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My name is Joe. In my mid-twenties, I was introduced to a young lady named Debbie by a mutual friend.

Debbie was an interesting encounter. The friend that introduced us worked with Debbie. I knew the friend from our activities on the CB radio. Our friend seemed to take delight in torturing us by delaying the actual meeting for weeks.

When I finally did meet Debbie, I was instantly impressed. She was a tall girl with a slender build. She stood a little over six feet tall and didn’t weigh much more than one hundred twenty or so pounds. Her brunette hair was cut short. Her hazel eyes were captivating. She had what appeared to be a nice set of firm B+ tits, and great legs. Her long legs were responsible for our friend giving her the CB handle she had, Leggs.

Initially Debbie seemed reluctant to meet with me then go on a date. Though I was only 5’7″, due to working and playing hard, I was in excellent condition. She told me later that she thought I would be embarrassed to go out with her given our height difference.

Quite to the contrary, I encouraged her to wear her heels the first night we went dancing. It didn’t dawn on her why, until the first slow dance. My head lay nicely between her small but firm tits as we danced to the slow numbers.

When we met, Debbie had been separated for several months from her husband of six years. In addition to her height, she thought her two young children would put me off. Again, not true. As we got to know each other, we included the kids in our dates as much as possible.

She said she felt the same way as I did about romantic entanglements. She claimed she had no interest in romance at that time.

After chatting for many hours on the phone over the next week or so, she agreed to accompany me to a CB related party. She had sent her kids to their paternal grandparents for the night and could relax and enjoy herself for the first time in weeks.

When supplies began to run low at the party, Debbie and I volunteered to make a run to the liquor store. After picking up what we needed at the liquor store, she agreed to stop by my place for a few minutes to grab some snacks for the party.

Shortly after entering my home, I had filled a grocery bag with snacks while Debbie sat on my couch. We soon found ourselves making out on the couch. Debbie must have been as horny as I was. As we sat on the couch, I pushed her shoulders around so she was leaning her back against my chest. I began to fondle her breasts. She moaned and laid her head back on my shoulder. She brought her hands up and pressed my fondling hands tightly to her chest. A few minutes later, her blouse had been unbuttoned and her bra’s clasp released.

Her delightful tits were Şanlıurfa Escort a little more than a handful. They were firm yet pliable.

Debbie began moaning as I gently fondled her exposed tits. Her moans grew louder as I squeezed them a little firmer and lightly pinched her nipples. Barely above a whisper, she said, “God that feels good.”

Debbie then kicked her shoes off and worked herself around until she was laying flat on her back on my couch with her head in my lap. She draped her long legs over the arm of the couch. The process of scooting down on the couch had caused her knee-length skirt to ride up. It was then barely covering her crotch.

As she scooted down, I stood to give her the room she needed. “What a beautiful sight you are, Debbie.” I told her as I gazed at her prone form.

She smiled up at me and held her hands and arms out in an invitation to join her.

I quickly accepted the invitation, and laid on the edge of the couch facing her.

We cuddled and petted each other for a short time. I was happily licking and sucking her tits while she cooed in approval. I then reached down and began petting her pussy.

I found her panties were already soaking wet. She lifted her hips up to meet my hand which was on her pubic mound. As I stroked a finger up and down her panty-covered slit, Debbie dropped her left leg to the floor. She raised her right leg and draped it over the back of the couch. Breathlessly, she said, “Oh yes! That feels so good, Joe.”

I pulled her panties to the side and slipped first one then two fingers into her needful pussy.

She then said, “Wait!”

Thinking this still married woman had changed her mind and wanted to stop, I got up and stood next the couch offering my hand to help her up.

Instead of getting up, Debbie lifted her ass and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She then pushed her panties over her hips, down her long legs, and kicked them to the floor. She then reached up, unfastened my belt and lowered my pants’ zipper. In a matter of seconds her hand had a firm grip on my hard six-inch cock. As she slowly stroked my cock, she smiled up at me.

I rejoined her on the couch, and she pulled me on top of her body. She guided my cock to her waiting pussy.

I settled on top of Debbie’s slender body and brought my ridged cock to her waiting hole. I asked, “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable on my bed?”

She urgently replied, “No! Here will be just fine. Take me here!” Her hand then guided my cock to her pussy’s entrance. She wrapped both arms around my back and hugged me tightly. She lifted her hips to meet me as I slowly slid my cock fully into her wanton pussy.

“Oh God yes!” She sighed. Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan “It’s been so long, Joe. It’s been almost a year since my husband made love to me.”

I began slowly stroking in and out of Debbie’s hungry hole. Even though she had given birth to two children and was soaking wet with her own lubricating juices, her pussy felt as if it was custom made for my cock. I told her, “Baby, you have wonderfully tight pussy. Your husband is an idiot to leave such a beautiful and sexy woman.”

She smiled broadly. “Honey, will you please take me hard and fast? I want to feel wanted and needed again. We can always come back here after the party if you’d like.”

“OK Baby. One hard fuck coming right up.” I then began plunging my cock into Debbie’s cunt hard, fast, and deep.

She soon had her legs wrapped around mine and was returning my thrusts. “Oh God yes! Use me! Fill me with your cock!”

With the rapid pace we were setting and her tight pussy, I soon began feeling my cum boiling up from my balls, I pulled her legs up and pushed her knees up toward her tits. With her knees near her tits, her pelvis was tilted up and I could drive deeper into her hungry cunt. With each plunge my cock’s head hit her cervix.

Debbie grunted each time my cock’s head drove into her and rammed into her cervix. Breathlessly, she cried out, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Joe! Fuck me like you really want me! Umph! Umph! Umph!”

Just as my cock erupted and bathed her cervix with cum, Debbie reached down and pulled my ass as tightly as she could to her pelvis. My spewing cock was pressed tightly to her cervix. Her whole body seemed to vibrate and her pussy squeezed my cock as my cum was pumped into her long neglected cunt.

As her orgasm ebbed and her breathing returned to normal, Debbie released her grip on my ass and lowered her legs to the couch.

We kissed affectionately and, as my cock slid from her snug pussy, I said, “Damn Baby! That was wonderfully different. Most women like to be loved a little more slowly and tenderly.”

“Normally I like it a little less violent. But tonight I needed to be taken hard and fast. I was beginning to feel abandoned and unwanted. Joe, you took care of that. Now, shall we get back to the party? They’re probably wondering what happened to us.”

I asked, “Would you like to use my bathroom before we leave?” I figured Debbie would want to clean up a bit before returning to the party.

“Not now. I’m feeling a little like a slut right now. I don’t cares if I smell like we just had sex? But I would like to shower later if you don’t mind.”

We chuckled and quickly rearranged our clothes. I stood and shoved my cock back into Escort Şanlıurfa my pants. Debbie quickly pushed her skirt down, refastened her bra, and buttoned her blouse. With a wide smile, she purposely kicked her panties under the couch. With a wink she said, “I’ll get those later.”

We had only been gone about half an hour when we returned to the party. I carried in the liquor store packages and the large bag of snacks from my kitchen. Debbie was hugging my left arm and rubbing her right breast against it as we walked in.

The friend who had introduced us came up to help carry our packages. She looked closely at Debbie’s smiling face then seemed to sniff the air. As she took the bags, I overheard her whisper to Debbie, “I don’t know what you had time to do, but it seems to have agreed with you.”

Debbie replied with a broad grin, “It sure did.”

During the next few hours, Debbie and I milled around the party eating, drinking, and chatting with the other guests. Every now and then someone we were speaking with would sniff the air and give us a strange look.

Finally, Debbie squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear, “Can we go now? This being a slut is getting a bit old. Our cum has been running down my legs making my thighs sticky as hell, and I smell bad. I’d really like to use your shower now if you don’t mind.”

I agreed, “Sure Baby. Let’s go. I could probably use a shower myself.”

We said our goodbyes to our hosts and headed for my place. On the way Debbie cuddled close to me and laid her head on my shoulder. She softly said, “When we get to your place, I hope we can make love again. Maybe this time we can do it a little calmer. I’d love it if we could slowly explore each others’ bodies. Just one thing though, I really need a shower first.” She said with a giggle.

Pulling her close, I kissed her and replied, “It will be my pleasure, Debbie. I may join you in the shower. I think we both need to clean up. We seem to smell like sex for some reason.”

We both laughed at that comment.

Once we got to my place, Debbie and I quickly got into the shower. Using mostly our hands, we slowly and sensually washed each others’ bodies.

By the time we finished in the shower and dried each other off, we were both highly aroused again. After toweling each other dry, we shared a long and passionate kiss. We didn’t bother getting dressed, but held hands as I led her to my bedroom.

After an extended tender kiss, we got into bed and cuddled close. Debbie turned out to be an eager and energetic lover. She willingly gave her self over to any request I made of her. I too gave all I had to fulfill her wants and needs.

Over the next several hours, Debbie and I explored every inch of each others bodies. The sex was slow, gentle, and satisfying for both of us.

We dated and screwed off and on for several months, until she found a steady boyfriend and moved with him out of state.

Too bad! She was fun to be with and one hell of a fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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