Lisa’s Lust Ch. 1

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Public Sex

My online lover shared with me secrets about her hot shower yesterday afternoon, and it brought back memories of the last time I remember taking a hot midday shower. It’s been 5 years, but I remember thinking very clearly then that a steamy shower is so much better when shared.

I lived in Florida then – I did for 6 years – and was the Marketing Director for a small software company which made medical educational software. There was one significant competitor, out of Houston, and the main market was teaching hospitals, of which there are only 200 or so in the US. Really, most of the schools had at least some of both companies’ software, so we weren’t true competition, and there weren’t that many potential users, so I got to know my cohort there pretty well. Her name is Lisa Jamison, and to this day, even though both of us have moved on to other companies, we stay in touch in a very unique way.

Lisa is 5 years older than me. She is quite attractive, though she has unusually wide hips and doesn’t get all the attention she probably would otherwise in today’s “only slender models are attractive” society. Not at all fat – she’s run several marathons – just an exaggerated set of curves, especially in the hips. From the time we had met, a couple of years earlier in Boston, I found her to be striking, and her intelligence, gift for communication, and gorgeous face were the focus of my attention. She has very dark brown, almost black, hair, long and straight, cut slightly below the shoulders normally, silky and perfectly framing her face and its cute, straight-with-a-little-bulb nose, full, always-moist lips.

She has a radiant, disarming smile. She is about 5’5″, her shoulders are of average width, maybe slightly wider than average, either way overshadowed by a large-but-perfect chest, the kind of chest that I’m sure even the straightest woman looks at in admiration or envy, or maybe even a little bit of lust. Later, I found out that they are every bit natural, firm, and are topped by thick, dark-pink nipples which pop out – as if begging for a good sucking – when Lisa gets the slightest bit excited.

When we had first really got to talking about more than the usual work chit-chat, in 93, Lisa was going through a divorce. She had married a guy, sort of like you described, that was a nice guy but not her intellectual equal, not into his career as she had become, sort of a small-town southern guy, and they were growing apart. They had not had any children and, with nothing to keep them together, she filed for divorce after 5 years of marriage. In 93, I was engaged and living with a very attractive, very distrusting woman.

We had been engaged for Sinop Escort more than a year, and she didn’t want to set a date – thank God, I would have. She would always ask me where I’d been, who I was with, convinced that I was out fucking half the town, I suppose, sort of ironic as she was the first girlfriend I’d had that I really cared for and never even thought about cheating on. So Lisa and I would talk about these relationships, and she was a great advice-giver, and in the spring of 94 her divorce was final, and my relationship was over, and we ended up staying out late the last night of a trade show in Anaheim, getting drunk and toasting “new horizons”, “better luck next time”, etc. There wasn’t a hint of sexuality that night, though I had certainly thought about it, and she must have, too – the next morning my phone message light was flashing.

It was about 9:30, I had a noon flight out of Orange County airport, I was hungover. I got up, showered, dressed, packed, called downstairs about the message…”you have a package at the desk”. I went to check out and get the shuttle to the airport, and they gave me my receipt and a brown box, ribbon around it. I sat down and opened it…there was a handwritten note and something else. “Remind me to show you what to do with this. Kisses, Lisa”. Under the paper, all wrapped up, was a green bottle of Bubble Bath gel. You can probably imagine I had a hard-on the rest of the day, all through the long trip home, about 1! 0 hours of bulge-in-my-jeans erection, thinking about the things she wanted to do to me, after knowing her a couple of years and never hearing a hint of a sexual overtone out of her.

A couple of weeks later she e-mailed me, asking where I would be staying in an early summer meeting we would both be attending in Galveston, Texas. I told her, and wrote “thanks for the gift. Hadn’t had a bubble bath since I was a kid. Works wonders”. She never acknowledged the comment.

So mid-June rolled around, I hadn’t seen or heard from her in more than a month. It was very hot and sticky in Galveston…I had thought it would be a break from the early Florida summer, but it was about the same, the kind of stickiness where you step outside and start sweating right away. I got in around 11 at night, and my message light was flashing. Lisa had left voice mail, saying “going to bed early, but why don’t we run tomorrow at 6AM…too hot any later. Call me at 5:30 if you want to join me.” I asked the front desk for a 5:15 wakeup call.

The next morning I called her right at 5:30, she said “I hoped you would come along, can you do 5 miles in this humidity?” “Sure, let’s go, meet in Sinop Escort Bayan the lobby in 5 minutes?” “ok, I’ll stretch here…be ready to sweat!” she said.

She led most of the way. It was a real struggle for me to keep up, she ran about 7 1/2 minute miles, much faster than I am used to, and we went a little farther. We didn’t talk much, but my mind was racing about the bubble bath – was she just gonna ignore it, as if she had never given it to me. Maybe she thought it best to not go down that path with a work-related friend. Anyway, we got back, me huffing and puffing, she said “not bad. I didn’t know if you could keep up. Come to my room…they had to upgrade me to the Presidential Suite, and they brought up some fruit and coffee. You’ve gotta see this room”.

We were staying in an old, 4- or 5-story stone mansion which had been converted to a hotel. We got to the top floor, her “room” was 3 rooms in the corner of the hotel, there was a bowl of fruit, breads, and a big pot of coffee in the middle of the dining room. “Wow! How’d you score this place?” I asked. “Don’t you know I’m the better salesperson?” she replied, “help yourself to the coffee and stuff, I’m gonna towel off. I’ll throw out a towel for you”. She through out a towel, then returned to the bathroom. It was cool in the room, from the A/C, but the run was long and hot – even at 6AM – and I was still dripping 10 minutes afterward. I had running shorts on, with white tights underneath, and a single, now-soaked t-shirt. I was very fit, muscularly, at the time, and not in bad aerobic shape either, though not enough to keep up with Lisa. I toweled off, and left the towel on my head, sat down with a cup of coffee, then noticed Lisa out of the corner of my eye.

She had slipped into the hotel terry-cloth robe. It was held up by the sash. She had no shoes on, and had wrapped her long hair up in a towel like women do. “This is much more comfortable after a hard sweat”, she said as she walked over to me and sat on the couch next to the oversized chair I was in. “They have a ‘His’ towel in there, too, why don’t you put it on? You can use it for the next few days”. “Ok”, I said, and I got up and walked over to the bathroom.

The bathroom was outrageous…Old, marbled floor, huge, 2 sinks, old-fashioned water handles, 12-13 foot ceiling. I peeked behind the shower/tub curtain – my mind was racing now – it was a round, deep tub, a full-size Jacuzzi, actually, I could see the 6 or 7 jets on the side. There were 2 shower heads, the kind that slide up and down a pole and can be removed for massaging. One was on each pole on either side of the tub.

I slipped off Escort Sinop all my clothes, my dick was firming up with my thoughts, “calm down, boy” I kept thinking, I slipped on the robe – very plush – tied the sash, and went back outside. Lisa was plucking a few grapes and eating them. “Feels better, doesn’t it?” “Yeah” I said, “and what a bathroom. I’ve never seen anything like it” I replied. “Is that a full Jacuzzi?” She said “it is. It’s wonderful. I was going to wait up for you last night, but I took a Jacuzzi around 9 and the heat and steam sucked the energy right out of me. I fell asleep after leaving the message for you”.

“Come”, she said, standing up, holding out her hand as she brushed past me. I grabbed her small, soft hand as she passed, got up and followed her, hand in hers, as she led me back to the bathroom I’d just come from. When we got there, she closed the huge door behind us, turned to me, I must have backpedaled a bit, nervous, not sure what to do, she said “I’ve been waiting for the right moment for this, we have ’til 2, that gives us at least 5 hours.

The maids have been instructed to clean up this room last today, not until the afternoon”…she now had her hands on my robe, on the sides of my stomach, just above my hips, she slid one hand up to my face, led me to hers, pulled me in for our first kiss. Her soft, thick lips were warm and wet, they sent shock waves to my cock, which reacted by reaching full length and girth immediately. My dick is of average length, and thick, I always thought it perfect for shorter women, in fact Lisa was a bit taller than most I had dated, a! nd now it was poking her right through our robes. Her lips parted mine, our tongues met in a magical swirl.

To this day I still masturbate just thinking about kissing her, her kiss was that good. Meanwhile, her other hand had loosened her robe, and was now working on mine. I soon felt her huge, erect tits pressed into my chest and abdomen, and she could certainly feel my dick poking around just above the hair of her pussy, into her taut lower stomach. We kissed, and we kissed, then she led me over to the tub, pulling back the curtain. She slipped her robe completely off – mine was still hanging on my shoulders – reached over to turn on the water, then when it had reached the perfect temperature, she climbed into the tub, pulling me with her.

She said “no robe, silly, you’ll get it wet”, and with that slipped my robe off as she faced me. I was standing in the tub, and she was kneeling in the now-ankle-deep water, so her mouth passed right across the tip of my cock as th! e robe dropped onto the bathroom floor behind us.

“Sit”, she said, tapping the edge of the tub, and I sat down on the tub edge while she was on her knees, just in front of me, my cock pointing directly at her mouth, her huge, fleshy tits were pressing into my knees, the hot water above the ankles. I reached for her chest…

To Be Continued…

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