Lonely Diane takes on the old guys with big thick

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Lonely Diane takes on the old guys with big thick
After her exciting day flashing at the garden centre, Diane worked up the courage to phone the guy who gave her his card asking to call him if she did any private shows.


‘Hello, are you the gentleman who I met at the garden centre, two weeks ago?’
‘Yes, that’s correct, my name is Tony and yours is?’

‘I’m so glad you rang, Diane. We were totally captivated by your performance but sadly we didn’t get a chance to cum too. Which is why I asked about a private showing. Would you be interested? However, before making up your mind, I should like to make you aware that us guys have a rather over large cocks. To compensate for the fact that we find it almost impossible to have an intimate relationship with ladies due to our large sizes, so we get our sexual satisfaction by mutual masturbation.

However, we all agreed that your show got us all very excited and we would like to have a private show that would greatly stimulate us to cum even more’.

‘What, you mean you can’t find ladies who take a large cock?’
‘Well, not many. You see whilst massive cocks like ours might seem a woman’s dream it can make them extremely sore over time’.
‘What would you call massive?’
‘8 to 10 inches flaccid and really thick’.

Wow, that’s big. Tell you what, let me think about it and I’ll get back to you, ok?’
Tony agreed to wait for her illegal bahis siteleri call. Diane, then called Simon, and told him that she would like to give them a show but she knew that seeing those monster cocks would mean that she would want to fuck them all. ‘And I don’t know if my old cunt is up to it’.

Simon, not having a massive cock, could see her problem, so he promised to call round the following evening with a big dildo for her to practise with.

Excited at the prospect of really stretching her old hairy cunt, Diane was shocked when Simon showed her a realistic cock that was a good 10 inches long and a massive 8 inches in circumference. ‘How will I ever get that up me, Simon?’

‘With practise, honey’. He knew that she could take it as he gently began to finger her wet cunt and spread her fat thighs. Positioning the head between her fat lips he gently pushed it in an inch at a time.
‘Oh Simon, that really feels good, give me more’.

With the whole 10 inches in her hairy hole, he started slowly pushing in and out and at the same time sucking her juicy titties, which he knew she liked.
‘This is fucking filling me right up- keeping going’

Diane started thrashing about and climaxed very quickly as he knew she would. Pulling the artificial cock out, he put his hard dick in her mouth to slurp and suck and when he shot his wad, she swallowed it with relish.

‘You perabet güvenilir mi know, Simon I think I am going to really enjoy the real thing. But you will be here to see that I am not mistreated, won’t you? And by the way, remove the rug from the living room, you know how I will have a nice full bladder to ensure some lovely squirts.’ He agreed, and told her to invite them next Saturday evening.

Tony was obviously pleased to find that she would entertain them and the arrangements were made.
Simon arrived about an hour before the show started and helped Diane get dressed for the show. He recommended that she wore a shelf bra that supported her heavy titties but showed off her big brown nipples. Over that a nice low-cut blouse that made most of her cleavage. She chose a suspender belt that looped around her lovely fat belly and sheer stockings. Being proud of her very hairy fanny she left off her knickers l and her swirling skirt finished just above her knees. She was all set to give a great performance.
Tony and his three friends arrived punctually. Taking off their coats Simon could see they’re by their large bulges not one of them wore any under-ware.

‘Gentlemen, before we go any further, I want you all to abide by one simple rule, Diane controls what happens this evening. She has agreed it is okay for you to get your cocks out and play with perabet giriş yourself or each other as much as you please. She will join us in a minute, so make yourselves comfortable.’

‘Hello gents, are you ready to cum loads’ announced Diane as she entered. She made an immediate impression on them as if in unison, Simon saw their cocks get bigger.
‘I can see that you are getting excited but to make me excited too, take off those clothes and let me see those lovely cocks.
One by one they undressed to reveal some of the biggest and thickest dicks she had seen. As they sat down, she stood in front of each one, and invited them to give her a good fingering all around to her luscious fat hairy cunt and arse.

By the time she had been fingered by all four guys she took off her blouse and skirt and went over to the guy with a good 10-inch dick that was now well and truly wet with pre-cum and straddled over and guided it all the way in and at the same time leaned forward and asked me to fuck her shit hole.

As I slipped up her shitter, I could feel the massive dick in her cunt which turned me on so much so that I shot my lot almost immediately. The guy obviously felt the same as as soon as she started to cum I could feel his dick shoot seemed to wad after wad of spunk up her.

By now the other guys were straining to fuck her but Diane said that one was enough for now but laid down on the floor and told them to wank and shoot all over her as she wanked her big clit.
They lost no time in shooting their loads and as each one did so, Diane pissed herself.
After cleaning up, Diane said that while it had been an experience, she did not want to repeat it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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