Lover’s Midnight Swim

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As the sun went down on the secluded beach, we walked hand in hand, strolling along with the warm sand sifting between our toes. The moon was already beginning to light it’s candles, and beginning to replace the sun’s rays.

We find our favorite spot between two strips of jagged edged rock formations, with a smooth beach area, isolated from the views of any onlookers that still may be hanging around for the last few minutes of daylight.

We spread our blanket and begin removing our bathing suits so we can take a swim in the nude. You break to run into the water and I follow, diving in behind you. We splash and play around, feeling the water caress out bodies.

After a while of swimming, with our bodies very close to each other, I pull you towards me and wrap my arms around you, pulling you closer, while I kiss your lips. The touch of your buoyant breasts pressed against my chest sends a feeling of lust throughout my whole body.

The water is almost too deep for you, so you lift your legs and wrap them around my waist as I continue to kiss you passionately. Our tongues gliding back and forth into each other’s mouth, tasting each other.

My hands running down your body, cupping your ass cheeks, hearing a soft moan escape your lips. You take your hands and lock them behind my neck and lean your body back, exposing your succulent breasts. I lift you up so your breasts clear the waves as I bend my head down and start licking each nipple. Tasting the salt flavor of the ocean that is clinging to your skin. Feeling your nipples harden, trying to push themselves out so that they would be easier for my mouth to take each one between my teeth. I gently bite them as my tongue flicks across the points.

You unhook your legs and move them down, touching my legs with the inside of your thighs and calves. As you pull me back closer to you, kissing me with an open mouth, you move one of your legs and wedge it between my legs and begin stroking the inside of my thighs. Your leg, moving up and down, feeling my cock harden on the top of your thigh as you continue to stroke me between the legs.

You release one of you hands and move it down my chest, my stomach, until your fingers touch my hardening cock. Your fingers, as well as the jousting of our tongues together, causes my cock to take a life of it’s own.

I run my hands down to cup the cheeks of your ass, feeling the softness of your skin. Our kiss continues to heat up as your stroking continues. You whisper in my ear that you want to make love and I suggest that we get out and get on the blanket. So we leave the water holding hands and run to the blanket.

When we arrive, we take our towels and dry the biggest portion of the water off of our bodies, when I suggest that I dry your back. You say sure, and I attempt to dry your back, but really had other things in mind. I move in behind you and reach around and cup your breasts. I bend down and kiss you on the neck and shoulders as I firmly squeeze your breasts. You sigh and lean back into me feeling my warm chest against your back and my hot breath on your neck.

I slowly move my tongue up your neck, to your earlobe and take the meaty part of your ear into my mouth and flick it with my tongue. You moan slightly then turn your body, wrapping your arms around my neck and kiss me with opened mouth. As our tongues touch against each other, I feel you pressing your body closer to mine, mashing your breasts against my chest.

I slowly run my hands up and down the contour of your body, resting on the cheeks of your ass. I pull you closer, feeling you begin to grind on my arousing cock. You open your legs slightly and trap my cock between your legs, grinding, savoring the feel of my hardening shaft. My hands squeezing each cheek, feeling the softness of your body.

We break our kiss and you take my hand and pull me over to our favorite rock. A large smooth rock, polished by the high tides, just big enough for you to stretch out and sun, Tekirdağ Escort during the daytime.

You climb on the rock and face me as your hands pull me closer to you. Our kisses begin anew as you pull me towards you after you lay back, feeling the coolness of the smooth surface.

Leaning on my elbows, with your body under mine, I begin moving my lips down to your neck, kissing, licking the salt flavor left by the ocean waters. You move your hands up and place one on each side of my face. Your hands start pushing gently down on my head, urging me to begin my trek downward, to your pot of honey.

I move my hands up to your breasts as my kisses move downward. My tongue licking each breast as my hands squeeze each one, causing your nipples to extend, standing all alone as open prey, poised for the attack. I slide my tongue over each one, feeling their hard texture burning a trail across my mouth.

You lift your legs and place your feet flat on the rock, on each side of me, with your legs falling open. Your hands continuing their downward pressure as you arch your back against the onslaught of my tongue. Mmmmmmmm, are the sounds of your soft moans.

I move my hands down each side of you, tracing the curves of your body. Your hips flaring, with a fine finger width line of hair, jutting down below your navel to the top of the lips of your pussy, waiting for my tongue to pay homage.

I kiss your skin, again tasting the salt flavor left after our swim. Down to your navel, kissing you and twirling my tongue around and into your navel.

Your moans becoming more noticeable as I continue down the trail of your hair, kissing you, capturing the fine hairs in my teeth, gently pulling. I move my body up and take your leg and lift it, kissing you at the ankle, and working my way up towards your body. Licking your calves, the skin behind your knee, then trailing my tongue up the inside of your thigh, towards, but not touching your pussy.

I take the other leg and do the same. I then take both legs and push slightly from underneath your thighs, lift them, parting them wider and again, licking the inside of your thighs. Leaving you fully exposed to whatever my desires are.

Your moans become more noticeable, your breathing becomes erratic, your hands reaching for my head, your fingers going through my hair, slightly pulling me towards your sweet offerings.

I take my tongue and start from the bottom of your pussy and lick through your lips to the top and across your clit as you gasp with anticipation. Yessssssss, you tell me as your hands grip harder on my head, pulling more urgently.

Taking my fingers, I spread your lips and blow warm air over your clit, your hips rising off of the rock, begging me to enter you with my tongue. I push my extended tongue through the opening of your sex and move it around, meeting the thrust of your hips. Your gasps become groans as you tell me to eat you. I start bobbing my head up and down, my tongue entering you each time I move forward. Your hips slamming against my face, seeking release of the upcoming climax that is raking through your body.

Taking my fingers and replacing my tongue, I begin fucking you with my hand, burying them the full length then moving them around, preparing you for my thick cock. I once again find your clit with my tongue as your body continues to rise, meeting me with every thrusts.

Your actions tell me that you are almost ready to explode so I increase my fingers going in and out of you as I take your clit between my lips and flick it with my tongue. As your hips thrust harder, and you pull my head closer, I take your clit and start sucking it with all of my might at the moment your body tenses. Your back arching off of the rock, your groans turn to screams, your hands locked behind my head, your explosion begins. Your pussy opening up, letting forth a massive orgasm, flowing over my lips, I open my mouth and extend my tongue against your clit as I feel the warm nectar Tekirdağ Escort Bayan cascading across my sensitive tongue.

Your breathing almost stops as you gasp for air taken away from you with your orgasm. Your body jerking, straining to give me every last drop of your cum. I accept the sweet nectar, savoring the taste of your sex.

As you come down from your high, your body relaxes as I move up, trailing my tongue up your body, over your breasts, retracing the earlier path as I descended down your body. You take my face between your hands and pull me towards you as you extend your tongue and lick the nectar from my lips, tasting yourself as our tongues explore each other again.

You push me away from you as you climb down on the rock, taking me by my arms, turning me around and pushing me towards the rock. My ass touches the smooth rock then I lean back onto my elbows as your mouth pays attention to my chest. Your mouth nibbling on my nipples, causing them to become erect with excitement. Your hands moving down as you continue to lick my chest area. My cock feeling your fingers as you find it and trace the length with your fingertips. Feeling the hardness, you wrap your fingers around it and begin a slow stroking motion. Your kisses start descending down my stomach as you look up with your eyes, smiling with them.

You get onto your knees and hold my cock from the underside and lick the head of my cock, then blow warm air over the sensitive area. Lifting it, you begin at the base and lick towards the head, then back down again. Your hand reaching under and cupping my balls, squeezing them gently as your tongue runs up and down my cock.

Letting my cock cradle in your hand, you lick the pre-cum that has formed at the very tip. Your eyes catch mine again as you take your first taste of me. The smiling sparkle remaining in your eyes as you open your mouth wider and move forward, capturing my cock head.

Your hand increases it’s stroking speed, while you head bobs up and down, with just the head rubbing against the top of your tongue. You slow down and reach around with both hands and cup my ass cheeks as you descend down as far as you can, taking my cock in your mouth. My head grazing the back of your throat as you move up slowly, then forcefully back down.

I grab your head and move it with my hands, pulling you towards me. My balls unable to sustain such a pleasurable feeling, erupt, sending hot scalding cum against the back of your mouth. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! You are surprised momentarily but continue drinking the love juice my cock is being offered to you. Yessssssssss!!!! Your hand moves back to my cock and continue stroking as the final drops form on the head of my cock. You move your head back off of my cock with your tongue extended. As if wanting to hang on to my cock, a bit of cum extends between my cock and your tongue as you look up into my eyes and show me your appreciation. Gathering the last drop, you move back up my body, trailing your cum coated tongue up over my chest to my lips. We kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth, tasting each other’s juices. You lay your head on my chest as we rest a moment, holding each other. Feeling fulfillment along with passion.

After getting something to drink, we stretch out on the towel. The breeze picking up somewhat, cooling things off, but not unbearable. You roll over and place your arm and one leg over my hip area. Your hand rubbing through my chest hairs, across my nipples and down to my stomach. I turn your head and give you a soft kiss and look into your eyes. Content is the word best describing your look, yet knowing we have not finished our lovemaking.

You reach over and kiss my neck, playing with my ear with your tongue, blowing your warm breath against me. Your hand begins a downward trek after you felt my cock stirring against your leg draped across my body. You lift my cock and lay it back on my stomach and begin stroking the underside while we begin to kiss Escort Tekirdağ more passionately. Our breathing is affected, becoming more labored as your stroking continues.

I shift my body to my side and begin running my hand down the contours of your body, down to your legs. You lift one leg, exposing your sex to my hand as it rubs the inside of your thighs. I move my hand over the pouting lips of your wet pussy, teasing you as you continue to stroke my cock.

With the juices still seeping out onto my hand, I know you are ready for my entry and tell you to get on top of me and that I need to have you now.

You get up as I lay down, my cock standing erect. You stand over me, straddling me as your hands move up to your breasts and squeeze them. You look into my eyes and smile, then turn around, facing away from me, then bend down so you can look between your legs at me. Your hands start moving up your legs and as your hands reach your pussy, you take one hand, and using a finger, trace the edges of your lips. Your smile becoming a wicked grin as your teasing continues. You insert a couple of fingers into yourself and slowly and teasingly start playing with yourself.

You turn around facing me now, and pull your fingers from you wet pussy and slowly slide them up your stomach between your breasts, leaving a trail of your juices as you move up towards your mouth. You offer your fingers to me, but as I reach for them, you pull them away and put them in your mouth, tasting yourself, teasing me, driving me crazy with lust. I said enough, I want you and I want you now.

You stand directly over my hard cock and taking it with your hand, you guide it to your wet opening. With just the head penetrating your lips, I lift my hips sharply off the towel, sending my cock past the opening, surprising you momentarily, causing a gasp from you.

You place your hands on my chest and lift your body up to the point my cock is almost out of you; you sit down hard, sending my cock deeper into you with each thrust. You begin moving up and down matching my upward hip thrusts, setting a synchronized rhythm.

Leaning forward, your breasts sway with each back and forth motion you make on my cock. I reach up and grab your breasts and massage the nipples with my fingers. You move your head forward and I raise up to kiss you. Our tongues start jousting each other’s then I take your tongue in my mouth and start sucking on it making you groan in pleasure.

After the pleasure we give each other with you on top, you roll off of me and tell me to mount you from the back. You get on your all fours as I get to my knees behind you. You reach under yourself a grab my erect cock and guide it to your open and waiting pussy. As I feel myself being pulled into you, I grab your hips and lunge forward with my hips, sending my cock as deep as it will go. Your walls stretching to accommodate my pulsating cock.

Back and forth I lunge, pounding flesh against flesh, my balls swaying back and forth.

You take your hand and move it to your clit and with your fingers, you start stroking your clit as my cock goes in and out of you. I hear you telling me you are near cumming and for me to cum with you. I feel your fingernails extending out and scraping the underside of my cock, heightening the sensation of our fucking. I groan and tell you that I’m fixing to cum. Harder, you move back against me until I pull your harder, my back arching, freezing in place as my balls erupt, sending waves and waves of hot scalding cum, deep inside your pussy. You feel my cum shooting in you and it triggers a massive explosion within your body, as your cum rushes out to meet mine. Total bliss is what we are feeling as we cum together.

Still frozen in time, my cock continues to jerk, trying to squeeze every last drop out.

You collapse forward, just as I pull my cock out of you. I fall down to your side and together; we just lay there, catching our breath, coming down off of that high.

After we catch our breath, laying there and hugging for a while, we kiss and decide to go as the tide seems to be getting closer to where we were. We dress, walk back to the car, and drive home. Looking forward to being together again soon.

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