Life Ch. 10

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Big Dicks

I called Joan as I was leaving the parking lot at Best Buy to make sure she was going to be there and be ready for us. “Sure thing ,babe.” she told me. “I even got a surprise for your girlfriend.” She wouldn’t tell me what it was, but I decided I’d find out soon enough anyway. Linzy called me and told me to meet her down the street, at one of her friends house.

She was standing at the edge of the drive way with a duffle bag thrown over her shoulder, the strap crossing and separating her gorgeous tits over her tight low-cut shirt. “Don’t get out, don’t put it in park, just go.” She barked at me and jumped in the Jeep before I even pulled in her friends driveway.

“What the hell was that all about?” I asked her as I rounded the next corner in her little suburban neighborhood.

She grinned at me and threw her bag over the seat into the back. “Nothing.” I glared at her. “Seriously, Jeremy, nothing. I just told Mia that I was spending the weekend with my new boyfriend, and I don’t really want her knowing that I’m fucking my cousin, okay?” I nodded, understanding, and smiled when she leaned across the seat to kiss me on the cheek. “I mean, not everyone would be as understanding as Nani, or this Indian girl you’ve hooked us up with.” She must’ve noticed the smile fading or me thinking about Joan freaking out. “You did tell her I’m your cousin didn’t you?” I shook my head. “Dammit Jeremy! What the fuck does she think then? I’m your girlfriend and I want to have a weekend long threesome with her?”

“Isn’t that what you wanted me to tell Shard?” I accused. “I mean hell Linzy, you can’t expect everyone to see it how we see it. It’s easier to tell someone we’re just dating than we’re committing incest.” I stopped at a red light and saw her sulking. “It’s not even that much of a lie is it?” She glanced at me, but turned back away. “Really, it isn’t. We talk on a daily basis, we love spending time together, we go out on dates and we have sex. If you’re not my girlfriend, then what are you?” I asked.

She didn’t answer until I was on the interstate back into the city. “I don’t know.” she said. “I just don’t like lying to people.” We were both silent for a few miles, then she turned to me with a smile. “Am I really your girlfriend?”

I grinned. “Yeah, I guess you are. I don’t know what else to call it.” With that, Linzy unbuckled her seat belt and moved closer to me. She kissed my neck and ran her hand up my thigh. In a few deft movements, her hand was massaging my cock inside my boxers.

She stopped after a few strokes and pulled her hand away, eliciting a groan of disappointment from me. “There’s cum dried to your dick!” Linzy accused. “Who did you fuck today, hunh? The little hairy hippie girl? Or did Mary show up at work for round two?” I honestly thought I was trouble for a second, then I glanced at her and saw a huge grin on her face.

“You get turned on when I talk about fucking other girls don’t you?” I asked. “Most girlfriends get jealous over that kinda stuff you know?”

“Most girlfriends aren’t your cousin.” Linzy reminded me. “So who was it?” she pressed. I reached behind me to grab my camera and handed it to her, telling her how to cut it on and play the video. “I know, I know. I’m not as electronically illiterate as your brother.” she kept telling me, and before long I heard Georgette’s recorded voice spewing from the tiny speakers on the camera. “Oh my God, those are fuckin huge!” Linzy cried.

“I know right?” I laughed. As she watched, stunned by the size of the short blonde’s tits. I recounted the happenings with Shard and how I ended up getting blown in the bathroom at Best-Buy. “So, is that good for the site?” I asked.

Linzy looked at me sideways. “You’re joking right?” She said. “You honestly think I’d put this on my website?” I wrinkled my forehead, trying to think why she wouldn’t. “I mean, with the follow-up she promised, this would be perfect for the launch.” she finally said.

“You’re a bitch.” I laughed out.

She laughed too. “Oh, you think so?” I nodded. “Then we’ll see how much of a bitch I am when I don’t suck you off on the way to Joan’s dorm.” Damn my big mouth. Well, that just made me drive faster, so it at least it didn’t take to long. On the way there, I reminded Linzy that Joan had made me promise she’d get an hour alone with her. Joan was waiting outside for us in a jogging suit, not much unlike the one she was wearing last time I met her, only she had a baby-doll t-shirt on over her sports bra.. “Oh God, Jeremy, you didn’t tell me she was fucking cut like that.” Linzy accused in awe of Joan’s exposed abs.

I smiled wider. “What’s wrong? Jealous?” I looked over at her as I pulled up to Joan. “Or just really turned on?” She smirked at me and I knew the answer was both. “What’s up?” I asked Joan through my rolled-down window.

She smiled. “Not much, just thought we’d get some dinner before the festivities.” She looked at Linzy in the passenger seat, with her Gaziantep Anal Escort low-cut top showing off her DDs, and her purple hair framing her milk-white face, she probably looked like half the girls Joan made fun of in high school. “Hi.” she grinned uneasily, and offered a hand. “I’m Joan, hope you don’t mind me sharing your boy-toy.”

Linzy snorted and grabbed her hand. “Corse not, there’s more than enough of both of us to go around.” she grinned back and let go and motioned for Joan to hop in the back seat. “If you wanna see something crazy, turn on that camera back there.”

“Oh, you got a new one already?” Joan asked me and I nodded while she fiddled with switches until I once again heard Georgette’s voice. “Holy shit those are big!” the Indian girl gaped. “What is that like, a double F or something?” Linzy and I just laughed. “So you just go around filming everything you fuck? She asked when the tape ended.

“Actually…” Linzy started and told her the details of her get-rich-quick porno scheme on the net.

Joan nodded and listened intently. “Cool, can I get in on it?”

“Uh, you kinda already are” I told her. “I filmed Wednesday night, remember?” Joan of course remembered, but told us that without a contract, we couldn’t post anything with her face and expect to get money from it without a lawsuit. “You’re a cold bitch.” I told her, and she retorted with how she was raised by a man who owns a casino, what did I expect?. “So how much do you want?” I asked.

“Recognition, that’s all.” She answered to my and Linzy’s relief. “Seriously, though, you two will need an attorney if you’re really doing this without prior consent.”

“And where do we find one of those willing to represent us?” Linzy mocked.

Joan smiled and held her hand up between us. “Joan Crow, Apprentice Paralegal, at your service.” I laughed and shook her hand. “But that service does come with a fee, we’ll discuss that later though.” Dinner consisted of a trip to a Chinese buffet, where Joan put both us to shame, eating four plates of food and two ice-cream cones before she was done, all while flirting with Linzy enough to make me feel like a third wheel. “What? You don’t get a body like mine starving yourself. Muscle’s need fuel.” She told us as she was downing what had to be her dozenth pork-filled egg roll. She then followed that statement by a loud belch. “I’m stuffed.” she giggled

“Not yet you aren’t” I joked and winked at her. Linzy thought it was so funny she spit Diet Coke across the table. When I got back to the Jeep to take the girls back to the dorm, Linzy climbed in the back next to Joan, and I adjusted the mirror to see what was goin on. There was a kiss, some light petting, then I heard something about Jeremy’s Rules of the Jeep Taxi. “I think in this case, the rules can go to hell.” I announced and adjusted my mirror a little more as I heard a belt being unclasped. Thank God for red lights. I stopped and turned in my seat to look back at Linzy sucking greedily on Joan’s right nipple, moaning into it as Joan had her hand shoved down Linzy’s pants fingering her clit.

Joan saw me watching and winked, then pushed her hand down further, my guess pushing her fingers up inside my cousin. Linzy’s head flew back with a pop as her lips left Joan’s wet and hard nipple. “Oh, god.” she groaned and jerked her hips at Joan. I was really getting into watching Joan get my cuz off when the guy behind me honked his horn. Apparently the light had changed while I enjoying the show. Joan laughed and told me the faster I get back to her dorm the faster I could join them. I prayed for a lack of cops and sped back to the dorm while Linzy screamed and came all over Joan’s hand, then helped her lick her fingers off.

They redressed quickly and I grabbed our bags out of the far back of the Jeep. As we were following Joan inside, she spoke to us quickly. “If it’s anyone but Mikhail running the desk, just turn around and walk back to the door. I’ll come down after you and show you how to get to the elevator in the basement.” Luckily it was Mikhail. “Hey sweetie!” Joan called as we topped stairs out of the lobby.

“Hey darlin,” the overweight black guy answered. “You got some company?” he asked when he saw me and Linzy behind her.

“Yeah, some… Friends… Staying for the weekend.” Joan smirked out and I could tell Linzy was biting her lip to keep from laughing. “I’m sure you can take care of the records of him being here, right?”

Mikhail snorted and smiled. “Sure, I’ll put him down as stayin in my room.” He offered and scribbled something on a form in front of him. “I mean, anybody that can beat down that punk-ass ex of yours like that deserves the rules bent.” he went on then tossed a clipboard to the edge fo the desk. “You two sign here and here.” he ordered and pointed. We did as instructed, Linzy signing next to Joan’s room number, and me signing next what I guessed was Mikhail’s.

“It’s ridiculous, really.” Joan told us as we got on the elevator to go to her floor. “In such a homophobic state, the college will let anyone have a same-sex guest over for up to three nights, but a different gender can’t stay more than twelve hours.” Linzy and I both just smiled, thinking of all the things we’d done that the so-called Christian leaders of the region would probably have us killed for in the old days. I mean premarital sex was bad enough, but incest, adultery, sodomy, and not to mention Linzy’s obvious lesbian tendencies.

When we got to her room, Joan rushed in ahead of us and shoved something under the bed. I heard the unmistakable sounds of a porno DVD title screen. “Honestly girl, do you own any movies that aren’t X rated?” I asked.

She laughed. “I do, but I hardly ever watch them.” She turned around to face us as I shut and locked the door behind me. “Com’ere.” she ordered Linzy with a smile and a crooked finger. Linzy winked at me, dropped her bag on the floor and sauntered over to the darker woman. They were on all over each other before I could blink. I’m still not sure which clothes came off first, but before I could even turn my camera on, Joan was down to nothing but a skin-tight pair of gym-shorts, and Linzy was in her bra, attempting to get her belt unbuckled.

By the time I got the cam set up and rolling, Joan had freed my cousin’s breasts and got her pants off. I smiled as I disrobed and read “Bad Kitty” in dark-purple across the ass of Linzy’s black panties. I walked up behind her as Joan was sucking on her tongue and fondling one of her big tits. Linzy moaned when she felt my dick slide up her spine, and my hands trace her curves. I leaned in close and started planting kisses on her neck and shoulders. “Oooh, God… You two..” she groaned out when Joan broke their kiss and started sucking on the other side of her neck. With Joan still massaging her breasts, it was easy for me to snake an arm down the front of Linzy’s body and slide my hand into her panties.

Joan pulled her lips away from the bruise she was making on Linzy’s collarbone with a loud smack, and moved her head to the same side mine was on to kiss me, swirling her hot tongue into my mouth, while she reached an arm around Linzy’s back to grab onto my shaft. I reached my free hand around both woman, pulling Joan into Linzy’s chest, and Linzy back into me, and broke my kiss with Joan just I pushed two fingers up into Linzy’s gooey cunt. My cousin grabbed two handfuls of the Indian girl’s ass and pulled her tighter against her, making Joan’s lycra covered mound rub against my wrist as I kept fingering Linzy’s pussy.

Maybe we just think alike, or Joan has psychic powers, but at nearly the same time, she and I clamped down on either side of Linzy’s pale neck, sucking, licking, and biting on the tender flesh. With Joan toying with her nipples and jerking my cock up and down her back, both of us giving her the vampire treatment, and my finger’s delving deeper in her tunnel, it wasn’t long before Linzy was reduced to a quivering mass of orgasms. Her head lolled back, eyes closed, mouth slack and moaning uncontrollably as her pussy gushed and her legs started to give out.

After removing my teeth from Linzy, I pulled Joan away from her neck gently, making sure she wasn’t bleeding. Then I removed my hand from her panties and carefully laid her back on Joan’s bed. “I love you.” she cooed, and started slowly rubbing her own body.

Joan laughed. “She’s cute.” she told me, then reminded me that neither she nor I had came like Linzy had by gripping my dick roughly and asking. “Does this mean it’s my turn now?”

I looked at Linzy, who just smiled. “Go ahead, I need a break.” she said and scooted back against the wall to watch as Joan turned us around and nearly shoved me back onto the mattress. She peeled off her shorts, watching Linzy watch her, before climbing on top of me. Like usual with the law student, Joan wasted no time being gentle and straddled me, popping the head of my dick between her juicy lips and sliding down my pole with a loud gasp.

“Fuck me.” she moaned and I felt her walls grab at me just before she lifted her ass enough for me to thrust up inside her again. After the fifth or sixth slide back into Joan’s cockpit, she started to meet me halfway, slapping her ass against my thighs as I pushed my pole against the back of her box over and over. “Ooooo…. FUCK!” she yelled and dug her fingers into my shoulders as she started thrusting harder down at me. I stopped moving when she started grinding her cunt back and forth with my dick still embedded inside.

I looked up at Linzy and smiled. She was leaned against the wall, watching us intently, mouth open in a constant gasp for breath. One hand was crossing her chest and mauling her opposite tit. The other hand was moving inside her panties, my guess was two fingers up her cunt and her thumb hooked into her clit. I stuck my tongue out and wagged it at her and she smiled as she pulled her hand from her crotch and removed her underwear. Joan smiled and released her talons from my shoulders so she could lean back, riding my cock while she rubbed her own nipples. Linzy crawled over me, straddling my head on her knees, and held her jugs out of the way to try and watch as I reached up and plowed my tongue between her lips and sucked the nectar off on my way to her clit.

I saw her pussy orgasm, heard her moan, and felt her start to fall forward. Linzy caught herself on Joan’s shoulders and by doing so, slammed her down on my dick, forcing my dick through her cervix and a scream out of Joan’s throat. “Jesus Fucking Christ!” she wailed and flooded my lap with pussy juice. “Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck…” she kept moaning, trancelike, while grinding her hips on me.

“Is she okay?” Linzy asked, obviously terrified that she’d hurt her. And took her hands off her shoulders

I laughed around a mouthful of labia. Easing my head away I answered, breathless. “Remember our first time when you said I went to deep and it hurt? Well, Joan likes it that deep.” I went back to eating my cousin’s pussy, but could tell she wasn’t reassured. “I promise baby, she’s just having an orgasm. If you don’t believe me, lean over and give her a kiss.” I told her and dove back in.

Linzy leaned in like I said, and I knew immediately Joan attacked her mouth. They both started moaning louder, Linzy’s cunt actually got wetter, and Joan started riding me again, popping the head of my dick from her cervix and stuffing it back in. Treatment like that, along with my cousin’s pussy being shoved in my face and hearing both women moaning and groaning into each other’s mouth pushed me to the edge. “I’m gonna cum!” I announced and tried to hold it back.

“Fucking cum inside me!” Joan barked and Linzy just moaned. “Shoot it up my hole and I’ll make your girlfriend lick it out of me!” she went on and I heard Linzy’s shocked gasp just as her pussy shuddered and washed my face with a fresh wave of girl-cum. Joan pushed her cervix over the head of dick again, and she was pulling off I started firing jets of semen inside her body. Joan rode me for a few seconds after Linzy climbed off my face, making sure her cunt-walls had sucked every drop from my dick. Then she gently un-impaled herself from my still-hard dick and lay on her back with her legs spread open, smiling at Linzy.

Linzy gulped nervously and looked at me. I sat up and kissed her, letting her taste her own pussy, then whispered in her ear. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” I told her. “I’ll still love you.” She smiled at me with a tear in her eye and kissed me again before turning to Joan, getting on her knees and cautiously heading towards her now swollen and cum-filled pussy. Joan smiled down at her and pulled her closer be the back of her head. I saw by Joan’s face the second Linzy’s lips touched her. I grabbed the camera and moved it to a different corner for a better angle, and looked back to see Joan with her hands knotted in Linzy’s hair, and Linzy’ head bouncing on Joan’s crotch, obviously getting into her first pussy. Joan looked up at me with something like shock, but more like thanks, in her eyes and I laughed. I grabbed a sheet of printer paper and scribbled down “THIS IS HER FIRST TIME EATING PUSSY”

Joan’s eye’s shot open, and she looked down at her newest lover in disbelief. She looked at me and mouthed “Seriously?” I just smiled and nodded as I walked up behind Linzy’s ass, waving in the air with her exposed pussy still dripping and begging to be fucked. I slid my fingers along her slit making her moan around swallowing a wad of my jizz from Joan’s hole. I eased the head into her, nearly forgetting in the past week how tight her pussy was, and slowly forced the rest of my cock into her snatch.

“Oh Jeremy.. Fuck me baby.” I heard her moan out and I spread her cheeks further and started thrusting in and out of her greasy box. Anyone in earshot would’ve known what was going on immediately after hearing Joan’s gasps and moans, Linzy’s pussy-muffled screams, and my groans as we fucked. As Joan started cumming, she forced Linzy to stop tongue fucking her pussy and pulled her face up to make out with her. That proved to difficult with me thrusting away at my cousin’s cunt, and as the sounds of our flesh slapping filled the room, Linzy was holding onto Joan’s shoulders like her life depended on it. “Cum inside me baby!” she cried out as Joan raked her nails down her back, making red marks in her flesh. “Fill my pussy up, Jeremy!” she screamed again and bit into Joan’s shoulder.

When Joan started howling from that, I started cumming inside my cousin. I didn’t stop thrusting, and before I was done, my sperm was squeezing out of the seal that Linzy’s lips made on the base of my dick. We all settled down a bit then, and after I changed the disk on my new camera, we sat on Joan’s bed with a few bottles of Gatorade and flipped channels on her TV. “So, when do I get this hour alone?” Joan finally blurted out when we decided that there was nothing worth watching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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