“M” Learns to be a Courtesan

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Recently divorced and owning a ‘cheaters’ restaurant in Los Angeles, I must tell you about an event that was the most scintillating of my life. Arthur, a married entertainer, had been a regular in my restaurant. He and his wife Catherine were both charming and outgoing. Many of the times they were here for drinks, dinner and dancing, they brought other interesting people. I could feel the sexual energy they generated and thus began my fascination.

Arthur would often visit for lunch or a pre-prandial cocktail, usually flirting with me. After a while I noticed I was attracted to his wit, humor and intelligence. Frequently our conversations would be loaded with double entendres and I found myself wondering maybe even fantasizing about making love with him. He would tease me about my French accent and how men would enjoy being with a French courtesan.

“Arthur,” I replied, “I wouldn’t know how.”

He said he would teach me.

“Sure,” I said.

We sealed the bargain with a hug and I asked when the lessons would begin.

With a twinkle in his eye (he wore an eye-patch) he said, “Soon.”

Several weeks went by and I hadn’t seen Arthur. It was on a Saturday evening when he called and made late dinner reservations for a threesome in one of the horseshoe booths. He reminded me of the lessons. I began to get little chills and my vagina contracted in a mini-orgasm.

About 11 he, Catherine and another man arrived. I was introduced to Brian who owned a local theater. Catherine was wearing a black cocktail dress that swirled when she walked, with inch wide shoulder straps that were fastened by buttons on the dress. She was happy, smiling and charged when she gave me a hug and ran her hands down my body. She backed away and I saw for the first time a collar around her neck such as worn by submissives. I shuddered and felt myself getting wet.

They sat with Catherine in between the two men. Each, in turn, gave her a very erotic soul kiss. I watched. Catherine stood up with Brian and went to the dance floor. There only were two other tables occupied at the time. They danced. It wasn’t sexy. It was wanton and sexual. Brian spun Catherine. Her dress swirled up above her lace-topped thigh highs to her black, panty covered pussy.

While they were dancing, Arthur came over to me and suggested I send a bottle of champagne with four glasses to the table. As we watched the dancers, he put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. My heart pounded. He did something he had never done before. He kissed me, sucked my tongue into his mouth and caressed me. I was breathing hot into his mouth. He reached into his pocket and pulled a collar out and fastened it to my neck saying,

“The lessons begin.”

I was wearing a coatdress with a single button at the waist with pins at the cleavage and at the knee to hold the garment in a modest position. Arthur reached in his pocket and pulled out a pair of black thigh highs.

“Go into your office, take your dress, bra and pantyhose subayevleri escort off, and put on these thigh highs and your dress without the pins and return. Put two fingers in your cunt and return with the juice on your fingers. I want to taste your essence.”

I stood naked in my office, save for the thigh highs and heels while I tasted my own scented flavor. I was so wet. I slipped on the dress and walked out shivering with anticipation. The dress opened with my every step showing off the lace tops of my hose. I came to Arthur. He took my hand smelled it, tasted it and savored it. I melted. He dropped a pen. I was told to pick it up. I bent down holding the dress top so that my small, pouty breasts wouldn’t be exposed. He said, “Take your hand away.” I did. The top opened. He saw my nipples as they hardened. I stood up and returned his pen.

We walked back to the table. Catherine and Brian were in a sensual embrace. His hand was under her skirt. She and I wore identical collars. Arthur poured the champagne. The bubbles along with the excitement made me a little light-headed. Arthur extended his hand to Catherine who slid out and stood up. Catherine, the strawberry blond, me the taller redhead. We looked at each other. Arthur said, “M, take Catherine with you and bring her back without her panties.” I had never done anything like that.

We went to my office. I didn’t know where or how to begin. Catherine raised her skirt. I knelt down and put my hands to the waistband of her panties. I could smell her sex. I eased them off. As she raised her foot I could see her cunt lips glisten when they opened. She said, “Touch me.”

I brought my fingers to her cunt. She pulled my head forward and pushed my face to her honey pot. I inhaled. I tasted with my tongue. Catherine hissed through her teeth and ground my face into her sex. She went still. I stopped. This was the first time I had been with another woman since my university days. She pulled me to her. We kissed on the mouth. She tasted her own juice from my lips. My heart was pounding. What else was to come?

We walked back to the table. Both gentlemen rose to let her slide in to be between them. The only other party was leaving. Only remaining were the four of us, a waiter and the three-piece band. Arthur whispered something to Catherine as she was entering the booth. He stood so close to me that I felt his warmth, his heat. Catherine lifted her skirt and slid into the booth, sitting on her bareness, the cunt I had just tasted.

Arthur and Brian slid in on either side of Catherine. I placed her panties on the table. I excused myself to bring more champagne. I returned. Catherine was flushed. She was on the throes of an orgasm. She had each of her legs over that of her companions. Her skirt was to her waist. There were two hands manipulating her cunt. She was turned toward Arthur who was passionately kissing her. Brian was sucking on her nipple of her exposed breast. I was so hot. My cunt juices were flowing yenidoğan escort from being a voyeur when I so wanted to be a participant. Arthur broke off his kiss and looked toward me. His lips glistening. I bent forward to kiss him and my top opened so all could see my breasts. Arthur reached in and tweaked my nipple. The electricity made me pull back. Catherine tried to stifle her climactic moan. It was then I saw she had Brian’s cock out and was jerking it up and down trying to get him to come. He removed her hand. Catherine sat back one breast hanging out of her dress.

Arthur told me to assist Catherine. I did. I reached over, felt her breast, pulled the bodice up and buttoned the strap. My head was spinning.

The band called out that it was the ‘last dance’. I wanted Arthur to dance with me, to hold me, to caress me on the dance floor. That was not to be.

The threesome arose from their place and went onto the dance floor. Arthur gave the band some instructions. He watched as Brian twirled Catherine, her dress rising above her naked cunt. I could see, as could the band. She did a ‘death-drop’ opening her lips for us to see. I never thought Catherine to be an exhibitionist. The tempo of the music changed. The lights lowered.

Arthur said to me, “Unzip my pants, and take my cock out.” I did. I had never before touched his hardness. Now I felt it pulsing in my hand. He pulled away from me and went to Catherine who was dancing with her arms around Brian. Grinding her cunt into his cock. Arthur came behind her and raised her skirt over her waist, letting his cock lay between her ass-cheeks. As Arthur lifted her skirt to her waist she reached down and pulled Brian’s cock from his pants. Catherine tried to get a hardened cock into her pulsating cunt. She danced and moaned. The music ground to a stop.

I heard her hiss, “Fuck me, fuck me you bastards. I want cock now from both of you.”

She held them both by their cocks. She took turns kissing them and sucking their tongues. Brian and Arthur gently pushed her to her knees and fed her their cocks, first one then the other; then she had them both in her mouth. The baby spotlight shown down on the threesome. I was so hot from watching this that I slipped my hand inside my dress and fingered my cunt, bringing my fingers out and tasting them.

They eased her flushed face away from their throbbing members and assisted her to her feet. Arthur whispered instructions to Brian as both men placed their cocks behind closed zippers.

Brian and Catherine walked out. Arthur came over to me and after paying the tab pulled me to him as he kissed me and felt my body. I wanted to instantly surrender and have his hard cock thrust into me.

“Have your waiter close up. You are joining us.”

I started to protest. He reached for my collar reminding me of our bargain. I stood there. Clad in heels, thigh highs and my coatdress. I grabbed another bottle of champagne. He smiled and said, “Good girl, yenimahalle escort you are already learning.”

We walked outside. It was a very balmy night with scented, warm winds blowing from the ocean. As we walked a black stretch limousine glided up to us. A blond female driver appeared almost instantly. Before she opened the door, Arthur turned me to him, undid the single button on my dress, and spread the lapels wide. I was totally exposed. The driver, standing behind me, plucked my garment from my shoulders. I started to put my arms over my breasts. Arthur took my hands in his and pushed me back so he could see my nakedness.

The driver opened the door. Through the dim light I saw Catherine on her knees, sucking Brian’s cock as he lay back with a smile on his face. What a fellatrix, that Catherine.

I entered the car quickly as I wanted Arthur to enter my wet, wanting cunt. We sat down and he started kissing me, fondling and squeezing my breasts. I reached out, unzipped his fly to release his engorged cock. I wanted to taste it, have it in my mouth, and feel the ooze of his pre-come. My spread legs touched Catherine, she moaned as best she could with Brian’s cock filling her mouth. Arthur took my hand from his swollen cock and placed it on Catherine’s cunt. I stroked it. She moaned louder. She lifted her mouth and I looked into her glazed eyes. She beckoned me. I got on my knees next to her and we shared Brian’s cock. Between taking turns sucking it we soul kissed each other. Brian started to moan. We stopped sucking. Catherine stood up. Her dress, wrapped about her waist, fell to the ground. She turned her back to Brian. I held his cock while she let it slide into her. I licked his balls, his shaft and her cunt savoring the juices.

I felt my ass-cheeks spread and then with one thrust, Arthur placed his cock in me. I felt his scrotum swing against me with each thrust. With each thrust my face was pushed into the joined cock and cunt. I kept climaxing. I wanted it to go on forever; never to stop. Arthur was fucking me while his friend Brian was fucking Arthur’s wife Catherine.

Brian thrust hard into Catherine. I saw the pearlescent come ooze from her cunt. I reached up and grabbed Brian’s cock greedily sucking it into my mouth so I could taste him. I wanted so much to have Arthur burst his come so I could be wet from both ends. My prayers were answered. There I was impaled by two cocks both spurting their hot juices into me simultaneously.

Catherine swung her leg over my head and with come dripping from her cunt went behind me and starting sucking Arthur’s member while inserting her fingers in my cunt. Arthur pushed her head to my cunt and she started licking his come from me. Another orgasm convulsed me.

She and I got up. Hugged and kissed each other with come taste on our lips and in our mouths. We lay down together in a sixty-nine position. We climaxed again. Then we put our legs around each other rubbing our cunts together. My senses were reeling.

Arthur opened the champagne I brought. He poured some onto and into each of our cunts. I had never felt a sensation like that before. He and Brian took turns lapping it out from each of us. We devoured each other’s lips and mouths while they lapped at our cunts.

Sated, we lay back while our driver took us to Arthur’s home.

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