Lost In My Lover’s Fantasy

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The Games We Play

Not knowing where I was going blindfolded Dee led me down a flight of stairs, pausing to open a door he led me in. Once inside my blindfold was removed. As my eyes adjusted I could just make out the silhouette of man in the far corner. The aroma of his cologne filled the air. It was a scent I knew, it was the scent of my lover.

This time apart from pleasuring himself all he could do was watch….watch me being fucked by another man. Agreeing to another of his games and away from my comfort zone we started to play. Dee took the lead, music playing in the candle lit room he slowly started to remove his clothes, rocking to the beat of its tune. I stood watching as he disrobed, the candle light highlighted the contours of his body, God he was hot.

Nervously aroused, I began to sway my hips to the rhythm of the music, our heat filled the air. Teasingly I slowly stripped, letting my clothes fall to the floor. In the background I heard a muffled murmur knowing my lover was watching really turned me on. Now things were starting to heat up. Naked he could see my voluptuous curves. As the candle light flickered he moved forward cupping my ample breasts in his large hands he started to squeeze and caress them.

The touch of another mans skin against mine really turned me on, the thought sent a warm flush to my cheeks. Dee was now caressing my pert nipples with his warm moist tongue. Flicking, then sucking the sensation sent sharp ripples of pleasure coursing through my body, shit he was good. His hands were now feeling their way over the curve of my hips. He lowered his head, pausing at my naval he inserted is tongue dipping and flicking it sent a chill oooh… down my spine.

I now wanted to fuck, I wanted to be fucked…shit I felt hot. My crotch was wet with pleasure, I was now ready for him. He guided me towards a fur covered bed, as I lay face down the softness of the fur on my skin sent an electric charge pulsating through me. SLAP! taken by surprise my right butt cheek stung, again he slapped me this time harder, a tear rolled down my cheek, as the sting subsided it fell from my chin. Crazy I know but I was enjoying this pain. He roughly parted my legs and started to finger fuck my pussy, my juices coating his fingers, groaning my body contorted bahis firmaları with each penetration as he slid them in and out.

I was starting to enjoy this far more than I had imagined. Seeing that I was so aroused Dee reached for a 12inch double ended dildo. Laying down beside me full of lust he handed it to me, moving closer he whispered, “Now pleasure us both.”

I turned him over face down and started to explore his anal crevice with my moist tongue, licking and teasing I parted his butt cheeks dipping my tongue inside I probed deeply, raising him onto all fours I thrust three fingers into his ass. Pulsing too and fro thrusting harder I inserted them deeper. Arching his back he let out a breathtaking roar. As his groans became more intense I removed my fingers from his ass and shoved one end of the dildo into him, flinging his head back he let out a deep throated feral bellow it was so intense it sent shivers spiraling along my spine.

A gasp came from my lover I turned and looked at him. In his hand he was holding a large vibrator, I could just hear its faint buzz. My lover was now pleasuring himself, shit I felt so horny I wanted to fuck them both.

Still fucking Dee with the dildo I watched as my lover raised himself partially off his seat. Placing the vibrator between his ass and the chair he lowered himself onto it letting his anal crevice devour it. Seeing him rock his ass up and down on it blew me away, he look so fucking awesome. The faster he rocked the harder I pleasured Dee’s ass.

My lover and Dee were both moaning, returning my attention back to Dee, giving his ass a sharp slap, gasping he quickened the pace. “Bitch!” he yelled. “You fuckin…..oooh,” I took his breath away as I penetrated him deeper going as far as I dare. He started to jerk every one making his toned body ripple violently, shuddering he slumped to the bed. “You fuckin bitch,” he groaned breathless.

Just then my lover let out an animalistic growl as he succumbed to his own anal pleasure, as his head fell back he let out a scream of sheer exhilaration as his anal climax devoured him. So turned on by the rawness of their orgasms, my pussy felt so wet it felt as though I had peed myself, pearls of want were now dripping down my inner thigh, my stomach was tense. Straddling Dee kaçak iddaa as he lay face down on the bed, I moistened two of my fingers pushing them into my ass sensations soaring, I placed my ass level with his, then lowered myself onto the dildo. Oh fuck! this was good, too good.

Dee grabbed hold of the bed head, “Shit!” he groaned as his ass cheeks tightened. Gripping hold of his thighs I lowered myself up and down grinding my ass hard over it, with each stroke Dee thrust his tight butt cheeks hard into mine so they slapped together. My ass sizzled as his thrusts became more frenzied. I was in total anal ecstasy screaming for him to fuck me harder, hardly able to breathe, he violently thrust his ass into mine forcing me to fall onto all fours.

Dee raised himself to match my position like two dogs, ass to ass moving in opposite directions he fucked me until my ass succumbed to an electrifying anal orgasm. My body writhed uncontrollably, Dee milked me until I could no longer take it. Gasping hot and sticky from this sex fest I eased my swollen crevice from the dildo. Turning I took hold of it and removed it from Dee.

In the background I could hear my lover groan as he watched me fuck. Both full of lust, so fuckin aroused Dee started to finger fuck my slit, purring with pleasure I lent forward parting his lips with my tongue hungry for him, we devoured each others intense kisses. As he continued to finger fuck me I rocked my hips to and fro forcing them deeper.

Feeling our hot sweaty skin against each other, he forced me down onto the bed. Finding his thick shaft he shoved it hard into my slit. Oh my God! I gasped. I screamed for him to fuck me, Shit! this was fucking at its best. Shoving his throbbing cock deeper and harder grinding deep inside me, baring down, I opened my legs wider resting them on his shoulders I wanted to take all of him. Penetrating me deeper I let out a muffled scream, “Don’t hold back bitch,” he yelled. “I want to hear you fucking scream.” He thrust his bulging cock hard into me so that his balls slapped hard against me. Leaving a deep bloody trail of desire along his back, I looked over at my lover. I could see the intense pleasure he was getting as his friend fucked me hard. He was now in the throes of masturbation gripping his dick he moved his hand kaçak bahis up and down its shaft. God, how he aroused me. He knew I loved to watch him pleasure himself. I wanted to feel him inside me, I wanted them both but knew all my lover could do was watch.

Knowing his friend was fucking me hard, and that I was enjoying the feel of another mans dick inside me his movements intensified. His face contorted with pleasure unable to contain its all consuming sensation panting, crying out with a deep throated groan he threw his head back, arching his back against the chair he let his orgasm take over him. Milking himself hard his cum spurted from his throbbing pulsating cock. God how I wanted to taste his essence. His fit body rippled with every breathtaking jerk.

My body was on fire pulsating with his pleasure, Dee sensed my internal desire with renewed vigour. More on fire he drove his staff deep inside, two steaming bodies consumed by each other I wanted him to inflict pain deep within me, I wanted to burn. Hot and panting I could feel the tension rise within me. My swollen slit tightened around his engorged cock. Again he slammed his cock into me the pain seared through me.

In a hot fuck frenzy he launched his bulging staff into me penetrating me even deeper, the pain seared through me again. I let out a shrill scream. His eyes widened as he enjoyed the pain he was inflicting on me. In a twisted way I was enjoying this fuckin pain too, after all this was what I wanted.

Tears rolled off my cheeks as his hot shaft tore into me again. Unable to control myself ecstasy took over shaking, writhing I could feel my pussy contract with each stroke, my orgasm consumed my inner core. Dee continued to fuck with deep penetrating thrusts my body still convulsing I screamed for him to stop.

Ignoring my pleas he placed his hands around my throat. As I struggled he wildly fucked me harder. Reaching the end, his body started to tense, contort to the sensations welling deep inside, with each thrust his grip on my throat tightened. Now taking more meaningful strokes he released his cum inside of me, as his orgasm continued so did the pressure on my neck.

Unable to breathe blackness started to envelop me. In the final throes of his orgasm the pressure on my neck started to ease. Gasping for air I turned and looked at my lover, he was in a state of euphoria. This fuck frenzy had left me bruised and sore. My lover looked at me, knowing I had played his game well sure I would return for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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