Making of a Sub: Prelude to Spa

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Liz was a cutie.

She stood just over 5 feet tall; her parents were from Trinidad so she had a certain mix of races unique to that area.

She had a muscular middle-sized frame, not slight so that you could call her petite. She had the most wonderful breasts, probably a C cup, with huge areoles with nipples that stood out at least half an inch. She had big pouty lips, yes both sets, and a clit that stood out at least half an inch from its hood. She had the most amazing ass, tight and muscular.

But I hadn’t fucked her yet, well not with my cock anyway.

She was a sub in training and I wasn’t about to satisfy myself, to find release in her until she had fully submitted.

I wondered about that. There was a fierceness, an aggressiveness that showed in her green eyes and played across her face when she was forced to submit that made me wonder if she was a switch, or a Damme. I liked aggressive women and I had tried the sub route once to make my wife happy but, meh, it didn’t do anything for me.

It had been almost three weeks since I went to the hotel room that Liz had arranged to meet in. I told her that I would be in touch in two weeks but I needed the play of emotions in her to take her to the next level. I told her not to contact me and she had texted me at two weeks plus a day and asked what was going on. I tersely replied, “sweet fuck all if you don’t remember your place”.

I blocked her number so I imagine she went crazy trying to SMS me only to find that they weren’t being delivered.

I had removed the block this morning and told her to ask her husband to take her shopping for a silk dress and matching pumps.

Her body hair was coarse and she had a full bush – I believe in the motto “if there’s hair don’t go there”. I told her not to shave anything for two weeks and that I’d be in touch so I’m sure her leg, armpit and stray hair on her breasts must be getting long.

I was off to see El, the purveyor of an exclusive anonymous spa that had top notch technicians who provided extra service on the side. It was my wife’s favourite place to get mani’s and pedi’s and the occasional wax. I laugh still when I look back to her first waxing when she stormed into the condo and blurred out “you wouldn’t güvenilir bahis fucking believe what just happened to me!”

My wife dropping the F-bomb was unusual. “While they were waxing me, they made me cum!”

“And”, I said, “was it good?”

She looked like she was going to throw something handy at me, like a knife or frying pan. Don’t mess with a fiery red head.

She paused long enough from her outrage to think about it, smiled and said, “It was unbelievable!”

Thinking about it for a minute I observed “I hope you gave them a big tip?” She didn’t answer but she’s been going to El’s ever since.


Right after I texted Liz I called El.

When she picked up she must have seen my name on the call display and answered, “Silver Fox” where’ve you been?”

“Always the flattery El, but I’ve been busy and I’m in need of a little care and manscaping. Besides, I have a new project that I’d like the girls to help me with.”

El was Russian. Blond hair cut short above the shoulders, maybe 5’2″ and had that stocky look about her, a certain peasantness. No tits and ass to speak of but a tiger in bed. There have been times that I wish I had put a gag ball in her mouth and tied mitts on her hands.

I first met her when she and my wife went out for post therapeutic vodka therapy.

I was getting a little unkempt when my wife that morning suggested it was time I took care of myself. I had told her how much I hated getting sac and cracks because they made you pull your cock and balls in all kinds of different directions and that I always ended up with wax on my hands. I guess she mentioned the idea of men’s waxing to El because I got a text to join them.

I got to the patio and was met by a smirk and “I hear you have a problem with sticky fingers”. At that point both my wife and El burst out laughing. Busted. And my first introduction to El.

My wife had mentioned how much I was needing a little attention and urged me along “C’mon, you know you want to”

I followed El back to a nondescript broken down house off Chinatown and walked into a piece of heaven. The reception area was simple, leather chairs and a small water feature. The music was what you expected in a spa and türkçe bahis it smelled a little of jasmine. She took me into one of the rooms and told me to take my clothes off and to cover myself with a small towel. So far, standard.

A young woman in her early twenties, a little taller than usual, almost six feet but skinny almost to the point of anorexia, came in with a basket covered with a towel. Reaching in she took out a hot towel and began to wipe my neck and face. She placed a cooler one over my face and started to give me a head and shoulder massage. I started to fall asleep when I heard someone else come in. I must have fallen asleep because I woke to the chill of the towel being removed and soft petite hands touching my cock and moving my balls around. Okay, I thought, “no sticky hands.”

I was a little startled when she put my flaccid cock in her mouth a give me a slow gentle mouth massage – when I went to raise my arms to remove the cover on my face my hands were pushed back to my side. As I got harder, she began the waxing all the while making sure I stayed semi-erect. When she was done she pulled my legs up and finished the waxing between my ass crack and when she was done cleaned me up rimmed me a bit. From semi to hard in 30 seconds.

The first, the twenty-something, removed the towel from my face and stood there with a big robe and wrapped me in it, taking me to the sauna. After about 15 minutes when I was sufficiently softened she came back, held the robe for me and took me to the shower room.

She took my robe and the dropped her pants and shucked her top. Stepping into the shower she lathered up and then pulled me in. She rubbed herself all over me but every time I reached to touch her she slapped my hand away. Raging hard on again? You bet.

When we were done and she had toweled me off, without saying a word pointed to my clothes which were now laundered and freshly pressed. Getting dressed was easy enough except trying to stuff my engorged cock into boxers but I had no choice – I wasn’t about to walk out carrying them.

The young lady came back in and took me by the hand – I suppose to settle the tab. I was brought into El’s office where my wife was sitting across the desk laughing at me. “So how do güvenilir bahis siteleri you like the deluxe treatment”

I must have growled because she knows how frustrated I get when I’m not in control. What’s worse is that I hadn’t cum.

More than once since then I’ve gone there with my wife, had the deluxe treatment, and then went out for dinner and drinks and then dancing. Almost always my wife will hook up with a cub at the bar or will dial a trusty stand by and leave me with El. I’ve come to the point now that I’ll fuck El from behind standing up with her wrists firmly in my hands behind her lest I get in the way of the claws and talons.

She always gives me such a great foot and calf massage.

I showed up at El’s favourite cocktail bar so we could sit quietly in the corner and I could explain what I had in mind. After I filled her in I waited, she smiled and said, “You owe me argent”. A few more drinks and we went back to her place.

El has a “work” table that she likes to bring her dates to. I’ve never seen her with another man but I know she has lots of girlfriends. Stripping off my clothes I laid down on the table while she bustled about getting her stuff ready. No gentleness when she waxed me until the end when she would clean up my crack and then rim me. God could she lick.

When she had me hard enough she would climb up and straddle me – it was always on me to rip her tights or whatever she wore open at the crotch. She’d then plunge down on my cock, varying the pace so I wouldn’t blow until she came.

Then it was okay for me to throw her off, jump off the table, and press myself into her. Mostly it was vaginal but occasionally, like now, she wanted anal. I would plunge into her cunt once or twice until I was slick and then plunge into her ass. No settling my cock head until she got used to it and then slowly thrusting. Nope. As I thrust forward she’d thrust back until my balls hit her clit.

Vaginally she might cum once in twenty minutes. Anally she would cum over and over until she would collapse exhausted. Then I would withdraw and stroke myself until I came all over her ass.

This time, after I’d cleaned up and she had treated my cuts and bite marks from when she was on top – she called my wife and said “yes, he’s paid in full and I’m sending him home to tell you all about it”. She winked at me and told me that “there’s a cab waiting. Go home, tell your wife what you’re planning. Besides I need a bath, I’m a little sore.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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