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We agree to meet for lunch…..I go to your office and you are not in. They said to wait for you that you would be right back.

While waiting I become bored I think I will surprise you.

When you come in I am sitting on top of your desk with only my garter belt and hose.

My pussy is very wet and opened to you. You have a look of shock on your face as you see me. I demand that u lick my pussy for it is the only lunch you will get today! You come to me and I demand that Tokat Escort you get on your knees, “lick me” I say you get on your knees. I don’t wait for you to come to my pussy I grab your head and bring your face to it. You lick and suck my pussy mmmmm my clit grows big for you. My pussy is so hot and juicy. I now demand you move your tongue faster and faster as I am about to cummmm. I push your head closer then I demand you to put your tongue in me so you can taste my cummmmmm…… Tokat Escort Bayan that feels so good. I love it.

I push you away and in one movement I rip off your jeans grabbing your already hard cock shoving it in my wet mouth. You moan with the pleasure I am giving you as I take you all the way in. I move my head up and down as fast as I can fucking you with my mouth as you try to pull away I grab your ass and pull you closer you cant stand much more

I move Escort Tokat to the head of your cock and pop it in and out of my hot wet mouth moving you in and out fast you start to cummmmm and it shoots all over my mouth mmmmmmmmmm you cummmm and nothing ever like before!

I suck all your cum out of you .. I move down and take your balls into my mouth rolling them around as you are finishing your climax. You are panting and moaning with all the pleasure you just experienced…

I get up. Put on my rain coat Wipe my face. Brush my hair and walk to the door and say “THANKS FOR LUNCH” see you at 5:00 in the car!

As I walk out the door everyone in the office is looking my way with a shocked look on their faces…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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