.

– He is… – Amalthea wanted to find a word that wouldn’t hurt her friend. – …specific.

– I know. – Lucy said. – If anyone knew, He could go to jail for sex with a minor. And as far as I understand the fact that I initiated it will not help him. So, your turn.

– I… He… – She got no idea how to even start.

Just then Jack sat next to her.

– Hi Lucy! – He said. – How’s my favourite twin sister doing?

Amalthea took his hand and laced her hands with his.

Lucy gasped.

– What are you doing? – Jack asked pretending to be surprised.

– It’s him! – Lucy squealed. – OMG! Guys!

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