Lola And Kitty

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George Lax was a millionaire and was divorced twice. He did not want to have any more wives because the first two got hefty settlements. George was looking for young women who wanted to be spoiled by a rich older man.

George was looking for young women who were eighteen. He liked several women at a time. He found two blonde bimbos who were a package deal. They were bi-sexual and looking for a man to spoil them.

Their names were Kitty and Lola. They were eighteen and looking for a sugar daddy to love them unconditionally. They were both cute and after texting with the two of them he found out they were a bit ditzy. They shared many pictures with George. George liked them and arranged for them to meet.

After their first meeting, the girls fell in love with George. They made love together and were smitten by the rich older man. He took them home and they never left. He knew he found his family.

He spoiled them silly. The girls were pretty but wanted to look better for George. They wanted to look like “Barbie” dolls. George took them to his plastic surgeon and the girls told the doctor what they wanted to look like.

Basically, they both got boob jobs, liposuction, and nose jobs. They were cared for by George’s staff and after about six months were all healed from their operations.

During their recovery, George left them alone to recover. He was busy with his companies and did some traveling. He spoke to the girls and sent them many gifts to delight them while they recovered.

Six months later all the bandages came off and the girls looked like living dolls. They had big breasts and tiny waists. Not an ounce of fat was on their bodies. Blonde haired buxom beauties.


George wanted to surprise his beauties by taking them on a picnic. He had other ideas on how he would play with his ditzy girls. They were not the sharpest tools in the shed, but could they fuck. They could fuck all night long and were ready to go again.

They loved sucking cock and both the girls loved it up their asses. George was quite pleased with his kittens. Sometimes, he would make them wear butt plugs that vibrated in their asses. At the end of the plug, was a cute tail. They looked adorable when they pranced around his house.

They rarely put clothes on and were always tanning by the pool. Their bodies were delectable to look at. George was older and had an ever-ending supply of Viagra to keep him hard. The girls loved to be fucked often and George was able to keep up with the young beauties.


“My darlings. Daddy is taking his kittens on bahis siteleri a picnic. Get yourselves pretty and meet me downstairs.”

“Daddy where are we going?”

“Just a nice little place where we can have some fun. Are my girls happy to go on a sexy picnic with their daddy?”

“Yes. We will be ready soon. Will we go swimming?”

“Of course! You do not need your suits. Daddy likes to swim with his kittens in the nude. Hurry up dolls. Daddy will wait for you in the garage. We will take the convertible.”

Lola and Kitty took a shower together. Before meeting their daddy in the garage, they both wanted to get off with each other.

“Kitty lay down. I want to eat you before we play with daddy.”

“Okay. We can sixty-nine and enjoy each other before we go out.”

The girls got comfortable on the bed. Kitty was on the bottom and Lola climbed on top. They enjoyed each other’s pussies. Licking their pussy lips and sucking on each other’s clits. They were munching their pussies and both girls moaned and had orgasms on the other’s tongues.

“Oh, Kitty. I am going to get the strap-on. We have time.”

“Hurry up! Daddy will get mad if we make him wait.”

Lola put the strap-on her body. She climbed on top of Kitty and slid her fake cock up inside of Kitty. She began to thrust the fake cock in and out of her pussy. Her new boobs shook while they made love. She kissed her passionately on the lips while they made love.

“We better hurry! Daddy is waiting.”

The girls cleaned up and put their sundresses and white panties on. They wore strappy sandals. They threw on their make-up and wore their hair in braids. George liked them to wear braids. When they made love, he liked to pull their hair.

The girls hugged each other and skipped down to the garage where George was waiting.

“You girls look amazing. Get in the car and will go.”

Both girls went into the backseat. George popped in his favorite cd and they drove to a private beach. George and a few of his friends owned the property.

The girls were singing songs and having a great time. George was driving and singing and got them safely to the location of their sexy picnic. When they arrived, he pulled into the driveway of the house.

“Come on girls. Let us go inside and get ready for the day.”

The girls followed George into the house. He was holding a huge picnic basket that was stocked with all kinds of delicious foods for them to enjoy. George went out of the sliding doors where there was a table and chairs. There was also an outside radissonbet bed under an awning.

“Come on my darlings. Take off your dresses and let us go into the sea.”

Kitty and Lola took off their clothes and their shoes. They ran down the beach into the warm water. George did the same and followed them into the water.

“Girls your bodies came out gorgeous! Now you both are living dolls.”

“We love our bodies daddy. Thank you for treating us.”

“Daddy is so horny for your bodies. Six months with no sex has made daddy very hungry for your bodies. Daddy wants to have an erotic picnic with his kittens.”

I left the basket on the table. “Daddy wants you to get creative with the items. I am sure you two can figure out some sexy fun. Daddy needs to make a phone call but afterward he wants to play with his dolls.”

The trio went back to the table and George went into the house. The girls looked through the basket to see what was inside.

“There is whip cream, strawberries, grapes, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cherries, and champagne.”

“I guess daddy wants a fruit salad. We can push the fruit up inside of our pussies. We can rub the whip cream over our new boobs and mix the chocolate sauce on top of the whip cream and sprinkle the sprinkles over everything else. Afterwards, we can eat the sushi and fried chicken. I am sure daddy will work up and appetite. Will start with dessert first. Sound good Kitty?”

Kitty smiled and the girls got to work. The pushed a grape and a strawberry into their pussies. They sprayed the whip cream over their new boobs. They put the chocolate sauce over the whip cream and threw sprinkles over everything else. They placed cherries on top of their nipples and over their pussies. The two bimbos’ lay still on the outside bed waiting for George to discover them.

The girls were giggling and waiting for their daddy to come out. After a while George appeared. His cock was hard and long, and he found his dolls on the bed.

“Girls you look sensational.” He took his phone out and took pictures.

“We figured we would start with dessert. Fruit salad is in our pussies and a lickable sundae for you to enjoy.”

“God you girls are so sexy. Let me taste your fruit salads.”

George was glad his bimbos figured out what to do. He started with Kitty first. He spread her long legs and got to work on her pussy. He ate the cherry that lay on her pussy lips. With his long tongue he was able to collect the grape that was inside of her vagina. He continued tasting her pussy betsalvador and found the ripe strawberry. The sweet juices mixed with her sweet honey.

He sucked on her clit which drove Kitty crazy with desire. He moved over to Lola and got to work on her pussy. He ate the sweet cherry that lay on her pussy. He pushed his tongue into her cunt and was able to pull out the grape and worked harder to get the strawberry out of her pussy. He worked on her clit which made her crazy with desire. Her juices sprayed from her pussy while he licked her to orgasm.

George licked the whip cream from Lola’s tits. He held her huge melons in his hand while licking the chocolate sauce and sprinkles from her body. He kissed her passionately on her lips.

He moved over to Kitty and licked her whip cream and chocolate sauce from her body. He ate the sprinkles and cherries that were on her tits. He held her new boobs in his hand while sucking gently on her nipples.

He was ready to fuck his girls.

“Kitty you will crouch down so daddy can continue to eat your pussy. Lola will ride my dick and after you orgasm, we will change places.”


Kitty stood on the bed and crouched down. George licked her pussy and sucked on her pussy lips. Lola climbed onto George and pushed his cock up inside of her creamy pussy. She rocked back and forth while fucking George.

George continued to munch on Lola’s pussy. The girls played with each other’s breasts while they French kissed each other. Lola screamed while she came.

The girls switched places. George blew a load into Kitty’s pussy while swallowing Lola’s cream.

“Dolls that was fabulous. Let us go wash off. Then will eat lunch.”

Daddy and his girls cleaned off in the sea. They frolicked for a while and then went back to the table. They drank champagne and ate sushi. He also had fried chicken and macaroni salad. They all had a wonderful time.

“What a lovely day we had. Thanks for making daddy happy. Daddy is happy he can finally have sex with his kittens.”

The girls giggled and dropped down to their knees. The girls loved to suck cock. They kissed his shaft up and down and all around. They pushed his warm balls into their mouths.

They pleasured George until he was hard again. They took turns riding him in his lap. George loved their new tits and liked how big they were. He held them gently in his hands. He pushed his finger up into their asses which made them cum on George’s dick. Both girls loved when George played in their butts.

He could not believe how much they looked like dolls. They had big tits and tiny waists. George could not wait to show his friends his new dolls. All the fellas would be jealous. George was much older than Lola and Kitty. He could easily be their grandfather. Lucky for George they were his playmates. It was nice being rich.

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