Laura’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Mike and Laura headed North on their vacation. They had decided to go up to the Northern part of the state for a few days, then they would head to the West.

This trip was a first for Laura. In all her years of marriage her husband had taken his vacations without her. They were usually golf trips or classic car shows that he would take with his buddies. She and the kids were never a part of his vacations. Now here she was for the first time in her life sharing a vacation with someone who wanted her to be a part of his.

They had been driving most of the day only stopping a few times at rest areas to use the bathroom and grab something cool to drink. It was going on 6 pm and they were going to take the next exit they came to and find a place to have dinner. They found a nice little restaurant and sat in one of the back booths.

When they were shown to the booth Laura had started to sit where they would be facing the front of the restaurant but Mike had taken her arm and helping her into the booth with her back facing the restaurant, then he slid into the booth next to her.

A young woman with a head full of bouncing red curls came to take their order, she was very pleasant as she took their order for ice teas leaving them with a menu. While they were looking over the menu and discussing what they were going to order Mike moved closer to Laura and slipped his arm across her shoulders. The waitress returned with their drinks and took their order.

Mike leaned close to Laura’s ear whispering softly that he couldn’t wait until they had found a place to stay for the night. He kissed her ear, letting his tongue give it a quick lick, sending shivers up Laura’s spine. “Are you enjoying yourself so far Laura?”

“Yes, the ride up here has been wonderful. I’ve never been this far North before.” Laura was getting aroused. His breath was warm against her ear and his right hand had slipped down her shoulder, and around her waist. He had moved his hand up to her breast and Laura jumped. She had never been touched in public before. His finger was rubbing against her nipple through her blouse, making it harden and firm at his touch. Laura turned her face towards him with a nervous expression on her face.

“It’s ok Laura, no one can see what I’m doing. I can see from the corner of my eye if anyone is approaching us. Just sit still honey and enjoy the feelings,” he told her kissing her lightly on the lips.

Mike moved sideways in the booth, giving himself a little more freedom to touch Laura without anyone being able to see what he was doing. He took his left hand and put it between her legs, moving under the little belly she had so he could touch her pussy.

Laura’s hand went immediately to his trying to stop it’s exploration. She was nervous, hell they were in a public place!

Mike was smiling at her nervousness, and quickly tried to assure her that no one could tell or see what he was doing to her. “Honey sit still, no one can see what I’m doing. Spread your legs a little wider so I can touch you better.”

Laura did as he requested nervously. Allowing him more freedom to touch her intimately.

Mike slipped his hand down the front of Laura’s slacks. Another reason he enjoyed larger women was because most of them always wore slacks or skirts with elastic waistbands in them. Elastic waistbands were made for easy access as far as he was concerned. He got his hand under her belly letting his finger find her slit. He began rubbing her clit, slowly at first. She was already wet and Mike could feel the blood starting to fill his veins.

Laura was frozen in the booth, she was scared to death someone would see what was going on but at the same time she was extremely turned on. Was it the unknown of never having been touched in public like this that had her so hot? Or was it that they were “doing it” in public, in a restaurant full of people that had her so hot? Laura decided it was a little bit of both. She leaned a little further back into his arm without thinking about it, giving him a bit more room to tease her pussy.

Mike rubbed her clit a little harder now, stopping only long enough to slip his finger up her pussy to give her a few good finger fucks. His cock was hard and straining to get out of his jeans. “Come for me Laura. I’m not going to stop until you do, even if the waitress comes with our food I will not remove my hand,” he whispered softly in her ear.

Laura’s clit was hard and she could feel the wet spot in her slacks as Mike made her juices flow. His right hand was still teasing her nipple while his left was teasing her clit. She was going to cum soon, she would not be able to help herself. This was so exciting to her and increased her sexual high ten fold.

Mike was keeping a close eye on their waitress out of the corner of his eye. He would never put Laura in an embarrassing situation so he was making sure that no one could slip up on them. He knew she was close to coming, her body was tensing and her clit Samsun Escort was hard and protruding from it’s hood. “Laura, please come for me honey. My cock is so hard just thinking about you coming on my hand in this restaurant.”

Mike was really working her clit now and Laura was having a terrible time trying to sit still when all she wanted to do was move her pussy more into his rubbing finger. Her climax was very intense and Laura knew that for the most part it was due to the circumstances of where and how she was getting it.

Mike had just removed his hand from her slacks as the waitress came with their order. As soon as she had placed their food down and left he leaned over to Laura. “That was fantastic and such a turn on for me Laura.” Taking her hand he placed it at his crotch. “See how hard you made me? We better hurry up and eat our food so we can find a place to stay for the night. I don’t think I can go much longer without burying myself deep within you,” he told her placing a quick kiss on her lips.

They left the restaurant and headed back on the highway. They hoped the next exit would have a motel they could stop at for the night.

Laura was still aroused from her orgasm in the restaurant. She had learned one thing about herself already after only spending one night in Mike’s arms. Once she was aroused she stayed that way for hours. Maybe it was just all those years of being frustrated letting go in her or maybe Laura just remained sexually alive after having her first orgasm.

She was sitting close to Mike, his arm draped across her shoulder as they drove down the highway. She undid her seatbelt and moved until she was sitting sideways next to him. She let her hand move down to the crotch of his jeans. He glanced over at her as she undid the button on his jeans and lowered his zipper. He lifted his hips a bit so she could open his jeans more and let his cock out.

She placed her hand around his fully aroused cock and stroked him. She loved the warm hardness of him in her hand. She kept her eyes on him as she stroked his cock slowly. She noticed that a muscle in his cheek would twitch as his breathing increased as he became more aroused.

Mike set the cruise control on the truck so he could more enjoy her attentions without worrying about how fast or slow he was going. He pressed the button that moved the seat back as far as it would go, giving her more room to enjoy his cock.

Laura leaned her head down and let the tip of her tongue caress the head of his cock. She made lazy circles around it before taking him deeply in her mouth. The very first time Laura had went down on Mike she knew this was something she enjoyed doing. She enjoyed giving him pleasure this way. She heard him suck in his breath and that slow growl coming from deep inside him when she began moving her head up and down his cock.

Mike was having a hard time concentrating on his driving. This was the first time a woman had ever gone down on him while he was driving and he was enjoying the new experience. The last women he dated was a nice girl but she had no sense of adventure in her and this was something Mike craved to share with the woman in his life. He dated her for about a year then they broke up. The girl he dated before her was the same and that relationship had only lasted around six months.

Laura felt his cock twitching with each stroke of her mouth. His veins were really pronounced now and she knew it would not be long before he would climax. She craved the taste of him, and her pussy was reacting to his excitement as well. She felt the burning throb in her clit and began moving around in the seat in her sexual excitement. Her mouth would suck him hard and a few times on the upward stroke she would let his cock come right out her mouth. Pulling it with her mouth as she released him.

He was not going to last much longer and his hand gripped the steering wheel tighter. His free hand was laying across her cheek, keeping her long hair from tangling around his cock as she sucked him. He could feel the blood rushing into his veins. His balls began to move and tighten as his seed moved upwards to explode into Laura’s waiting mouth.

Laura loved the taste of him, she was anxiously waiting for his life’s seed to slide across her tongue. As soon as he exploded in her mouth Laura’s body reacted the same way as it had the first time. She had a orgasm with him.

Mike pulled the truck on the side of the highway putting on his flashers making sure anyone coming up behind them would see the truck pulled off to the side of the road. As soon as he put the truck into park he pulled Laura into his arms and kissed her passionately. Laura could kiss, he loved the way her tongue mated with his when they kissed. By the time the kiss ended they were both breathing hard and out of breath.

“That was wonderful Laura. I’ve never had anyone do that before, it was a wonderful surprise and something I will never forget.”

Laura Samsun Escort Bayan knew she was blushing but she told him she was pleased that he had enjoyed it as much as she had. “Mike I want you to know that I enjoy doing that to you, I’m not just doing it to please you because it is something you want.”

“You think I don’t already know that Laura? I know when a woman is enjoying herself and one who is just doing it because she thinks she had to or it’s expected of her,” he told her kissing her gently on her lips. “Now I think we need to find a place to stay for the night or I’m going to have to just pull of the road and have my way with you!”

“You know, I would almost bet it was a woman who invented cruise control,” she told him as he pulled the truck back out onto the highway.

Ten more miles down the road they found a motel, they both laughed at the name, “Green Acres”. Making them both think of the old TV series. They were given a room down to the far end of the building. They took their bags inside and decided to take a quick shower.

Mike was washing her back with his hands, he wanted to feel her skin as his lathered hands moved up and down her back. She had clipped her hair up so it wouldn’t get wet and that left her neck free for him to kiss.

Laura was still aroused from her climax in the restaurant and his in the truck. His lips on the back of her neck were sending little shivers up and down her spine. She sighed softly as his hand moved lower down her back to her ass. He rubbed the soap into her cheeks in a slow circular motion before letting his hand slip down the crack of her ass to her creamy pussy.

Mike let his fingers tease her pussy for a few minutes before drawing them back slowly the way they had came. He let his finger stop at her ass and slowly inserted his finger. She flinched and moved forward a bit, away from him. “It’s ok Laura I will not hurt you, just relax and in a few moments it will feel good, I promise you,” he told her as he pulled her back to him.

At first Laura was not sure she was going to like this new assault, but he was right, within seconds she had begun to enjoy his finger up inside her ass.

He fingered her ass slowly letting her become accustomed to this new invasion on her body. He removed his finger and soaped his hand some more going back to her ass again. He soaped her ass then slowly inserted his finger again. He fucked her for a few seconds before slowly inserting two fingers into her ass.

Laura sucked in her breath, his fingers had taken her breath away and she flinched again. She stayed still, her ass muscles tight around his fingers until she was stretched enough to enjoy it again. She couldn’t believe she was enjoying this, but she was, and she found herself wanting more. She didn’t even think as she moved back against his fingers letting him know she was enjoying this.

“Honey this is going to hurt a bit at first but I promise I will go very slowly until you are ready.” He had been soaping his cock and moved forward letting the head of it just press against her hole. He pressed forward a bit and Laura gasped out loud.

Laura had moved forward putting her hands against the walls of the shower, she had without thinking about doing it spread her legs and arched her ass towards him in doing so. His first entry into her had taken her breath away, it hurt. Mike had stopped immediately not moving but not taking his cock from her either.

“Relax Laura and it will feel better. I promise I will stop the moment you ask me to, if you don’t like it,” he told her moving into her a fraction more. Maybe he shouldn’t have tried to initiate her to this new pleasure so soon he was thinking to himself. He pressed forward a little more and again she gasped. He remained motionless for a few moments but she made no move to make him stop. Another little move and his cock was now half way in her ass.

Mike pulled his cock from her slowly, not all the way out but enough to give her the feel of his cock moving inside of her. He pressed forward again slowly and then again withdrawing slowly. She was stretching now enough to accommodate his cock, he pressed forward again almost all the way this time. He heard her gasp again but she still made no move to have him stop.

Laura had a feeling she was going to like this if she could ever get used to his cock in her ass. She could feel her ass muscles stretching to take his cock inside her. The pain was not as intense now as it had been, she moved back against him and his cock slide all the way in.

Mike pressed slowly burying his cock all the way in her when she moved back against him. He began to fuck her slowly, sliding his cock slowly in and out of her ass. She was no longer moving away from his cock but towards it and he increased his tempo.

Laura was now used to his cock inside her ass and she was surprised to find that she liked it there. He had been so gentle with her letting her body get Escort Samsun used to this new invasion of virgin territory. With each stroke of his cock she was getting more and more turned on. She moaned and moved back against him meeting each stroke.

Mike reached up to her breast and let his fingers caress her nipple as he fucked her in the ass. He placed his hand on her shoulder as he picked up the tempo, slamming his cock hard into her now. Laura was moaning and meeting each thrust of his cock. He was pleased that she was enjoying this new experience and fucked her long and hard in the shower before spilling his wad into her ass. He pulled her back against him, kissing her neck letting her catch her breath before pulling out of her.

Laura turned around and kissed him. “That was fantastic when I finally got used to it. I wasn’t sure I was going to like that at first but you were so gentle that you made it a wonderful experience.” She kissed him again wrapping her arms tightly around him.

“I’m happy you enjoyed it Laura. I would never hurt you, and I wanted you to enjoy it.” He soaped his hands again and finished washing her body and she his. They got out of the shower and headed for the bed.

Their room was quite nice, a small gas fireplace was in the corner, 27inch screen TV across from the foot of the bed. Behind the TV on the wall was a huge Mirror, and there was another large mirror on the left side of the bed on the wall as well. There were fresh flowers in a large vase sitting on a side table with two scented candles on either side of the flowers. In the center of the room was a huge king size bed, the night stands on either side of the bed each had a scented candle as well.

Mike lit all the candles in the room, giving the room a soft glow. “You know I’ve never stayed in a motel that had real flowers and candles as well,” he commented.

He slipped under the sheet joining Laura on the bed. He picked up the remote control for the TV and turned it on telling her he was going to see if they had one of those radio stations that some cable companies have. When the TV came on neither one of them were expecting to see what was showing on the screen.

There were two naked women in the center of a huge bed. One woman was eating the other woman while she was sucking some guys cock. A second man was fucking the woman who was busy eating the other woman’s pussy. Laura looked at Mike and they both busted up laughing at the shock of seeing a porno flick on the screen.

“Watching this is turning you on isn’t it Laura?” She nodded her head yes, smiling slightly. “Would you like to be one of the women in the movie Laura,” he asked her?

“I don’t know, if I could do that with someone else in the room. I think I would be uncomfortable with it unless I knew them real well, I guess.”

“What about the woman who is eating the other woman’s pussy? Does that turn you on Laura? Or is it just the whole idea of two couples fucking in the same room on the same bed?”

Mike had his arm around Laura when he turned on the TV and his other hand was slowly caressing her inner thigh making Laura fill with desire again. How could she think straight when this man kept her constantly aroused she was thinking to herself. She melted into his arms and before kissing him she told him, “both”.

Mike let his fingers dip into her wet pussy, teasing her with his fingers. His cock was already hard again and ready to fill her pussy this time. He moved down her body and buried his face in her sweet wetness. His tongue was firm and hard against her clit, he sucked her clit letting his tongue press hard against it. He glanced up at Laura and she was looking towards the wall into the big mirror watching him lap up her sweet nectar.

All of a sudden Laura grabbed his head pulling him away from her juicy snatch. She clutched the sheet pulling it across her chest covering herself. “Mike look at the TV,” she pointed towards the TV at the foot of the bed.

He turned around and glanced at the screen seeing the couples fucking like crazy. He turned back around towards her moving up her body to sit beside her. “What is it Laura, what’s wrong? He just noticed how white she was, like she was frightened by something. “He pulled her close to him not knowing what it was that had so terrified her.

“Mike, look at the room they are in,” she said again pointing to the screen.

Mike glanced at the screen again and then he saw it, now he knew why she was upset. There was the small gas fireplace, the big mirror on the wall next to the bed, and the candles on the tables. Holy shit! The people in the porno flick had filmed the movie in this room. He looked around the room and sure enough right down to the wall paper covering the walls the room in the movie was the room they were in right now.

“Well how about that, this room was used to film a porno flick,” he said jokingly. “Mike what if those people didn’t know they were being filmed, what if the mirrors are two way mirrors,” she whispered in his ear.

He chuckled but he could see she was genuinely upset. Before he could say anything to calm her down the movie ended. Just as he was again about to say something to her they saw the huge sign roll across the screen.

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