Lois for the First Time

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Double Penetration

Lois and I became lovers about a year ago. We were both married to others and as a foursome we got together socially from time to time. Lois was a playful and effective flirt: quick to give a compliment, linger a little too long over a hug or to say something just a little bit “out there”. She called me “her surrogate”, a title I very much enjoyed and was always dying to make good on. I found her sparkling green eyes, ready smile and still-attractive body to be an irresistible combination.

Whenever we connected, like a phone call when neither of our spouses was around, we teased each other like teenagers. Her overt sexuality and playfulness captivated me and I responded in kind with excitement. Over one conversation she confessed that she “wasn’t doing too well in the bedroom department”, a remark that got my attention in a big way. I suggested that her surrogate was ready to step up if she needed me to. “We’ll have to see about that”, was her reply.

Two days after the phone call, he was at my door. Both of us were having a rare evening with neither spouses or kids on board. She was carrying a gift, a bag of fruit from her family’s farm, but what caught my attention was her appearance. A new hair design and colour framed that lovely face, and instead of her usual medical scrub attire (she works in a dental office), she was clad in heels, a pair of very flattering jeans and a fleece pullover. To me, she looked stunning.

As we exchanged our usual warm hug, I felt her warmth and wondered if she was pressing into me even closer than usual. When we released and I looked deeply into those eyes, I decided to throw caution to the winds. I took her face in my hands and kissed her. She responded with what could only be described as ardour equalling my own, opening her Sivas Escort mouth to me and sliding her tongue over and around mine. With a soft moan from deep in her throat, we fell into each other’s arms.

A hurried conversation ensued. When would my wife be home? When would her husband notice her gone? We found, to our delight, that we had a couple of hours to be together. With a sly grin, she confessed that she had driven by on a whim, seen my wife’s minivan missing, and stopped by on the chance of finding me alone. “How about that surrogate treatment you promised?”, she breathed into my ear.

I led her into the living room, seated her on the couch and again took her into my arms. Her hands were all over me, and mine explored her body, lingering over the soft fullness of her breasts and the swell of her hips. Pulling her sweater over her head, I was treated to the sight of her naked breasts, nipples erect and chest flushed with excitement. I eagerly took her breasts into my hands and kissed them, savouring the softness and the warm, feminine smell of her perfume.

Her hands struggled at my pants, removing my belt and unzipping me. Her hand took my swelling hardness into her hands and stroked me; it was pure bliss. Urging me to stand, she slid my trousers to my ankles, fully exposing me to her caresses. Her soft, warm mouth enveloped me, taking most of me inside while her hand cupped my testicles. A few strokes of that treatment and I was close to exploding. I gently pulled her away.

Pressing her back onto the couch, I remover her jeans and a pair of damp silk panties. Her odour filled my nostrils and I parted her thighs, kneeling between then to savour her taste. My tongue flicked across her swollen lips then slid inside, tasting Sivas Escort Bayan her juices and sliding the length of her moistness. Her soft moans told me I was hitting all of the right spots. In a minute or so, she shuddered with pleasure, her thighs twitching and her breathing short and shallow. I gently slid a finger into her, and continued to please her with my mouth until she came again.

I love to give oral sex to a woman, and Lois’ cries indicated that she enjoyed the taking as well. Every now and then, I would brush my tongue across the pink pucker of her ass also, each time rewarded by a sharp intake of breath and a whimper of delight. When this opening was wet as well, my now well-lubricated finger slid into her there, eliciting yet another shudder of orgasm.

“Now”, she commanded, and rolled face down onto the couch, exposing to me her beautiful backside, and her glistening nether regions. Without a moment’s hesitation, I pressed softly into her, surprised by the heat and tightness of that embrace. Slowly I penetrated the full depth of her, withdrawing all but the head before relentlessly pushing in again. Waves of pressure transmitted themselves form the squeezing of her walls directly to my brain. All thoughts of gentleness disappeared, and I began to quicken the pace, our bodies slapping together as our animal natures took over. Spreading the globes of her butt, I again sent a finger rubbing around her anus before slipping it inside. I was gratified by her biggest orgasm so far, leaving her shaking and weak.

How I managed to hold back, I cannot say, but when she regained her speech I still had not released. I once again was slowly pumping into her, massaging her back and buttocks as I did so. She looked at me over her Escort Sivas shoulder, beautifully shining with sweat and sated lust. “Would you like to finish up in my ass?”, she boldly asked, “I want you to have everything you need from me.”

Would I ever. I had never before known the pleasure of a woman’s ass, though it had always been my most cherished fantasy. I rolled her again onto her back. She pulled her legs well up, exposing to me the portal of my desire. As Lois smiled and looked directly into my eyes, I positioned my rigidity at the cherished opening and pressed the head against her. She held her smile as I slid into the warmest and tightest place I have ever been. She gripped me in a way that sent lightning bolts flashing in my brain.

The pace was excruciatingly slow at first. Not wanting to hurt her, I took my time and savoured every inch of her. When I reached my full length, her hands took my hips and held me fully inside her. “I’m ready”, she said, and I began to gently stroke into her. This beautiful woman was fulfilling my darkest fantasy and obviously enjoying doing so. Her eyes danced with fire as she urged me on.

My release, when it came, was shattering. I went rigid all over as the whole of my being focussed on the sight, smell and feel of the heat and tightness around me. My hardness pulsed and pressed even further into her, leaving my cum deeply inside of her. I collapsed onto her, completely satisfied and spent. The rest of the evening was a blur, but somehow we managed the presence of mind to clean up, dress and return to our respective spouses without arousing suspicion.

Since that night Lois and I have continued our torrid affair. We cannot meet often, for our schedules are too busy to permit that. But we manage when we can, and when we dare together we find that same passion every time. No fantasy is unfulfilled and no desire is left unsated. Although we cannot be together always, both of us are grateful beyond measure for the joy we find in each other.

This story is for you, Lois. I love you.

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