Loving Valentine’s Day

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All characters are over the age of 18… This is my first submission to Literotica. Comments are always welcome. Thank you for reading my story. ENJOY!!!!

A shout out to the editor that decided to take me on and help with ediiting the story. Thank you very much Shanstom.

It all started with an unexpected phone call on Valentine’s Day. Raina is sitting at her desk at work, when all of a sudden her phone starts flashing followed by a strong vibration. Slowly reaching her hand to the pocket of her dress pants she accidentally nudged the phone closer to her hidden womanhood. Softly she sighs.”Mmmmmmm that feels soooo good,” Leaving her phone wedged between her legs she starts squirming in her office chair. Biting back moans of the passion building up in her body her phone stops ringing. Growling in frustration of being left on the edge on a huge orgasm she looks around her and slips her chair closer to the desk. Positioning herself out of the view of her office door she slowly slips a hand into the waistband of her pants and then past her silk bikini cut panties. She was soaking wet, she dipped her fingers into her oozing sex scooping out cum and running her fingers over her pussy lips before concentrating on making tight little circles on her hardened Clit. Slowly increasing pressure Raina brings herself to an earth shattering orgasm. Biting her lip thinking of her sexy husband she whimpers his name “Ty….. oh Ty. kadıköy escort I needed that so badly I need you now baby,” into the dead silence of her office.

Realizing her hands are soaked Raina fixes her outfit smiling coyly at her soaked panties clinging to her heated sex, she makes her way to the bathroom.

Smiling at her sense of daring she pulls out her phone just seconds before her phone starts to ring again. Breathing heavy, Raina answers the phone ,”H…. Hello? Hi Darling How was work?”

Ty replies, “Work was good but I was worried about you. You didn’t answer my last phone call.”

“Yes sweetie I’m sorry I’m afraid I was a little,” she replies with a coy giggle,” tied up. I’ll be leaving soon. I love you!!!”

“Ok darling I can’t wait to unwrap my Valentine’s Day gift”, Ty replies.

Raina was smiling as she leaned back against the wall envisioning every detail of her sexy husband. 6 feet tall, body like an athlete, tattoos everywhere, long black hair and piercing dark eyes. Strong but gentle hands that loved to roam all over her 5 foot, 3 inch body. Weighing in at roughly 190 pounds, Ty was heaven on earth. And his cock was the biggest she ever had at 10 inches long and 3.5 inches around. Raina thought to herself, “Mmmmmmm, I really should get home”.

Leaving the bathroom in a haze of lust, Raina heads to her desk and shuts down her computer, grabs her pocketbook and leaves kadıköy escort bayan work. Slipping into her pickup truck she looks out of place until she reaches in the back and grabs her tank top ripping off her suit jacket and dress shirt she sits in her truck in just a red silk bra that pushes her 40DD breasts up so they peek out of the top of her shirt when she slowly slips it over her head. Grinning with delight she reaches over to the bag she bought before she came into work today. Slipping out of her dress pants she peels off her sticky underwear. And slips on her red fishnet stockings slips into a red silk thong with garter straps, connecting the garter to the fishnets she smiles at her reflection….. grabbing the element before the very last surprise for her husband she slips out of the truck to shimmy into a skin tight leather skirt sighing at the soft kiss of leather on skin. Finally the last element a pair of 5inch chunk heel boots her favorite kind of boots, her cum fuck me boots.

Driving home slowly, she keeps wondering what the big surprise Ty told her was at the house is. Twenty minutes later, Raina pulls into the drive way. Looking into the mirror, she decides to freshen her makeup. Brushing quickly through her waist length honey brown hair, Chocolate brown eyes stare out at her as she fixes her makeup. “Hmmm, I don’t look bad for a 33 year old business woman,” she thought to herself.

Opening escort kadıköy the door, yelling to her husband that she was home she was surprised to receive no answer. “Ty darling where are you? Ty I need my sexy Valentine. Please!!!!! Hmmmm what is that on the floor… I wonder.” Leaning over, Raina picked up a paper Valentine saying BE MINE. Seeing another one she walks a few more steps and picks it up this one reads I LOVE YOU. “Hmmmm curious.,”

Slowly walking towards the bedroom she sees dozens and dozens of rose petals leading in two very different directions. Above each path there is a Valentine…. The one leading to the bedroom says, “PLEASURE AND FUN FOR HOURS ON END. GOOD UNTIL THE END OF TIME.” The one leading to the pool says RELAXATION, SOFT MUSIC A COLD DRINK AND PASSION FROM WHICH THIS PATH LEADS.

Raina hears soft jazz music clashing with some rock and roll and directs her steps towards the pool. When Ty comes around the corner behind her, whistling a long drawn out wolf whistle at the sight of his sexy little wife. Engulfing her in his arms from behind her, Ty slowly rocks back and forth to the music that declares their love. Slowly Raina feels his hard cock growing and begging for release.

“Mmmmmm, Ty baby don’t you think we should go and relax and you can let that monster out of its cage?”Nuzzling her neck, he swipes hair out of his way and bites her neck knowing that gets her so very hot. Raina lets out a very small mewl of satisfaction.

“Yes dear, let’s go and have a glass of wine and some chocolate dipped strawberries”.

Walking hand in hand into the enclosed pool room, Ty tilted his head back to watch the swaying of his wife’s hips and tight little ass.

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