Lisa Teases Her Uncle Pt. 05

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A week after our trip to Charleston, Sarah took the girls to a small cabin I acquired near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for a ‘Girls Only’ weekend up in the mountains. I figured that with the girls gone, I would have time to finish a few projects. Far from the truth, Tiffany wasn’t invited on their trip. With a four-day weekend and the girls gone, Tiffany decided it was her turn to be the apple of my eye.

As I was reading my morning paper, Tiffany showed up poolside wearing a tank top and short, short miniskirt. I inhaled the aroma of her perfume as she leaned over my shoulder with some small talk. She encircled my chair as she spoke, giving me great view of her assets. “Lisa said I’d find you out here about now,” Tiffany straddled the end of my chaise, affirming she wasn’t wearing panties and in compliance with Rule

“Nice view,” I calmly said as I stared at her landing strip.

Trying to entice me into a morning swim, she moved more aggressively and straddled my legs, joining her arms around my neck.

Looking me straight in the eye, one hand slid straight down to my cock, “C’mon Uncle John, I’m already wet. Let’s go for a swim.” Tiffany slid her hands up the leg of my baggy shorts and slowly stroked my hardening cock. Kissing my lips, she laid on a long French kiss.

Retreating back, she grabbed me by the hand, pulled me from my chair and led me to the edge of the pool. Stripping off her tank top revealed a neon green bikini top. She turned with her backside facing me and pulled her skirt all the way to the ground, giving me a great view of her tight little ass.

I dropped my shorts too. Walking up behind her, I wedged my growing hard on between her ass cheeks. “Is this what you’re after?” as I put my arms around her waist, pulled her hips back into me, and ground my cock into her.

Pushing a hand back between us, she stroked my cock. “My God, it’s so frickin’ huge already.”

“Yeah. Sexy naked women tend to do that to me. Are you ready to get really wetter?” I dipped a few fingers in her pussy to check.

“Oh yeah,” Tiff exclaimed.

With that, I bumped her into the pool and followed her in. “Wet enough, now?”

“Not the wet I was expecting,” she said as she cornered me in the pool. Putting her arms around me, she began to kiss me. Her tongue drove deep in my mouth as she French kissed me.

I fingered her pussy deeper and deeper, slipping a second, then third finger in. “Oh, that feels good. Nice and tight little snatch you have there. Think I can stuff all of me in there?”

“I hope so. We’ll soon see, “Tiffany remarked.

Grabbing he under her armpits, I lifted her out of the water and sat her on the edge of the pool. I spread her until both legs were over my shoulder as I stood in the pool. Spreading her labia with my fingers, I licked and tongued my way inside.

Tiffany was panting hard, trying to push her crotch through my face. As she ground into my face, I nibble her clit, sending her over the edge. Her body shuttered in an orgasm and soaked my face, lapping up her sweetness as fast as she produced it. “Face fuck my pussy, Uncle John,” as she pulled my head into her, followed by lots of moans and screams. I could eat this sweet peach all day. But at this rate, she would alert the neighbor, aka Tanya, her mom with her screams of pleasure. It was time to take her indoors.

I got Tiffany to release the death grip on the back of my head. Breaking from her pussy, I got out of the pool. We gathered up our clothes, went into the house, and down to my studio.

“Hand me your phone,” I demanded. Tiffany immediately took it out of her shorts and handed it to me with a questioning look. Sure enough, it was on. I turned it off. “When my cock is fully seated in your pussy, that’s not the time for your mom to swing by because her ‘Find a Phone’ App leads her to my bedroom. Always turn your cell off.”

“Yeah, that wouldn’t be cool. Got it,” she replied.

“I want to make something clear before we go on, due to my work and for security reasons, everything that happens in the studio is recorded by multiple cameras and angles. The recordings are password protected by only me and the system has no online capabilities. If you have any issues with that, probably need to get dressed and I can erase everything until now, then go home.” Blunt and to the point.

Tiffany’s brain was in overdrive, thinking about the 20 or so times she snuck down here with Bonnie. A smiled came across her face, “Record away.”

I commanded, “Now drop to your knees and suck me off like you were doing on the boat. You could’ve taken my whole cock, but you porno izle played it safe. Luckily, you won.”

Tiffany was skilled. She licked my cock as Lisa did on the boat. Long licks up my cock, swirling her tongue at the head, then popping it out of her mouth, repeating as she slicked my cock with saliva. Soon, she was stretching her lips over my cock and inching down my shaft, pulling back only for gasps of air and to lube me with her spit.

Finally, she swallowed all my cock. Grinding her forehead into my torso so I knew she made it. “Keep sucking. We’re going to pick up the pace. I’m going to slowly fuck your throat. Understand?” I informed her.

Tiffany nodded. Both of my hands grabbed the back of her head. I slowly fucked her face, “Tap my ass if it gets too much.” The pace picked up faster and faster until I was just shy of slamming her face. “Oh, yeah. Suck it, Tiffany. You enjoying my cock?” She nodded. “Feel me building up, feel my ass tense up, I’ll explode right after that. No notice. Just feel it happen.”

About six minutes later, Tiffany felt my ass tense up and she was ready to receive my cum. I shot my load in her mouth, plastering her throat. She tried to keep up a valiant effort, but it was too much. Tiffany pulled off. I spunked her face and chest with my remaining blasts. She stroked me until my orgasms had subsided.

“OMFG, how the hell does Lisa do that? The sheer size is humongous and the volume is too much. Oddly enough, I loved every fucking bit of it,” Tiffany exclaimed. Bowing at me feet she joked, “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy. Throw me into the volcano.” We laughed.

Tiffany was a mess. Besides the obvious cum on her face, globs of cum hung off her breasts, hair and an earlobe. She was about to clean herself up when I stopped her. I grabbed my phone off the desk. Her eyes lit up! “Don’t move, I want to capture this.” I took five pics from different angles and closeness.

We flipped through the pictures together and laughed especially of the close up of the glob of cum hanging off her ear. “I was surprised I swallowed as much as I did,” she chuckled.

“Mind if I send this to Lisa and Bonnie?” I asked.

“But what about Sarah? What if they laid their phone down and Sarah picks it up?” Tiffany was nervous.

“This is how?” I showed Tiffany. “I send a group text to Lisa and Bonnie, asking a very stupid question like ‘Where is my stapler? Now we wait for their replies.”

Lisa sent, ‘Green one is on the boat’.

Bonnie sent, ‘Green one in laundry room’.

“Green means it’s safe or clear, the phone is on their hands. If the answer ‘Black’, then it’s unsafe for any texts or call. That’s our code. Got it?”

“That’s amazing. Okay, send this one and the ear pic,” as her fears were calmed.

I attached the pictures and in the text I wrote, ‘view and delete’.

Bonnie replied, ‘LOL, Nice earring. Deleted’.

Lisa replied, ‘Always clean you plate. Deleted’.

As I explained, Tiffany followed Lisa’s advice and start licking us clean, starting with my cock. “All the pics and messages are now deleted, to include my messages. However, the pics are still in my secure folder.”

Grabbing Tiffany by the hand, I led her into the bathroom. We jumped in the shower and scrubbed each other thoroughly. I stepped out, first to dry off while she washed my cum out of her hair. I put on a pair of shorts back on.

As she stepped out, I slipped a robe towel on her. Entering the laundry room closet, I pulled out Tiffany’s cheer outfit and held it up. Sarah gets all three of the girls’ outfits dry cleaned together. “Over the time that I have known you, one thing that has always stood out was ‘Tiffany is that hot blonde cheerleader’ everyone wants to fuck. I want to fuck that cheerleader today,” I said as I handed it to her and sent her to Bonnie’s room to use her make up. Sporting a big smile, Tiffany headed upstairs.

About an hour later, Tiffany reappeared in the studio in her white cheer outfit trimmed in blue with silver glitter; North Carolina colors. Her top neckline hung off the shoulder with long mesh sleeves spiraling the colors to the wrist and the lower edge was just under her breasts. The top said ‘Angels’. Her skirt, white with light blue trim, hung off her hips just below the navel. The wrap went down just below her crotch. Normally, white short shorts are worn under the skirt, but in keeping with Rule
, Tiffany was commando. Though she was 18, the makeup and curly hair made her look a few years younger.

She moved closer and stood before me as I inspected her beauty. I pulled her close and slid my hands down altyazılı porno to her bare ass, under the flap of her skirt. “My God, you are the envy of every dad that attend cheer events. You are so hot, I guarantee they all want to fuck you,” I said as I slowly rubbed. “I’d even bet there are some real happy Moms out there that get fucked hard right after cheer, unknowing that their Hubby is thinking about you. You are beautiful.” My hands scooted her skirt up, then on curved around her ass and my fingers penetrated her.

Tiffany let out a sigh of pleasure as my fingers once again explored her depths. Writhing to the touch, she pushed down on my fingers until they were deeply seated. “Ummmm, that feels good. Finger me, Uncle John.” Her fingers released my shorts and they fell to the ground.

I did as Tiffany asked, fingering her into a small orgasm and her body shuddered. “I could finger you all days, but I have other plans for you.” I kissed her deeply as I removed my wet fingers and brought them up to our kiss. I slid them in between our lips and we both sucked her cum as our tongues lashed over them and intermingled. I broke our kiss, “Did I mention it’s picture day?”

Grabbing out my camera, “Now do some cheer moves without the loud vocalization.” She put on a show for me as I clicked away, numerously catching a glimpse of her bareness. I switched the setting to video as she did some cartwheels, high kicks, and flips.

Back in camera mode, I asked her how long she could hold a handstand, “A good while,” was her answer. Within seconds, she was in a handstand with my expected results, her skirt could not defy gravity. I took a few full-length shots from a distance, then close-ups of her nakedness.

“Spread your legs for the camera,” I snapped away as she did. Flipping the camera around my back, I stood in front of her. “You look so edible,” I said just as I quickly feasted on her pussy. Knowing she couldn’t hold this position forever; I wrapped my arms around her waist and helped support her body. As I tongued her, she attempted to suck my cock, but to no avail.

I grasped harder and picked her off the ground, burying my face into her, sucking and biting her clit. With her hand free, she grabbed my cock and bent her torso until she was sucking me hard. Minutes later, just like they do in cheer, I announced, “And down.” Tiffany instinctively supported herself and lowered herself back to the ground.

“I really loved that,” she said. “Can I show you the latest one me and Bonnie have been doing?”

“Of course, feel free to bring up any and all ideas to our fuck party,” I encouraged.

“I’ll be right back,” as she scooted out the door. Returning shortly with an object behind her back. “Now, turn around and close your eyes while I set it up.” I complied. “When I tell you to turn around, make sure your camera is ready. Probably video mode would be best.” Within minutes, “You can turn around now.”

As I turned, Tiffany was standing up with her legs slightly spread holding her pom poms. Directly below her was a life-like eight-inch dildo on a suction cup, stuck to the floor, glistening with KY gel.

“Ready? I’m going to do a cheer for this one, but I won’t scream it out. Okay?” she asked. I nodded and pulled my camera in place. Without moving her feet, initially, Tiffany swayed her body to the cheer. She was a beauty. At the end of her cheer, she did a side split onto the dildo, slowing herself down right before penetration so she could guide it into her. She took it to the hilt in one swift action.

“Hold that pose,” I said. Staying there with her arms extended, I took numerous full-length shots and moved in for close ups. With her legs split, the material on her hips gave me a view of the dildo buried in her pussy. I snapped away.

Tiffany the dropped her hands, one in front of her, one in back, “Make sure you’re in video mode. This one’s for you.” Pushing her arms up and releasing, Tiffany was fucking the dildo like she was doing a push up, raising up until it was almost out, then slamming back down on it. Clearly, she was getting off on it. I just filmed and watched. Minutes later, the push-ups stopped as she pushed down and ground herself onto the dildo. Tiffany was cumming hard. “Oh yeah, oh yeah. Ummmmfg.” Everything out of her mouth after that was incoherent. Finally, as her climax subsided Tiffany said faintly, “Help me up.”

I looked at Tiffany, “Can you do that one more time, this time on my face?”

Giggling “Oh hell yeah. Bonnie loves it.” She popped the dildo off the floor and I replaced it with my head. I lay the camera next to my sex hikaye right eye. I told Tiffany at the ‘beep’ of the camera, start her cheer.

‘Beep’ went my camera as I clicked the button. Like before, Tiffany did her stationary cheer, then jump into here side splits. Her legs spread wider as her pussy descended onto my face. My hands supported her thigh as I tongued and lapped away at her pussy. A while later, she leaned forward on my body and set us into a sixty-nine. Her juices soaked my face as she fucked my tongue while she engulfed my cock.

We were both going to town on each other. I tried to eat through her while Tiffany viciously attempted to suck the meat off my bone. Her juices flowed as she came hard. Sensing this, my cock reciprocated as I shot my load down her throat again. This time, she caught and savored every last drop before she collapsed on me. We laid there for about 10 minutes, neither moving as we caught our breath. I wanted… no, I needed to fuck Tiffany, and soon!

I slid Tiffany to the side off me, stood up and grabbed, her, the dildo and the KY gel. I guided her to my bed. Still in her cheer outfit, she lay back mesmerized by my cock, pulling her the fold of her skirt up to masturbate. “You probably should stuff more than two fingers, because I’m about to test your pussy’s resilience,” I said as I lubed up my cock with the KY gel. Handing Tiffany the dildo, she slowly fucked herself,

Moving between Tiffany’s legs, she scooted forward and met me, bending her legs at the knees. Popping out the dildo, I grabbed cock and guided it into her canal, stopping until she adapted to my girth, then pulled back and reinsert deeper with each attempt. Her skirt slid up her hips. I put my arms under behind her knees, her legs hung in the air as this spread her legs more. I started cramming more cock into her.

Tiffany grimaced at the discomfort, but still wanted to continue. I slowed my descent into her until she adapted. Like Lisa, I ended up rolling here in the cowgirl position so she could control the penetration rate. In no time, Tiffany was grinding down on my cock. She pulled her cheer top off, letting her breasts loose. Just over three quarters of my cock was stuffed in her and I hit her cervix, bottomed out. But that didn’t deter her, her pussy kept thrusting down on my cock as her rhythm increased. Tiffany even turned around into the reverse cowgirl position and rode me hard and long. She was drenched.

I rolled her on to her hands and knees, flipping her cheerleaders skirt up over her ass. I lubed with more KY gel, lined up behind her, and drove my cock home. Grabbing her hips, I thrusted deep into her. With both hands, she grabbed the headboard, arching her ass to meet my thrusts. Screaming in ecstasy, Tiffany was wildly bucking onto my cock as she came multiple times. Her juices soaked my cock and crotch area. I fucked her faster as my balls churned. I was ready.

“Tiffany, this is what you’ve wanted since the boat ride from Charleston. I’m ready to ‘dump a load into you’. Are you ready for a ‘load of my baby batter’, because my cock is about to blow inside you,” using her own words.

“OMG, you overheard that? Fuck yeah, blow your wad into me. Cum inside me Uncle John.” she screamed. “Fuck me, fill my pussy up!”

I was slamming her pussy until a minute later when I pulled her hips into mine, plunging deep as shot my load inside her. I held her hips tight into me until after my orgasm had subsided. Panting hard, I slow fucked her as her tight canal milked every drop out of me.

As I removed my cock, I heard a large ‘pop’ and a gurgle as her pussy released the suction on my cock. We slid down into the bed, her body’s adrenaline made her body shiver. We spooned with Tiffany’s back against me until she calmed down.

I told Tiffany not to go anywhere yet. I grabbed my camera and returned to the bed. “We need to record your feat.” I had Tiffany kneel back on the bed and flipped her skirt back up. I got great pictures of her pussy soaked in my cum, drizzling down her legs. Next, I had her lay on her back and spread her legs. Taking pictures from far to near, I ended with close ups of my cum still oozing from her pussy.

Switching my camera to video mode, Tiffany swiped the cum from her crotch and fed herself. She was in heaven as she licked the globs from her fingers. Finally, she licked my cock clean. As I stood up, I glance back as she laid there with her makeup in disarray, a totally fucked and exhausted cheerleader.

The last thought that ran through my mind is what I told her earlier, ‘You are the envy of every dad that attend cheer events. You are so hot; I guarantee they all want to fuck you.’ I left the room to start the shower for us. Looking in the mirror, thinking about all those fathers… “Eat your hearts out you motherfuckers.”

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