Long Lunch Ch. 4

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Seeing him come towards me, I wanted to hide. I did not want to interrupt his plans, but I also wanted to feel the heat of his skin, be reassured that this was for me and him as well as her.

He opened the door as I backed away to remain a secret. The tie he was looking for was already around my neck and he smiled at me wickedly as he undid it.

“Do you like what you see so far?” he asked me as his fingers flew around my neck.

“Yes, Sir. I do.”

“So you’ve liked watching her suck me? Seeing her mouth where yours has been?”


“You should feel her, Ari. She gets so wet. Really wet. But not like you. I think you’ll like the way she smells and tastes.” With this he raised his fingers to my mouth as I inhaled ravenously and swathed my tongue around his magic hands.

“Do you want to come out and play?” he asked as his lips brushed my forehead which I had kept bent towards the floor, eyes down.

“May I please?”

“Not yet. Not yet,” as he reached for another tie, an old knit one that looked like it had been used for the upcoming purpose many times, and a couple of others.

I fell to my knees, eyes still averted, and lowered my head to his feet, ass in the air. “Please?”

“No, but soon, my girl. Soon. Now watch for my signal,” and with no more than that, he left.

So alone again, so hot and so cold, I watched him sit next to her on the bed. He whispered something into her ear and she laid tummy down and slid her ass to the edge of the bed, knees on the Ankara escort floor. With the tie I had been wearing, he teased her exposed lips, just the tip against them. She writhed to feel more of the silk against her, but he would not let her have her way. A few strokes of this against her sweet fleshy ass and she was wiggling to invite him. His hand replaced the tie, stroking slow circles around her cheeks, and as she fell into his rhythm, moving her hips to meet his strokes, he raised one hand and smacked her testingly. I thought this a little bold, but was feeling myself want to do it to her, too. She froze a little. He stroked her again, at the waist and along her sides, then back down to that tempting round ass. She again met his strokes until he raised his hand again. This time she froze before he slapped her, anticipating the blow, wanting to feel it fully. He landed it on the fleshiest part of her ass and I saw it quiver in response. She was enjoying this and would let him go on, but he was ready for something more.

“Slide up,” I heard him say. She did as he asked and lay on her back, smiling and burning for him. He stroked her body like you would a kitten; soft, long, top to bottom, hand cupping her as he went. “Hands above your head.” When she moved her arms as he told her, I was fixated by the movement of her breasts, nipples taut and big. How beautiful women are, how soft and pliant and warm. I knew in a new way how men feel. How desirious, how controlling and controlled. I felt connected to her, a fellow siren, Ankara escort bayan both man’s downfall and salvation. What an enchanting thing to be. . .

She raised her far leg and rolled toward him (and me) and I saw again the rich dark triangle as he slipped the knotted ties around her wrists, placing her hands in a prayer position above her head. She closed her eyes as he made fast her ligatures to the bedposts and I knew I was in for another show. But then, he did something that gave me pause. He lowered his head to her cunt, flicked his tongue over her there, reminding her who was in charge, before he climbed back up to blindfold her. That done, he slipped the other ties around her ankles and opened her up. She rolled a little as best she could, but loved every tug of silk upon flesh. I noticed the knit tie had been used for the blindfold, its stretchy fabric making the most effective block.

“Feel safe?” he asked her. She nodded and writhed even more. I could tell that the more she struggled, the tighter her bonds became. He walked to the other side of the bed and her head followed him instinctively, trying to track with her ears and her skin what she could no longer see.

“You look beautiful. Like a sacrifice. Do you like being offered?” She nodded yes again and from her breathing and hard nipples I could tell she was getting off to the sound of his voice. I was growing to desire this woman, so like me.

“As an offering, you are special, wonderful, a goddess. Do you understand?” I saw his Escort Ankara arm begin to move his cock and I knew he was just slowly stroking himself, feeling his erection build, knowing that he alone was about to orchestrate a scene of erotic trickery. A soft “yes” escaped her crimson lips. “You are not to question anything, but must trust me in all things. Do you?”

He alone knew what was to happen. Two beautiful women awaited his commands. He could grant or deny pleasure to one or both. He could be cruel or kind and I was not at all certain now that he would do as we had discussed. He was getting off on this highwire act of desire. Thinking about all the ways he could come, thinking about the sights he wanted to see in this encounter. The risk was great, but the potential rewards greater. He wanted to see us, both of us, taken to heights we had never reached before.

“I do.” I almost mouthed the words with her. This display of his control had gotten me hot again and I was restraining myself from my own fingers. I wanted to feel as denied as she did right now.

He looked towards the closet and nodded to me to make sure I could see him. Once he was certain I would follow, he placed himself between her legs. I no longer listened, but I could see his lips move, see his hand begin to enter her as he rubbed himself. Once he had a steady rhythm in her he motioned to me to come out from my hiding place.

I felt faint as I entered the room. Her smell filled me with lust and the sound of his fingers fucking her made me almost wild. I wanted nothing more than to lick and suck him and her both, going back and forth between them. I became a pulsating mass of sexual hunger and nothing mattered but sating it.

Yet, I had to await his command.

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