Look, Don’t Touch

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‘Do you think you can stand there and behave, or do I have to bind your hands?’ I ask, trailing my crimson nails across your chest. ‘Can you watch without moving?’ I question, my hand slipping lower, tantalisingly close to your hard cock which twitches in anticipation of a touch that never comes. ‘Can you resist touching yourself?’

‘I can resist’ you say stoically, the strain in your voice and desire in your eyes betraying your uncertainty.

Trusting you to keep your word, I move to the oversized armchair and make myself comfortable. Holding your gaze I inch the hem of my slip higher, slowly crossing my legs so you can catch a glimpse of my pussy.

‘Tell me what you want to see’ I command, slipping the straps of my dress from my shoulders, exposing my bare breasts.

‘Ahhh, you look so good’ you sigh. ‘Spread your legs. Show me how wet you are.’

Leaning back in the chair I stretch, raising my arms above my head, a sinuous movement rippling through my body, working my hips deeper into the chair cushion and pushing my thighs further apart. Allowing my arms to fall slowly from above my head, elbows out, fingers running through my hair, hands snaking towards my knees, I close my eyes and open my mind to the experience ahead. Trailing my fingers up my thighs towards my pussy I open my eyes and pause to confirm you are maintaining your statue like pose.

As I part my slick lips a sigh slips from yours, echoing my own. ‘Well?’ I demand, waiting for your next instruction. Licking your lips as your eyes roam over my exposed body, you pause for a moment before canlı bahis saying ‘Tease yourself. Show me how you turn yourself on slowly. I want to see you on the edge of losing control.’

Leaning across to the small chest of drawers next to the chair, I pull open the top drawer and take a moment to consider the contents. Selecting a black ostrich feather to start with, I close my eyes and savour the soft tickling sensation of the fronds as I draw slow circles up my arm and across my chest. Feeling my nipples stiffen I tweak first one and then the other, thrilling at the jolt of pleasure that shoots through me. ‘Tell me how that feels’ you ask. By way of an answer I lean forwards a little and draw the feather up your inner thigh, pausing as I consider whether or not to tickle your balls with the soft fronds. ‘Bitch!’ you cry with a smile, trying desperately not to move as I give into the impulse to tease you. Seeing you clench and unclench your fists I sense you are on the brink of moving, so I slowly withdraw the feather and return it to the drawer, selecting a bullet type vibrator as I do so.

Keeping the toy concealed in my hand I select the lowest setting as I move my hand lazily across my thigh, watching as your pupils dilate in response to the tell-tale buzzing and the sight of me teasing myself. Relishing the expression on your face almost as much as the gentle vibrations moving towards my pussy, I slowly part my lips, moistening the tip of the vibrator as I slip it up towards my clit.

‘Tell me how it feels’ you urge.

‘Mmmmm, good. Kinda… tingly I suppose. Here, hold bahis siteleri out your hand.’ You comply, but instead of placing the toy in your palm as you expect, I hold your hand and gently press the vibrator against the sensitive skin on the inside of your wrist.

‘Gentler than I expected’ you reply, so I press the button and turn the power up a notch. You smile in response, and as I pull my hand away you lift your wrist to your mouth and lick your wrist in a deliberate motion, saying ‘I love the way you taste.’

‘That is the only taste of me you are going to get!’ I respond as I return to gratifying myself with the vibrator. ‘Well, for now, at least’ I add as an afterthought.

Turning up the speed on the bullet once more, I begin to work it in slow circles around my clit, savouring the swell of sensations building inside of me. Wanting to take the feeling deeper I reach into the drawer with my free hand and select my favourite toy, a medium sized vibrator shaped like an elongated figure eight, the top longer than the bottom, the lower part slightly wider. Adjusting the power to my favourite setting – a long, deep thrumming pulse – I apply a little lube and slip it inside me.

Seeing you clench and unclench your fists, your arms rigid at your sides as you fight the need to stroke your rock-hard cock is such a turn on, and I am tempted to spin this out, but I am not sure either of us can hold out much longer. Idly I wonder if I can make you come without either of us touching you, but my mind quickly slips back to my own pleasure. Focusing first on feeling the thrumming bahis şirketleri sensation inside of me I up the speed, making each pulse more intense, I tease my clit with the bullet, feeling the waves of pleasure starting to build. Seeing your hands instinctively move towards your twitching cock I pause, sighing with barely disguised frustration as I slip the toy from my pussy.

‘No! Don’t stop now’ you plead. ‘Please, I need to see you come.’

‘Do you think you can resist touching yourself a little longer? Do you have the strength to resist?’ I question, wondering if I have the resolve to follow through on my threat. Your whole body held as rigid and upright as your throbbing cock you nod, unable to speak through your tightly clenched teeth.

Sighing with relief I close my eyes as I slip the throbbing vibrator back into my pussy, my muscles reflexively tightening around it and pulling it deeper. The bullet pressed firmly against my clit quickly takes me to the edge and I lessen the pressure a little, wanting to hover on the brink of orgasm, feeling the pulses of pleasure building deep inside me. A few long moments is all I can stand before pushing myself over the edge and surrendering to the intense waves of rapture rushing through my veins, awakening every nerve ending and leaving me weak and speechless.

‘Fuck, you look so beautiful when you come’ you say, the words floating to me across the fog of my ebbing orgasm. I slowly open my eyes and am gratified to find you still stood ramrod straight, still fighting the urge to gratify yourself. Languidly I adjust my slip as I stand, press myself against your naked body as I place a gentle kiss on your lips, then turn and walk into the bathroom, leaving you to decide whether to stay and relieve yourself or follow me into the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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