Maria’s Good Turn

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Not much sex. It happens. A straight forward story of how one person may have dug deep to discharge her sense of obligation. This is a product of my imagination. Any resemblance of characters living of dead is purely coincidental.


“Hi, Bro!”

“Hi, sis. Twice in one day. To what do I owe this honour?”

“Remember Dad’s old laptop? I took it after he died. Just got around to looking at it.”

“Sure, I remember.”

“I bought a new battery for it on line and have fired it up. It still works Ok.”

“What? Why bother. It must be 17, 20 years old. An old clunker.”

“Well I found about ten thousand photos. I cleared out hundreds of files. I found a file with stories in it. I am curious about them, but they are password protected. Do you know the passwords Dad used?”

“Not a clue. They in Word?”

“Yep. Docx files.”

“I have vague memory that there is an app to decrypt Word files. Its brute force and may take a while depending on the strength of the password. By the way, what’s the date on the file?”

“Not sure. Why do’ya want to know?”

“Just curious, that’s all.”

“Hang on a moment I have it here. Here it is – May 2014.”

“That’s 15 years ago. Didn’t know dad was writing then, although I do recall his painting had slowed down.”

“Yea, I remember that too. Thanks Bro. I’ll try that app you mentioned. Gotta run.


I managed to get into one of Dad’s stories. Working on the others. That app is real slow.

I attach the story below. I am curious as to what you think of it.

Love, Sis.


Maria was an only child.

In 1958 Maria’s father Joe when he was just 23 immigrated from the Balkans to Canada with his new wife Mary in tow. He followed his much older brother, who had established himself with a good job. His brother sponsored Joe.

Joe had grown up to be a strong young man on a farm having developed under a regime of heavy physical labour. He was above average intelligence, but had left school to help on the family farm when he was just 12 years old. Maria’s mother was quite small, somewhat sickly and presented a mousey appearance at first glance.

Joe’s brother quickly found Joe a job with a large, and reputable asphalt company paving roads. The work was hard and hot, but Joe was up to the physical demands and showed a diligent intent on the job. He learned the tricks of the trade quickly and was soon a valued member of the team. He mastered English steadily over the first year of so. After two years, in spite of his youth, he was made a lead hand.

Joe and his young wife lived for the first few years in small two-roomed apartment in a large house. Mary met the neighbors but conversation was limited due to language difficulties. They attended the ethnic Catholic Church. Mary made a few friends there, and eventually picked up some sewing repair work from the congregation to bring in some pocket money.

On Joe’s 27th birthday and their fourth wedding anniversary both Joe and his wife each had some important news for each other. Joe was promoted to a foreman position with a crew of his own — he was permanent full time staff with a pension and benefits. Mary announced she was pregnant. They went out to a restaurant for the first time in Canada. Over the meal they made plans. The money they had saved was enough for a deposit on a small house of their own. They imagined their child and their dreams for both a girl or boy.

They bought a modest single story home on a sizable lot. Joe was excited because he could grow vegetables and have fruit trees and bushes. Mary loved the larger kitchen space. They created a nursery in the second largest bedroom.

Difficulties became apparent with the pregnancy after about six months. For the last two months Mary was confined to bed. The birth was difficult. The skills of the doctors saved both the life of Mary and the child, who they named Maria. But Mary could not have more children. Maria was small and sickly for a many months. When she recovered from the initial life set-back Maria thrived and was a normal healthy child. Notwithstanding her good health both Mary and Joe fussed over and were protective of Maria. She became their little angel.

From a young age if Maria wanted something she usually got her way. She learned to control her situation, but was never greedy. At school she was not actually social but she did not upset her peers either. She admired the teaching Nuns and was very well behaved for them. She learned her religious studies well and was star in her bible studies at the Church Sunday School. She absorbed and took the Ten Commandments to heart. Her father imbued a sense of pride and independence. He advised and guided her to be self-reliant. That self-reliance translated Ankara escort into never being beholden to anyone. If someone did a good turn for you, it was to be regarded as an obligation one must reward in some way to wipe the slate clean.

As time went on Maria showed an aptitude for drawing and painting and also languages. The family spoke their native language at home and English elsewhere. Maria sailed through Catholic High School. She joined in various after school activities when she could lead these activities. Maria was the first in her whole extended family to go to University. She majored in French and took a minor in Art History.

It was clear that Maria organized her life such that she was able to control her circumstances. The self-reliance nurtured in her early days stood her in good stead. Maria’s interest in boys was minimal, but she did acquire a few male followers. Maria was attractive with long dark brown hair and had blue-grey eyes. She was self-conscious about her Roman nose and subconsciously deflected attention from her face by wearing tight sweaters that showed off her well-developed breasts.

Maria did not share well. Many regarded her as selfish. But she was generous when she was the recipient of some good deed or gift. She always seemed a little off kilter in her response to others. She also developed a large personal space around her, so she rarely allowed anyone within two feet of her — she was always back peddling when in face-to-face conversations. She always tried to get a seat on her own on a bus or train. It was observed and found to be an amusing quirk by her cohort.

Maria travelled to Quebec and studied there for one semester. She took one semester in France during her final year at University. Early on in France she met Jacques. Maria was initiated into the mysteries of intimacy and sex, but before doing so her good Catholic upbringing kicked in and she insist they become engaged. The engagement legitimized her behavior, and gave her the control she needed to follow through. The engagement did not last more that six weeks after Maria returned to Canada.

Maria decided she wished to teach. Attending teachers college she knew she had made an excellent decision — she had found her calling.

After the first few years of teaching French to High School students she found she was missing her art. She started taking art classes at the local community college at nights and on the weekend. Eventually she worked her way to a diploma in Fine Art. Her Art Diploma allowed her to start teaching art. Eventually she taught art exclusively.

At one of the Art classes at the Community College she fell into conversation and slowly became friendly with a man, John, who was 25 years her senior. John was not too pushy. He was married. He was not looking for girlfriend and therefore deemed interesting and safe by Maria. He presented himself as being open to a more intimate friendship but never pushed the matter. Maria kept John at arm’s length. They caught up with each other from time to time. Sometime it was more than a year between contacts.

Over the years Maria had two more engagements, and the latter revealed to her that she had to give up the independence she so valued to enter into marriage. She lived alone in her own house doing what she pleased when she pleased. Her life was devoted to teaching in the school year — the students were her children and family. In the long summer vacation she travelled to Europe and the Balkans.

She stayed in touch with John and they continued to meet over the years, which gradually turned to decades. He painted her portrait a few times. They became easier with each other. He teased her about posing nude for him and she told him that only over her dead body. Her personal space had diminished over the years and she would give people a hug.

One day when John was feeling a bit frisky, during a greeting hug, he almost had his arm broken by Maria when he slipped his hand under her sweater on her back during the hug. He teased her to give him a departing kiss if they had been out to something like an exhibition opening. She always rebuffed him with good humor. They were good platonic friends.

One Spring day at school Maria suffered a very strong allergic reaction to some spay-on glue. She was rushed to hospital and was successfully treated. Maria was going to leave it at that. On learning of the incident, and having witnessed his wife go into anaphylactic shock, John strongly advised Maria to always carry two fast acting antihistamines with her at all times. Against her wishes he insisted she consult a doctor about the incident. The Doctor confirmed she should carry the antihistamines.

In early July when Maria was alone at home an insect that had entered the house earlier in the day settled in her bedroom. It stung Ankara escort bayan Maria as she got into bed. Maria began to feel a bit faint after a few minutes and her arm began to swell up. Maria knew what to do. She quickly found her antihistamines and swallow two. She still felt faint and called 911, going to the front door and cracked it open before passing out. The EMS people found her and took her directly to the hospital, where she recovered.

The Doctor told her later that had she not downed the antihistamines so promptly and been able to call the EMS it was unlikely she would have survived. This shook Maria. She also acquired an Epipen.

As her nature dictated Maria felt obliged to John to reward him for the assertive advice he had given that most likely saved her life. The idea of John’s recognition became something of an obsession. This presented Maria with a problem — she had no idea what to get him. He was reasonably rich and generally seemed to lack for nothing. She felt her paintings were not up to his standards so they were a non-starter. Taking John out for a meal would be nice but did not match up to the obligation. She was genuinely stumped.

She ran her mind over their past conversations for clues. Maria had almost total recall. She thought about how he teased her. Notwithstanding her vehement rejection of posing for him nude, one of his recurring teases, she was flattered by the idea and had played with it in her private fantasies. She was equally flattered by John’s wish to kiss her after an outing, but he was married and it ran counter to her values.

These thoughts crept into her thinking as she weighed possible recognition of his life saving advice. The reward must match the value of the service, which was one of being given life. She was deeply conflicted, but could not think of anything short of giving herself to him, just once, to rebalance the obligation. She made plans. She both horrified herself and was at the same time become excited and aroused.

“John, Maria here.”

“Maria. It’s been months, how are you. Back into the grind?”

“I’m fine. I have a favor to ask.” Maria was not great on the small talk — she always weighed straight in. “My trip to Europe this year cost me less than I had budgeted and I had enough left over to buy myself a new computer.”

“Hey, you found yourself a sugar daddy at last!”

“John! I’ll ignore that.” She smiled to herself. “Oh, John you never change. No – well I’ll explain when I see you.” Maria was determined not to be deflected from her plan.

“I need help setting the computer up for a new e-mail account. Can you help me?”

“Sure. Shouldn’t take long”

Maria’s plans rested on having John for a few hours at least. “Actually John its more than just the e-mail. I need help understanding it — may take a while.”

“That should be no problem. How about a Saturday morning — next weekend is out. We’ve got visitors, but the following would work well for me. My wife will be away — you can cook me a meal.” Maria shuddered. She had as long as she needed with John.

“Ok, then. Lets make it for, say, ten in the morning on the 26th. I’ll serve you lunch. I’ve a lot to tell you.” Maria was shaking with fear and excitement.

“Done. I’ll call you if anything crops up to prevent me coming over to your place. Can I bring anything?”

“Nothing. Just yourself. See you on the 26th.”

As the 26th rolled around Maria became more nervous. She was way out of her comfort zone. She prepared for her plan, buying whatever was needed to complete it. Her anxiety even showed at work and a colleague even asked her if she was all right.

As usual John was punctual. He arrived within one minute of 10 am. Maria was ready by eight that morning but then fussed around the house, cleaning areas three times.

John received the usual hug, that seemed to last a bit longer and was a bit tighter than usual. Over a herbal tea Maria then ran over the perennial silliness that was going on at school. Although it was a little off plan Maria blurted out that she had another major allergic reaction to an insect bite or sting.

As he listened to her story of the sting and recovery he had no idea what Maria had in mind. After the morning cup of tea she had previously set out, he asked when they would get onto the computer. Maria produced her new laptop from a drawer, placed it on the desk and asked him to set up the e-mail account — she had written out the details and handed them to him. John said “Sure” and sat on the small-wheeled secretary’s chair.

“I have to do something upstairs. Will you be OK on your own here?”

“It would be better if you saw what I was doing. I can wait until you are ready.”

“No. You carry on. You can show me later.” Maria’s firmness puzzled John for a moment. Escort Ankara He just shrugged.

“Ok. Here goes.” John reached over and switched on the laptop.

Maria excused herself to go upstairs. Maria had planned this moment carefully. She slipped off her loose sweater, let down he hair and brushed it until it shone, and removed her bra. She slipped off her jeans and panties.

She looked at herself in the full length mirror, turned and looked at her back view. The pubic trim, breasts that had held their shape, and firm leg muscles served her well, she concluded. Slipping on thigh high black stockings, white thin panties and a silk kimono she stepped into new and unaccustomed three inch high stiletto shoes and walked unsteadily to the door, along the carpet covered corridor, down the stairs and over to the computer where John was hunched over the screen.

He jumped momentarily as she put her hand on his shoulder. He glanced at the screen and saw Maria’s reflected face framed by her hair and slowly registered the blue kimono rather than the red sweater she was wearing earlier.

“Maria?” John was surprised and confused.

Maria turned the secretary’s chair so John faced her and she then moved forward to saddle his lap with her legs. The upper part of the Kimono parted enough for him to register that Maria wore no bra. The silk draped artfully over her breasts.

She moved closer into him and took his face in her hands and brought her lips to his. As she withdrew her lips she moved forward and whispered in John’s ear, “Surprised? That kiss was for the time you accompanied me with my class to the Van Gogh exhibition.”

“That was decades ago,” was the only reply John could muster. The kiss was sweet and arousing.

“You helped a second time two years later.” Maria had checked her old diaries to confirm her memory was correct. “It was 26th April.” She lent in for second longer kiss with more passion. John was stunned and further aroused. John’s only response was to make a joke.

“But there must have been at least 15 girls on the bus. Do I get a kiss for each of them?”

“Don’t be greedy. We have made seven other visits together.” Maria once more leant into John with even more passion, her lips parting as she brought her tongue into play. This kiss lasted minutes and John pulled Maria into his chest. Their tongues chased other and Maria became aware that her nipples were beginning to ache. The trepidation with which she had undertaken her plan was falling away from her as her passion rose.

Maria sat up and back. She shrugged off her Kimono and undid John’s shirt. She loosened his belt and pulled out and removed his undershirt. “This was for our trip to the Tutankhamen exhibition at the AGO.”

Once more she leaned into John, her breasts now in contact with John’s lightly haired chest. John’s hands became active as he caressed and stroked her back. Maria’s hands also stroked John’s shoulder, arms and back.

John had the insight that he was just along for the ride and should in no way drive the encounter. He had always understood Maria’s need for control. She reached for John’s hands and pulled them to her nipples.

The message was clear and John knew what to do. He lightly caressed at first and became more and more forceful as he pulled on her nipples. He backed off and then resumed as Maria slowly lost herself to her senses. He played her as he thought she wanted to be played.

” Next Exhibition” she whispered, and kissed with even more passion. As they broke, she sat back abruptly for a moment, looked John in the eyes and declared, “John. This is one time event, you understand. Just today.” Maria then resumed the kiss she had broken off.

Maria slipped off John’s lap and knelt before him. “Stand.” He did. She pulled down his jean and underpants. “Lift.” John lifted one leg and then the second as she cleared his jeans and underpants from his ankles. Maria pushed John back down on the seat and pulled his legs apart. His erection was firm and his scrotum tight. John for a moment blessed the fact he had showered that morning.

“Do you remember the movie we went to? It was awkward. There was an unexpected sex scene in it.” Maria’s mouth descended on John’s cock. He quickly lost control and felt forced to utter “Cumming”.

Maria momentarily disengaged, “Yes. Cum.” Maria took the jism and swallowed it easily. She had learned a lot in her earlier three engagements.

After a few minutes recovery Maria stood up, reached into a draw and handed John a drawing pad and three soft carbon pencils. Now, go and sit over there. There was a towel on the seat of the deep armchair. Maria disappeared around a corner for few moments and reappeared with a feather duster — John burst out laughing.

Maria, quite naked apart from the stockings, stood facing John with her hands on her hips looking quite upset at John’s mirth, “Draw!” John got the message and began sketching. Action sketches as Maria slowly faux-dusted for about half an hour. He produced four gestural sketches.

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