Make Me Bigger

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“Yes! Bigger! Bigger! Make me bigger!” she cries out in ecstasy. Her head thrust back, eyes closed, and beautiful mouth agape she is a vision, and then there are her breasts…

Her long hair trails about, ringlets curling down her shoulders and spine. A few have found themselves trapped between the valley of cleavage, unable to escape as it grows steadily larger. It is dark, a shining blue black, and is silky to the touch.

She quivers again, and pulls you further into her. Her moans are rising, the cries ever more desperate for the pleasure. Her chest heaves, rapidly rising and falling. With every fall, her bosom descends noticeably less. Her tits are growing. Growing because of you, because of your cock.

The idea of this excites you more than words can describe. You’re as hard as iron, and though your thick, veined shaft is pushing back and forth with an enormous force, you are tireless. Her fingernails dig into your back, her breathing high and ragged in your ear. You tweak a nipple and she gasps, erupting with a jolt that only sends your pole hurtling further into her.

You can’t take your eyes off them. A few minutes ago they were about the size of large lemons, miniscule compared to the grapefruits vaulting their way through the D cup range. And yet now, buxom doesn’t quite encompass the girth of her bust. Each one must be the size of a small melon, teardrop shaped and crowned with dark, puffy nipples standing proud, thick and delicious.

With every thrust of your dick, you can see a little more weight gather in her tits flesh. Her sopping wet cunt grips you tight. She can’t contain herself, and has already come at least once, but her libido shows no signs of abatement, and neither does yours.

As you pound away, your fingers are slowly pushed further and further apart by the burgeoning mass beneath them, as mound upon mound of titflesh issues, spilling down towards the bottom of her ribcage. You try to guess what her size must be now, stimulating your fantasy further. F? FF? G? Who can say? Besides, every estimation will fall short of the continual expansion.

You feel your cock harden further, straining to be driven in further. You realise the problem and draw your penis back a little. Hooking her knees on your shoulders you square yourself on your knees. She moans in anticipation, and you wait just a little longer. You swear you can almost see the aching in her breasts, a visible longing Bostancı escort dragging you by your will toward, and inside her. You take the plunge, eager with vigour.

Her scream of euphoria sends her up another cup size, sending one of the shreds of her corset flying against the wall. You cry out too. It just feels so intense; beyond belief. Her boobs work as you begin to batter again filling more and more of the space between you. They surge forth through letters, blowing and ripening from soft, firm honeydews to watermelons. Her jugs are absolutely enormous, each one bigger than her head and swelling outwards with no sign of stopping.

You can smell her elation, electric in the air, as her hands move and twist, one over your body and the other alternating between her teats, squeezing and fondling the growing assets. She calls out your name, over and over, urging you on, telling you to give it all to her. She wants you, she wants to be big for you, to be your fuck toy. She wants to be bigger, so much bigger, and she needs your cock, badly. Please make her big, make her enormous, it feels so good, and she’s so turned on. Her mantra continues, and the only thing exceeding her size now is her appetite for your meat.

She comes yet again in a frenzy, and you feel her breasts touch your chest once more. You slow a little, only for a moment as her insistent pleading moans spur you on once more, to stare at her mammoth mammaries. Her fingers twitch, no longer able to even reach her nipples as her tits swell, now below her naval. Her arms and shoulders no longer show, hidden by their width. Her tits ripple again, and then you feel a touch on your sack, and fingers cradle your balls before moving down to a spot just below. You feel a pressure as she begins to massage you, and you look into her face, torn between bliss and concentration, and see a twinkle in her eye. Her gaze meets yours, her mouth slowly becoming obscured from sight by the wall of hypersensitive boob.

You know what she wants, that it’s time. She has taken part of her tit in her mouth and is sucking on it. The bounty enhances steadily forward, augmenting into your chest. You won’t be able to fuck her like this for much longer. Your eye strays towards the edge of the bed. A dozen more thrusts see her titties big enough to billow on to the bed either side of her, securing her for your purpose.

With a monumental burst of strength Anadolu Yakası Escort derived from pure sexual energy, you pull her towards the edge and stand. Thrusting methodically in and out, you pump her further, as she squeals and thrashes under the weight which is turning her on more and more along with the anticipation for what is to come. This continues for some time, and they increase, along with the heightening tension, more and more, bulging and bloating into just what you need. When you’re done, each one is larger than her whole torso. All you can see are two gigantic breasts with her legs poking out, and even those have been partially covered by the gargantuan expanses. Her nipples are so big now that it would take a whole hand to pleasure each one, if you could still reach them both with your arms spread, not that she would mind if you pulled a little. On the contrary…

Your cock is throbbing with your excitement. You take a deep breath, and throwing your body into the pliant canyon of cleavage before you, you bury your rod deep inside her. The sensual pleasure is overwhelming. Her cries echo somewhere far off as you merciless pound her over and over on a non-stop road to orgasm. Her tits distend around you, but you hold on firmly, only causing her to balloon all the more from the sensory overload. Neither of you can think anymore, pure animal driving you to finality. You dimly hear crashing, and at some point the bed breaks beneath your unyielding barrage and her tremendous vastness. The last you saw before you were completely covered by tit was the room beginning to dim as a boob pushed over a lamp.

Her ululations pierce through the din, and you hear her begging you to come for her, to fill her up with your hot cum, and of course to expand her further. You two had been cautious in the past, experimenting slowly, but now the very concept of that was gone. You were going to both experience a truly excellent fucking.

There is a certain point that a man gets to sometimes during sex. After an intense amount of heavy petting, kissing, sucking, and pleasuring one another, and following a long bout of sex, he reaches a point where he is so turned on and hard that it can be a little difficult to come. You are currently having one of these moments.

Your mind is wild with feeling, and you can only push harder and harder as you propel yourself towards the final moment which you must Kadıköy Escort reach, for you must have release. Your subconscious knows this, but at present all you know is the sensation as the two of you bang. Her pussy is so wet, so tight, gripping you inextricably as you spear into her. All the blood from your head has gone to your dick, engorging it into a truly spectacular erection as you plough her twat. Her hand has found that little spot below your scrotum and is stimulating you, imploring you to fulfil her need. Your balls convulse and tighten, like the tit all around you, pressing in hot and warm, sweat trickling.

You’re close, very close, which is just as well for the structural integrity of your house. You can’t tell but her breasts are not confined to just this room anymore. You can only dimly hear it, only just make out the words in the distant groans, but she is an embodiment of desire now, astounded that somehow, and she knows she can feel it, you are going to make her come again. She’s growing no slower than before, metre by metre, filling out all space. She’s so big for you, you’re making her into a real woman. Harder and harder, bigger and bigger. Almost there. The swelling is beyond all control, faster and faster, matching the speed of your lightning thrusts.

The entire building is quaking beneath you two. You feel it coming, and consciousness floods back into you and you are aware of your surroundings. All you can see around you on all sides is her breasts. You can’t even see yourself, your entire body is covered with jutting tit. And then, all at once, you explode inside her, and an avalanche rush hits you. You feel massive bursts as you come and come. An earthquake rocks you all around, and you hear her escalating moans as your dick swells with each thrusting ejaculation. And then you hear her say “Oh! I’m feeling so big baby!”, and bust another nut, coming again all the harder, with her, as her tits boom to a colossal beyond.

In the aftermath you lie together within her tits as they slowly begin to shrink back down again. You have covered her from head to toe in kisses, stroked and caressed her, and now merely hold one another in the stillness. Every so often she shivers a little, and her you hear another crash as her boobs extend out again momentarily. You’re still hard, despite coming more than most men have ever done in a single night, and she can feel it pushing between her legs. Among these bouncy tracts of tit, you suddenly think how glad you are that your house is ensured. As for the rest of the street though… Perhaps round two wasn’t such a good idea. The hill to your side shifts a little, and you think nothing of it until you feel her push you inside her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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