Lew and Di in the Sunlight

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This is a continuation of the Di and Lew stories. You might want to read “Lew in the Morning” and “Old Friends, New Lovers” first. Thanks!!!


I must have dozed off for a while. I awoke for the second time that morning to the same sound that had put me to sleep. The water re-organizing the sand as it pounded the shore and the gulls crying to the wind, were the noises that floated through the cracked window.

Rolling over, the bed was empty. His smell lingered on the sheets that now encircled me like a cocoon. I stared at the ceiling fan making its lazy rotations in the air. Then, the strong smell of coffee wafting from the kitchen to my nostrils made me sit up. I stretched; the sheet fell to my thighs. The sun was higher in the sky, I was guessing elevenish. Did I really sleep that long? I felt wonderful, rested and content.

Thoughts, sluggish at first and then the pace picked up. Moments flashing from the night before like snippets of a movie in my head. The thoughts of the first time I was awakened that morning made me smile. Coffee pulled me from the bed. The house was quiet, only the outside noises filtered in.

Sliding my feet into my flip-flop slippers while running my fingers through my hair; trying to tame the bed and sex head from the prior evening. I rifled through my bags, pulling my cotton and lace nightgown out and over my head. Matching panties joined the ensemble and I wandered towards to kitchen. Sunshine and bright blue sky made me stop and stare. Small, white fluffy clouds floated over the ocean.

I opened the cabinets and pulled out a mug, filling it with steaming coffee. Pouring the milk into the coffee, I picked up the spoon and noticed a note beneath it.

Morning beautiful,

Bring your cup to the front porch, the view is nice.


I padded to the screen door. Lew was sitting in an Adirondack chair, looking out over the ocean. His black hair flecked with gray, moving when the wind picked up slightly. The screen door groaned mildly in protest as I stepped into the morning air. He turned slightly at the sound and then my hand was ruffling his hair. He reached over his shoulder and touched my hand.

“Good morning sexy.” Smiling as I bent and kissed him.

He took my mug and set it beside him on a little white table as he pulled me into his lap.

Laughing as he tickled me, “How long have you been up? Coffee’s great.”

“Oh, an hour or so. That’s the second pot.” He motioned towards my mug with his own mug.

“You should have gotten me up.” Brushing my fingers over his beard stubble, pausing on his lips; remembering them kissing me, the passion they ignited.

He laughed. “It’s your job to get me up.”

We both reached for our coffee mugs at the same time. Turning I watched the sun sparkling like thousands of diamonds bobbing on the water, gentle waves rolling in to the shore in sets of two and three. Coffee on my lips; the sun on my face; I could feel the contour of his body underneath me. I finished my coffee and placed in on the table. I paused and took his mug from his hands, and set it next to mine.

Turning I placed my hands on the sides of his face, my thumbs stroking his cheeks. I kissed his chin, then the tip of his nose. His eyes following my lips as my kisses landed on his skin. I pulled back, staring at his slightly upturned lips and then looking into his eyes. I licked his lips as his hands cupped my face, his fingers tangled in my hair.

“What are your plans for today?” He said between kisses.

“Umm, I really didn’t have any.” Kissing him back. “Resting. Relaxing. Sitting in the sun on the beach? More sex. Reading a book. Drinking a glass of wine at sunset. Just to name a few.”

Kisses, again. “Sounds like a plan. Are you staying for a month?”

“What Bursa Escort did you have planned today?” I said as I kissed him long and deep.

He responded by kissing me harder and harder. His erection rising against my ass as I moved in his lap. His kisses making me squirm and my body heat igniting. “I have to run into town to get groceries. I figured you could relax on the beach and I will join you when I get back.”

I stood, glanced up and down the beach so make sure no one was close to us and slowly pulled my pajamas over my head. Trying to look sexy until a button tangled in my hair. “Ouch!”

He laughed as he jumped up and disentangled the object. My top fell from my hands to the deck. His kisses landed on the top of my head where the button had pulled several strands loose. He lightly ran the palms of his hands down my arms and then along the sides of my ribs, gently stroking the outline of my breasts. He looked down, “Hmmmm, you look nice in the morning.”

Hooking my fingers in the top of his boxers and pulled them down his legs as I knelt in one swift motion. His erect maleness was an inch from my mouth. “Are you interested in a blow job with your coffee?” My voice playful and light, his face a little shocked.

“Woman, I haven’t had this much sex in years, are you trying to kill me in one weekend?” He laughed.

“Was that a yes or a no? I am unclear as to your answer.” I opened my mouth and slowly pulled his entire cock into my mouth. I paused, holding the head of his penis against the back of my throat a moment and then slowly pulled back. I sat back on my heels, “If I don’t have a clear answer, I cannot continue that.”

“Yes, yes.” He stammered, “Coffee and blow jobs on the deck are always a good combination.”

Eagerly, my mouth sucked him back between my lips. I knelt on the deck, sliding my warm, wet mouth up and down his cock. The weathered boards of the deck; hard beneath my knees as I felt the muscles in his legs tense underneath his skin, with every stoke of my tongue. It wasn’t long until his pace quickened and I felt the throbbing of his cock against the inside of my mouth.

“You are so good at that Di, watching you and the smell of the ocean and the breeze cooling my cock as you pull your lips back and your breasts in the sun. I am ready to cum now. Where do you want me to cum?” He was talking fast.

I answered his question by picking up the pace. My hair swayed back and forth as I moved faster and faster up and down his cock. I sucked harder and harder, coaxing his essence. He moaned and I felt his muscles tense as he came in my mouth. Holding his cock on my tongue, swallowing his cum, thinking he tasted good. I pulled back, released him from my mouth and kissed the head of his cock.

Lew sat in the chair. He leaned back and held his arms out to me, his eyes closed. Moving closer to him, I laid my head on his chest, my arms resting on his sides. “What’s for breakfast?”

Laughing he raised my face with his hands. “Thank you. That was incredible. Bagels are in the kitchen.”

Grabbing my pajamas, I stood. “I am headed to the shower and then I think I will take my breakfast to the beach.”

“I will meet you on the beach when I get back from the store.” He said as he rose, pulled his boxers on and grabbed our coffee mugs off the table.

I led the way as he followed me into the house. Padding through the house, my top in my hand, thinking of the past 24 hours and how my life had changed in just that short time. I was still thinking about this as the water streamed off my face and ran down my back. Savoring the fact that the day was mine, I needed to rush for nothing. I shaved, conditioned my hair and ran my hands over my body. Tingles just under my skin as I traced the places his hands had touched me.

His Bursa Bayan voice, hollering over the sound of the shower, “I’ll be back. Make yourself at home.”

“Okay. See you soon.” Giggling, thinking of his return I shut off the water and stepped into the day.

Toweling off and putting my bathing suit on, I put my hair up and gathered my beach towel and bag and walked to the kitchen. I pulled a bottle of water from the fridge and grabbed a bagel off the counter as I headed out the door. The day was wonderful. I looked up and down the beach; making out a few umbrellas dotting the sand farther down the horizon. They were far enough away I could barely see them.

Tossing my blanket up, it fluttered to the sand and I sat. Mesmerized by the waves, I had just started applying sun screen when my phone started singing from my beach bag. I felt around until I could snatch it from the bottom of the bag. Coating the phone with sun screen as I attempted to now wipe my hands on the towel, I flipped the phone open. It was my 25 year old daughter. We talked as I ate my bagel and sipped my water. The sun rising high in the sky and making me hotter and hotter, I chatted, telling her how relaxed and happy I was — leaving out the Lew part of the story. I wanted to save those little snippets of time for me right now; I would tell her when I was ready.

We wrapped up our conversation and I strolled along the beach. Headed nowhere in particular, my eyes focused on my feet and the path they made along the edge of the water. I picked up shells here and there, slipping them into the pocket of my long beach shirt. I wasn’t sure how far I had walked but turned to see how far away the house was. I was surprised to see it was just a rise on the horizon.

Just contented, I wandered back towards my spot of sand, back towards the house and back towards Lew. I watched the water, the birds dipping in the ocean, a few boats far out on the horizon. My body so relaxed here. When I reached the blanket, I turned and walked into the sea; the waves gently pulling me out to them. Diving under, feeling the water rushing past my face as I swam. Breaking the surface and floating on my back. I floated there, the sound of the surf loud and wondered if there really was such a happy place.

Hearing a splash near me, I placed my feet on the sandy bottom and looked towards the shore. Lew surfaced then, standing, the water was streaming down his chest, his eyes and lips smiling as he moved towards me. I dove under, opened my eyes enduring the stinging of the salt water. Saw feet moving through the water; his feet making the sand swirl with every step. I swam up to Lew’s legs, parted them with my hands and slid between them.

When I emerged behind him, my laughter bouncing off the waves; the sunlight heating my face as I wrapped my arms around Lew’s waist, pressing my dripping body against his and kissing the place between his shoulder blades. We rose with the swells in the water, his hands interlaced with mine. I kissed him again and swam towards the shore. The waves carried me towards the beach. He caught up with me and grabbed my hand as we walked to the blanket.

“I am glad you came down here Di.” He said as he squeezed my hand.

As I lay back on the blanket, he laid down next to me, kissing the water drops glistening in the sun on my skin. I shivered slightly, not sure if it was the gentle breeze making goose bumps on my arms or his lips on my body.

“I think you missed one.” Laughing as he kissed me faster every where. “I am so happy to be here.”

“Do you need some lotion on? I wouldn’t want you to get sunburned.” He said sitting up.

I rolled onto my stomach. “The lotion is in my bag.” I said as I put my face on my arms.

At that moment, there was no place else I would have chosen Escort Bursa to be. The sun dried the rest of the water off my body and my suit was drying in patches as he straddled my ass. Snapping the cap shut, I heard his hands rubbing together and felt the coolness of the lotion as he smeared it across my shoulder blades. His strong hands coaxing the lotion over and over into my skin. Rubbing the muscles of my neck, back and arms. Any tension, which wasn’t much, disappeared in an instant. Time stood still.

“You are so relaxed, are you falling asleep again?” Lew said as he moved between my legs and started lotioning them as well.

“Hmmmm” I hummed lazily, his fingers kneading the flesh of my calves. “That feels so good.”

He brushed the hair away from my ear, his lips kissing behind my ear. “Have you ever made love on the beach?”

I turned my head towards him. “Not in the daylight.”

I rolled over beneath him. He bent down and kissed me. His hands pulling my bathing suit top down. The sun warming areas of my breasts that had never been exposed to the sun as much as they had been today. I felt him, beginning to get aroused against my stomach as I kissed him feverishly in return.

Suddenly remembering we were on a beach in public, I turned my head from side to side looking up the beach. Barely able to see the other bathers. Lew got up and sat on his beach towel. I leaned up on one elbow.

“What are you thinking?” I questioned. Looking at the smile on his lips.

“Sit on my lap.” His command, a challenge.

Laughing, “Where everyone can see? I’m shy.”

“Then bring the blanket with you Di.” His tanned face, so handsome in the sunlight.

I rose and grabbed up the blanket, wrapping it around me, trying in vain to keep the granules of sand off my lotioned body.

I stood over Lew; he ran his hands up and down my legs. Awkwardly lowering myself and straddling his legs, kissing his face.

My body’s reaction over took my brain’s controls. Squeezing my shoulders, I kissed him harder and harder. We moved back and forth, our kisses getting hungrier and hungrier. The ocean breeze had picked up and I loosened my hair out of its restraints as Lew sucked on my nipples.

“Look at me.” I whispered into the top of his head as I pulled his chin up. We were nose to nose, kissing softly. Rising up slightly on my knees, one hand still on his chin. My eyes searching into his, looking for what I had been missing for years.

Holding his eyes with my own, my other hand freeing him from his swim trucks and pulling my own bathing suit to the side as I slid him into me. Trying to maintain eye contact, moaning softly as his heat melded with my own. The blanket fell from my shoulders, I barely noticed. My only thoughts were how to keep this feeling building.

Losing his line of vision out of my own, closing my eyes and making my other sensory perceptions stronger. The sound of the ocean and the wind, the heat of the sun high in the sky, the towel under one knee and the roughness of the sand abrading my other knee as I rocked slowly on his lap. Lew’s lips on my chest, my neck. I flipped my hair backwards, it fell down my back, Lew’s hands now on my hips, I rose and fell upon him faster and faster. Picturing my impending orgasm like the waves crashing behind me on the sand. I pushed down onto him, my thigh and pelvic muscles tightening against him as I gave in, my orgasm drowned me in pulses of pleasure and then the aftershocks made my knees weak.

I leaned back, pulling my legs out from beneath me and wrapping them around his back. His hands holding me up around my lower back. He thrust into me one final time and came, exhaling with his release. He lowered me to the sand, still connected to me.

The ocean sounded quieter, colors shifted slightly. Detaching from him, kissed him on the lips and then standing, I pulled off the rest of my bathing suit and headed for the water.


To my editor – can’t do it without you!! To the readers – thanks for the votes!

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