Manly Persuasion Ch. 01

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Author’s Note — Dedication – To JC, with heartfelt thanks. This is YOUR story. You asked me to write it and I did. So, my friend, this is for you.




A cool stream of air blew across the back of my neck. Seconds later, his lips were close to my ear.

“Are you ready?”

I didn’t answer.

“Are you sure you want it?”

Was I sure? I mean . . . WAS I sure?

Time seemed to stop as a million cascading thoughts swirled through my head. Fuck, what was I doing?

I could feel the weight of his body on mine, his cock wedged in my ass crack. This was a helluva time for me to be questioning whether I wanted to get fucked.

Slowly, I nodded my head.

“Yeah. Yeah, I want it.”

I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was smiling.

“I’ll go slow. I promise”.

I moaned as he started sucking my ear lobe. He seemed to know just how to press my buttons and get what he wanted from me. I could feel the resistance draining from me and I knew the time had come.

“Just relax. You’re gonna feel something you’ve never felt before.”

I was ready. At least . . . I thought I was ready . . .


“C’mon, Javier! Pump it, man!”

I was struggling to get the last rep of the bench press. I was benching 325 for the first time and it was fucking tough. For a moment, I thought I’d have to have help. But with a loud grunt and second blast of energy, I pushed the bar up and on to the holder.

Connor leaned down and slapped me on the chest.

“You see? I TOLD you that you could do it!”

I grinned and got up off the bench. Connor smiled back, saying “Man, you can really make your pecs and biceps explode when you lift! I wish I could do that.”

That’s what I liked about Connor. He was always supportive, without a trace of jealousy or disappointment. Always telling me that I was better at things than him in the gym.

I don’t necessarily think he was right, but I did take my gym seriously. I was 31, 5’11”, with 200 pounds of tight muscle. Add in the fact that I’m from Venezuela and proud of my Latin heritage. Maybe a little cocky every now and then, but never like that with Connor. The ladies liked my masculine style, so you could say pussy was what I fucked and not how I acted.

I’d met Connor at the gym a while back when he was on the weights next to me and offered to spot me. Over time we became friends and I got used to his comments and compliments. At 37, he was older than me but didn’t look it. He was the same height as me, not as muscular, but in very good shape. He was a good-looking man, although being straight, I don’t know if I had any particular thoughts about what made a man good looking. I just know I didn’t think he was ugly and that a lot of women would probably think he was good looking.

I will say though that I wasn’t absolutely positive that Connor was into women. He never mentioned a girlfriend. In fact, he never talked about his personal life at all. And frankly, he didn’t LOOK gay. I just took him at face value and enjoyed his friendship. He seemed like an alright guy and we got along great.

As we moved over to the cardio machines, I started rubbing my shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” Connor asked.

“Don’t know. I may have strained my shoulder in that last set.”

“Really? Let me take a look.” He reached out his hand.

I stopped, getting a little nervous about another man touching me in front of everyone.

“Nah, that’s okay, Connor.”

Connor made a face and said, “Javier, c’mon. It’s no big deal. I just wanna make sure you’re not hurt.”

I thought about it for a moment. He was right, it wasn’t a big deal. I nodded and said, “Okay, man. Go ahead.”

Connor reached out and started gently probing my shoulder and neck. As his fingers slid carefully over the muscle, I felt a slight pain as he squeezed the area near my shoulder. I guess he could feel me react because he asked, “It hurts there?”

“Yeah. A little.”

He moved closer and kept probing. The pain got a little stronger. Suddenly, I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and it spread slowly through my body. As the feeling spread, I was unprepared for what happened next. It was totally . . . I mean totally . . . unexpected.

I could feel my cock getting a little hard. I wasn’t throwing a complete bone, but I could feel it start to swell. I was shocked but didn’t move so as not to draw attention to it.

Connor didn’t seem to notice anything and kept running his hands gently over my shoulder, probing the muscle. The pain was stronger now and I could definitely feel it.

I groaned, and Connor smiled.

“Yeah, looks like you may have twisted your shoulder.”

I gently pulled away from Connor. Mainly to hide my reaction but also to stop his touching. It felt strangely erotic and I was embarrassed.

“Thanks, man. I’ll put some heat on it later.”

Connor kept smiling at me as we started walking again to the cardio machines.

“Javier, why don’t you let me give you a massage? I’ve studied massage therapy and it would help your shoulder heal Gaziantep Kavaklık Escort faster.”

I grinned. “Nah, that’s okay, man. I appreciate it, but . . . well . . . frankly this isn’t exactly the place to get a massage.”

We stepped on the elliptical trainers and Connor laughed.

“Oh, I know that, Javier. I was thinking we could go to my house and I’d do it there. More privacy.”

I thought about it for a moment.

“I don’t know, Connor. I mean, I’m sure it will be fine if I just put heat on it tonight and watch what I do.”

Connor laughed again and said, “Dude, of course you can do that. But massage therapy actually helps heal your injuries faster. You don’t want to have to knock off training for a while until it heals, do ya?”

“Well no, but . . .”

“No buts, man. C’mon, just a simple massage. I promise you your shoulder will feel a helluva lot better and heal a damn site faster.”

I kept jogging on the elliptical trainer and thought about Connor’s offer. While I appreciated his willingness to help me, I kept thinking about what happened to me earlier when he touched me. It was almost as if . . . I enjoyed it. It was a feeling I had not experienced before, and I was not sure how I felt about it.

We kept doing our cardio and didn’t say much for the next 30 minutes. He was watching the TV while jogging and would toss out a smart ass comment every now and then. I wasn’t paying much attention, since my shoulder was hurting more, and I didn’t really feel like talking. Our cardio session finally came to an end.

As we got off the machines, Connor said, “So how about it, Javier? Up for that massage?”

The pain wasn’t overwhelming, but it was enough to convince me.

“Sure, Connor. If you don’t think it’s too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all, man! I enjoy giving massages. I think you’ll enjoy me giving them too” . . . and smiled.

I smiled back and hoped he was right. I also wondered if the feeling I had earlier would return. Oddly, the thought that it might didn’t seem to bother me that much.


“Wow, man! This is a nice house!”

“Thank you. Jason and I spent a lot of time in designing it.”

“Jason? Who’s Jason?”

Connor hesitated for a moment.

“Jason’s my . . . uh . . . partner. He’s a doctor.”

Ahhhhhhh. So, I was right. It didn’t matter to me, but I was curious. It made me wonder whether we were friends because of the gym or . . . did he want something else.

“I see. Well, you have a really, really nice place.”

“Thanks. C’mon, let me show you around.”

The house was huge, with a second story, an exercise room, Jacuzzi, and a huge yard. I have to say I was mightily impressed.

“Maybe I can have something like this someday.”

“Well, you’d certainly deserve it, Javier. If you put as much effort in your career as you do in the gym, there will be no limit to what you can have.”

I smiled and nodded. That was Connor. Always making me feel special.

We drank a couple of margaritas, talked about the gym, and our jobs. After about 30 minutes, Connor said, “Soooo . . . ready for your massage?”


We went to his guest bedroom, but I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Where do you want me?”

“Just undress and lay down on the bed.”

I stripped down to my CK briefs and started to lay down, when Connor said, “Hold it. Let me get a towel. I don’t want to mess up the comforter.”

I was curious when he said that because I didn’t know how getting a massage would mess up the bed. Connor disappeared in the bathroom and came back out with a large towel. He spread it on the bed and I lay down on it on my back.

Connor looked at me and grinned. “You’re keeping your underwear on?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Because those Calvin Klein’s are nice. I don’t want to mess them up by getting the oil on them.”

I looked puzzled.

“What oil?”

Connor extended a small bottle towards me.

“This. It’s a massage oil. Keeps the skin from chafing and helps open your pores. That’s why I put the towel on the bed.”

For a moment, I didn’t say anything. Knowing that he was gay, I was a little uncomfortable to be laying there in front of him stark naked.

Connor must have sensed my hesitation and laughed.

“C’mon man, I’m not going to molest you! Take this small towel and cover your Venezuelan butt. But lay on your stomach. A good massage always starts from the back.”

Still unsure, I shrugged my shoulders. I could feel Connor’s eyes on my body as I began to slide my underwear down and off. After I tossed them near the bed, I lay face down on my stomach and covered my ass with the towel . . . watching every move Connor made from the corner of my eye.

I could hear Connor chuckling as he got on the bed and murmur, “You kill me, Javier.” After a few moments, I felt the oil dripping on my skin.

“Now relax, Javier. You’re really going to enjoy this.”

I closed my eyes and felt his hands start to rub the oil across my shoulders and down my back. It smelled of menthol. As he promised, it felt good and I could feel my body begin to unwind.

Evidently, Connor could feel it too. As he continued rubbing the oil on my body, he said, “That’s it. Just let go. Let it feel good.”

I continued to relax and just enjoy the sensation. I had to admit he was doing a fantastic job. He knew just how to knead and stretch my muscles to release the tension. He spent a lot of time on my hurt shoulder and was very gentle with it. As he worked my shoulder, I could feel him run his hands gently down my arm and squeeze my bicep and tricep muscles.

“You really have a great body, Javier. You’ve worked hard on it. It feels great.”

I was in such a dreamlike state, that it was hard for me to speak. I only muttered “Thanks.”

My body was so relaxed, I couldn’t feel the pain in my shoulder anymore. Connor’s hands began to move lower. It felt strangely exhilarating as he massaged my back, because he’d press hard on the muscle and then run his fingers lightly up and down my spine. Every now and then, I’d feel a chill as he ran his fingers along my back and I’d shiver.

“You okay?” Connor asked quietly.

“Mmmmmm . . .”

“Good. You’re doin great. Relax.”

My body felt like it was floating, and I was completely at ease. After a few moments, I felt Connor’s hands near my ass. I stirred slightly and felt a little uneasy.

Suddenly, I felt the towel move down, uncovering my ass, and his hands on my cheeks. Relaxed as I was, I quickly found my voice.

“Hey man, my ass isn’t included in this. The pain is in my shoulder.”

“Just relax, Javier. This is a full body massage. Your whole body is connected by thousands of nerve endings. Ask your legs if your ass isn’t a part of them.”

“I know Connor, but . . .”

“I’m going to move down to your legs, but I’m starting on your butt. Just relax and enjoy it.”

I thought about it a moment, and then thought ‘to hell with it’. I mean, it DID feel good and I just wanted to go with the flow.

Connor poured more oil on my ass and I could feel it running down between my ass cheeks. He started massaging it harder, kneading the muscle back and forth. Every now and then, I could feel him pull my cheeks apart slightly and run his fingers slowly down from the top. A wave of excitement passed through my body. Connor slowly worked his way down to my right leg and began massaging my hamstrings and calves.

I lost track of time and heard Connor say something. I was in such a state of reverie, I didn’t understand what he said.

“Huh?” It came out like a grunt.

“Turn over. Let me do your front.”

I was so relaxed I almost couldn’t move. Slowly, I turned over and put the towel over my crotch. Connor laughed.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re going to massage my cock too?” I teased.

Connor laughed again.

“No man. Unlike your ass, that’s not part of your legs.”

Grinning, I said, “Well . . . it IS my THIRD leg!” We both laughed.

Connor poured oil all over my hard, hairless chest. I opened my eyes for a moment and Connor smiled at me. I tried to smile back and closed my eyes again.

Connor rubbed the oil into my shoulders, carefully kneading my hurt shoulder. I felt a little pain, but it was nowhere near the pain I felt at the gym. His hands worked down my chest and he spent a lot of time on my pecs.

“Man, you’ve been working hard on your pecs and it shows. They’re great.”

He squeezed them hard and I felt a wave of pleasure go through me. He squeezed them again several times and I felt his thumbs flick lightly across my nipples, causing me to shiver lightly.

“You okay?”

I paused a moment before answering.

“Yeah. I’m just sensitive there.”

He didn’t say anything but poured more oil on my chest and quit squeezing my pecs so hard. After a minute or so, he started massaging them gently. His fingers kept going over my nipples and I continued to get a shiver through my body. It felt good but was a little strange. It was almost as if he was rubbing my chest like I rubbed a woman’s breasts.

I felt Connor move and his hands continued down, massaging my abs and oblique’s. He spent a lot of time there. Several times, he came close to the towel covering my cock. Despite what he said earlier, I thought he’d try to cop a feel. But the towel stayed, and he never touched it.

Suddenly, I felt his hands stop and leave my body. I didn’t open my eyes and lay there quietly . . . waiting . . . wondering if he was going to try to do something at last.

After a few seconds, I felt the oil dripping on my quads and Connor’s hands rub it in. He continued massaging my legs and spent extra time on my feet.

Finally . . . about an hour after he started . . . Connor leaned over me.

“How do you feel, Javier?”

I didn’t know how to describe it. I was so relaxed, so stress free, I could barely move.

“You did great, Connor. I feel fantastic. Calm. Relaxed.”

Connor smiled.

“You see? I told you you’d enjoy it. How’s your shoulder?”

Carefully, I made my way off the bed and stood up. I shrugged my shoulders and moved my arm around.

“No pain, man. You were right. That massage did it.”

“Well, I had a great body to work on, man. I enjoyed doing it.”

I smiled, slapped him gently on the shoulder, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After I was dressed, we got in his Ford Explorer and he drove me back to my car. Connor hadn’t wanted me to make the long drive from the gym to his house, so I had parked at a mall that was near the gym. He picked me up there and drove me the rest of the way.

We talked some more about our gym routines on the way back. As he let me out at my car, I turned back to him and shook his hand.

“Seriously Connor, thanks again. I really appreciate it.”

“Like I said, Javier, I was glad to do it. You have an awesome body and it’s easy to massage.” He paused. “Maybe we can do it again.”

I smiled. “Sure, man. Another time.”

I walked to my car, got in, and looked back at the Explorer. Connor had not driven off and was still there . . . watching me. I don’t know why. Maybe he waited to make sure my car would start. Regardless, I wondered what he was thinking.

As I drove home, I also wondered if I really wanted to get another massage. Something in the back of my mind told me that Connor was interested in giving me more than that. The big question though was whether I was interested in anything more. The thought stayed with me all the way home.


“C’mon man. You’ve enjoyed the last ones, haven’t you?”

Connor and I had finished our weight workout and were running on the treadmill. I had been doing an especially tough weight routine the last several weeks and Connor had been giving me a massage after each session. So far, I’d had 3 massages and each one had been as good as the first one.

“Yeah, I’ve enjoyed them. But I don’t want it to become a nuisance for you to do it.”

“Javier, even professional body builders get massages after each workout. It relaxes you and helps your muscles recover faster.”

I kept running as I thought about the massages. I had to admit, I did enjoy them. Especially when he massaged my ass and my chest. Each time the chills went through my body when he rubbed the crack of my ass and my nipples. The rather erotic nature of it was something new and exciting to me.

Connor didn’t press the issue. As we finished, I turned to him and said, “Okay, Connor. I’ll come by for the massage. I really like them, and you are definitely a pro at it. But this time, no margaritas.”

Connor smiled broadly.

“No problem, man. I’ve got plenty of Diet Coke.”

As usual, we met at the mall and Connor drove me to his house. After the first massage, I told Connor that I could drive to his house as picking me up and taking me back to the mall was a hassle. He said it wasn’t a hassle and that frankly, he hadn’t told his boyfriend about the massages. So, he didn’t want to explain what my car was doing at his house. I didn’t question it. But I was curious as to why his boyfriend would have a problem with him massaging a straight guy.

After a couple of drinks, my bitching about my shitty work week, and Connor sharing his plans for his spring garden, we moved to the bedroom.

The massage started like usual, but this time, I didn’t cover myself with the towel. I think Connor was surprised when I lay down and was totally naked. Maybe I imagined it, but he seemed to pour more oil than usual on my back. When he got down to my ass, this time there was no hesitation . . . he just grabbed it and started working it.

By now, I was used to the menthol smell and it really helped me to relax. I could feel Connor pull my ass cheeks apart more than usual and the chills I always felt were stronger. It was almost as if he was worshiping my body.

After I turned over, Connor started really working my chest and abs. I had been pushing myself at the gym on the bench press and crunches and asked him to spend time on them. His hands were kneading my pecs roughly to stretch the muscle. After a few minutes, I could feel him pouring more oil on my chest and his hands started massaging them more gently.

“Mmmmm . . . that feels good, Connor.”

Connor started grabbing more of the muscle and rubbing it.

“How’s that?”

I was so relaxed, I didn’t answer for a moment. I could feel his hands slow down even more and start rubbing my nipples. I started moaning slightly and shivers ran through my body. I was getting lost in the erotic feeling of what he was doing.

“Like that?”

“Mmmmm . . .” I moaned lightly, and my body arched up as he continued to rub and caress my nipples.

“I love your skin tone, Javier. It’s so natural. Really nice.”

Connor started running just his fingers up and down my chest, my abs, and around my nipples. It was like my body was on fire and I couldn’t help myself. I rubbed my cock a little and moved it around.

Connor must have noticed. A few seconds later, I felt his fingers slide slowly down my abs and into my pubes. He had never put his hands that close to my cock before. He continued to run his fingers up and down my body and I writhed as he ran them gently through the trimmed hair. As my cock began to harden, I opened my eyes slowly and saw Connor smiling down at me.

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