Luxury Hotel Suite for Two

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Asshole Fucked

She decided to head out to see him for a little social visit. They had been doing sexy texty for a little while. A few suggestive emails, mostly just horny fun stuff. They both wanted to see one another already. She thought he was hot. She always had, but the way life worked out for them both, getting together just wasn’t a reality.

He thought the same of her. She had the most beautiful hair he had ever seen. Natural beautiful long blonde locks. She was pretty and fun too. She had a great sense of humour, and was very polite. He sensed a bit of an animal side to her and he thought that she would probably be an awesome fuck. Even if he didn’t get to actually fucking her, just being around her was intoxicating for him. She liked him and he knew it. She was just so good looking and incredibly sexy. The fact that she wanted him was so satisfying to him in itself. He found her irresistible, and delightful to be around. Even if she was a dead fuck,(which he thought was very highly unlikely) she was just so gorgeous. It would be awesome anyways. He knew that wouldn’t be the case. He saw how she looked at him, checked him out some, and she replied to his suggestions in texts and emails, always showing that she was interested.

She was 30 years old. About 5’8 with a small bust line. She was not the “curvy” type, but she was beautiful and sexy. She was a blue jeans and t-shirt type girl. She loved rock music and partying. She was a single mom also. Left in the dust by a jerk of a boyfriend.

He was 6′ tall, 200 pounds. Very nice looking and very well dressed. He had broad shoulders, and long legs. Ladies always found him attractive. He was bald by choice, with a goatee. He was athletic and very energetic.

She came out for a visit. She smiled at him a few times from the other side of the room, anxiously waiting for him to be done his little hobby for the night. He was a singer in a rock band, and she was enjoying the rehearsal. Drinking him with her eyes, impatiently waiting for him to be able to direct his attention to her.


All was done, and demetevler escoırt they jumped into his car and went for a late night drive.

They mostly just drove and enjoyed some lighthearted conversation. They were really enjoying themselves and each other.

He had a room booked at a nearby hotel. To her surprise he just wheeled up to the parking lot, got out and said. “are you coming?”

Surprised, delighted and so horny for him, she smiled and quickly came to his side, taking his arm and she slapped his butt “I am, and I hope I will be!”

They had a hard time keeping their hands off each other as they made their way to the hotel room.

A mini Bar

King size bed

Full bath

The room was a king-size suite. Snazzy and accommodating.

Once in the door, he whisked her around to him and kissed her hard on the mouth, like he had wanted to for so very long. He abruptly removed her jacket from her shoulders and ripped open the front of her button up shirt.

He stood admiring her gorgeous breasts. She wore a pretty black cotton bra. She felt a little awkward, being almost naked but she was too excited to really care.

He removed her bra and admired her beauty. He cupped her breasts and he could smell her. Flowery perfume and woman-perspiration. He moved his nose across her nipples and he could feel they were hard. She quivered. He nipped at one and licked at it. She was on fire!

To her surprise he gathered all of her hair in a fist full of ponytail and looked in her eyes.

He said:

“Now… I don’t intend on just being with you once.. we both know our situations.. but I just need you right now.. I need you my way, and I’m going to have you.”

She was thrilled at his vigour. That he wanted her just as bad as she wanted him. He was insistent, direct, blunt, needing and incredibly passionate.

He moved her toward the bed and he undid her jeans and whisked them off of her thighs and to the floor. Urgently he pulled her ankles from them. Abruptly he pulled her panties rus escort down. Just straight fucking down and off.

He shoved her back onto the bed like a lusting animal.

He wasn’t proving anything this time. He was taking. He might be nicer later, but this was something he needed, and he was taking it. Right there and then, his way, AND SHE LOVED IT. She needed to be taken as he was taking her. She needed to validate herself as being desired, and as being a woman.

His cock was rock hard, fully up and straining, throbbing. She delighted at the site of it. He moved himself between her legs. She spread herself wide for him, inviting him and making room for him to be as far inside her as he could possibly get. He never broke eye contact with her. He could smell her. She was soaked sweet and soaked completely. In one motion, he was inside her right up to the hilt. She felt him nudge her cervix, a place she wasn’t used to having touched.

She craved for him to mate her, for him to do what he wanted and needed to, what he lusted for and what he desired. She wanted him to make her his.

She wanted as much of him in her as she could get. She relaxed and spread her legs extra wide for him.

He brought his 10″ almost all the way out and buried himself all the way over and over and over, never taking his eyes off hers. She was in ecstasy from being roughly, fully and deeply fucked and pounded into, but more so from being made to feel like a woman. She was being mated with, not just fucked.

This basic fucking was so intense and so hot for them that she could feel him become a bit more engorged, a bit harder, a bit bigger. She knew he was going to cum.

She wanted him to. She wanted him to make her his own and for him to sexually claim her. For him to breed her, to mate her and to completely fuck himself into her.

“I can feel that you’re going to cum” she said, gasping and out of breath from the most intense 15 minutes of straight ahead fucking she had ever had in her life. She spread her legs far, and pointed her toes.

“I batıkent escort want you to cum in me, use me, have me, make me yours, have me as you want! Finish inside me, pleeease baby!”

Her desire and these words sent him completely over the edge. He hammered in and out of her with some full but fast last strokes, and then…

He buried himself in to the hilt. Their pubic bones bumped. He was so deep inside of her. With every pulse of his spurting orgasm, he withdrew a little, and buried to the max again for each pulse, each wave, each shot of his cum. He pulsed and twitched, shooting his cum deep into her, coating her cervix, her pussy, her womb, her sex.

He made her his woman and mate with this. He made her his own, and she felt exactly that way, feeling his hot seed being put in her, looking at his expression of intense ecstasy, and feeling his body go rigid with the intensity of his thrusts.

Finally he was spent, and he collapsed on top of her. She hugged him with her arms and legs, holding him on top of her and inside of her. She was smiling, feeling so satisfied that she was taken and had as she was. She felt whole and at peace.

She had engaged in more elaborate sex in her life: longer lasting, more variety and perhaps even more sensual.

But she had never felt so desired, and so feminine. She had never felt so completely like a woman before. She was validated. She had been mated.

It was primal, her desire for his seed and for him to mate with her. Sex to her in the past, when the men came, was just the end result of them fucking her, but this time, his orgasm and seed, was something she felt that she needed deeply. She craved it, and lusted for it, and for him to give it to her. It was the first time in her life that she felt so completely female and virile. She was a woman, and she could feel it from the heart of her sex, to the smiling deep sigh of satisfaction and relief on her face.

She just wanted to lie in his company, to have his spirit inside her and to enjoy how he adored her, how he wanted her and how she felt in his presence.

She felt so satisfied.

They left that hotel room never to be the same again. It was a bit of a tragedy that they couldn’t be together as a couple. They fucked so well together, and were so attracted to one another. It was magical, sadly.

The End.

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