Lois Visits Mr. A

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Lois visits Mr. A

Lois was having a good day, classes went well that morning and at lunchtime she wandered over to the bike sheds and the boys were delighted to see her.

She knelt down and sucked three boys cocks, one after the other, swallowing all their cum, very neatly and precisely and went back to class. The boys loved her coming over to the sheds and being such a good girl they treated her nicely and respectfully and not nasty. Lois was the best girl and gave the boys what they really wanted.

Back in the afternoon sitting through the lessons Lois was thinking about her visit to Mr. A. It was Wednesday and on the way home from school this day she always called at Mr. A’s house for a cup of tea and piece of cake.

But that treat came after Lois had her botty fucked and filled with Mr. A’s juices, which she loved. Mr. A. had shown her how to clean botty with the enema bottle and then another of soapy water so she was clean inside ready for Mr. A’s cum load.

He had bought her a pair of lovely panties in green satin matching the school uniform colours. But these panties had a cute opening at the back so Lois could keep her panties on when being fucked in her botty.

Mr. Ordu Escort A. liked Lois dressed in her uniform when he fucked her and the panties were ideal, green and shiny and pretty lace around the convenient opening at the rear. That morning Lois pulled her ‘botty panties’ on, over her stockings and up over her suspender belt and neatly brushed her uniform tunic down.

No one knew she was wearing Mr. A’s botty panties for later.

Mr. A. had a very modern house, geometric styling and many modern conveniences. The ‘cover’ was tutorials after school as Mr. A. was a very bright and intelligent man and mentored younger people to help them with their studies. So the neighbours did not really notice a pretty schoolgirl turning up at his door every Wednesday as anything untoward.

‘Are you a clean girl?’ he said.

‘Yes Mr. A.’

‘Are you wearing your botty fucking panties?’

‘Yes Mr. A.’

‘Good girl, come and get me hard’

Lois dropped to her knees as Mr. A opened his trouser fly and took out his cock for Lois to suck. She took it immediately, lips sucking around its width and her tongue rolling around the polished tip in her mouth.

Soon enough he was Ordu Escort Bayan hard and ready to fuck his favourite schoolgirl.

‘Come and kneel on the bed, Lois, lift your tunic up over your panties’

The perfect height as Mr. A. stood with a large erect cock and the frilly opening in Lois’s panties ideally positioned. He eased into her, slowly, with some lube. He is so gentle and wants a good fuck so he is careful for it not to be painful for Lois. She settles with his cock in her botty and her breathing is steady.

Mr. A. builds up his thrusting and strokes and talks to Lois. ‘Tell me what you have been up to, young lady, I want to hear all the details as I fuck botty.’

‘I sucked three boys at the bike sheds today Mr. A., they lined up and had lots of cum for me to swallow. I didn’t get chance to go to the canteen for lunch so I guess I got lots of protein anyway.’

‘Nice image Lois, on your knees for the boys, I like hearing you talk about sucking cock. Now push your botty back on to my cock as I am about to shoot a load into you.’

Lois did as she was told pushing her botty back onto Mr. A’s cock so he could feel the satin and frills on her botty as Escort Ordu his cock was deep in her asshole. A huge load erupted into Lois’s ass and Mr. A’s cock pulsated with the ejaculations.

Lois could sense the warm semen fill her botty bowels and it made her feel very special.

After a few moments, Mr. A. pulled out with an audible ‘pop’ as Lois’s asshole closed instantly.

‘Off you go, get home. I want you to go home with all my come inside you!’

No tea and cake! Somewhat surprised, Lois straitened her tunic and picked up her satchel and headed for the door, squeezing her botty cheeks to hold the juices in. How would she make it home with all that cum in her?

Lois took the usual way home through the woods. She realised she was walking a bit funny and probably looked a bit silly trying to stop cum dribbling into her knickers. Eventually it was too much and she decided to stop. There was a series of bushes that could stop any dog walkers seeing her, surely.

Lois put her satchel down, eased up her tunic and pulled her satin panties down to her stocking tops and squatted and the huge amount of cum poured from her little asshole to make a neat creamy white puddle on the ground.

It was such a relief and then Lois looked up and a man was looking at her from only five yards away. He had a uniform on which looked like he was a forest ranger, Lois wasn’t sure, but she was sure he had his cock out and was wanking it slowly…

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