Long Hard Ride

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*I know a lot of people prefer to have a story line and background for these types of stories, but I did not include too much of a plot, so this is mostly a quick scene. If you don’t like that, then don’t read it. Other than that, I hope you enjoy!*

First, looking over you, I stand in the doorway, eyeing your curious body shape. I try to depict what emotional state you’re in by how you hold yourself. Coming to a verdict that since we had never met before this, you’re nervous, but excited. More excited than nervous. And as you pointed out, it’s quite hard to miss your excited side. Taking a step toward you, I notice you inhale. My cue. Keeping eye contact throughout my short journey across the room, my head swims with thoughts and ideas. My eyes reassure you, and allow you to relax under my initial soft, gentle caress across the cheek.

Hey, men are not the only one with primal instincts, as one will soon discover. Locking lips, our tongues dance passionately. My hands wander eagerly across your body, a thin barrier of cloth barricading my direct touch to your skin. Seeming to sense this, while still kissing, you reach down and pull your shirt off. And for the brief moment where our lips parted it seemed like an eternity. Having a full view of your chest now, my heart beats with lust and passion. That synthetic relationship through plasma crystals and a keyboard is long gone. This is the real thing…Taking advantage of that thought and the realization that it won’t last forever, I continue, more diligently then before. Trapping one of your soft nipples in between my teeth, my hands ravage for the scrape of your belt buckle, and when found, as though my hands and teeth were connected, I pull.

The leather releases from it’s metal sheath, and my tongue has now replaced my teeth. Circling the tough, yet soft, mound of lusty flesh with my tongue, I rip the belt from your belt loops and toss it across the room…Leaning away from you get a better view I see you standing there, eyes closed and head back, your hands where my head used to be. Noticing the lack of woman against you, you slowly open your eyes and find me staring. Your eye brow raises slightly and that immediately sets me off. Groping for the button to your jeans, our lips once again meet and commence that passionate tongue tango…

Frustrated with the stubborn zipper, I grab the legs of your pants and have to pull away from your mouth for a second to rip the jeans to the floor down to your ankles. The force causes your boxers to join the flimsy denim on the floor.

Standing there butt naked, you look helpless. And I love it. Taking advantage yet again of the situation, I grab a hold of your arms and shove you roughly backward onto the bed. Scrambling after you, I peel my shirt off of me and tear my bra from my chest, ignoring the pain as the clasps snap against my skin. Bare chested and breathing heavily, my eyes dart across your bare flesh like a snakes tongue…I feel myself Sivas Escort salivate when my vision finally pauses on your stiffened sex. The way it’s standing readily at attention is excruciatingly difficult to ignore. But I feel that I must. It’s still too soon for contact in those intense areas…

Leaning forward so our faces are just centimeters apart, I grab a hold of your arms and place them on my hips, willing you on to slide my skirt from my quivering hips. Doing as you’re commanded, you quickly slide the fabric down my thighs, caressing the skin and you travel, till you reach my knees. I lift my ass into the air so as you can remove the skirt over my feet. This motion sends a jolt through your cock and I see it jump slightly. Smirking, I kneel there, straddling your legs, avoiding any initial contact between my body and yours. Feeling the loss of contact, you try to pull me closer but I grab your hands and stare into your eyes, willing them to fall back onto the bed. With a little force from my own arms, they retreat and lie above your head. Your arms now under the full weight of my body. Remembering the bedside table, I release one hand from you to open the top drawer.

Trying to sneak a hand from under my single right one, you attempt to reach for one of my neglected tits. Snapping my head quickly back to you as I find what I’m looking for, I glare and forcefully push it back down. Pleading floods your eyes and the lust and longing clouds your pupils.

Smiling sweetly I whisper intently in your ear, “Don’t worry, baby…you don’t need to lift a single finger…it’ll be worth it in the end…”

Accepting the reassurance in my voice, your arms relax and I can slap the cold metal cuffs easily around your wrists and one bar of the rought-iron bed. You shiver from the sleek metal and from excitement, I let my nails travel from the palms of your hands, to your cuffed wrists, down your forearms, to you the inside of your elbows, dragging my nails lightly. Toward your chest, and down it. To your stomach, and around it. Then reaching that sacred pole, I place a single finger on the base of your throbbing shaft, and push it toward my face so that it’s pointing to the sky instead of resting heavily upon your stomach. Forming my mouth in a tight “o” shape, I begin to blow every so lightly on the length of your rock hard rod.

I bend my neck so that I can just reach the edges of your balls, and the return to the head. Leaning closer, I halt literally about half and inch from the tip and slowly let my tongue slide out. You’re watching me, and I’m watching you watching me. Out of impulse I can feel your eager hips lift from the bed. Pushing them back down I continue to let my tongue hover above the crevice in the head, before sucking my tongue back into my mouth, denying oral contact. I watch your shut your eyes in anticipation. I watch them squinch. Letting an enormously heavy breath out, your hips relax entirely. So I reward Sivas Escort Bayan you with a quick peck on the head of your cock. Your breath shudders and quivers, and I watch you as you lick your lips.

A strong jump from your eager cock pushes the finger still holding your cock vertical, out of the way, and your solid sex slaps against your stomach. Returning to my nail’s journey, I drag them more heavily down your thighs toward your calves and feet. Stopping as I reach your ankles, your breath has become shallow. I try to restrain the overwhelming and intense urge to seize your hips right then and there and just impale myself roughly with your delicious manhood. Trying to regain my mental composure, I falter slightly, and begin to scoot my hips and soaking wet pussy toward your calling cock.

Hearing your gasp and slight moan as you catch a quick glimpse of my swollen, pink, lips and enlarged clit, snaps me back into reality. Retreating my forbidden flowers to a place where your vision does not reach, I continue to scoot toward your face. I’m kneeling now, moving toward your face. Reaching your chest and nipples, I pop a squat right there. I let my dripping pussy drip on your chest. The heat and warmth from my throbbing sex sends shiver throughout your body. My juices slowly flow down your sides…I lean in for a kiss on your lips and just before we touch, I pull back. Punishing you for almost unintentionally seducing me. Disappointed, you drop your head onto the pillow.

I lean to your ear and whisper again, “You almost had me. Nice try.” I let my hot breath linger in your ear before sliding my tongue around and over the lobe. Sucking it into my mouth and nibbling gently on it, I let my hand hold your wrists firmly. Retreating, I face you again.

I watch your eager eyes examine my pert breasts. My nipples are eager for attention, and you can tell. Observing your longing, I once again lean in for a kiss, relieved, you lift your head to receive it. I jerk my head back an inch and watch you struggle.

Attempting to kiss you one last time, I lean so close to you our breath tickles each other’s lips.

Barely moving your head upward, I sense the movement, and once again pull backward. Completely and totally overwhelmed with lust and frustration, you managed to break from the restraints. Before even registering what had happened, you’re on me in a millisecond. In a flurry of arms and legs, I’m beneath you now, under your eyes and under your arms and you pin my down upon the bed.

Groping for the metal cuffs, you slap me in. “Awww shit…” I think. Panting heavily. You glare and grind your teeth from the pain in your overly aroused cock. Lowering yourself on top of me, you slide your shaft up the length of my torso, and back down again.

Leaning in to whisper, you breathe “Hah…I DO have you. Nice try. You’re mine now….” I can’t say I’m completely disappointed with the turn of tables. Realizing Escort Sivas your freedom, your hands drop immediately to my tits below you. You roll my hard nipples between your thumb and forefinger, and lash at my neck with bites, pulls and licks. Moaning from this sudden attention, I shudder involuntarily. Dropping the hand that was busy with the nipple, you lower it to my eager snatch. And willing feed it your intent middle finger. Stroking my inner walls, you continue to orally manipulate the flesh of my neck. Feeling me clench my tunnel around your single, working finger, you know that the heightened teasing and lack of contact has put you over the edge and you were far beyond close a while ago. The same goes for me. My breath increases along with the rhythmic spasms of my fuck tunnel and I struggle helplessly in my restraints like a helpless mouse being hunted my a hungry cat.

You pull out immediately, unable to stand the lack of intercourse, and hungrily guide your anxious cock to my snatch. Awaiting the penetration, I whisper hoarsely, “Yes…oh go please yes pleeeease!! Just fuck me, it’s been too long, pleeease…please oh please…” and my whispers fade into delicious moans as you obey my pleads. You thrust inward quickly and hard. Grabbing my shoulders and holding yourself in as deep as you possibly can. My breath disappears and I hold it until you slowly pull out again…. Releasing heavy sighs, I struggle against the cuffs and watch you have your way. You pull out so that I’m almost completely empty again aside from the very tip. Then thrusting forward again, hard. S o hard you hit my stomach and send a jolt of unbelievable pressure into my entire body. You increase your devilish speed and continue the piston-like motions.

Unable to contain my noises any longer, I let them out. A wave of erotic moans burst out Accompanied by sighs and gasps. In between moans and sighs, I manage to say, “Oh jesus christ, go, go!!”

So you do…You throw me hard against the bed and watch my tits bounce playfully from each thrust. Feeling remorse, you unlock the cuffs and sigh with relief as my hands fly around your neck. I bury my head in the slope of your neck and breathe in your sweet manly aroma and I let one finger down my clit and I begin to work it while you’re practically putting a hole in my stomach.

I tell you to keep going. So you do. And you fuck my hard… you fuck me hard and fast and jump at each spasm and clench of my hungry snatch around your cock. Feeling my pussy tighten around your shaft and you hear my breath coming rapidly from my tired lungs, you give it all you have. Every last ounce of strength to bring each other over the top. With each thrust you muster, and each moan you cry, you pound me, your hips grinding and nailing me mercilessly. Finally reaching orgasm, I grab your back, and dig my nails, screaming with passion and lust…my legs twitch and my breath rushes from my lungs. That last immense suck of my pussy sends you over the top and you fill me from head to toe in your delicious hot, cream….Regaining control of our breath, we hold each other tight as we subside from our passion. Slowly, we roll over without breaking penetration and drift in and out of deep, soundless, dreamy sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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