Little Sister Squirt

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Ava Addams

I’d been fucking Carla for a good number of years. Nothing serious, mind you, just off and on. She was one of those ugly girls that have trouble finding her own regular fuck, you know? Jacked up teeth, glasses, face that looks a little like a mouse. But she was small and built to rock, if you know what I mean. And she was so glad to fuck she went wild and would do shit that a more attractive woman never would. I’d fucked her ass, had her suck me off on the shitter, cum every where on her body. When she sucked my balls, she’d go on for so long I’d have to ask her to stop.

I don’t even remember how we started fucking. Carla and I had gone to high school together, but it wasn’t until later that I slipped her my cock. I think one night she called me up, asked me to come over. I didn’t know what was up, but I had nothing better to do in this shit town, and when I went over, the next thing I knew, my pants were undone, and she was slobbering on my cock. I could tell she hadn’t had that many, but she was trying real hard, making a lot of noise, and working up all this spit. I remember grabbing her hair and face-fucking her for a while and her really being into it. We fucked on her floor after that.

There’s nothing like a small woman’s pussy. I’ve heard different guys say different things. Some guys even claim it’s the fat girls that have the best. But I’ll tell you, Carla’s only about five foot one or two, and probably weighs less than 100 pounds. She has small little boobs and no ass, and like I said, she’s not much to look at, but shit-howdy, when your cock sinks into that pussy, it’s worth it. It’s just as small as she is, and tight and warm. And like I said, she’s so grateful that you’re there that she just squeals and bucks all around.

Sometimes I’d just lie there and she’d do all the work, bouncing up and down on my cock, rotating around. Of course, sometimes I’d still pound the shit out of her, and although there was no cushion for the pushin’, as they say, it still felt pretty good to have her trapped under me and just be pounding away.

Man, her pussy was so sweet. It was one of those little ones where the lips don’t even stick out much, and no matter how many times she fucks, she still feels like a virgin. I could go on about that pussy all day.

Anyway, one of the last times we’d fucked, she’d been a little lifeless. I’d played with her titties and kissed her all nice-like, but she didn’t seem that into it. She just kinda laid there as I was fucking her. I didn’t mind this too much either — I’ve heard guys complain when a girl just lies there, but I figure, if a girl is giving me a warm place to get my dick wet, I don’t care about much else. Anyway, after I’d humped away for a while, and shot my load inside her, she was lying there, and started asking me all these questions about whether I cared for her and whether we were ever going to have a relationship and all this shit.

I tried to be nice to her, cause I sure liked fucking her, but I was certainly never going to marry her, or ever take her out to dinner. Where a man gets his pussy in private is his business, but taking a girl like that out in public was not my style.

So she got all sore about it, and it wasn’t too much later that she stopped letting me fuck her. She kept saying some crap about having a boyfriend now or whatever. For a while Anadolu Yakası Escort I didn’t believe this shit, and I kept coming around anyway. Once I started kissing on her neck and rubbing her pussy, and we ended up humping through our clothes, and when she tried to break it off, I convinced her to jack me off, my cum spurting all over her hand and onto her sundress, but that was about it. Things were getting pretty tiring, and I was just about to give up, when I started to notice Carla’s little sister.

Carla had always called her little sister Squirt, on account of she was small, too. I figure it was some kind of joke between them. Anyway, we’d never had much to do with each other. Oh, I’d see her every once in a while when I came by, and we’d make small talk, but she was a lot younger than me, and we never had any reason to have much to do with each other. Plus, I don’t know if Carla talked about what we were doing or what, but Squirt always seemed a little suspicious around me. But with Carla refusing to get me off, it was time to explore some alternatives, and Squirt had gotten older, and better-looking, than I remembered. At eighteen, her body was almost an exact duplicate of Carla’s, except maybe a little smaller, and where Carla had this straw-like blondish hair, Squirt was a brunette. I could only hope their pussies were similar, too.

One time I came by to see Carla, but she had to run upstairs to get the phone or something, leaving me with nothing to do downstairs. I wandered around a little bit, and ended up finding Squirt by herself in the living room, reading a book. I sort of hung around, not saying anything, but I could tell she was watching me over the top of her book. Finally, she put it down and just stared at me.

“How you doin’, Squirt?” I said.

“I know why you come around here,” she said. She stood up.

“Yeah, and why’s that?”

“You’re trying to empty your balls,” she responded, eyeing me.

“Now what would you know about that, little darling?” I casually walked toward her. She raised her chin, staring me down, until I was right next to her.

“I know that I could do a better job off it than Carla does, that’s for sure.”

“I don’t know about that, Squirt. You’re still young, there.”

“I ain’t so young I don’t know what’s what,” she said. Without taking her eyes off me, she grabbed my hand, and pushed it down her shirt. I suddenly had my hand on some pretty nice tit-flesh, warm and soft. Having my hand down the neck of her shirt was pretty awkward, so I wasn’t able to squeeze her tits that good, but they felt pretty nice. They weren’t that big, but they might have been bigger than Carla’s, and they had no sag at all. She had big, eraser nipples. I pinched one.

Right then we both heard Carla coming down the stairs. Squirt turned and bolted out of the room without a word, just like a scared deer. I was left with my arm hanging out in the middle of the air like I was flagging a ride. I put my hand up to my nose and smelled it, just to see, right as Carla came in. She looked a little suspicious, but I didn’t think she knew anything had gone on between me and Squirt.

My hand didn’t smell of much. I don’t know what aroma I was thinking I might find; innocence, or something.

I came by again the next day, hoping for a repeat Bostancı Escort performance, but I couldn’t get away from Carla long enough to get Squirt in private. For her part, Squirt even acted a little bit like she was avoiding me. She said hi, but then ran upstairs.

I had to come over two more times before I was able to see Squirt again. By then, Carla had this little smug grin on her face all the time, like she was the queen of some sex embargo, and it was working. Mind you, three days in a row now, I had come over, hung out with Carla, talked all nice, and gotten nothing out of it. It was a drag.

This third time, though, was worth it. As I left that night, wondering if maybe it was time to give up, I saw Squirt sitting on my car hood.

“Hey-ya, Squirt,” I said, stopping in front of her.

“Hey yourself,” she said, one knee raised, her elbows resting on it. She was wearing a skirt, and it wasn’t that short, but it was still lifting up enough to give a nice view of some thigh.

“Something I can do for ya, there?” I asked, pretending to sound impatient.

She didn’t say anything, but instead her hand flew up and grabbed my cock through my pants. It was abrupt. I wasn’t that hard cause it wasn’t even that sexy, she was just cupping me, not squeezing or stroking or nothing. She was biting her lip and staring at me, insistent, like there was something I was supposed to say or do.

“Feel anything you like?” I said.

“I could make you cum,” she said. That was maybe too direct, but I wasn’t complaining.

“I don’t know if you want to talk like that, Squirt. Once this thing gets going, it don’t stop that easy. I don’t know if you’re ready to handle it.”

Squirt pulled down my zipper, stuffing her hand into my jeans. She fished around a little bit — I guess I wear em kinda tight — and I just smirked. Finally, she had her hand around the base of my cock. She started tugging a little bit.

It felt good, but she did not have much room to maneuver. And I didn’t really want to settle for just a handjob, either. “You can do better than that, little lady,” I said. She glanced up at me, exasperated maybe. She looked side to side. The night was dark, and nobody was ever out and about past 8 pm in our town anyway. But maybe she was still shy about pulling out a man’s cock in her front yard.

She must have been satisfied, though, because she pull it out she did. Immediately she was on it. No kissing, no licking, nothing, just wham, my cock was surrounded by her mouth. I could feel her breath; my pubic hair was tickling her nose. Her mouth held on my cock. No motion, nothing. It felt good, but I’d had better. To be honest, it kinda reminded me of the first time Carla had blown me.

“Do you like the taste of my cock, Squirt?” I asked. I sounded pretty uninterested. In my experience, this can often make girls try harder, and right now Squirt wasn’t doing too well on skill or enthusiasm.

She tried to talk; moving her mouth contracted her throat a little, and suddenly my blowjob felt a whole lot better. I have always liked the sound of muffled cock-talking, too. I ran my hands through her hair, gently holding her ears, and began to slide just a little bit. I didn’t come very far out or slam back very deep, but I was getting some more friction. She stopped trying Ümraniye Escort to talk, either getting the idea of what she was supposed to be doing, or just focusing on being able to still breathe.

“That’s good, little darling. You feel good on my cock.” She was moaning a little. I glanced up, hoping to see a light on in Carla’s room, her watching me face-fuck her little sister. No such luck. You can’t win em all, I guess.

Squirt started working harder on my dick. She was pushing her lips together to give me big sloppy kisses on the top of my dick, and then she started doing the same thing up and down the shaft. Ropey strings of spit were hanging down, dripping off her chin and onto the ground. I shook my hips a little, bouncing my dick across her face. She smiled and licked right at the base. Pre-cum and spit pooled on her cheek, reflecting in the glow of the streetlight.

I’ve always liked the look of my cock resting on a girl’s face. A little like marking my territory, maybe. I dunno, I’ve never really thought about the why of it that much.

I angled my cock back to her face, flipping it in and out, catching the side of her cheek and making a popping sound. She tried to take the whole thing in her mouth and gave a half-laugh every time I whipped it away from her. About the fourth or fifth time she caught me and took me all the way back into her throat.

Christ it felt good. It had been way too long since Carla or anyone else had gotten me off. And though little Squirt had a slow beginning, but she was blowing me like a pro now. My cock slid in and out, her lips making a tight seal. I could feel myself bumping up against the back of her throat. She wasn’t good enough to take me back there, yet, I guess, but she was sucking real good and her lips were tight. That was good enough for me.

I reached down to cop a feel. I grabbed her tits through her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra again, so I got a pretty good feel. I squeezed them and pulled them, a little rougher than necessary maybe. She moaned.

Her hair had fallen in her face, so I pushed it back. Her eyes were closed, but I pushed on her forehead until she got the idea to look up at me. I wanted to be looking in her eyes when I came. I wanted to see that signal in her face that said she knew I was coming and that she had no choice but to take it all. That she was there to take my cum.

I could feel my balls expanding, getting ready. I had to decide what to do. I liked the idea of making Squirt swallow my cum. Although, since she wasn’t gulping me down her throat, it was more of just a steady suck, I knew it wouldn’t feel as good as it could. And I also liked the idea of coming on her face. I didn’t know if she’d had that yet or not, but I could pretend I was her first, that I was marking her. And maybe when she got back inside Carla would see some of it on her and know what had happened.

I slipped over the edge quickly. My first spurt of cum went right into Squirt’s mouth. Her eyes widened, surprised. She quickly pulled back spluttering. Shot two went across her cheek toward her eye, and shot three hit her chin. Shot four dribbled on to her dress. My work was done.

She finished coughing and looked up at me. She looked proud, but she also looked like she wanted my approval or something. It was not the smugness that I was used to after Carla made me cum, or the bravado that Squirt had been putting on earlier. Maybe I really had been her first blowjob.

“You suck a pretty good cock, Squirt,” I said. “But maybe sometime you’ll let me give your pussy a try, too.”

She smiled.


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