Lady In The House Ch. 15

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Only the walk back to E Block was not uneventful. The ruse that I was a visiting female government official held up whilst the guard escorted me through the open yards; I even got quite a few cat-calls from the inmates out exercising, which I had to say, in a perverse way, I enjoyed.

But then it all went bad.

We entered the dark, cold, damp atmosphere of E Block, the clicking of my high-heels echoing off the abandoned cafeteria walls. We were about fifty feet from the grime-encrusted door that led into ‘Iron-bar’ Steve’s prison brothel when the guard finally spoke.

“You’re not such hot shit you know,” he mumbled.

“Wha….at?” I asked, stunned by what the guard had said.

“You’re not such hot shit! The warden gave me this detail. To escort a scumbag criminal transvestite back to E block. It’s fucking degrading,” he snarled.

The guard pushed me sideways and I tottered on my high heels and tripped on the broken tiles of the cafeteria floor.

“In there!” he pointed at a greasy door that led into the disused kitchen.

A sudden feeling of dread came over me; I knew that this was not going to end well. Although I despised ‘Iron bar’ Steve I invoked his name in hope that it might save me.

“I’m one of Steve’s girls,” I whimpered.

“You fucking tranny cunt! You think I care!” he glowered.

“We aren’t all on his payroll. Some of us detest that criminal cunt and all he stands for!”

“Some of you fucked up crims running around in skirts think that your shit don’t stink because you suck cock for money, well I think that is an abomination. Some us aren’t scared of Steve. Some of us think you need to be taught the lesson about who is really in charge of Chelmsford!” he finished.

“But Steve told me the Warden approves of his business; I’ve even had the Warden visit me,” I pleaded.

The guard pushed me again and I fell against the kitchen door, struggling to remain on my feet.

“Don’t you use the Warden’s name to try and get around what you are!” he spat.

“You’re a fag criminal in a skirt who sucks cock for money. You’re pathetic! You don’t even do it because you want to; you do it because Steve makes you!”

“Steve lets some of the other guards use his girls for a price; well we ain’t paying for it! We’re going to show that convict arsehole who really runs Chelmsford……..and it ain’t a the crims; even if the Warden IS on their payroll!”

As the reality of what the guard was saying to me made its way into my conscience he pushed me through the door and into the gloom of the abandoned kitchen. Oh my god he had said WE!!!

There were three of them waiting for me.

They stood side by side dressed in their prison guard uniforms; the buttons on their tunics glittered in the dim light. They had all removed their trousers, and their penises stuck out proud and erect, glistening with pre-seminal fluid.

The guard behind me pushed me into the room and closed and locked the door behind me. I heard him unbuckle his belt and then unzip his fly and struggle out of his trousers. He joined his cohorts and they all smiled evilly at me. The guard who had escorted me to the kitchen improved a growing erection with a few quick strokes of his hand. He was obviously the leader of the pack.

“You know what to do,” he said, a note of finality in his voice.

“We want from you, what you make the others pay for. It’s quite simple really; we’re going to use you like the trash that you are.”

“If you want to go crying to Steve after this is over, that’s fine with us; we want an excuse to pay out on that cunt.”

I knew that resistance would be useless. I had been raped more than once in this prison and I knew that it is easier to capitulate and get it over with. Having been a transvestite whore for so many years in the past, I knew I could let them do whatever they wanted with me without feeling too much shame; but I what I didn’t want was any physical pain.

I recognised two of the guards from F Block and knew them to be particularly sadistic. So far, I had been saved from their attention because I was one of Steve’s girls. I knew the best way to handle the situation was to give them what they wanted without any resistance.

They circled me, manoeuvring me into the middle of the room and I felt my trepidation building, but I also knew what they wanted; all I had to do was let them have it.

The eldest guard looked to be at least sixty and he sported a large round potbelly. He reached out and grabbed at me. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me full on the lips, sliding his tongue into my mouth. His erection stabbed at the front of my skirt as he rubbed his body against mine. He encircled my waist with one arm and reached down and put my hand on his engorged member and pushed his cock in and out of my fingers. Then he forced me backward until what felt like a bench-top pressed against the backs of my legs. An old kitchen cupboard had been dragged into the centre of the room and I could feel that some sort of mattress had been placed on top of it. The guard forced me Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort down onto the mattress, and lowered himself down with me. He positioned himself on top of me; his lips still locked on mine. He pushed and wrenched at me under his fat body until I was in a position where he could straddle me; he kissed me deeply and I inhaled his fetid breath. I felt his hand slide up my silky nyloned thigh and paw at my stocking tops as his breathing quickened.

He reached down and forced my fingers around his smooth hard cock and wanked away in my hand. I squeezed his member gently, complying with his tacit demand that I masturbate him. After a while he pushed my hand away and placed his hot member against my leg and rubbed it slowly from side to side, becoming excited by the feel of my stockings. Then he reached under my skirt and massaged the very top of my of my thigh, his fingernails snagging on my stocking-top and laddering my expensive hosiery.

He struggled briefly and re-positioned his cock, easing it between my buttocks inside my panties and began to slowly dry fuck me. I lay still, offering no resistance as he raised up my buttocks and lifted my legs so that they were wrapped around his; I felt his hard cock rub against my inner buttocks and against the bud of my rear entrance.

The other three prison guards gathered around the bench stroking their hard cocks as they watched their compatriot force himself on me. They laughed and offered advice to the old man who lay on top of me, prodding his member at my rear entrance.

“Fuck that tranny bitch Harold; give her good one!” one of them sniggered.

“What’s the bet the old bastard comes before he gets it in her,” another sneered.

Harold broke the kiss and turned his head towards the audience.

“Come on you blokes; give me a break will ya; I ain’t had fuck for months. There’s plenty here for everybody; why don’t you guys join in; or are you just a bunch of noncers that only like to watch!” Harold whined.

Harold shifted position to nestle the glans of his penis against the bud of my sphincter. I saw something out the corner of my eyes and realised that two of the prison guards had moved to either side of the bench, and were thrusting their hard cocks towards my face. I knew what they wanted as they took my hands and moved them towards their cocks. I did not want to summon their anger so I reached out and caressed their hard cocks and slowly stoked them, feeling their sleek male organs in my fingers.

The leader moved to the side of the bench adjacent to my head and turned my head sideways. He bounced his penis against my lips and then pushed it forward as I opened my mouth in offering. His rigid member slid into my hot moist mouth and I began to suck on it as the he slowly thrusted his cock in and out of my ruby red painted lips.

I had decided to give the violators what they wanted. All I had to do was get them off and then I could get out of here. I felt the resentment building in me. I had been forced to pleasure other inmates and guards before; but that was when Steve had ordered me to do it. I realised what I was feeling was a kind of Stockholm syndrome; it was ok for me to be used when Steve mandated it, but these guys were taking what belonged to Steve! Even in my current situation I realised that Steve had developed a psychological hold over me, but now was not the time to explore that particular thesis.

I tried to control my breathing as the cock in my mouth worked its way slowly in and out; when I could, I trilled my tongue under the sensitive base of the glans, I could feel it throb every time I did that. The cocks in my hands were rock hard and streaming pre-seminal fluids. My fingers were slick with the clear viscous lubricant. I took my hand away from one of the cocks for a few seconds and I heard the prison guard that I had been wanking groan with dismay. I reached underneath myself and wiped the lubricant from my fingers along the cock that was wedged against my anal bud, ensuring I got plenty of it on the bulbous glans. Then I returned my hand to the waiting organ and continued to stroke and squeeze it.

Harold lifted my bottom up and I forced myself to relax my sphincter as I felt the head of his cock slide inside me. As he tried to force his way deeper inside me I clamped down with my inner muscles and gripped his member tightly with my sphincter muscle to slow him down. I spat the cock out of my mouth.

“Gently; slowly, please” I begged.

“Fuck that bitch; you take it all. You’re lucky I let you lube me up, now shut your whingeing and get to fucking!” Harold spat at me, his putrid breath blasting into my face.

“Don’t spit this out again until I’ve come you cunt,” the leader bellowed, slapping me across the face and pushing his cock back into my mouth.

Harold’s cock was uncomfortably wedged just inside my back passage and was slowly forcing its way deeper inside me. I knew from experience that I could lessen the pain if I relaxed and allowed the member to slowly ease its way inside me, controlling Ataşehir Çıtır Escort the entry with contractions of my back passage. I gasped as I felt his appendage fill me up and begin to pulsate. The head of the organ was finally in all the way and wedged against my prostate and I felt the guard’s potbelly bounce on my stomach as his groin pushed hard against my buttocks.

My face stung from the slap and I forced myself to concentrate on paying full attention to all four of the cocks so as to prevent any further pain or retribution. I sucked on the hard cock in my mouth and licked and slavered at the glans whilst maintaining a steady rhythm as I masturbated the slick phalluses that I gripped tightly in my hands. Harold started to fuck me hard; slamming his cock in and out of my back passage as the other prison guard fucked my mouth. I tasted musky throbbing cock in my mouth and the felt hard slick erections in my hands pulsate as I worked my fingers over and around them.

I felt Harold quicken his pace and his crotch made loud slapping sounds as he slammed against my thighs and buttocks. I fucked him back, timing my thrusts to meet him as the cock in my mouth increased its tempo sliding in and out of my lipstick smeared lips faster and faster as I sucked and slavered at the slick throbbing meat. The cocks in my hands started to quiver and convulse and I grasped the slimy organs as hard as I could and wanked them furiously.

I felt my back passage flood as the cock jammed inside me spewed out stream after stream of hot seed, globs of it ran out and pooled in my panties. The cock in my mouth convulsed and shot a torrent of warm sticky sperm, which I swallowed whilst sucking hard on the quivering organ. The cocks in my hands erupted jet after jet of milky cream all over my fingers and as the prison guards orgasms intensified, ropes of semen shot over my skirt, blouse and neck and I also felt a stream of it land in my hair.

All four guards were grunting and squealing as they came.

“Take that bitch!” one of the guards standing beside me yelled as he pulled his cock out of my hand and directed his final streams of semen all over my legs.

The hot semen soaked through my stockings, searing my flesh. The guard who had forced me to fellate him pulled his penis out of my mouth and aimed the last of his emission onto my face and hair. It pooled in my eye-socket stinging as it mixed with mascara and ran into my eye.

The guards were panting and moaning as one at a time they completed their orgasms and extricated their penises from my anus, mouth and hands. Harold climbed off the bench-top; a silvery filament of semen extending from the eye of his cock to my thigh broke as he moved back away from me.

“Look at the bitch now lads, covered in come and fuck all to say for herself!” the leader gloated.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” one of them said, “I don’t fancy being found here like this.”

Their bravado was fading now that they had sated their lust. I lay there in utter humiliation, my clothes, legs, face and hair soaked with their drying semen. I just wanted them to go so that I could clean their filth off me.

“Fuck that!” the leader said, “I ain’t finished teaching this cunt a lesson!”

“What are going to do to her now Bill, we’ve fucked the bitch and come all over her; what’s left?” one of them asked.

“This,” he said

The guard named Bill lifted his nearly deflated penis and aimed is at my body and let loose a torrent of hot urine. It splashed on my legs and skirt, soaking me.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!!!!” I begged.

“Fuck that looks like fun,” Harold laughed and directed his cock at me and started pissing all over my blouse.

The other two guards joined in and commenced spraying streams of urine up and down my body.

“Get her face! Get her face!” one of them giggled and directed his stream at my face and hair.

I cried and cowered, trying to get away from the steams of piss that were spraying all over my body. Eventually they finished and I lay there on my side in the foetal position, my legs curled up against my body, my face hidden in my hands, sobbing with humiliation.

“Now that should teach the bitch who is running this prison!” the leader of the guards growled.

“Tell Steve that Bill said hello, and thanks for the loan of one his girls,” Bill said.

“Tell him he knows where to find me if has any problems with me using his property without permission,” he sneered.

The guards were all laughing amongst themselves but it was obvious that they were in a hurry to leave the disused kitchen and get out of E Block as soon as possible. I heard the rustle as they pulled on their trousers and zipped their flies. Harold came over and bent down over me and whispered.

“You fucking sicko tranny cunt; if you even try to tell anyone what I did to you I will fuck you up good!”

He kicked me in the buttocks, and then walked away. The guards’ laughter faded when the door slammed behind them. I lay there for a few minutes in abject misery. I was Ataşehir Elit Escort covered in semen and urine, my clothes and hair soaked, my stockings torn and two buttons on my blouse were missing. My face still stung from slap and my buttocks hurt from the kick; my anus felt bruised and small trickles of semen still flowed from there into my panties.

I forced myself to stand and I walked over to the kitchen door and eased it open and peered out to make sure the coast was clear. When I determined it was safe to leave, I shuffled through E Block over to the grime-encrusted door that led into the prison brothel.

The well lit, elegantly furnished, cerise and gold finished reception room was the antithesis of the gloomy derelict kitchen where I had just been raped. I shuffled through the door and Carmel looked up from her desk, her face was a picture of shock and disgust as she looked me up and down.

I stood there in my semen spattered and urine drenched suit; my stockings laddered and my makeup smeared all over my face mixed in with semen and urine. I looked at Carmel dressed in her bone suit, the hem of the skirt just above her knees, a cerulean silk blouse, taupe hosiery and white high-heeled pumps. She was heavily madeup and wore a blonde wig, styled high on her head. Gold jewellery glittered in her ears, at her throat and on her fingers. She looked attractive and sophisticated and I looked disgusting.

“Oh my god Michele; what the fuck happened to you!” she cried, genuine concern in her voice.

She got up from behind the reception desk and came over to me but wouldn’t touch me.

“Wait here,” she said and went over and locked the door through which I had just entered.

She disappeared inside the door to the workrooms and came back a few seconds later with a sheet, which she wrapped around me. Now she put her arm around me and then led me to the workroom door.

“Come on sweetie let’s get you cleaned up. There are a couple of customers in with the girls, but all the curtains are drawn so know one will see you; let’s get you down to the bathroom.”

Carmel led me down the corridor past the twelve workroom cells. All of the heavy silk curtains were closed and muffled sounds of sex came from some of the cells. We entered the recently renovated bathroom at the end of the corridor and I fell down on my knees and started to shake and cry.

“It wasn’t the rape; I’ve been raped plenty of times before. It was the humiliation,” I whimpered.

“Why did they have to piss on me; I gave them what they wanted and they still hit me and pissed on me,” I sobbed.

“Men are pigs!” Carmel spat and lifted me to my feet.

She helped me undress and took off my wig and breastforms and then led me to the shower where she scrubbed me from top to toe. When I was totally clean she wrapped me in a silk kimono and led me back to my workroom and pulled the drapes closed across the bars. She sat me down and attached my breastforms and then she did my makeup for me and selected a blonde shoulder length wig, which she arranged perfectly on my head. My nails were still painted plum red and did not require touching up. All the time Carmel fussed over me I was quiet except for the occasional sob. Carmel knelt in front of me and turned my face towards the mirror.

“Look Michele; you’re lovely again. All of the badness has been washed away,” she lifted herself up and gently kissed my nose.

A single tear ran down my face.

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“Don’t cry honey; I’ve just done your eyes and I don’t want you looking like a panda,” she chided playfully.

I smiled back at her.

“Thanks Carmel,” I said and kissed her chastely on the mouth.

“You have to tell Steve,” she said, suddenly serious.

“Ok,” I murmured.

“Alright then; you get dressed and I’ll get Steve. He always likes to know bad news as soon as it breaks, and this is very bad news, what with the brothel only just opened for business!” she exclaimed and tottered out of my workroom cell and down the corridor with a determined stride.

When it came down to it; it was all about the money. Steve had had his property damaged and threats made. He is a businessman, admittedly he is a prisoner running a highly illegal brothel inside one of Her Majesties finest penal institutions, but a businessman just the same. My humiliation was really not of great concern to him; other than the fact that someone had humiliated me without his permission. I was realist when it came to this; but I wanted my revenge on the guards who had just defiled me; and Steve was just the man to wreak it.

I decided to get dressed before Steve arrived, I did not want him in my cell whilst I was naked under the kimono. I decided to at least get into some underwear; I would select an outfit later, after Steve left.

I stepped into a red lace suspender belt fitted with four garter straps on each leg and then put on a matching red lace brassiere, adjusting my breastforms so that they filled the cups. I slipped a pair of black nylon stockings up my legs and adjusted the dark back-seams. I stepped into a pair of black satin full-cut panties and adjusted them over my suspender belt and then stepped into a black satin full-slip. The lace hem of the half-slip fluttered against my stocking tops. I finished dressing by putting on a pair of black high-heeled court shoe pumps.

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