Life Ch. 03

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Ok, so I committed incest, but in my defense, my cousin lied to make me believe I wasn’t actually her blood relative. Whatever, it’s morally wrong, and gross, and illegal in most states, and it won’t happen again… Unless I see some adoption papers and the grave of whoever was being born in that video my mother shot. Anyway, I tried push that to back of my mind, and made it a point that when Linzy and I spoke, it was never brought up or the subject was quickly changed. After a week of getting denied, she finally gave up and stopped calling. Did I feel bad for doing that to her? Yes, I loved my cousin more than most of my family members, even after she tricked me into taking her virginity in an act of incest, but I couldn’t come out and attack her for what she did. It was as much my fault as hers, I should’ve known better.

Summer in the south started turning into pool-weather about the end of May, so by mid-June my brother had already planned a party to take place while our mother and stepfather took their now annual vacation to Hawaii. I was basically planning to make some money as a taxi for all the drunk-asses that were too stubborn to spend the night on the couch, floor, bathtub, lawn furniture, ground, or anywhere else they fell. During a good party, charging $30 a head, I could usually make three or four hundred dollars on top of what I spent on gas, and that kinda money could definitely help me get my mind off Linzy, not to mention Dixie.

I made sure I had moved my Jeep to the vacant lot across the road from my house before my brother’s friends started showing up and blocked me in, then just waited for someone to get to drunk to stay or go home alone. The first one was a group of three guys that wanted to go to the strip club, I told them not to call me or my brother when they needed to leave from there, collected my $90, and got home before the sun was even down. Second was a couple who decided my back seat would be a great place to try to knock boots cause both their parents were home; I told them that “No Sex” was clearly in the rules and they had 30 seconds to straighten up before they walked home, surprisingly they made it. Third up to bat were two brothers and one girlfriend who started fighting cause she was so drunk she had to tell brother A about the time she fucked brother B in highschool, both of them got left at a stop sign, and she got dropped at a bus stop for yelling at me to go back for them.

I rarely had time to enjoy the party, not that I cared, my brother’s friends were typical frat-boy and/or redneck types and most of the girls they hung around were not only stupid, but nasty sluts as well. A few caught my attention, and I talked to them when I wasn’t driving. Three of them especially caught my eye. Danielle, Danni to her friends, was a fat but cute Irish girl with more freckles than skin, and frizzy red hair that seemed entirely uncontrollable, she actually got drunk enough to lose her top in the pool, which led me to nearly drown the frat boy that wouldn’t give it back to her while I got it back from him. There was Joan, an Indian girl whose father owned a casino in NC, and whose ass could make J-Lo jealous; she was there with her boyfriend, who for some reason couldn’t keep his eyes off Danni’s cleavage despite the fact that Joan was barely wearing more than ass floss and pasties on strings, and had the body of an Olympic soccer player. Then was the absolutely darling little ash-blonde, who didn’t even bring a bikini. She introduced herself as Deedee, and told me she was there for moral support of a girl who was currently sucking her on-again/off-again boyfriend’s cock behind the pool house. She couldn’t have been more than 5’5, and weighed less than 120 soaking wet.

Seventh on the list of those in need of a DD, was Joan and her boyfriend Ricky. Joan actually seemed a little drunker than Ricky, but that’s only cause she was able to stay conscious. Halfway to her dorm, they got in a fight about his wandering eyes, and rumored wandering hands, lips, and penis. Normally fights between couples aren’t that bad when their drunk, but I could tell this wasn’t a drunken tiff. I drug Ricky out of the back seat after he grabbed Joan’s shirt, ripping it, and raised his open hand to her. After kicking him the ribs and telling him that he should have more respect for women, I left him laying on the crosswalk in front of a Hess station. When I got back in the driver’s seat, Joan had climbed over and into the front passenger’s seat. “Sorry.” She muttered.

I closed my door and started driving. “It’s not your fault. He’s an asshole.” She was embarrassed that I had to see her getting abused that way. “You don’t have to apologize for him hitting you. You’re worth more than that you know?”

She sniffled and started wringing her hands. “Yeah? To who? My mother doesn’t want me in her house anymore, my father doesn’t think I’m even smart enough to run a blackjack Sinop Escort table, and my boyfriend can’t stop staring at that fat bitch’s tits.” She started crying after that outburst, and didn’t stop until we reached her dorm and I pulled her over to hold her. “Shit, I just remembered, Ricky has all my money in his wallet, I can’t even pay you for the ride.”

I smiled, still holding her head against my chest. “Don’t worry about it. You’ve had a rough night.” I paused for a second, trying to figure out how I could actually make her believe it was okay. “Besides, having Joan Crow cry on my chest is worth twenty dollars.”

She looked up at me and laughed. “You’re a sweetheart.” She wriggled closer to me and sat up more to kiss me. “And you definitely deserve something for getting me here safely.” Before anything else, she opened her door and got out, then stumbled around the front to my side and asked through the window. “Can you walk me up to my room?”

She almost fell up the steps to the entrance, and I ended up carrying her to the desk where we had to sign in. “Is she okay?” The overweight black guy running things asked me as he ran his eyes over her legs which were hidden by nothing but a pair of loose shorts that barely covered her ass.

Joan rolled her head around. “I’m fine, just a lil drunk.” She slurred. While we rode the elevator, Joan was sucking on my neck and collarbone. “I won’t leave a hickie, I promise, I know you havta have a girl, and I don’t want you to break up.” She told me. At her room she made me put her down, and told me “My roommate quit school, so I have the whole room to myself til next semester starts.”

“That’s cool.” I smiled, then took her keys from her so I could unlock the door. The normal twin bunk beds had been dismantled, and the beds were now crammed together with one giant blanket over them. Her TV had been left on, apparently she had been watching porn before she left, cause the DVD menu was replaying over and over on her PS2. “You know I think I think I’ve seen that one.” I joked as I took her shoes off and tried to get her to lie down.

She protested. “No, I don’t wanna go to bed. I havta give you something for the ride.”

“No, really, it’s ok.” I reassured her and tried to stand up, but she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me in bed with her.

She kissed me again and forced me on my back. The lithe and strong Indian Princess decided that she was paying me whether I liked it or not, so I figured I might as well like it. While her tongue sloppily worked its way around my mouth, her hands worked their way quickly through my belt and the buttons and zipper on my jeans. Joan laughed inside the kiss as she flopped my cock out on my stomach, then looked down as she rubbed it slowly. She swung her leg over me, pulled one leg of her shorts open and pushed my dick up along her thigh. She sat, still holding the base of my cock, and pushed her other hand down the waistband of her shorts to move the crotch of her bathing suit out of the way, then jabbed my dick at her Cherokee cunt. It took a little work to get the head inside her at that angle, but once was in, neither of us wanted it out. She ground her pussy down on me until the only inch not inside her was blocked by the fabric of her clothes, then she finally brought her hands back out, and fell on me. “That’s a big cock.” Joan groaned before she continued to assault my mouth with her tongue, groaning and grunting through it while her hips made her pussy bounce on my cock.

I wrapped my hands around her ass to try to slow her riding, so I wouldn’t cum before she did, and she sat up, bracing her hands on my shoulders and forcing more of my dick inside her. She groaned through her clenched teeth and started grinding her cunt back and forth on me when my cock finally bottomed out and hit her back wall. I ripped what left of her shirt open and popped the strings that held her tiny top in place so my fingers could tweak, twist and basically torture her penny-sized, rock-hard nipples. The second I did, her movements got more frantic, bending and stuffing my shaft in and out of her lubed up hole as she grunted each time she pushed her weight back down. Her hands clenched my shoulders and her pussy clenched my cock. “Cum! Cum! Cum, cum, cum! Now Goddamit, cum inside me!” she started chanting in rhythm with her motions as her eyes rolled back in her head.

One more hard downward thrust was all it took and I flooded her cunt with my cum. She kept riding until her arms gave out and she collapsed on top of me. She was asleep in seconds, so I rolled her off me and covered her up as best I could. Before I left, I typed my number on her computer and saved it as her background. Downstairs, I told Mikhail, the guy running the desk til morning, that if her boyfriend tried to get in, to call me and I’d take care of it.

On the way home though, I saw Ricky still lying Sinop Escort Bayan in the street, lucky not to get run over, so I loaded him in the cargo door in the back and dropped him off in front of his frat house, minus his jewelry, wallet, cell-phone, and clothes.

When I arrived at home, my brother’s best friend was standing in the parking lot with Danni, holding her hair so she wouldn’t puke in it. “I guess she needs a ride?” I asked.

Josh, the friend, laughed and handed me two tens and some directions. “I’m staying here, so if ya don’t mind draggin her to the front porch and ringing the bell.”

“Sure thing.” I told him and helped her into the passenger seat. “Rule number one, ‘No Puking in Jeremy’s Jeep'” I told her. “If you feel sick, I’ll pull over and you can open the door.” She nodded and told me it was fine. “And here’s some Altoids. Your breath is kickin.” I told her and handed her the tin of mints I kept in my glove box.

She slurred her speech and talked all the way to her house, which was less than fifteen minutes away. Telling me how cute I was, and that she hadn’t been with a man in months, and that she didn’t have any money for the ride home. I neglected to tell her about the twenty Josh gave me, and let her talk. I mean hell, it’d been almost a whole hour since Joan gave me a ride for me giving her a ride. I parked in her parents’ driveway, all the lights were off, and started to get out, but she stopped me. “Hold on a minute.” She said, then laid across the seat with her head in my lap. She bit my pants open and fished my semi-hard cock from my boxers.”Why’s your dick smell like pussy?” she asked me as she started licking up and down the shaft.

I wove my fingers into the mane of red hair on my lap. “What’s it matter? You could’ve walked home.” I told her and moved her head to the top of my cock where she wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking the rest past her teeth. She stopped when I started to enter her throat and began bobbing her head and stroking my shaft with her tongue. When she finally popped the head of my cock into her throat, I almost ripped her hair out, but let her loose when she pulled her head back. “Sorry, keep going.” I reassured her before her mouth was empty.

Danni gurgled something and swallowed the head of my penis again. I reached my arm across her back and pushed my hand down the back of her bikini-bottom until I found the bottom of her slit. She kept sucking until her nose was in pubic hair, then start fucking me with her throat as I started pumping three fingers past her lips.. She was pushing down to her fist then taking my cock nearly out of her mouth. When she started bucking her ass at my hand, the Jeep started rocking and apparently her parents woke up, cause the upstairs light flicked on. I sucked in a deep breath and held off. “Comon, Danni, you can take it deeper than that can’t you?” I urged and squeezed my thumb into her asshole.

The orgasmic moan she let loose was meant to be a scream, but it still loosened her throat enough for me to shove the last three inches of my cock into her mouth. Her pussy gushed on my hand as I worked my thumb deeper in her rectum, making her try to scream more. The vibrations got me as I grabbed the back of her head and bucked in my seat before cumming down her throat as the porch light came on.

Mid-orgasm and topless, she pushed herself off of me and out of the passenger door. She fell to her knees and started puking up sperm, god-knows how much alcohol, and a chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. Laughing to myself, I grabbed her top that came unworked again and cleaned my cock off before fixing my pants and throwing it out the door.

“What the hell’s going on out there?” I heard her father yell, so I slammed my foot on the gas and backed out, slinging dirt on him and his drunk daughter.

When I got home, there was another couple waiting on a ride. After dropping the girl off at her house, the boyfriend gave me an extra fifty to drive him to a strip-club. After that charming jaunt, I finally got back to the party. “Where have you been dude?” my brother, drunk, asked me when I reached pool side. “There’s this sweet thing that’s been looking for you for hours man.”

Before I could I ask who and where, I heard a scream and a splash. I turned to see Deedee sputtering in the shallow end, still in her jeans and halter. I held a hand out and pulled her back on dry land. “You’re a little drunk, aren’t you?” I asked.

She nodded and tried to wipe some of the water off of her. “I didn’t come to go swimming.” She pouted.

“Comon, I’ll try to find you some dry clothes inside.” I told her and took her by the wrist. I told my brother I was done for the night on my way inside, and cut my cell phone off. I led her upstairs and into my bedroom. “I should be able to find something that might fit you.” I told her and started digging Escort Sinop in my dresser for a pair of Dixie’s panties.

When I found them, I looked up to see that Deedee had already stripped to nothing but her soaked undies, with her clothes hanging from my towel hanger. Her white bra was entirely see through, and the effect of AC on her wet pink nipples was entirely evident through it. Her matching panties clung to her pussy and showed me the thin strip of hair that ran up from her puffy slit. “I waited for you after you left with Joan and Ricky.” She said.

I dropped the panties. “Okay, that works too.” I said as she walked to me and pushed me back to my bed. I fell back onto the bed and Deedee’s slick wet body fell on top of me. Her lips found mine as my hands found the soaked hooks of her bra. She started grinding her cunt into my leg as I pulled her top off and started on the bottom. She reared up to throw her bra away and started moaning as the friction between her pussy and my pants started getting to her. I pulled her to me and rolled us over, and quickly pulled my shirt off. As we continued to suck on each other’s tongues, I ground my knee into her crotch, spreading her lips and pushing her wet panties against her clit.

After a multitude of moans escaped her, she arched her back and broke our kiss long enough to groan out “God, Jeremy, just fuck me.” She stayed arched long enough for me to yank her panties off and I pushed my jeans and boxers to the floor. I stood on my knees between hers, held her legs open by the ankles and pulled her puffy little pussy to me. Deedee grabbed my cock and ran the head up and down her slit, spreading her juices around, before she finally lined me up with her tunnel and pulled me into her.

It was a tight fit to say the least, and even as slick as her pussy was, I still had to work my cock into her little by little, pulling moans from each of us each time I pushed my dick in her deeper. Finally I hit bottom, her ankles were next to my ears and my hands were groping her ass, holding her to me and off the bed. I started shafting her slowly, pulling my cock out of her cunt only a few inches before sliding back into her, going further each time. “Fuck me.” She whispered impatiently “Fuck me hard.”

I gripped her ass harder and slammed my cock into her, pumping at her pussy and making my balls slap against her. She came quickly, squeezing her legs around my shoulders, trying to pull me to her. “Harder! Fuck me!” she ordered, her hands grabbing mine and jerking. As her pussy spasmed around my pistoning penis, I leaned over her, folding her at the hips until her knees were on her shoulders. I kept shoving my cock into her, the head banging on the door to her womb, balls knocking against her asshole.

Deedee screamed and started writhing under me, her pussy gripping and convulsing around my dick. “I’m cumming!” she shouted and thrust her hips at me as my own orgasm hit and I pumped her snatch full of semen.

I rolled off of her and she followed me over, laying across my chest. She kissed me sweetly once and we fell asleep, still drenched in sweat. Sometime shortly after dawn, I awoke to find us on our sides, with her ass pressing against my sleep-hard cock. She was snoring softly, and I couldn’t think of a better wake-up call than an orgasm. I scooted down slightly, and bent one of her legs up enough to where I could lay the head of my cock at her still-wet entrance. I worked in slowly, hoping she wouldn’t wake up until I was all the way in again. She groaned in her sleep, and I felt her body tense up, but as soon as I started fucking her pussy with long, slow strokes, she loosened up and started breathing heavily. I wrapped a hand around one of her delicious looking tits, and one of hers gripped my fingers as I started toying with her nipple.

Deedee gasped and moaned as my dick invaded her pussy again and again. She started grinding her ass back toward me, pushing me deeper into her pink-pit. “I’m gonna cum.” I warned her through clenched teeth as I pushed my dick against her cervix.

“Me too.” She groaned and her free hand came down and found my balls, massaging them just before I shot my load. “Ooohhhh, God…” she moaned out and pushed her ass at me over and over as her pussy milked my cock of the last drop I had left. Deedee craned her neck around to kiss me, and when we separated, a look of panic was on her face. “Oh. My. God.”

“What’s wrong, baby?” I asked, thinking maybe she forgot her birth-control.

She shoved herself out of my embrace and my bed, and started grabbing for her clothes. “I gotta go.” She said as she pulled Dixie’s panties on and didn’t notice. “It was fun, really.”She paused as she pulled her shirt on. “REALLY fun.” She laughed and reached for her shoes.

I started after her as she went for the door. “Wait, can I get your number or something?”

“A sorry gotta go.” She called over her shoulder as she dodged hangover victims on her way out the front door.

I quickly got dressed to go after her, but she and her car were gone by the time I made it outside. Oh well, at least I had a pair of tiny white cotton panties to remember her by.

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