Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 02

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“Go slooooow. It’s big.”

“Okay, baby. I’ll go slow. Just relax. Your shoulders are stiff. Lay your head down, turn it to the side and rest your arms out. Now stick your ass out to me, give it to me, just let it open up, don’t worry. Don’t tense up, I’ll go nice and slow. You look so hot, so sexy. Just looking at your ass is making my balls boil.”

“Alright. But if I have to stop, don’t keep pushing it in. Your cock is big for my ass.”

“Your ass is perfect for my cock, baby. You’ll see. I’m gonna go in a little past the head, we’re gonna do it together, get our rhythm and pretty soon you’re gonna feel me tense up and fill you with hot cum. Your sensitive ass is gonna feel every vein in my cock swell up when I shoot off inside you.”

I’d just fucked Maria’s tight, wet pussy ’til she had a screaming orgasm. And if I’d kept it up I’d have shot off too. But I wanted – and she wanted me – to fuck her ass before I came. I had gone to the edge, fucking her hot pussy, but had to back off. Actually, I hit that point about three times. It was something I intended to do; reach the point where I was about to cum, then catch my breath, slow it down and relax. The more I was able to do that, the bigger nut I would shoot when I finally did cum. And I wanted to fill her asshole with as huge a load of hot, sticky spunk as possible.

She’d made my cock super hard that night. We started by talking dirty. She played along as I joked about her killer body, how any guy on the street would get an immediate hard-on if he saw her naked, and he’d be cumming all over her soft brown skin as she gyrated her hips, stuck out her ass, squeezed her tits and fingered her trimmed pussy while he jacked off to her; a hot slut teasing him and turning him on.

As we talked, Maria got more and more into it. In my mind I wasn’t talking at her like she was a cheap whore, but trying to convince her that she was a woman who was so hot and had such sexual power and appetite that she was the one in charge, who could easily use her physical gifts to affect and overcome men. I rubbed her and massaged her all over; neck, shoulders, legs, back, calves, feet, belly, inside her thighs going up toward her pussy, between her ass cheeks. But I didn’t touch her pussy lips or clit, and even though I wanted to stick my finger in her asshole, I didn’t. I just kept going with the sensual touching, rubbing and squeezing. Soon I was talking about how she was getting DP’d, gangbanged, creampied and filled with cocks and cum from several guys – some she didn’t even know.

“Ooooh, yeah baby. DP me,” she cooed. “I wanna be in a gangbang.”

It was the first time I’d seen her pussy actually cream – white-ish cream. She’d gotten so turned on. She was lying on her stomach and was almost spasmodically arching her lower back and sticking her ass up as I continued to rub and squeeze her, all the while talking to her about the nasty things she was doing to guys and they were doing to her. It was like her pussy and asshole were on exhibit for me, both of them pulsating in response to our verbal fantasy as I rubbed and massaged her.

I usually needed my cock jerked, either by her or myself, to get hard, but the heat of the moment got my mind racing and caused my cock to rush with blood. I got a complete hard-on that felt so tight, as if it were pushing out of my skin. I stopped the massage, propped myself above her and did kind of a push-up, with my hard cock sticking straight down. When she felt my cock touch her ass, then extend down and separate her ass cheeks and wet pussy lips, she had a mini orgasm and let out a scream. The topside of my cock was warm and wet with her slippery cream.

Maria quickly twisted around so she was laying on her back.

“Come here. Let me touch your cock and lick your balls. Want me to suck your balls? I wanna suck your cock and play with your balls.”

I loved this position. She on her back, as I moved up to straddle her, just below her neck, with my raging cock pointing across the length of her face. I grabbed my hard-on and playfully whacked her face with it; first against her lips as she stuck her tongue out, illegal bahis then her right cheek, then her left cheek, then her forehead. Then I pushed my head straight up against her nostrils and released my grip.

She took a big sniff of my cock flesh, smiled, then grabbed my head and squeezed. That made my toes fucking curl. With a sweet giggle, she let go, then grabbed again about midway down my cock. It felt so fucking good. She squeezed and jacked it a little. Then she let go and, for the coup de grace, reached down further and grabbed my cock underneath my balls, so that she had a grasp of both my cock and balls in one hand. That was probably one of the hardest, tightest hard-ons I’ve ever had.

“Your cock is so hard.”

“You fucking hot slut. Lick it, baby. You’re the best. Do it.”

She didn’t let go of her grasp, but brought my cock head to her mouth and it was heaven to feel her tongue against it. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. She pulled me closer, gave more of my cock a warm tongue bath, then stuck it in her mouth. I opened my eyes so I could see her forcing my cock down her throat.

“God, you look great with a hard cock in your mouth. I ever tell you that?”

With my cock filling her straining mouth, she smiled and nodded. Then with her left hand, she reached around and gently rubbed my butt, moving down to my asshole and underneath my ass, behind my nutsack where it was super-sensitive to her touch. Her tickles sent shivers up my spine.

She saw the look of ecstasy in my eyes, because she then started bobbing her head and jamming my cock down her throat, to the point where it would touch against the back of her throat and make her gag for an instant. She kept doing this with increasing speed, so that the mini-gagging began to have a rhythmic sound. By this time she’d gotten to subtly fingering my asshole. What a hot fucking whore, I mumbled, intending for her to hear me.

“How many cocks have you sucked, baby? You’re the greatest fucking cocksucker. Look at you, gagging on my cock. Loving it. You could take a roomful of cocks, baby. Easily. You love to suck cock, huh? I’ll get you some cocks to suck.”

She pulled my cock out and panted a bit, saying, “I love sucking your cock.” But the way she said it seemed disingenuous, if that’s the right word. The way things were going, the pace we were on and what she was doing, it would’ve seemed more natural to me if she’d have said, “Bring me all their cocks. I’ll suck all their cocks and make them all cum if you want me to.” At least that’s what I wanted to hear.

“You’re a hot slut,” I teased. “A fucking cock-sucking, cum-swallowing, ass-fucked, gangbanged, creampied slut. Isn’t that who you are, baby?”

“Mmmm,” she sounded, her eyes flashing wide.

“That’s what you’re gonna be, sweetie. Just wait and see. Fucking anal creampied.”

With determination, she pulled my cock over her nose and started on my balls. First both of them, then the left one, which hung down more, then the right ball; the one that always tightened the most when I ejaculated. She paid special attention to my right nut. Fucking cum draining bitch, I mumbled again, half-out loud. Then she moved her head down so that my balls were on top of her nose, and started licking behind my balls, in the tender, hairless area between my ass and scrotum.

That felt so good, almost too good, that it made me shut my eyes tightly and wince. I didn’t see her do it, but she must’ve stuck her left finger in her mouth and slobbered all over it because the next thing I felt was her wet finger rub my asshole and go inside, up to about the second knuckle. She moved it in and out several times before I had to stop her.

“Fuck! You’re gonna make me cum all over you, dammit. Man, that felt really good. My turn. You’re the one with the award-winning ass. You didn’t spend all that time cleaning yourself out tonight for nothing.”

I climbed off her, grabbed her by both hands and raised her up. Then sat next to her so we could look at each other, eye to eye. I brushed her hair back, rubbed the wetness off her nose, cheeks and mouth, then leaned illegal bahis siteleri over and we kissed. My hands and arms naturally moved down, rubbing and massaging her soft flesh, darting against her nipples, cupping her 34C tits, stroking her hourglass-shaped midsection and ending up on her hips and thighs.

As we sucked each other’s tongues, Maria kept a tight grip on my cock, which had drooped a little. She loved to bring it back to life, she always said, to feel it surge and get hard while she held onto it. And she loved to rub my balls and underneath my nutsack with her other hand.

“You are so beautiful,” I said, pulling away. I pushed her back and spread her legs.

“Look at that beautiful pussy. Your pussy lips are perfect.”

I lowered myself and kissed both her inner thighs, alternating, making my way to her pussy. I could hear her breathing faster. With my skilled tongue I licked around her love box, slowly moving toward the center. I grabbed her by both heels and opened her legs even more, massaging her heels as I opened up her pussy lips with my tongue. I ran it straight up and down, sliding along all the contours the length of both sides, lightly jabbing at and circling her clit when I reached the top.

I could taste her natural, salty lubrication. It turned me on to the point where I had to raise her legs even higher so I could suck on her asshole.

That sent her spinning. She moved her hips back. “Put it in me. Fuck me,” she ordered. “I wanna feel you inside me.”

My cock was back to raging hard so I released her legs, raised myself and grabbed my cock with my right hand. I put my left hand on her right knee and pushed it back and outward as I stuck my cock in her wet pussy.

“Every time I put my cock in you, it feels like I’m finally home. Where I belong,” I said as the slow, shallow strokes soon gave way to deeper thrusts and a faster pace. I brought up my right arm and now had both her legs spread, supported under the knees by my forearms. Her pussy was totally available to me. Her asshole too, for that matter.

We were fucking again. Hardcore fucking. Her pussy was wet and tight and hot. I looked down in her eyes and saw her usual expression, one that I could never fully discern. It seemed to constantly change. At times it looked as though she was fearful, like she was being violated. Then, a couple dozen strokes later, she’d look like she was in love, totally in love. Then the expression would change and she’d gaze at me like she had something up her sleeve, like she was dominating me or victimizing me in some way. She didn’t close her eyes much so I was the one who did so, hoping that when I opened them and looked in her eyes again I’d be staring into the eyes of a full-fledged fuck partner. My personal, hardcore, assfucked slut of a girlfriend.

For all the dirty talking we did leading up to fucking, when we finally got to doing it, much of that talk subsided. I don’t think she was comfortable with the idea of me fantasizing when my cock was inside her. When I tried to inject some of that talk into our fucking, she’d either deflect it or stay with the fantasy only a very short time. I guess she preferred being in the here and now once we got down to fucking.

She came twice as I fucked her with my raging hard cock, from tip-of-shaft to balls-deep, for a good 20 minutes. It felt so good being connected to her. A woman’s snatch is a beautiful thing, I thought to myself. Sometimes I could fuck Maria for an hour or more without cumming, but tonight was the night for cumming in her ass. After her second orgasm, a screaming one, I slowed my pace until both of our breathing rhythms slowed and we could feel how drenched in sweat we were. I relaxed to a stop.

“Turn around so I can see your ass.”

“You love my ass,” she smiled, with an inflection to her voice that was halfway between a statement and a question.

“Oh, you know I do. Men love asses. You have a peach ass; any man would want to worship it. And stick their cock in it.”

“You wanna see me get fucked in the ass, huh?” she stated, sort of matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, I canlı bahis siteleri do. I wanna film it too.”

“So you can watch it later and whack it off.”

“Yeah. I’ll whack it off watching you get fucked, fucked in the ass, fucked in the pussy, sucking cock. On film or in person. Show it to me.”

I turned her around, pushing on her back so that she had to adjust her knees and get in a semi-doggie position. Not all the way, just enough to show off her perfect hindquarters. With both hands, I traced the contours of her hips and ass, pulled on her ass flesh of both cheeks, separating her cheeks so I could see her beckoning button. It was all I could do to keep from opening her asshole with one hand and jacking off straight into it.

“Fucking Rodin would love to do a sculpture of you. Michelangelo would love to find the shape of your ass hidden in a block of marble. Your ass is fucking ideal.”

She didn’t respond, not until I lunged forward and started sucking and nibbling on her ass cheeks. I licked and rubbed them, causing her to moan and breathe hard, “Oooooh.” I felt her relax, so I reached down and separated her knees further apart, then lowered her back all the way so that her ass cheeks were spread before me. Fucking beautiful rectum. All I could think of was a close-up of a big cock-head piercing it, followed by a long cock shaft plunging into it. And finally pulling out, followed by a river of cum spilling from her gaping hole.

I squeezed her ass cheeks again and opened them, then moved my right hand between her legs and gently brought it up to her pussy lips. As soon as I touched her pussy, she twitched, and I applied my full tongue to her asshole. I sucked on it; it tasted like pure olive oil. I started rimming her and darting my tongue inside, little by little. With my other hand I opened her pussy lips and searched for her clit.

She moved my hand away instinctively and started fingering her pussy herself, rubbing on her clit, already surrendering to the throes of passion and quickly moving toward another orgasm.

Maria was moaning, sobbing out that it felt so good, that I was making her cum. I continued to feast on her asshole. Soon she was jamming her ass back in my face. My tongue was assfucking her. Probably two dozen times till she lowered her ass from my tongue.

Looking back at my ass-drenched face, she gave me the sexiest, dirtiest smile ever and said, “I’m ready. Put it in me there.”

“You want my cock in your ass?” I asked.

She nodded, “Okay.”

“No ‘Okay.’ Tell me what you want,” I said, back to our dirty-talking game.

“Oooh, put your big cock in my ass.” She wasn’t playing anymore, sticking her ass out toward me and spreading her beautiful cheeks.

I squirted a dime-sized drop of lube on her asshole, rubbing it in a circle, then stuck my finger inside till it was all the way in. I wiggled it around. She tensed a bit and moved forward.

“I’m gonna lube my dick for you,” I said, pulling my finger out of her asshole.

“Let me do it,” she said, turning around.

I squeezed a bigger gob of lube in her hand and she proceeded to give me a killer handjob. If I’d let her keep that up I would’ve shot off in her hand.

“You’re ready, baby,” I said. “Let’s do it. Missionary? Spoons? Doggie? Or you want to sit on it?”

“However you want.”

“Let’s try all of ’em. See which is the least uncomfortable. You might like being on top the best, but let’s start with doggie so I can see your perfect ass bent over. Seeing my cock in your ass that way, it might be the quickest assfuck ever.”

I pulled her close and we joined tongues as she grabbed my cock and balls with both hands. I reached around and stuck my right middle finger up her ass. It went in without protest and soon, I added my ring finger. She didn’t budge from my two-finger ass-fingering. I kept ramming them in and out as we continued our tongue dance. It was then I realized that, if she had something else to keep her occupied, like kissing or sucking a cock – or having another cock in her pussy, it would make it easier for her to take a cock in her ass. Even a big cock.

“Once we get this down, it’s gonna be so much easier when we get some more cocks for you.”

“You think?” she smiled, seemingly unconvinced.

“Tell me you want it.”

“I want it. My ass wants you so bad.”


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