Lessons Ch. 04

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In Praise of Older Women.

When you are nineteen anyone over 35 or so gets lumped into the “old” category of people. I had overestimated my landlady’s age by quite a bit when I first moved into my boarding house. I had guessed Mrs. Grant to be in her early to mid fifties but soon learned that she was just forty-five.

I had made myself useful around the house shortly after moving in, which she appreciated. I shared a few jokes with her and she shared some gossip with me. She seemed to like touching my shoulder or arm and did not shy away when I briefly placed a hand on her shoulder. I liked her but our relationship had been mostly landlady/tenant until my best friend Laura invited her to watch as I ate her pussy.

At breakfast the following morning I learned more about Mrs. Grant than I had in the previous three months. She had been widowed at thirty-five and never had children. She bought the rooming house because she had lived there herself while a college student. The then landlady had seduced her and Mrs. Grant had considered herself bisexual since.

She had not had sex with a man since her husband died. I think she thought of it as cheating. She made Laura blush when she proclaimed her “the best ever.”

During breakfast I took time to study her more closely. My mind had her categorized as “landlady” and was quickly switching to “woman.” The first thing that I noted was that Mrs. Grant had never been anything but beautiful. She had pale white skin and large blue eyes. Her hair was cut short and had that streaked blonde look.

As she moved around her breakfast room her robe would part enough for me to get a glimpse at most of her body.

Her tits had the heavy, mature look of a woman, C cups at least with plenty of firmness. Her ass and hips had the roundness and fullness that invited caressing. A very curvy woman indeed, about five four, one hundred twenty.

We were finishing our second cup of coffee in Mrs. Grant’s sitting area when our relationship shifted again, thanks to Laura, again.

I was sitting on a high back chair, Laura and Mrs. Grant were sitting on a sofa. I pleasant conversation about nothing in particular veered sharply off course when Laura took one of Mrs. Grants hands and brought it to her own pussy. Laura’s hand then brought out one of Mrs. Grant’s tits and began to tease a nipple.

Before I finished my coffee Laura had Mrs. Grant flat on her back on the couch and was devouring her pussy. I decided to give them some privacy but before leaving I kissed Laura on her shoulder.

She lifted her head out of Mrs. Grant’s cunt so I could kiss her pussy juice covered lips, (very tasty). Then, without thinking, I gave each of Mrs. Grant’s tits a quick kiss and gave her lips a not so quick kiss. Mrs. Grant was moaning loudly as I left.

Over the next few weeks I found my hands straying over Mrs. Grants ass. I was thrilled when she accepted the caresses and even more so when I noted that she often placed herself in position to receive them. She was most definitely an exhibitionist and around me she seemed to have constant “wardrobe malfunctions.” She would at times allow my hands to caress an exposed tit, gently pinch an errant nipple.

We kissed often.

Laura became a regular visitor to the house. Some nights she spent with me, some with Mrs. Grant. At least one night she spent in the room of Aoki, a Japanese student at the nearby college. Soon, however, Laura’s time was dedicate to her new love Lacey. I am sure all of her erstwhile lovers missed her, I know Mrs. Grant did.

About three weeks after feasting on Laura’s pussy in the presence of Mrs. Grant I got orders for a temporary duty assignment overseas. I needed to talk to Mrs. Grant about it so I went up the stairs to her living area.

When I got to the top of the stairs I saw that Mrs. Grant had just come out of the shower. She had her hair wrapped in a towel and her robe was unfastened. I offered to come back later but she stopped me and told me to get myself a beer from the refrigerator and wait while she dried her hair.

I sat on the sofa and sipped my beer as I watched her blow dry her hair in her bathroom. She never made a move to close the door or her robe.

My dick got hard but did not expect any action. We remembered Mrs. Grant had not fucked a man since her husband died.

Soon her hair was dry enough for her and she joined me in the sitting room. She sat in the high back chair directly across from me and allowed me to stare at her exposed tits and pussy.

An exhibitionist indeed.

After a bit of stammering I managed to tell her what the next six weeks would be like for me and she seemed genuinely concerned for my safety.

I assured her I would be safer than she would be with Laura in the house.

I told her I had offered Laura my room for the duration and she had indicated she would use it. Laura still lived in the women’s barracks.

Mrs. Grant then asked me how Laura’s love life was going and seemed disappointed to canlı bahis hear that Laura had found her mate in Lacey. What she actually said, however, was that she was so happy for her.

I pointed out to Mrs. Grant that the best place for Laura and Lacey to get together was going to be my room and I was positive she would soon be invited to join them in play.

She perked up and smiled and seemed to be considering the possibilities as she told me what a wonderful person and lover Laura was.

While she talked one of Mrs. Grants hands strayed to her pussy and began caressing her cunt lips.

I saw an opportunity to be useful and placed myself on my knees directly in front of her. I kissed my way up one thigh, gave her pussy a gentle kiss, then kissed my way down the opposite thigh. I kept repeating the process while making the trips down the thighs shorter and lingering longer on the pussy kisses.

She never made a move stop me but at first I sensed a small degree of apprehension. I reminded myself that I was probably the first man to worship her pussy since her husband died.

By my third trip up and down her thighs she had relaxed. By the time I was making out with her pussy she was moaning. She scooted her butt almost completely off the chair in an effort to make harder contact with my mouth. I kept my actions soft and tender.

With her ass mostly in midair I decided to expand my ministrations. I bent lower and with my tongue traced a line from the crack of her ass, to her puckered hole, to her pussy, to her clit. I flicked the tip of my tongue into her ass. I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. I sucked her clit into my lips. Everything I did produced loud moans and nearly uncontrolled squirming. Soon she was cumming almost continuously.

I kept it up until my jaw and neck started to get sore so I finished by inserting one finger deep up her ass while a thumb went into her pussy as I sucked hard on her clit.

The last of her cums made her lose complete control of her body. By the time her spasms ended she was on the floor on top of me. I could not tell if she was sobbing or just trying to catch her breath. I lifted her off the floor and laid her on the sofa.

It briefly occurred to me that had I wanted I could have fucked her then.

I was sure she would not have stopped me. However, if I was going to ever fuck her it had to be her decision alone. Her first dick after her late husband’s had to be on someone special to her. I did not want my first fuck to be a one sided affair.

I got a small blanket from her bedroom and covered her nearly nude body. I kissed her gently as she recovered. She gave out a contented sigh and kissed me hard.

I told her she was magnificent, that I could understand why Laura loved to make love to her.

She blushed.

I said good night and went to my room to jack off.

During the next few days when presented with the opportunity by Mrs. Grant I would try to inhale an exposed tit, I would plunge a finger into an exposed pussy. She made both treats easy for me.

The night before my deployment I lost my virginity to an unexpected source.

When I returned six weeks later I was very experienced sexually. I had also been subjected to my first fake orgasm. I was amazed by how badly that made me feel. I felt very inadequate.

The lesson learned was that no matter how good my intentions are sometimes it just does not happen. That lesson slowed down my headlong rush into fucks.

Each night the guys in my squadron had the use of an international phone line for free. We had a four hour stretch with fifteen minute limits on each call. Some nights I could get in two calls, some nights I could not get a slot. I managed to call about four times a week. My first call was to my mom and sis, the second to Laura or Mrs. Grant.

During one of my calls to Mrs. Grant she somehow sensed a problem with me and managed to get me to relate the fake orgasm story. She assured me I was overreacting but I had to relinquish the phone before she had a chance to convince me.

When I returned to the States Mrs. Grant showered me with kisses as soon as she saw me walk into the house.

I had just gone through two ten hour flights with a ten hour wait in between. I was very tired but I was glad to be “home” and very glad to be on the receiving end of her kisses.

I found that my room had been completely redone. New paint, new and bigger bed. Mrs. Grant described all of the improvements in my room with pride. She gave me a room key. She said each room had a new lock. She had applied to the college to be listed as recommended housing and they had a list of conditions that had to be met. Locks had been the first on the list.

“Not that it matters much,” she said. “No one seems to ever get around to locking their door.”

As I unpacked I asked for an update on my house mates.

Mrs. Grant said “your buddy Dave moved out. He found a girl and is going to get married. His address and phone number bahis siteleri are tacked to your brand new bulletin board. The two girls across from you moved out too. One graduated and one flunked out. There are two new girls in those rooms.

Aoki is still here but she moved into the room next to you, David’s old room. Cindy is still here and there is another new girl called Olga. She is a very pretty black girl studying music.

I had just opened the closet and I immediately noticed a bank of shelves that had not been there before. I made a positive comment on that discovery but noted that she was waiting for me to see something else. That is when I noticed the door to the side of the closet. I reached to open it but it was locked.

She said “It goes to the next room. All the rooms are connected that way so by definition I now have suites. If you and Aoki want to keep your hanky-panky a secret all you have to do is agree to unlock both sides. Of course I would need to hear every detail anyway. Now come out here and look out your window.”

My room had a window with no view. Outside there was about six feet of space before a brick wall. I normally kept the blinds closed.

Now, however, there was no window. In its place there was a door. I opened the door and I was floored to find a small bathroom, shower and all.

I was speechless.

Mrs. Grant said “all yours. In case you did not notice you are the only man in the house. I remodeled and expanded the big bathroom for the girls. Do you like it?”

I was still speechless so I just gave her my best, softest, most loving kiss. As I hugged her to me I yawned.

“Oh baby I’m sorry. I forgot you have been traveling for nearly two days. Take a shower and go to bed.”

I thought that was sensible advice and proceeded to do just that. I undressed completely as she gathered my bags to put in the storage room. I did not bother to close the bathroom door as I stepped into the shower. Mrs. Grant handed me soap and shampoo I had not noticed I needed. I managed to stay awake long enough to shave for the first time in two days.

When I stepped out of he shower she was there with a large towel and helped me dry my body. I was still naked when she steered me to the bed and covered me after I got in it. She caressed my face. The last thing I remembered as I fell asleep was her lips on mine.

I was slowly returning to the world about six hours later. I needed to pee. I was in the process of looking for something to wear so I could go out to the bathroom when I remembered I had my own. After a long and very satisfying piss I crawled back into bed.

Just as I was about to doze off a loud squeal pierced the air in the hallway. Almost immediately my door flew open and a missile came flying through the air towards me. I identified the object as Laura just as she landed on me and began to shower me with kisses and tears. She was fiercely holding on to me.

I saw Lacey come in and I accepted a very nice kiss from her. She went out of the room closing the door behind her.

Laura did not seem to be able to control her tears. I held her tightly.

Slowly Laura regained her composure. A couple of desperate, frantic kisses later she left the room while saying “you have some big time explaining to do mister.”

I loved that woman and I knew she still loved me. I knew she was “in love” with Lacey but was very happy to see I was still deeply imbedded in her heart.

I also knew she had heard of “the incident.”

I stayed in bed for a while and about the time I decided I was hungry Mrs. Grant came in with chicken soup, a sandwich, and a beer. She placed them on a tray table next to the bed and told me to sit up and eat.

I devoured the food while she sat next to me on the bed. I was still naked and had not made an effort to cover myself as I ate.

After the food was gone and I was sipping my beer Mrs. Grant’s hand found my dick and began caressing it. By the time I finished my beer I was fully hard. Mrs. Grant stood and moved the tray away then took off her t-shirt and shorts. She had not worn underwear so she was now naked.

Pushing me onto my back she straddled my body and lowered her pussy to my dick. Penetration occurred in super slow motion. We were both breathing hard by the time she hit bottom. I was surprised to see my hands were already covering her tits. She leaned to me and we shared a long passionate kiss. I groaned as her pussy started to squeeze my dick.

I had fucked often while in Asia but not at all the last ten days.

I had also fucked a lot of pussy’s whose owners did not mean anything to me.

That was nowhere near true now. I was not going to last long.

I tried to hurry Mrs. Grant into a fuck but she shushed me still.

She said, “I know how you are, but this one is for you. Enjoy it because I want you to enjoy it. You can pay me back later.”

Her lips returned to mine and her cunt walls resumed milking my dick. I lasted a lot longer than I thought bahis şirketleri possible. I stayed on the cusp of cumming forever before I at last erupted with one of the most intense cums of my life. Aftershocks followed with near the intensity of the cum. I was limp.

Mrs. Grant slid to my side and cupped my face in her hands. She said “Look at me. Do you see disappointment? Irritation?? Regret?”

“No” I said.

“Did you regret eating my pussy before you left? Did you feel let down because we did not fuck that night?”

“No, I loved eating your pussy. I wanted to give you pleasure. Fucking you was not necessary.”

“What if I had stopped you before I came?”

“I would have been disappointed but respected your wishes. I would have been curious as to why but would not have asked. I would not have tried again.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t go where I am not wanted.”

“That is why the fake orgasms bother you so much. You think you misread the signs and imposed yourself on someone.

I know you well enough to say that is never going to be a problem.

If you are with a woman it will be because you were invited. Probably invited repeatedly and with no subtlety. You are so slow to pick up on that. I bet you do not know how much Aoki lusts after you. And Cindy too but don’t bother with her. She would fuck a camel. You could have had me the second month you were here.”

“What?” was my brilliant response.

Mrs. Grant giggled then she cuddled closer to me. Her hand found my dick and once again caressed it with feather touches.

She sighed.

“When Laura and I learned that someone had taken a shot at you we panicked. When we learned you chased after the guy for a block while he tried to unjam his gun so he could take a second shot at you we got royally pissed.

You are grounded.

You may not ever leave the country without at least one of us with you. Never again.”

Apparently they did know about “the incident” and had the gist of the facts correct. The “official” version was that I was in the area where shots were fired. Incidents were being played down.

I had been at a restaurant in the upscale part of the Asian city. The area had been a French conclave and still retained the “Paris of the East” flavor.

I had just stepped out of the building when a guy on a scooter stops and shoots in my direction. The bullet hit the facade of the building behind me. He missed me by five feet.

I amazed everyone, including myself, by my reaction.

I became uncontrollably irate.

I ran after the guy as he tried to get off a second shot. His gun jammed and he threw it at me and sped away.

I was a sprint champ in High School.

He was on an old Vespa.

I almost caught him.

The look of sheer terror on the bastards face almost calmed my anger.

I knew he was seeing the “white devil” incarnate.

I walked back to the restaurant and ordered a beer. I was still pissed when the local police came by. The restaurant people gave their version of the incident and as they did a look of astonishment crept into the policemen’s face. That was when it dawned on me that I had reacted in the most impossibly stupid way the situation demanded.

The military police came soon after and I gave them a condensed version of the events. They told me to finish my beer and come with them. I had to tell the story three more times and be checked by a doctor before they let me go. I had not told anyone about the incident except for the military police. I was somewhat surprised to learn Laura and Mrs. Grant knew the details.

Of course, like me, Laura had a top secret security clearance. We worked in the same unit. Had she wanted to check on me she could have dug up the details.

Apparently, she had been checking on me and she had been reporting to the the lady with her hand on my dick.

Mrs. Grant kissed me and whispered “make love to me.”

I was going to be her first man in ten years. I felt honored.

I spent a lot of time kissing my way down her body. Her neck and shoulders got several minutes of attention. I adored her breasts for about twenty to thirty minutes. I managed to elicit an orgasm from her while there.

I rubbed my face on her pussy and kissed my way down her inner thighs all the way down to her toes. I kissed my way up and settled with my face above her pussy.

I loved and devoured her pussy for perhaps close to an hour. I would bring her to a cum then softly kissed her pussy lips and her thighs until her breathing had returned to normal, then I repeated my adoration of her sex. When my jaw began to complain I put a finger into her ass as I sucked her clit. Her cum ran through her body like an electric shock and she went limp.

After ten minutes or so I had kissed my way back up to her tits. Her moaning resumed. Less than a minute later I was kissing her lips with passion as my dick stabbed its way into her pussy. Her immediate climax had me hanging on to the sides of the bed for fear of being dislodged.

After she calmed a bit I took my dick nearly out of her pussy and kept it there for about a minute then penetrated her swiftly, taking a few long, quick strokes. She had another cum.

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